Testimonials 2011 – 2016

PS… the entire LIGHT COURSE is ONLINE at no charge to the viewer…. Go to esplab.com https://www.esplab.com/Light-lesson-1/ AND FOR LESSONS 2 THRU 20 YOU NEED A PASSWORD and it is: MAMAISIS all caps, no spaces. Sami
Hi Sami… I am back at work (although I would rather be in my bed… lol) I just read your email with your attached newsletter. Thank you for adding me to ESP Lab’s prayer list. lots of love and light! – CH, Sedona, Arizona
Howdy, Sami! The cataract surgeries went smoothly, and I’m healing up great. I got a refund for a sizeable credit on my insurance premiums that will cover everything that insurance doesn’t. The material in this newsletter was very apropos to my situation, this month. I need to revisit Miracle Spiritology, myself. I hope that you’re feeling better. I’ll send some healing energy to you, and probably to the Universe, for whoever needs and wants it. Thanks for all you and the Spirits do, for the Lab, us members, and Al’s readership. I posted a happy birthday message for him, on FB. I hope he had a great party, with the Nature Spirits and ETPs. Light! – MG, Clive, Iowa
(Editor’s note) Thanks MG, I am feeling much better. Thanks to SPIRIT and all who help! – SR, Durango, Colorado
The prosperity powder you sent me must be working pretty good—my name was called in one of the drawings at the casino. $500!!! Thanks and blessings to all who help (Lab Spirits)… so mote it be! – RC, Portage, Wisconsin
Hi Sami, I really enjoyed listening and learning from you. Thank you for sharing and emailing the information about Emmet Fox and the Acceptance Chant. I can’t wait to read it. I will keep you and the Lab in love and light. Blessings, – KK, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Hi, This is for my yearly membership renewal. Thanks for your services. God bless you all. – CL, Belgium
Thanks for helping my wife get better. It took two weeks. Light and Love. Blessed Be. – MP, New Braunfels, Texas
Hi Sami – I have a lifetime membership with ESP Lab – I joined years ago when Al was around. Can you please send me a username and password so I can access online?? Also I would like to ask you to stop sending me the monthly paper newsletters, since it just costs you money that you don’t need to spend on me. As long as I can access all the monthly information on my computer, you can save my paper and postage. I am 70 years old now and I am happy to tell you that I have been a member for more years than I can remember. I love you and Al and all the people who have made the ESP Lab possible over the years. Please keep up your wonderful work. You will never know how many people you have helped over the years – myself included.Thanks again! – AK, Brigham City, Utah
Sami, so nice to hear from you! I am mostly recovered from the issue that was afflicting me. My health is greatly improved and mostly good. I have some follow-on treatment ahead. Please continue your prayers. Love to you and all the “Lab Rats!” – AB, New York
Thanks kindly, Sami, for those wonderful words and blessings and I’m sending blessings your way in abundance in return. – NW, Portland, Oregon
I enjoy the newsletters! So uplifting! Blessed be to you all! Love, Peace, – MC, Saint Francis, Wisconsin
God bless you Sami—keep up the good work! I am enjoying my newsletter. I see you are enjoying too! Good! Love you, – WM, Weirton, West Virginia
The Spirit Attracting and Prosperity/Money Attracting rituals are Fantastic!!! I won a 32” brand new flat screen TV, in a raffle I didn’t even know about!!! Thank you Spirit Friends and ESP LAB. MW, – Atlanta, Georgia
Love and prayers… PK, – Wetherford, Texas
I’ve just very recently discovered Al’s writings, and went on a search for used books. I’m really loving the Ishtar book, and waiting for the Gnostic Magic book to arrive as well. Best, AS, – Sao Paulo, Brazil
Hello Sami! I think you are amazing! May God bless you always! Thank you for being our president for ESP Lab and also the church! Love you, keep up the good work, lights and love! WM, – Weirton, West Virginia
Thanks for praying for me. And thanks again for being here for us. May God bless us all, with His perfect plan. Light shining, love growing, always! BW, – Detroit Michigan

Dear Sami, I am very grateful for all the help. My surgery went well; now I am in therapy, insurance documents were accepted. God bless you always! – GA, via email.
Hi, Sami, My back is still tender but has improved noticeably. My expectation for a speedy recovery will be moderated by common sense… with Thanks to my Magickal friends on both sides of the veil. Blessed be, – TM, Toronto, Canada
Dear Friends: I have been a member for many years. I applaud the work that you do. You inspire and send lots of love. Was thinking of you,and wanted to tell you so! Sending love,light, and peace your way! -M.M. , Portland, Oregon
Hi to all! Love you! Thanks for your wonderful teaching guidance and friendship. My best wishes!-CR, Los Angeles California
First of all, I want to give thanks to you, Spirits, Friends, Al, and Everybody there with all your prayers and blessings. Love, light, and good wishes, prosperity, to all of us! Thanks again for the support—I love to be a part of the Lab Family. –C.T. , California City, California
Prayers, blessings, and good wishes to you, Sam, and the staff.. “Let us walk boldly toward the throne of grace!” Sending you all the best in light and love! –R.R. , Woodstock, New York
Blessed be! God bless you all! –M.C. , Saint Francis, Wisconsin
Don’t fear E.S.P. Lab and Spirit band is here! Blessed be, we! –J.M. , Albany, New York
Hello; I would like to tell you how much I appreciate the positive results arising from your help! –D.D. , San Francisco, California
My life has never been the same since I met Swami Salami! –I.S. , Chicago, IL
Thanks for all you do; for your help and feedback! The green light is a great help, as is the blue.. Have a great rest of the month, and thanks to your staff, and Al, and all the Spirit Band! With love! –J.M. Chula Vista, California
The last time you helped me I had amazing results, and got three new clients! –K.G. , San Diego, California
I wish ESP Lab and staff members good fortune, for always! –J.R. , Woodhaven, New York
Blessings to my beloved Lab family, each one and all! –D.U. , Stafford Springs, Connecticut

Thank you for your great work! All the best wishes. – CL, Belgium
Hi Sam, Pleased to hear about newsletter in forward evolution mode. Using online capability wisely is very smart and effective too. I want to add that I prefer NOT to get snail-mail at all! Keep on rockin’ Sam! Love – PG, Los Angeles, California
Thank you all for your help! I still have aches and pains, but when I chant the Shiva invocation, and chant the (blue light) chants I quickly feel better almost right away! As Al says: “Damn the torpedoes! FULL steam ahead!” I am 67, but we do not have to believe we are going downhill. Blessed be to you Sami and your staff, you have been a tremendous blessing and source of light, hope, and healing. I suffered for many years with depression, but never took any drugs. Prayers have brought me new life and joy! Blessed be; – MC, Saint Francis, Wisconsin
Hi Sami – Gods blessings to you, your pets, the ESP Lab & its staff! Lights and Love; – WM, Weirton, West Virginia
I love the idea of eight times a year, that’s what I do as well. Goes with the great wheel of the seasons. – LS, Vista, California
Hi, Sami. I like your idea of 8x/yr newsletter. That number makes sense to me. Keep on healing. Those computer injuries are a real bear. Chiropractic finally helped mine, after over a decade of debilitation! Bless you for your work with parolees and addicts. Substances are a very odd thing. I gave up drinking entirely a little while ago, and was astonished to see how quickly my physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing improved. From this, I concluded that alcohol was toxic on every level and opened a doorway for darker energies. Still, someone must help those afflicted, so again, bless you. What are your plans after your tenure as president? Whatever you do, make sure you don’t just vanish. I have come to see you as a dear friend. – AB, Syracuse, New York
Hi Sami… Here is my monthly donation to further your work, or just help with expenses. Didn’t receive the newsletter as of 3/12. Hopefully your computers are OK… anyway, every other month is OK with me; I’ll continue using the blue light of healing (you might consider using the blue on your computers!). Also Ishtar has been very handy for me in regards to communications equipment. Thanks for all you do! And thanks to your staff and Al and all the Spirit Band! With Love, – JM, Chula Vista, California
Hey Sami– As to ESP Lab President if you cannot find any other takers for the position I definitely would take the job. I could volunteer time to help with the chores of running the lab. I can see how hard it’s going to be to find anybody that could possibly fill out Manning’s shoes and I don’t even think for one second that I’m ever going to be able to fill his shoes. If there is anything I can do to help I am willing to give it another try. Blessings, Light and Success. Hail ESP Lab!!!!!!- AV, Denver, Colorado
Had a wonderful Valentine’s Day, a surprise gift from Spirit. I was having a rough time, then given an opportunity to see the difference between making things better or worse. Striving to go with the positive, had a nice Thank You party. Sending US$50 to the Lab as part of my tithe.- T WV, Toronto, Canada
Thank you for your mail. I love it. Best wishes. – SO, Lagos, Nigeria
Dear Sami, Al, and all at the Lab—Thank you for all your work and help and encouragement. You do have a heart everyday! Best witches, – PD, San Francisco, California

“The first time I tried the acceptance chant was in the late seventies. I was on the freeway to Hollywood to meet with a music producer. I did the chant repeatedly on the way to his home office. When I got there the front door was open, & by the way, people in LA just do not leave their front doors open! I was convinced of the chant’s effectiveness ever since… & any time I have an important meeting I tend to bring the chant to mind & use it a few times. I also remember to smile as it unlocks the effectiveness of the chant.” Wishing you laughter, LOVE, acceptance & success with the best year yet! – SR, Durango, Colorado, USA
“Dear Sami, thank you for all your help. I love the prosperity powder. It’s amazing!” – KG, Oceanside, CA
“Thanks you for all you do. You have helped me so much. My little dog Yoshi is doing good. So greatful!” In Light & Love,- JJ, Durant, Oklahoma
“I feel the powerful good vibes from SSC and ESP LAB. My mental, physical being, and spiritual blessings are increasing. Everyday the chants are making me stronger and at peace. The feedback from MW in Atlanta really jumped out at me. I was thinking the same thing! Are there any classes I could take thru SSC to grow in my spiritual path?” Love, – MC, St Francis, Wisconsin
SPIRITUAL SCIENCE INSTITUTE—Let there be new insight pouring in, for each of us who wishes to grow.So mote it be! Let’s start with a review of the LIGHT COURSE, available online at www.esplab.com or in paper from your ESP LAB HQ.
“Thank you for the lights! I feel much better! May God continue blessing you in all that you do.” Lots of Love, – WM, Wierton, West Virginia
“Thanks you for all you do. You have helped me so much.” In Light & Love,- JJ, Durant, Oklahoma
“Thanks Sami, Staff, Al and Spirit Band for all you do!” – JM, Chula Vista, California
“Sami and Staff– Love, Peace, Purity, Prosperity, Clarity, Blessings, Blessed Be! I am not sure if I am a member of Spiritual Science. If I am not, I want to be! I am a Catholic Eclectic. SSC is so complete and rewarding. Most religions are too dogmatic and full of “isms.” Prayerfully yours, – MC, St. Francis, Wisconsin
“Sami, Please include me as a member of Spiritual Science. Also do you think ESP LAB could have its own school, “The Spiritual Science Institute”? Could you put this in the prayer request—hopefully it could actually happen.” Thanks and be blessed, – MW, Atlanta, Georgia

Many thanks for your assistance in bringing into manifestation various requests I have brought to your attention. In light and love” SO, Uyo, Alwa Ibom, Nigeria
“Keep up the excellent magicks and Lights! Sent in perfect Love and trust.” JM, Albany, New York
“Welcoming Autumn and thanking you and Spirit for awondrous season past. Since I wrote you last about my daughters, things have really gotten better for both! Peace, Love, Light” JR, Woodhaven, New York
“Thank you for your continued prayers for my mother and I. Blessed be we one and all! Thank you for all you do!” RW, Pryor, Oklahoma
“You are truly an inspiration! May those who brought us together continue to BLESS and strengthen us always. GB, Durango, Colorado
“We just want to say thanks a million! One day we will return the favor to you! Always in our hearts, you’re one of the best friends anyone could ask for!! Cheers to you Sami—a magical man!! Thanks for all you do!!” SP, Durango, Colorado
“My Allegiance to the Lab remains bona fide! Life is a roller coaster, so I’ll just have to do as Al did—PERSEVERANCE FURTHERS!!! I know it because for one thing, it has happened before and ALL IS A CIRCLE! How’s this “one” — Rainbows and rivers and wheelbarrows and ARMORED CARS full of money, carrying money… from a bank… to me. – RC, Portage, Wisconsin
“I love the ESP LAB!” – JW, Ashboro, North Carolina
“God’s blessings to you, pets, and Lab!” – WM, Weirton,West Virginia
“High Sami & all—I am 93 now! Pray for my sight. God bless all.” Love, – EG, (life member) Phoenix, Arizona
“Thanks Sami for input and all you do! — Thanks to you, staff, and Spirit Band with Al and Ishtar we are holding our own. Like it says in Al’s book…’Don’t let the bastards wear you down!’” With Love, – JM, Chula Vista, California
“So grateful for the Lab. As a retired lady money is tighter, but we can still count our Blessings! Love to all of you. God bless you. Blessed be! You Sami and staff and Lab members are in my daily thoughts, prayers. Good wishes to all!” – MC, St. Francis, Wisconsin
From our newest member— I was having a challenging time finding peace from within myself until I read your newsletter. It lifted my spirits and helped me regain some focus. Thank you! – MY, Greeley, Colorado
Another one hit– I asked about a job at Apple for my son…. He got the job! Thanks so much Sami now he is one believer, now that he got the job he wanted. Thanks for your help; thank Spirit for help so much I send you my gratitude! Love, light, and the best wishes to come. – CT, California City, California
My first son did one interview and accepted a job offer. Second son graduated with a degree in science and math. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! – JW, Jamesville, NY
We look forward to receiving the newsletter each month. Continue the good work that you do. – L&GC, Oklahoma City, OK
Thank you for keeping me on the mailing list. Moving to the “Bible Belt” and all its _______ has made me ever so lonely and feel like I am trapped in a 1952 time warp. I don’t want to lose getting ”My Star” in the mail. Member since the early 70’s and was teased because I believed in what Al and all of you did. Love to all, – NW, McAlester, OK
Thanks so much for the prayers for my little dog “Yoshi.” He had a stroke and could not walk. It took a few weeks, but he’s walking, running, back to his old self. I give thanks every day for his healing. The doctors were amazed at his healing. Thank you so much Sami for everything you do. I can never thank you enough. – JJ, Durant, Oklahoma
Thanks for all your help over the past months with the intensive treatments — the manifestations and blessings just keep coming in for us here. The farm was sold and closed on May 1st! We know we can always depend on the Lab. – HO, Wilowdale, Ontario, Canada
Blessings to all! Peace, Prayers, Prosperity, Protection, God’s healing Light, and Hope, Joy, and Happiness are wished for you! Blessed be! Amen! I am so grateful to receive my monthly newsletter! God bless you Sami and all the staff. Peace to you! I have a lot of nature in my yard—doves, robins, sparrows, mallards, and baby squirrels! I feed them all! Praise the Lord for His creatures and our pets. I have four beautiful pet doves and other birds. Love, Joy, Peace, Health. – MC, St. Francis, Wisconsin
I got a job. Whew! Thanks to Dr. Al and all Spirits, and Angels and ALL. It is a golden opportunity! – PM, Glendale, California
I do feel great and have achieved what I call total peace of mind — thanks to you. – JW, Jamesville, NY
Hi Sami — It was nice hearing I can still get my ESP LAB Newsletter. May God continue to bless you, staff, ESP LAB and all members. – WM, Weirton, West Virginia
I do so enjoy the newsletter and all the prayers and help from Spirit! Over the past 15 years I have really enjoyed ESP LAB, the blessings and the HIGH NOON calls! And the Light, Love and Joy! Thanks to you and all the members for the focus of positive thought! I have grown up a lot spiritually. I let go and let God bless me more. I have forgiven myself and others. I have totally surrendered to God’s goodness and God’s will for me to live free! I dedicate my life to God’s keeping. Now I live life fully and enjoy everything! Love is all we need to overcome! The light of God is always around us at all times and everywhere. Be blessed and not stressed! Your friend, sister in God, – BW, Detroit, Michigan
Thank you for the great magic you teach! – GB, Santa Anna, California
Happy Easter in Advance to all members.Best wishes. – OJ, Akwa, Ibom Nigeria
I need the paper newsletter because I have given my computers to my children. At 75 I do not think I will buy a new computer. Thanks for Al’s chant. I’ve used it many times in the past. Praying for yours and all during the month of April. We will be intact May 1, I am sure, despite the planets. – BK, Tuscon, Arizona
Some time ago I sent an e-mail to say I didn’t mind getting the ESP newsletters by e-mail. I am happy to get the newsletters by e-mail.Many good wishes… – JM, United Kingdom
Hi Sami!! Congratz on your 9th year of service to the lab. I and many others have certainly appreciated your work. I was talking with Cleo, and she gave me a good idea about the distribution of the hard copy printing of the newsletter. We all could donate to pay for the hard copy and keep it free for the ole Sami’s of the world! Another issue she brought up was how come a prosperity magician is” bitchin and moanin”(Cleo’s words not mine) about the cost of print and mail, when you could use the star and chant Ishtar and manifest the money to cover the cost. Your dawg makes a good point. CIAO, – Sprite from Houston
COMMENT FROM SAMI — Thanks Sprite for your insight… and nice to hear from CLEO. She never had to pay bills when she was in the physical—she had an administrator. Biggest issue is not manifesting the $$ for the print newsletter—it is making sure those who are getting it want it. Also email is much more cost effective and with printing and postage soaring—we want to economize where we can. Send us your email!
Sami! May God continue to bless you always! Al is very proud of you. When I tell you about a problem it’s the same as telling Al; whatever the problem it disappears after telling you! You and Al are one! Just know that you are doing a great service… may God give you an extra blessing! Love & Lights, – WM, Weirton, WV
Thanks for all your help and positive feedback. Love to you, staff, and Spirit! – JM, Chula Vista, CA
Thanks for the great advice today and a wonderful conference call. Hope you are on a Rocky Mountain High. Best wishes, and blessing, – SR, Raytown, MO
PROSPERITY TO YOU– Sami & your relations, staff of the ESP LAB, members worldwide– THE GREEN LIGHT OF MONEY, MONEY, MONEY RAINS DOWN UPON US ALL!!!! I won a small fortune at the casino yesterday. I used discretion & the wisdom of Bast to know “when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em” & walk away. I think of you and Al quite regularly. – RC, Portage, WI
Hello Sami, I was looking through my Occult Material, I have a lot of it. I ran into this “Lucky Lottery Pyramid” from the Examiner. My friend always laughs when we were out and I see stuff like this and buy it. She says, “They always see you coming!!! I followed the instructions and I got 3 out 6 numbers in the Lotto Georgia game. Hope all is well. – MW, Atlanta, GA
Share my Greeting with your staff, members and friends… Let me tell you it has been over 35 years since I contacted ESP LAB. SMILE GOD LOVES YOU. The Lord bless thee and keep thee; Lord make His face shine upon thee, the Lord life up His countenance upon thee and give thee PEACE. – OJ, Akwa, Ibom, Nigeria, West Africa
Hi Sami This donation is to thank and bless ESP lab and all the spirits who work with the members. I hope you are fine, I always enjoy ESP newsletters. Thank you for sending them. Good wishes. – JM, United Kingdom
BEST WISHES ON THIS 2014, WITH PEACE & LOVE. – AF, Buenas Aires, Argentina
Happy New Year for you and all people of Esp Lab!!!!!! I feel better than a few months ago. Thank you, Sami for your help. Blessed Be! – SM, Buenas Aires, Argentina
I hope the new year brings the best yet to come for you!!!! Unexpected Blessings in Abundance to you, your loved ones and ALL at ESP Lab! – MM, London, England
Thanks for sending the Acceptance Chant. I wish very very happy & successful ‘NEW YEAR’ to you, to all the ESP Lab staff and to all the ESP Lab Members. – CJ, via email from INDIA
Thanks for your words of comfort and encouragement. After I sent you the email, I felt better already. Thanks for your help and assistance.Warm regards, – CS, from a small island east of AFRICA
Happy Prosperous New Year to you all. love you all. Best wishes. – SO, Nigeria, AFRICA
Happy to new year to you all thanks for your prayers and being there for us all the time. – MW, Seychelles
BE blessed. Many good wishes!! – MM, Schwabach, Germany
You are always in my thoughts as well as dear Al G.Manning– who helped me so much! I wish you all my best– be happy, wealthy, and healthy. Blessed be! – AF, Buenas Aires, Argentina
God Bless All ESP LAB. Love to all! – EG, Phoenix, Arizona
Dear Sami and Staff: May your world be filled with warmth and good cheer. God’s blessings, peace, prosperity, success, joy, happiness, healing, spiritual growth, love and protection. Merry Christmas and many good wishes and prayers for the coming year. In God’s Love and Peace, – MC, St Francis, Wisconsin
“Lush green folding stuff” to all the staff– Blessed be! – RC, Portage, Wisconsin
Thank you for all the colorful cards good wishes sent to Al Manning and me, Sami Rose– the New Year’s Thought form cards are in a new stack, piling up. The cards from last year were burned in the stove in the oak fire at the moment of Winter Solstice. We treat for the success of all positive requests throughout the year so send them in! – Sami, Durango, Colorado
I was very inspired by the last article from Michael Manning on “Taking Charge By Taking Responsibility.” (October issue) After processing it I felt like I had the strength to make the necessary change in my life and things would work themselves out. Change does not come easily for me but I do realize it is necessary. There is such a feeling of relief that comes over me after I make an overdue change in my life to correct the choices I made. – CW, Durango, Colorado
I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate how you are making the lab keep on going. Thanks for being there. Blessings LOVE. – EP, San Juan Capistrano, CA
Thanks you for your prayer. My contract has been extended for another year. Love, – HC, Singapore
Hi Sami! Nice pics in the newsletter. So, what beach was that in Colorado where you caught those rockin waves? Also, good idea about prospering the lab with ISAGENIX. The pic of you looks great, and nice to hear about you shedding the flab and blubber, but you can’t improve on perfection, so take it easy with the weight loss. Have you given any to your dawgs? If so, how are they liking it? Keep In Touch! Seriously, – S, Houston, TX
You are doing an amazing job! E.S.P. Lab ROCKS! – JM, Albany, New York
Thanks for the protective spirits! I always thank them in my prayers. Please keep protective spirits on us all, as I find time to light my candles. I thank God graciously for what we have– and yes, living the charmed life. You are still the greatest and Spirit! Read your book, Awesome! Love– Thanking God, Spirit, ESP LAB, Al & Sami- JR, Woodhaven, New York
Thank you for your prayers. I have got my blood pressure down. I have been using the blue light of healing. I love my ESP LAB and all members everywhere. God Bless All. – EG, Phoenix, Arizona
Thank you for all the help you’ve given me over the last few months. I invoke the ESP LAB spirits daily, sometimes multiple times per day!!!! And I talk to Astral Al all the time too!! In Friendship, – EJ, Hillsdale, New Jersey
Thanks for your positive feedback. Always enjoy the newsletters, the Blue Light, Spirit with AL and the whole gang. July Newsletter says “send more money,” so here it is. Mercury Retro went well with all of Ishtar and the gang’s help + orange light!!! with love, – JM, Chula Vista, CA
Thanks for all your prayers and keeping ESP LAB going. – MW, Atlanta, Georgia
When you wish good to me things happen and I do trust you. I am doing as you indicated my prayers and feel good about it. As always blessings and love for you. – ZB, Morristown, New Jersey
Thanks for your response. I am very glad I am part of this group now. Just sent US $3.00 for membership through paypal. I love Al G. Manning books and his teachings. Thanks so much! Love from Brasil… – ASM, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Good to hear from you. Life is exciting all the time… but step by step I slide into that state of being where I neither do rate or judge myself nor the others. I just focus in the center of being. God bless you and best wishes! Again many thanks for all positive what came to me through the lab 🙂 Best wishes, – MM, Schwabach, Germany
Thank you my dearest Sami, for always being there for me, and this I will never forget. Sincerely – HS, Texas
Please let my ESP LAB live long and PROSPER! – MW, Atlanta, Georgia
Thank you for your help! God Bless! – EG, Phoenix, AZ
ESP LAB Rocks! – JM, Albany, New York
My brother is doing better. – JW, New York
I always appreciate your support. ZB, New York
I saw the beautiful light that appeared over my head. Thank you for your beautiful letter of encouragement. – EA, New York
One of the items on my 2013 wish list has manifested, Sami. Among the many things I wanted to see this year, I’d hoped to find a fun, fulfilling, committed relationship with a great man who would love me to pieces. And, that has happened. We are completely bonkers for each other. – DB, New York
Keep up the great work!!Love and Peace, – MM, Vancouver, Washington
Thank you so very very much for all that you’re doing in the lab, and of course, more specifically, with my particular present-moment situation. Sami, Astral Al, Isis, Nergal, Ra, Ishtar, Osiris, Marduk, Thoth, and Bast, Pan, Puck, Lady Luck, Abraxas, and Ostara– THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR LOVE, FRIENDSHIP, AND HELP!!!! LONG LIVE ESP LAB!!!! In Friendship, – EJ, Hillsdale, New Jersey
I would be very happy to join you in holding the blue light together each day for ourselves, each other, and all LAB members. Regularly startin’ tonight! And the April newsletter — I always like the humor and light touch of the newsletter, and I like the exposure to other entities– like Lakshmi– goddess of prosperity. In this issue I liked the section right under the Power Star that discusses the Lab spirits/energy transformer personalities, and how we can access them easily to use in our every day life. I will never forget my first exposure to “Ishtar”. I was a young, struggling, newbie attorney who was trying to get her own practice going. Anyway during that time I ducked into a used bookstore and I perused their “Metaphysical/Occult” section. I saw a book on the “Magic of New IshtarPower” by Al G. Manning I bought the book five minutes after cracking the cover, and although I didn’t have a lot of time to read it on the spot, I wasted no time in sitting in a quiet area and getting acquainted with Ishtar and the other ETP’s. That book traveled with me to many client depositions, court hearings, client meetings, and fun personal stuff also. In fact, I still have that book (which is falling apart). But the first time I put my hand on the power star (which is contained in the book) I felt a tingling and warmth… and a sense of calmness. I was glad to see the piece on the ETP’s and the Power Star Self Help Exercise. It is a simple Exercise that doesn’t take a lot of time, or space and it really does yield results. Love, – AS, Novato, California
I read your book and I would like to tell you that my wishes were granted. I enjoyed the book and it was great to have fresh material to work with to keep everything exciting.Thank you, – KJ, Niles, Michigan
I don’t need any paper copy of the newsletter sent to me, as I read the newsletter online. Thank You for your help, and the Great Work that you do! Blessings to you! – CC via email
Thank you Sami! I love my new life and I love you :)Thanks for the link to the March newsletter… it came at the right time. So many things happened in my life the last month. Many deep processes and many good things. I thank you for all you are and wish all members to feel the community spirit and the powerful help that is given to us! Thank you and be blessed 🙂 There shall be a complete manifestation of all positive requests in the ESP LAB! So mote it be, – MM, Schwabach, Germany
Thanks for all your good works. The newsletters are so good. God bless you all at the Lab. – HO, Ontario, Canada
I thanked the Great Creator of the Universe upon arising. I’ve started the habit of putting my three middle fingers of my left hand on the Ishtar Power star of the newsletter and saying, “Thank you Ishtar for putting me in contact with these Energy Transforming personalities of old.” Then I take my right index finger and touch each section saying, “ISIS, ISIS, ISIS thank you for your love friendship and help.” and onto “Nergal, Nergal, Nergal thank you for your love friendship and help.” I proceed around the star that way as Al had “instructed” me. Seems to help in my general daily living. – RC, Portage, Wisconsin
Howdy! I saw on Facebook that the anine in green tea gave one mindful awareness. No wonder Chinese Buddhists liked it for a meditation aid. I have some right now, to aid my New Light studies.:) Bottoms up. – MG, Iowa
I really enjoy receiving my newsletter. I hope the lab is blessed with a huge donation to cover all expenses so you won’t have to worry about any changes. Happy Valentine’s Day to you! Keep up the good work and God bless you and staff and all members. – WM, West Virginia
I was thankfully joyously surprised by Genie! Thank you all prayer partners and helpers. Love you all! – KJ, Rosedale, South Africa
I wish to say thank you for the hope, love, and light you have brought me over the past year or so. The small and great miracles that have been taught to me through Dr. Al Mannning’s book “The Miracle of Universal Psychic Power.” Thank you! – SR, Johannesburg, South Africa
Best regards, and best wishes for a New Year to all of you and to all members. CJ, India
Greetings. We survived the transition… hopefully the awakening for all humanity is the dawn of the new day!! Thanks so much – I am driving the new car!!! It is so fantastic… I am safe and have heat and a stereo… We did a teepee ceremony last night and it was a great gathering for healing the planet. Love lots to Sami and all the lab spirits and helpers!! Light and love to thee and blessings this new year…Sincerely, RR, Saugerties, New York
Happy New Year to you Good Buddy, to all of the esp staff, to all the good Spirits and to Commander Al Manning at the helm up in the eeesp lab star-ship enterprise in the galaxy! Dam the torpedoes full speed ahead into another new year! New is the year, New are the hopes and the aspirations and New is the resolution! New year spirits are with you and Forever my warm wishes are with you too. Hey Sami the calendar year changes every 365 days, but my good wishes remain with you and staff throughout the year. Wish you, the lab staff and your family a prosperous and very Happy New Year! If The genie is really real he will make all your wishes, goals and desires come true in this brand New Year! Happy New Year! CN, Mt Vernon, New York
Thank you for the protective spirits over my daughters… what has happened here with Sandy I thank God and Spirit that we are alright… and helping those who need the help. We do live the charmed life and pray for the victims of the disaster. God bless you, Al, and Spirit and of course, The Lab. JR, Woodhaven, NY
I’m very happy to have received your letter and the “Christmas Thoughtform Card.” I feel very moved. Thanks a lot! Al is for me a powerful saint and you too! I wish you and the whole Laboratory a Happy 2013 as well as all my brothers from the Lab. Blessed BE!!! AF, Buenos Aires, Argentina
I got the apartment!! I got the call this afternoon and I have not been able to stop smiling. I’m packing with a whole new vigour and cheer! I feel incredible, like it’s my time to move forward – upward and onward :-)I love this ritual! A one month ritual and in the first week I got my biggest target 🙂 I look forward to finding the perfect position for me. I just feel soooo positive! Blessing & Light, – DG, Toronto, Canada
Dearest Sami, I finally read your book… I LOVE IT!!! I read it all on the spot, IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL…. I am having my own time with Genie…. Just wanted to let you know this…. Have a great day! – MB, Chillicothe, Illinois, USA
Sent with joy, love, and thanks to ESP Lab, all the wonderful nature spirits of the divine kingdoms and the divine sources of the world, universes and the Cosmos. Thanks to Sami for the great work he does too. Love – AM, Isle of Wight, United Kingdom
Thank you very much for your FREE help during 2012. I signed the lease agreement on Friday for 5 years. I got the best tenant of the lot. He offered more than what I was asking. I think we’ll get on fine. – CS from a small island off the coast of West Africa
I am from Mexico and I have been practicing with “Helping yourself with white witchcraft” Al’s book en spanish with a good response of the spirits of nature and I’d like to be a member of ESP Lab and participate. – KE via email from Mexico
Sami– I sincerely appreciate all the good things that you, Al, and the Lab spirits have helped me with…Love you, and please give my warmest regards to Sunshine. She is such a breath of fresh air…. I can’ttell you how much benefit I have gotten from the Lab. Am so appreciative. God bless you and Al and the whole band. I hope you are doing super well. – AS, Novato, California, USA
Hope all is well for you I am currently in France, Want to say thank you for the newsletter via email, it is really nice to still have that connection in my life. Peace, – RV
I really can say that reading your newsletter and staying connected to the ESP Lab community brings really good energy to me. I can feel it all day and night. After joining last group magic day at my altar I slept so well like I did not for weeks… All the best, – MM, Germany
I was eagerly waiting for your reply. I am from Bhutan, a small Asian, Buddhist country North of India. Even though I do not see the Aura I do the psychic development exercise every morning. When I do the exercise I think of my sons sitting in the light with me, my youngest son says something is making him study well these days. I think it is something. With Regards, – SD
I am so grateful to you Sami, YOU give me soooo much hope and love that I can not put into words how it feels so be so supported and loved from the deep of the soul. YOU ARE SO WONDERFULLY AMAZING LOVE. A TRUE FRIEND. THANKS SAMI FOR HELPING K… FIND A PERMANENT JOB! The check is on your way. LOVE YA! – MB, Rock Island, Illinois
Thank you for the years of enlightenment! – DH, San Diego, California
I think we should put the entire Gulf Coast on our Group Magic Day, and send love, peace, and good fortune. – S, Houston, Texas
I have to tell you Dear Sami, that you are an amazing great Spiritual fellow. I am deeply, positively impressed by your results. A million THANKS and a BIG Hug of appreciation and love. – MB, Rock Island, Illinois
Dear, dear Sami, Received your blessed greeting and loving message from you and Sunshine. The envelope was glowing in my hands. Loving best wishes to you, SPIRIT, your animals, ESP LAB members and staff. – SM, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
1 2 3 Your Wish Is Granted is a good book. I am having fun with Genie Djinn; the Queen of Spring Ostara, and Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom. Thank you for this book Max. The ESP LAB is Soooo wonderful. Thanks you for all the energy you send to us. – PS, San Antonio, Texas
Thank you ever so much for taking the time out to post me your news letter as well as the emails. I love AL Manning’s book I’m reading. It’s such a strange thing I found the book in 2007 then moved houses and lost it. 4 months ago I by ‘chance’ found a copy at a second book store for R10 Rand. Such a treasure. – SR, South Africa
Sunshine is adorable. We can all use a little more Sunshine in our lives… many blessings! – Love RR, Saugerties, New York
Sami, Congratulations on the new book!!! I’ll definitely be purchasing a copy. Hope it’s a huge success!!! Also, as always, thanks for keeping our ESP Lab going, we in the field really do need it. “Please Let ESP Lab Live Long and Prosper!!!” Blessings & Light to The Spirits, You & All The Staff at ESP Lab, – MW, Atlanta, Georgia
From our two newest International Members: Hello Sami, Thank you very much for your caring and relaxed approach. I hope to be of great service to the ESP Lab someday. Before I forget, I got hold of a copy of Genie that you informed me about, and I’ve read it. What a wonderful and interesting read. I hope He shows up in my situation too. I really desire a benevolent spiritual powerhouse like Him in my life. – Blessings, FO, London, England
Congratulations for the translator. Yes it works, I used the German target language and it was fine 🙂 All the best, – MM, Schwabach, Germany
From our newest USA member: Sami, I cannot begin to thank you for your kindness. In a world that just isn’t what it used to be, it is so nice to know that there are still people out there who care about others. I have not read Al’s Ishtar book yet. But you can be assured that I plan on reading anything and everything I can get my hands on by him 🙂 His WW book has given me back something I thought was long lost… while cleaning out my closet I stumbled on Al’s book. I had this strong feeling that something in that book could help me. So I got it out and sat down and began to read. Well, first off Al’s love and joy just radiated out to me from his words and it really lifted my spirits. I was skeptical I admit but I told myself that I would put that aside and just give it a shot. So, I started working the rituals in the book as Al described to the letter. Almost immediately the joy started to return to me. To my surprise after a short while things started to look up for me. Then when I began to nurture my “love affair” with the nature spirits things just started happening for me. Everyone has said that the sparkle has returned to my eyes and that the spring in my step has returned. I am beginning to trust again. For the first time in a very long tome I have faith that all will be just fine. There is something very special about Al’s system. It is like nothing I have ever experienced and it is just an amazing thing. This stuff is the real deal, it really works and I have no desire to stop……ever! So I believe that it was my Goddess who led me to Al and to ESP Labs. This one book has rescued me brother, and I am very grateful. I even did a little ritual to thank Al and I just hope that wherever he is he was able to hear me. I wish I could have known him. I can’t really explain it in words but there is something very special about him. I have read a LOT of books but no-one has ever touched me like he has. Thanks to Al and his wonderful book I am picking up the pieces and getting it all back together. It must have been a true blessing to have known and worked with him. Love and Light to you Always brother! – JP, Charlotte, North Carolina
Thank you for everything. Congratulations on your book and the wonderful way you have kept the lab growing. We are proud of you!!!!!!!! Blessings – KK, Pennsylvania
Just ordered another of Mr. Manning’s books from Amazon. I got it today and I am reading it now. It is the Help Yourself with White Witchcraft one. I am glad that C referred me to Mr. Manning’s work. She told me that he deserves a lot of credit for things that he does not get from a time when it was difficult to find metaphysical information. – CB, Rhinelander, Wisconsin
MAGIC MORNING! MAGIC DAY! MAGIC ALWAYS!!! Sami, What a morning! In the mail came the GENIE book and then a friend showed up and handed me a gift of $100.00 just after I touched the enclosed prosperity powder. The Sun is shining brightly and there is not a way that I could interpret these circumstances other than portending greater and more marvelous things to come! Oh what joy there is in living in the Light of the Almighty God of the Universe!!! Thank you my brother! – JM, Danville, Virginia
Your book has arrived, Looks promising, not ‘out there’ much like Al’s books. Talk to you later, – MG, Clive, Iowa
I bought your book and am looking forward to reading it in the next few weeks. At first glance it looks relaxing to read, with points of fundamental importance woven into the stories. – JM, United Kindgom
I’m feeling a little weak but better Thank You, Thank You, Thank you for your love friendship & help!! In Light & Love May the rest of your life, be the best of your life! – CN, Mt Vernon, New York
I am amazed at how appropriate your advice is…this time re Blue Light…. I have been monitoring myself… instead of being unconscious about the way I ruminate on unpleasant memories, and resentments… And doing the chants… it is helping me clear my aura… and my energies… Thanks for your help. – AS, Novato, California
THANK YOU!!!!! F. owes the IRS NOTHING!!!!! It’s all been cleared up ….I just got a promotion at work. THANKS for the money drawing powder!!!! It’s been a big help, along with daily work with spirit. It’s all turning out just wonderfully; as it always does!!!! LIGHT & LOVE & MANY BLESSINGS!!!!! – W from Bettendorf Iowa
Thank you for your newsletter. Your letter always gives me a new high hope and puts me in high spirits. – CJ via email from India
Hi, Thanks for maintaining ESP LAB for the membership. I along with a bunch of other people are very greatful! Love the newsletters. – FD, Houston, Texas
Sami, We sold our house! The negotiations were smooth and we received our asking price. Thank you and all at ESP Lab for your intensive treatment, support and focus. Blessings, – B & G, Joplin, Missouri
I received the course “prophesy accurately” and am very happy. Lessons 19 & 20 are a special interest to me. The Helping Yourself with ESP book touches subjects like this but the course gives more detail. Al used to talk about going around the spiral again and I think that is what I am doing now. Amazing what he did! Al seems to have gotten huge bursts of creativity to do what he did. Thanks, – JC, Ridgefield Park, New Jersey
I had my 90th birthday the 13th Sunday, trusting God 110%. I still talk to Al. He will always be my friend. – IW, Highpoint, North Carolina
The E.S.P Lab newsletter for May was unforgettable!!! – VB, Naugatuck, Connecticut
May God continue his blessings on you, the lab, and all members. – Love you, WM, Weirton, West Virginia

Thank you for sending the May newsletter. Its lovely and I greatly appreciate it. Blessings to you and ESP lab. – JM, United Kindgom
Sami, thank you for trying to keep the ESP LAB alive!! I know that It will continue to flourish as the spirits know that there are so many humans which need their powerful light to help them see this life through!! Thank you for the beautiful newsletter, it makes me always happy when I read and see that people are thanking you and the lab for wonderful things happening in their life!! It’s simply fantastic!! – SV, Seychelles
I wanted to touch base with you to let you know there have been improvements in my marriage. I am honestly surprised. Thank you for your help. – BS, Denver, Colorado
I am now feeling like more of a part of the Lab simply because I recognize many of the names in the Night Light Exercise. I worked directly with Karen often as well as Al and Astral Al. I can definitely feel their Spiritual Work is improving after they all have crossed over. Blessings, Light and Success. Hail Thor!!!!!!!!!!! – A V, Colorado
I just wanted to write to say hello and to tell you how much Al’s books mean to me. The first book I ever bought on magick was Al’s Real Ritual Magick, when I was a much younger fellow :-). Over the years I have found lots of fancier stuff, but recently, faced by a lot of different troubles, I found myself re-reading Al and applying his ideas, and things are already improving. Best to you all, – DL, Arkansas
Hello, I wanted to thank you for your marvelous news letters. Nobody is harassing me anymore soon after I wrote to you about it some time ago. Keep up the good work! Cheers! – DD, San Francisco, California
Thank you! S’s arm is better & doesn’t need surgery. – RR, Whittier, California
Many thanks to the Great Lords and a lot to Al, and all members of ESP LAB. Sam, God bless you for your remembrance. Thank you. – OS, Ghana, West Africa
Just a note to say that my Mum is out of Hospital and is doing fine. Many thanks for your help. Regards, – AF, ABU DHABI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
Amazing. I just got hired for a great job that I originally never applied for. It’s sort of a miracle. I applied for one job and half way through the interview they asked if I would be interested interviewing for another higher paying job they felt I was qualified for. Well, of all the applicants for that job, I was selected. Monday through Friday with benefits. Wow. Thanks for all your help and support. – JS, Prescott, Arizona
As I perused the March issue of the Lab newsletter I had to pause and laugh out loud as I realized my family had come full circle twice. When my daughter was young, it was her full conversation and dance with the Gronkeydoddles which made me decide to introduce her to the E.S.P. Lab. It is time to dance with the Gronkeydoddles again! Since I joined the Lab in 1978, I have always found a syncronicity in the current newsletter and my life and the March issue is no different. So my fun positive request this month is to ask for all the members to pray with me to help boost my positive aura so I can spread the light, love, and laughter farther! Over the past decade I’ve changed my name, my residence, and my mind so many times I find it hard to keep track, but Al Manning’s ministry has ALWAYS been with me and I give thanks for that. After Al died I was worried about what would happen to the Lab, but it is in good hands. Keep up the good work Sami. With love, light, laughter I am sincerely, – K, Creal Springs, Illinois
Thank you so much, Sami! I truly appreciate your help! I truly loved that book and I remember reading that chant. – BS, Duluth, Georgia
Yes, I think this ritual is working. More children are coming to register. Many thanks Sami. May God bless you very much. – GA, Lima, Peru
Just a note to let you know how R is. First of all I want to thank you for your help, your prayers and for the intensive treatment for my little dog. She is doing well. I am very satisfied with the results of the intensive treatment. I can’t say THANK YOU enough! Please continue with your great work. God bless you and yours. In light and love, Blessed Be! – RC, Philadelphia, Pa
Hello Sami, I am extremely glad to see that people are praying for ESP LAB to have its own school university and chapters flourishing around the world. If enough of us start praying for it, it can happen. I think it would be just great to see our ESP LAB with its own land base school/university, like CN from Mt. Vernon, New York said in the December 2011 newsletter. Also, my Spirit Friends asked me if I would send a percentage of my tax refund check to ESP LAB and I said yes. This is just a small thank you to them and to ESP LAB as well. Thank you so, so much for keeping ESP LAB open and going. I love the books and I enjoy getting the newsletters. Dr. Manning’s books are so inspiring and educational. The ESP LAB has given me a whole lot of help and guidance over the years and I would like to do my part, in whatever way I can to make sure the ESP LAB is around for years and years to come. Sami, Michael, ESP LAB staff, Astra Al, and ESP LAB spirits, thank you to you all and as always, “PLEASE LET ESP LAB LIVE LONG AND PROSPER.” – MW, Atlanta, Georgia
Hellooooo Sami, I finally closed, Yahoooo I’m Freeee from that predatory lender! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You For Your Love, Friendship & Help! Thank You for the special prayers & adding my name to the night lights. I will keep counting My blessings and counting that I have the victory and that my battle is won… in spite of it all! Dam The Torpedoes Full Speed Ahead On Wards & Upwards Through out This New Year! – CN, Mt Vernon, New York
It’s great to know that we are blessed, the Almighty Iron Tiger! Hugs and love, – SW, Hong Kong
I contacted you about an hour ago for help. I now have had the first lesson of the white light and will be going on to the second lesson. I feel better now. I can’t wait to tell my sister in law about all this.Thank you, – MM, Florida
I am so thankful for ESP LAB… that we are still here after all these years! And still receiving MANY testimonials and good feedback from around the world. And after I wrote the March Muse– I had to go to the dentist… which is stressful for me… so right there in the chair I had a circle of spirits dancing around me singing, “We’re gonna get through this together.” It made me feel better, and soon I was home, with a song in my heart. Thanks ESP LAB for so many good years! – SR, Durango, Colorado
You can not imagine how important is to me the help that my Mom is receiving from you, Al and the ESP LAB Astral Community to facilitate her resting and meditation (the whole transition). Thank you so much again. I have no words to thank you for this help. Blessed be You, Al, and all members of ESP LAB Astral Community. Again and again, and again (infinite times are not enough to express my telling) THANK YOU! – FS, Bogota, Columbia
After months of work with the Ishtar Power Star with prosperity as a focus, to achieve the charmed life financially, magical synchronicity has manifested. If you have time check out my new business website http://TJNexus.scentsy.us/ that the Ishtar power spirits helped me find! Love and Light, – TC, Oaklawn, Illinois
Only the ESP LAB seems to work for me. – SF, Spencer, New York
I love you and bless you and all of the lights to you. Can’t wait for conference day. That is my enjoyment. And bless our LAB… We are truly blessed, and we all will have a very successful year. I believe it when you tell us, you are getting more and more like our Al, And you will be blessed and continue to carry on, and your pets are a blessing to you as well. I sent my member dues in and a little something for Al. Books, and prayer for some people that need it, the spirits put it on my heart– rainbows, all around the lab, red blue n yellow, drops of little green– all the lights to you and the pets blessed be… Love, – BJ, Bakersfield, California
“Hi Sami. I received your newsletter yesterday and it sure made me smile. I love the blessings…” Love you! – SM, Tulsa, Oklahoma
“Thanks for connecting me with the Starwoman. I bought some oils from her and they are very good/high quality.” – NW, Oregon
“Many thanks for the Intensive Treatments, my contract has been extended for one year. Love & Light Blessing, – HC, Singapore
“Sami, Good news! My blood pressure has dropped to a manageable level. My daughter is smiling just as you predicted. She has been offered a seasonal job. – BW, San Francisco, California
”How kind of you to include us on your December Special Night Lights. Have always used RAMA AGNI to begin my power chants, we are using the GREEN LIGHT with our prayers. Of course I pray to God nightly. Thank you again for being there for us. Christmas blessings and a healthy and prosperous new year to you and the ESP LAB staff and to all members.” Loving best wishes, OOO from me and MEOWS from kitty A… – SM Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
Thank you Sami for the healing work for my sister and me. I am using more of the BLUE LIGHT for both of us–the red and orange lights for warming, the green for growth, happiness, fun and prosperity– with love, – JM, Chula Vista, California
I miss Al, but you’re doing a wonderful job. I love reading the newsletters every month. – JJ, Denison Texas
I’m happy to contribute to the ESP Lab’s good works– And also I want to participate in conference calls and to become member. Please send me details. – KM, Hyderabad, India
Thanks so much, Sami! It is the difference between night and day having you and the LAB on my side. When I renewed this 1 week superintensive for light and protection at work I could feel the difference immediately. – AS, Novato, California
Sami, the monthly ESP Newsletters are excellent. Your writings and Michael Manning’s writings are so inspiring to me. Thank you for sharing “enthusiastic serenity’ with us. Thank you for your prayers. I have my driver’s license again. And thank you for your monthly telephone Spiritual Party! God bless you always. – PS, San Antonio, Texas
Love you always– and God’s blessings to you and staff and all ESP Lab members! – WM, Weirton, W Virginia
Hi Sami, Al, and all good spirits. Found $5 yesterday which I am enclosing as a donation. Am definitely interested in getting Al’s books re-published. – AM, Columbus, Ohio
“May the LIVING SPIRIT of the LIVING LIGHT bless you and everyone at the Lab forever.” – SV, Mahe, Seychelle
Good report: The one week prosperity candle ($13.00 ) service that I had ESP Lab do for me (7-13) worked very nicely. My personal sales to clients yielded a nice little cash flow. Thanks, Love & Light Blessings, – TC, Oaklawn, Illinois
Many thanks for the October newletter, which I am delighted to get. I do love the newsletters … sort of a link to a group of like-minded people. – JM, United Kingdom
I am the girlfriend of J. I have been dating J for almost 3 ys. 1st would like to thank you for all the positive guidance and help that you have provided to J. I have witnessed 1st hand on what guidance you can offer. I would like to know what steps I would have to take to become a member. Thank you, – NB, New Jersey
Thanks so much for all of your wonderful efforts and those of Al and the Lab spirits generally. I pushed through it yesterday, and it’s just going to get better and better. I feel like things can’t go wrong with youin my corner. By the way, I think the Halloween newsletter edition is a riot! Love, – AS, Novato, California
I am here to explain about my mother’s condition. Now she is in high spirits and is extremely optimistic in getting perfectly cured. Thanks to the power of spirits. Thanks to the ESP Lab. Thanks to all our members for the group effort we put for the good of mankind. Thanks to you Sami for keeping in touch and listening to me. I will keep on explaining the further outcomings of the treatment. Regards, – CJ, Canada
Yesss Sami, I also would Love to see a permanent land base school/ university and chapters flourishing around the world! I also Declare that the ESP Lab will Live long and Prosper with ever increasing Creativity, Energy & Vitality! “HAPPY BiRTH DAY” Sami, May You Have Many, Many More Birth Days! *Dam the Torpedoes, Full Speed ahead! Al Made A Great Choice You’re doing a great job Keep up the good work, Live Long & Prosper My Friend! – CN, Mt Vernon, New York
Sami!! You keep hittin’ them newsletters outta the ballpark!! – SS, Houston, Texas
Wonderful newsletter as usual… You are keeping Al alive and with us… thank you… I still miss him. love – LU, Olympia, Washington
Greetings I am so helped by your monthly letters. Light and love and thanks for being there. – RR, New York
Thanks for all your help Sami and positive influence. I am working with the Spirit Band each night as you suggested for healing.- JM, Chula Vista, California
Blessings for the ESP Lab and for Sami and his family.Also, many grateful thanks for Blessings received. All very much appreciated. Many thanks for learning and for progress of the best kind. Thank you,- JM, United Kingdom
Namaste Sami, Our request is that Sai Baba of Shirdi may grant his BLESSING on SSC/ESP LAB and all of you! I enjoyed your August Muse– “Turn to the Light!” – AM, Naples, Florida
I want you to know that all I need to do is pick up your newsletter and I have the best inspirational message I need. I love it! I love your musings for August… and now I have heard of Lammas as well as know what it means! God Bless! – PS, San Antonio, Texas
Let there be a complete manifestation of all positive requests in the ESP LAB! Thank you ESP Lab! Thank you God! Thank you Spirit! As Above so below. So mote it be! God Bless Joplin as we re-build from the deadly 5/22/11 tornado. – BBS, Joplin, Missouri
Good Morning Sami, I have been approved for the apartment! My academics are in hand and the finances are almost a go! Thanks for the energy and Light 🙂 Blessings & Light, – DG, Toronto, Canada
Thanks so much for the August issue! God bless you and thank you for your outstanding work.- VS, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
Hello Sami I really appreciate that quick response !!!!!! I enjoyed & appreciate the recorded conference call, Thanks for all your good works, help & Blessings. I may have missed the conference call But OMG I feel the Blessings & consciousness of Prosperity Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!! – CN, Mt Vernon, New York
It was great speaking with you today – it made a difference. I am not giving up this time – I am going to fight all the way – very thankful for the Lab and you.Blessed be! – SA, New York, New York
Thank you, thank you! I really appreciated your getting back to me. Just knowing that you and Spirit are working on our behalf is so comforting. It is always a pleasure hearing from you! Blessings – KK Pennsylvania
So many thanks for your reply, thank you for taking the time to reply to me, May the spirit of the powerful living light shine on the ESP Lab and keep you all prosperous and happy!! Kindest Wishes – SV, Seychelles
THANK YOU!!! There is no earthly monetary money that could really pay for the wealth of the knowledge that you have sent me. SO I did the earthly thing and I paid through Paypal! Wowowowwwow! Woohooo!!! I am the luckiest girl in the world today!! I am so thrilled to receive my most valuable material. I feel so lucky and blessed to have these legacy products in my possession. I LOVE the blessing chant, poem, prayer and affirmation all wrapped up on one page!! You have made the next phase of my ESP journey enlightened and magnified Beyond measure. I am over whelmed by your kindness and generosity. I am honored that you would take the time from your life and email me and send me such valuable literature that I believe is imprinted with atomic energy that is unlimited! With much gratitude and heartfelt appreciation, – VA via email
“Thanks to ESP LAB and prayers I got my blood pressure down to normal without medicine. Love to you and all members.” – EG, Phoenix, AZ 90 years going on 140 ha!
“had a visit from BIG AL – smiling as usual. We miss him so much! Message – believe, believe, believe!!!” Peace and love, – SA, New York
“Dear Karen and Sam, just to share the good news. I GOT A JOB OF MY DREAMS!!!! Karen, just after you told me last time that the good one is comin’. It really DID!” – Thanks and regards, NN, Seychelles
Samuel!! Thanx for the newsletter. It looks new! And it almost reads like a magazine. The pic of you with the jamaican rasta cap looks great. But the one of you with the grapes seems to be more your fit. – Sprite, Texas
I am so glad that I have found this course (A New Light of Help for You) as I was practicing just before, but now I have a much better understanding of what I’m doing. I have just finished my second light lesson, and will continue with the others; it seems as if more people are being nicer and notice me more.” – TG, United Kingdom
“I was released from Prison on 6/2/11 under a program ISP (intense supervision program), I’m very happy to be home back with my family. I want to move forward with my life, find a job and do the right things and make good decisions and be there for my family and kids… Thank u so much Sami for all your help u have been giving me! And my family” – JHB, email from New Jersey
“I’m writing to request 1 month of “Intensive Treatment for Financial Help.” I’ve requested this help last month and things seem to be falling into place, but I feel I needone more month of treatment is needed to set the financial windfalls flowing strongly. Plus I enjoy donating to the lab. Also, can you please send me some of that nice smelling money powder? I will be making the $50.00 donation through paypal right after I send this email. Thanks Sami.” Proud life member, – JS, California

“You’re the best, Sami.” – DT, Virginia
“Keep up the blessed work!” – LJ, Illinois
“Thank you so much for all of your help and love & blessings to the Lab…” – SA, New York
“My previous job request is kicking into full gear lots of variety of offers so I am accepting all of themeven if I have to work every day I am welcoming the manifestation of the dream.” Light & love, – RR, New York
“Sami– That prosperity powder of yours is TOO STRONG. It is getting unbelievable. You must have added too many bat wings or eyes of the newts. It’s powerful stuff and it just keeps multiplying. I am very happy. Thanks and Love ya!” – BA, Washington, DC
“With the big audience in the auditorium, I had a channeling moment? I’m not kidding — when I stood up, took the remote/pointer control from the previous speaker and ascended the stage, something *very strange* happened. Something else took over and handled that presentation. It wasn’t me. Whatever it was, it was more than capable of commanding both the subject matter and the room. Every A/V malfunction (and there were a few) was a moment of creating greater rapport with the audience. By the end of the day, I’d been approached by several people saying they’d never been so impressed and where had I been hiding all these years. No matter what anybody asked, words tumbled out my mouth and heads nodded. I don’t remember much of it. It was a Mercury Retrograde miracle.” Thanks, – DB, New York
“Many thanks for the May newsletter. I especially liked the article Spirit Power Enhances Colour Magic. Personally, I find colour work important and enlivening. I love the exercise of Psychic Self Development in The Miracle of Universal Psychic Power. Those colour plays on the chakra centres are amazing. I always like the pictures and captions too. Do your Best! Let Spirit do the Rest was my favourite this time.” Love and Best wishes. – JM, United Kingdom
“I have been a Life Member since 1995. I was very close to Al… he was my mentor, friend, teacher, and counselor. I visited him in Texas a couple of times and his Magic saved the lives of some of my loved ones-including myself. Anyway, since Al’s passing, I’ve been paying close attention to the Lab’s progress, and I am amazed and so proud at how well you and our Staff have improved and evolved the ESP LAB these last few years! I listened to some of your Mona Magick radio blogs and think you are absolutely AWESOME!! Thank you Sami… you’ve already helped me tremendously just with the radio blogs!” Blessed Be to All, – WJJ, Arizona, USA
Dear Sami Thank you for below message. I love it and am going to happily apply it. Good thoughts and Best wishes – JM, Isle of Wight, United Kingdom
“Thank you for the services you rendered to the humanity.” – SO, Lagos State, Nigeria
“As usual your writing is delightful. Thanks!” – CG, Ignacio, Colorado
Thanx for the newsletter, it is fabulous as always and filled to the edge with spiritual info. – SE, Houston, Texas
I wanted to let you know I enjoyed the seminar (conference call) yesterday and all the topics just made me happy, happy, happy.- KB, Duluth, Georgia
Michael, I am enjoying your articles. I did sustain a psychic wound some four months back– It hurt. But your articles have been helping me to address the wound which has been helping it to heal. – SR, Colorado
Hi Sami, Happy new moon to you! Glad to hear you guys are running strong! Thank you for the fantastic newsletters; I loved them! Very inspirational, uplifting & just what I needed to read in this moment! Ok so we will join, for me & my husband.- RB, Bellville, Illinois
Did my 1st round of 22nd blessings before work today. Remember W’s question about weather (during the conference call)? During a Light attunement (yesterday) generating thoughts and feelings of Providence to get me to work today I was nudged to look at what I was trying to convey about elementals. (Please refer to pgs 153 – 164 – Miracle Spiritology) Hey, I found $80.00 in the book that will buy lunches & pay for the transportation to my jobsite this week. Y’All know a big Thank You thoughtform was sent shortly thereafter. Don’t know how the money got there, but sure was serendipitous.- TM, Toronto, Canada
“I really dug the Feb. newsletter… nice, updated look. And been enjoying some of the content that’s been added like Silverdisc’s astrological outlook for the Lab.” – AB, New York
I am glad to have my monthly newsletters. – ML, Jamaica
Thank you for all of your help and wonderful work. We really love & appreciate you! – KK, Fountain Hill, Pennsylvania
Happy full moon to you. BTW, thanks for the 2 week candle to help me close my real estate sale. It closed yesterday. – PJ, Dallas, Texas
I am sincerely appreciative of your wonderful efforts on behalf of myself and all of us members. I hope you are doing splendidly!! I just opened the February newsletter and was quite tickled by it. Cheers! Also, the one week superintensive treatment that I ordered for my husband for success in his medical evaluations this week worked wonderfully. On my end — I wanted to give you both some overdue feedback on how I have done with my past superintensive treatments that I ordered from the Lab this past fall. Everytime I have made this request I have received the needed help before the superintensive treatment ended. On two occasions in October and November 2010 I received extremely quick positive responses from the insurance carrier regarding my benefits. I am extremely appreciative of your wonderful and effective support.WISHING YOU A WONDERFUL 2011…. – AS, Hawaii
Thank you and your Staff for your help, guidance, and support. In Blessings & Light, DG 🙂 – Toronto, Canada
I was excited about your letter and your February´s news, I was very happy to have received. I have great faith in you and in the laboratory. Thank you very much. May God bless you. – JM, Argentina

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