Thanks for the victory, Sami!

NW, Portland, OREGON

Since using the MAGIC OF NEW ISTHAR POWER, in the past, I have received good results, especially the money rituals!

RH, Cincinatti, OHIO

Sami want to thank you so much, my events did so Great!!!! … Thank you!! Blessings.

JB, via email

Thank you for all you do! Enjoyed the Spring newsletter. Good to hear from you again!

JM. Chula Vista, CA

Thank you for sending great energy my way!

CB, Corrales, New Mexico

Heartfelt Love to everyone there.

RC, Portage, Wisconsin

Good Day to you Dear Sami and all the wonderful team of the ESP Lab,Happy to see that the Lab is still going strong. I always think of you guys in my prayers to the Goddess. A big thank you for remembering to send me my newsletter. Wishing you all the very best!

SV, The Islands of Seychelles

Thank you Sami—for your love, prayers, and wonderful healing energy. I am going with the flow. God bless you, staff, ESP LAB spirits and Bree. Love you guys much.

WM, Weirton, West Virginia

Thank you for helping me! And for the wonderful chants and reminder you sent me this week. You always know if I need something without telling you!

NW, Eugene, Oregon

Sami, Best wishes to you, staffers, spirits and all lab members! You have been quite a blessing to me and all members. May God continue to bless you now, and through the holidays and all through the coming years! Happy New Year! Love you!

WM, Weirton, West Virginia

Confession: On Nov 14th I went to Rainbow Casino. I made $211.50 that day! $21.50 would be considered a tithe. I don’t need to pay dues since I have been a life member since April 3rd, 2006. Rainbow of LIGHTS surround us all!

RC, Portage, Wisconsin

Hi, Sami! Well, it’s been an intense few days I had to resolve to spread light and love, to a lot of scared, worried people, and victims of hate crimes. So, I feel called to pick up my ministerial studies again. I think I’m needed. Some oracle readers and intuitives on Facebook have been getting impressions of surprises to come, though, and that it’ll all work out and be ok. Does Spirit have any guidance for these tough times, to share? I just love our Lab, Al, our Spirits and you so much, and feel like the Light and the good humor have a lot to offer, now. I send Love, Light and Laughter to you and all. I started on the Red Light exercise from ANLOHFY. While I was doing the regular Basic ESP exercise, I was doing yellow light, and suddenly thought that I had the kitchen light on. I looked, but, the light was off! During meditation, I heard,” Victory”, and new friends. The day after Thanksgiving, I woke up with the idea to rent out my spare bedroom. It’ll take bit of clearing out and sprucing up. I wonder if the gang reminded me of that possibility? I’m sure, when the time comes, they’ll help me attract the best, safest, most reliable roommate. I always feel so much better, when I do our Lab work. That’s the report, for now. Light!

MG, Clive, Iowa

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