Al G. Manning, June 19th, 1927 to April 8, 2006

Dear Fellow ESP Lab members, and friends,

Blessed be with peace, joy, protection and love.
Our beloved Al Manning, founder of the ESP Lab, moved onto greener pastures Saturday morning April 8, 2006 at 2:20 am. His physical body had a major stroke recently and he now has no further need for it. He was 78 years old.

My experience is that Al is doing great in his new life. As I went to bed Friday night I did a little divination using rhapsodomancy and asked what Al would say if he was there with me…I got “always trust in God” and get to bed.

I felt I would meet Al on the astral. Around 2 am I got a visual of Astral Al, and he said, “Don’t worry, laddy I will be gone before the cock’s crow.” (I am 55 years old– but to Al I’m still a laddy!).

Shortly thereafter I experienced Al leaving his body, and as he gained in astral altitude he was whirling like a dervish. His energy was one of excitement and enthusiasm and great joy, His spirit kept rising until he was above the whole world and then, like Speedy Gonzales his spirit accelerated to the speed of light, and he was moving all over the world, checking in on his wife Virginia, lab members everywhere, and his students and friends, He was having a ball and I could hear him say,” Wheeeeee” as he traveled at super light speed. Al was flying high. Al also expressed his confidence in the lab staff to keep the lab on a forward motion… in his mind it was a done deal without any question. He also said to tell Virginia that he loves her, and that she already knows that… So in truth I am not worried about Al at all… as I have experienced his true joy in his liberation and his graduation. Congratulations Al, we are all proud of you. We will always love you and respect you for a job very well done.

Yes, we can know an emptiness because Al was always there for us. And yes, we all should know a fullness because Al gave so much to us. As we grieve which so natural for us human beings, let us remember the joy that Al brought into our lives.

As Carol Wakefield, our minister in Washington wrote: “We need to continue his legacy. I owe him much for he was there for me when no one else was. He lifted me up and helped me understand my worth. I’ll do whatever I can to continue his work and legacy.”

His books and courses remain. It falls upon those of us who honor his memory to do what we can to preserve, sustain and further his incredible works. The May newsletter should arrive timely. Our ESP Lab offices are still open and functioning. We can each do our part, by continuing to support our ESP Lab.

Virginia (Al’s wife) and Margie (our Lab secretary) especially need our love, prayers, and support right now. Let us join together with our merry spirit band as we celebrate joy in Al’s accomplishments, and know that Spirit is always with us, protecting and guiding with fun and creativity.

Love to you as you walk your trail,
Sami “Merlyn” Rose
Minister of Spiritual Science
ESP Lab of Texas
(A Service of Spiritual Science Church #88)

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