ESP and You

By Al G Manning

You were born with ESP – Everybody was, but the material focus of modern society tries to educate it out of us. ESP is a general term including intuition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, Spirit Contact, astral travel and the like. It will pay you well to at least partially focus back on the wonderful ESP powers you were born with. The childs “imaginary” playmate is really a form of Spirit Contact. My Mother passed away in 1977 and I’m still in reasonably close contact with her. My book ” Helping Yourself With ESP ” gives plenty of ” how to’s ” for all of this.

The original ESP Laboratory was founded in Los Angeles 38 years ago. It became ESP Lab of Texas 19 years ago and we’re still going strong with courses , tapes, videos and of course my 23 books. Our monthly newsletter is full of information and all member exercises to continue the development of your ESP. On the Astral we have Astral Lab and Astral Coven where we work together from the comfort of our individual meditation places. We’re in our 38th year of service and going and growing strong and stronger. Esp Lab’s membership is worldwide. We have members in places very few of us have heard of – it’s really a geography lesson for me and for all of us.

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