Peace & Love to ALL of you!  Mathew is better.  I do continue with the light chants.  My love & gratitude.

HB, Live Oak, Texas

Sami, God bless you and the Lab!  All the LIGHT to you!!

BM, Visalia, California

Thanks for your dedication and compassion. Had lots of good happen. Over all doing well. Luv & Light.

JW, Jamesville, New York

Hi Sami & Michael– all is well.  I just wanted to thank the Spirits, including Dr. Manning, you, all the leadership, all the support staff including our web support people for keeping our ESP LAB going.  It’s been the best decision I made back in 1999/2000 to join.  I am happy to keep supporting for as long as I can.  Thanks and blessed be.

MW, Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Sami and Spirit Friends—Thank you for all the prayers and help. I am grateful for your friendship and loving responses. Thanks for your time; thanks for your support!

I AM Happy to be your friend. I AM looking to see the positive on all aspects.

CT, California City, CA

Thanks for the victory, Sami!

NW, Portland, OREGON

Since using the MAGIC OF NEW ISTHAR POWER, in the past, I have received good results, especially the money rituals!

RH, Cincinatti, OHIO

Sami want to thank you so much, my events did so Great!!!! … Thank you!! Blessings.

JB, via email

Thank you for all you do! Enjoyed the Spring newsletter. Good to hear from you again!

JM. Chula Vista, CA

Thank you for sending great energy my way!

CB, Corrales, New Mexico

Heartfelt Love to everyone there.

RC, Portage, Wisconsin

Good Day to you Dear Sami and all the wonderful team of the ESP Lab,Happy to see that the Lab is still going strong. I always think of you guys in my prayers to the Goddess. A big thank you for remembering to send me my newsletter. Wishing you all the very best!

SV, The Islands of Seychelles

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