Testimonials 2003 – 2010

I am glad to have my monthly newsletters. – ML, Jamaica
Thank you for all of your help and wonderful work. We really love & appreciate you! – KK, Fountain Hill, Pennsylvania
Happy full moon to you. BTW, thanks for the 2 week candle to help me close my real estate sale. It closed yesterday. – PJ, Dallas, Texas
I am sincerely appreciative of your wonderful efforts on behalf of myself and all of us members. I hope you are doing splendidly!! I just opened the February newsletter and was quite tickled by it. Cheers! Also, the one week superintensive treatment that I ordered for my husband for success in his medical evaluations this week worked wonderfully. On my end — I wanted to give you both some overdue feedback on how I have done with my past superintensive treatments that I ordered from the Lab this past fall. Everytime I have made this request I have received the needed help before the superintensive treatment ended. On two occasions in October and November 2010 I received extremely quick positive responses from the insurance carrier regarding my benefits. I am extremely appreciative of your wonderful and effective support.WISHING YOU A WONDERFUL 2011…. – AS, Hawaii
Thank you and your Staff for your help, guidance, and support. In Blessings & Light, DG 🙂 – Toronto, Canada
I was excited about your letter and your February´s news, I was very happy to have received. I have great faith in you and in the laboratory. Thank you very much. May God bless you. – JM, Argentina
I GOT THE PROMOTION!!!!!!! YIPEE!!!!!! I GOT A RAISE!!!!!!! Also the packet of prosperity powder that you sent us– Karen had me use it in my work to get this job or something better for me… I got the job THE NEXT DAY!!!!!! I was one of 11 people that applied. LIGHT & LOVE & BLESSINGS!!!!!! THE PARTY IS IN FULL SWING!!!!!!! – LR, Iowa
Dear Sami, Hi Al, I hope you don’t mind me making two payments for my life membership renewal. Please mention it’s OK in the newsletter… less financial strain. – LOVE, RS, North Carolina
As I typed the self help exercise I went out onto the porch for a breath of mountain air and in the far distance… a pinprick of red light through the leafless winter trees… and then it turned green! Had never seen it before & was a confirmation for me! – SR, Durango, Colorado
Given with joy to the spirits of earth, fire, water, and air, The spirits of the planets, the cosmos, the universes. To Pan and Puck. To life and love and laughter. Let’s have a wonderful party this year! & Many thanks for the Acceptance chant and Al’s orange meditation, Sami. It is lovely to be reminded of them. Many wonderful things to you this coming year. Thank you for looking after ESP lab so conscientiously. Much appreciated. Blessings and Peace. – Love JM, United Kingdom via emailPS. I so enjoy receiving e-mails from you. They brighten my day. 🙂 (sent with a paypal donation)
“I am always so uplifted when I read the newsletter, as I did this morning.” – AB, Cicero, NY
“I Won Sami, I have my Citizenship, everything went well today! Thank u so much” – JHB, New Jersey
“Hello Sami, I am an old friend of Al’s, a life member and have been a part of the lab since Al had it on Santa Monica Blvd in CA. I worried about the lab after Al left us but it looks to me that you are doing a marvelous job. I do not usually write but have felt compelled to send you an email. My love and prayers are with you and the lab members as we go forward in these difficult times. Thank you for pushing on.” – CH, IDAHO
“Hallelujah!! I look forward to participating in the next LAB teleconference. The quality of the monthly newsletter continues to be stellar, despite all of the changes.” – Love, AS, Novato, California
“Great to hear from you! If I can access the e-newsletter, there’s no need to send me the physical newsletter, 😀 ….by the way, I’ve had a couple of dreams of Al– he’s well and happy and smiling and said he never left, hahaha! That makes me very happy….” – Blessings, MR, Toronto, Canada
“The newsletter arrived today and I’m very pleased to have it. Thank you. Best wishes,” – JM, United Kingdom
“I love you a lot. It is like having a relative abroad. Blessed be!” – AF, Buenos Aires, Argentina
“Many thanks for the loving support. In Light and Love,” – KJ, South Africa

“You do a great job! Love you Sami!” – EG, Phoenix, AZ
“You and the ESP Lab are the two constants in my life. Blessing wise we are constantly comforted.” – SM, Pittsburg, PA
“I look forward each month to the ESP LAB Newsletter.” – DB, Fairview Heights, IL
“Here is your money order for a year for your newsletter. I LOVE IT! And decided to add cash for prayers. Thank you.” – IM, Hanford, California
“Thank you Sami. Your newsletter with Spirit are great!” – JM, Chula Vista, CA
“I read the newsletter entirely when I received it. You do really great work. We need organizations like ours, to offset the negatives we are routinely battered with. Many Blessings.” – JM, Chula Vista, California
“It’s the day after the surgery; it had the best outcome as could be expected – a definite win! Thanks to you Sami and the Lab for all your support. Together, blessed be we!” – AG, Forked River, New Jersey
“Thanks so much, esp…ecially for the Oct lights– that is exciting. I finally went to the Mona Magick site and it was fantastic I loved to hear your voice doing the chants and the peace/healing rainbow meditation was just what I needed. So, thanks for being there. Blessings for a great harvest season. light and love.” – RR via e-mail, Woodstock, New York
Astral Al has been in my mind with endless bits of reality and practical wisdom I gained in my short time at the Lab. I am glad to see the incessant demand of a sense of humor is still in the Lab. I have to say “The New Light of Help” has proven a better intro than I would teach. I am glad to see the Lab is still there. Love, – JM, Austin, Texas
International Members write:
“I HAVE A JOB! 🙂 I started last week. My thanks to you and all! In Light,” – DG, Toronto, Canada
“Greetings to you. Just a little feedback, everything is excellent. I’ve got so much energy and I feelpositive with all my plans and I’m glad Mr. Manning has left excellent people behind to help others. Karen’s readings help me a lot. Continue to keep me and my son in your prayers of light, prosperity, health etc. Thanks & best regards. I love you all very much.” – NN, Seychelles
“Many thanks and greetings to you and all the fun loving band (members) of ESP LAB. The August news you sent was indeed very revealing and highly appreciated. I was able to lay my hands on a old photocopy of AL MANINGS BOOK “HELPING YOURSELF WITH WHITE WITCHCRAFT”. I must admit that the practical benefits of the book has been quite amazing since I made the declaration that I was a white successful witch (page 19 of the book) and started practicing in my own small way earlier in the year. The first time I did the “LOVE AFFAIR WITH LIFE MEDITATION”(page 39 of the book) the results when I went to bed was simply exciting. I basically felt myself and head being patted and fondled lovingly as I slept on my bed with my eyes closed. Surely I cannot remember having had such experience before. It was simply amazing, loving and peaceful. Yours Sincerely,” – EI, Benin City, Nigeria
“I understand that you can help me by “turbo accelerating” the manifestation of my desire.I am looking forward to become another example of the veracity of your Lab motto: Results!Thank you.” – JCZ, Kentucky via e-mail
International Members write:”I passed to the upper level with 83 in the written and 82 oral thank you for your great help. Blessed Be.” – AF, Buenas Aires, Argentina
“Send me my newsletters as I live for those letters! Best regards and keep up the good works and thanks for all your help.” – HO, Toronto, Canada
“Hello Happy People!! Just to say thank you for your web-site. Good to find like-minded souls, to uplift dark energies, I send you love and blessings!” – Teresa , e-mail from the UK
“Greetings, I stumbled across your wonderful Ishtar Book in the Web. Initially when I got it, I stored it away not knowing what treasure I got. Yesterday something prompted me to the book again and from there I was able to get access to your website. Please can I have more information on your activities, how I can obtain help both for self and psychic development. I have been a mystical student for some 34 yrs now and I am still searching. Something strikes me in synch about your ESP Lab.” – Regards, BU, e-mail from Nigeria
“Hi, I read some of Al G Manning’s books and I would like to become a member of the ESP Lab and I also would like to obtain access to read the newsletters. I thank you for all that you are doing, God bless you.” – Sincerely, Catherine, via e-mail
“Sami, Karen, Al and everybody at the ESP Lab: Thank you very much for keeping us in your prayers and for asking Al and light beings to welcome her. It was very hard for us to lose Lolita, my soul mate of 37 years. She had been a good wife, mother and grandmother. We love and miss her a lot. One of the nephews dreamed of her. She smiled at him and said hi. He saw her with wings. Another smelled roses around her. My sister from New Jersey thought she saw a white form hovering above me. I will continue to support the ESP lab. You people are like a great family to us.” – BW, San Francisco, California
“God is good! He is Great! I thank God and ESP LAB for every blessing! Lots of Love.” – EA, New York, New York
“Have very good news to report: Our petition was granted and we can keep our little Lake Retreat. Thank you all for great help.” – 2 Very Happy People, California
“You are simply unique and outstanding. Thanks a million for your support, blessings and wishes. I started immediately with the Acceptance Spell. One more on my list! I wish you a wonderful time and I’ll keep you posted. Fondly,” – VS, Kentucky
“Hi Sami! You’ll be pleased to know that you are always in my thoughts, and Maisie and Cleo too. I listen to your many interviews at least 5 times weekly, and I listen to your song Rainbow frequently. I also read the newsletters. CIAO!” – SE, via e-mail, Houston, TX
“Just wanted to give some feedback and testimonials to you regarding some work that you did for me. My friend H is doing much better regarding the healing ritual that was done. Her quality of life is much better for the first time in a long time. She still had many hurdles, but this is a good start. Aunt P is improving regarding the intensive treatments for her cancer. Thanks to your help and healing rituals she was able to get some second opinions and some medication that have literally brought her some healing and relief. My mother is doing very well considering the 3 surgeries she had in the last few months. The doctors still can’t believe it! The protection and healing rituals did their job. Thanks so very much for all the wonderful work. My family, friends and I are so very blessed. In light & love.- KK, Bethleham, Pennsylvania
Dear Karen, Sami & Lab Staff– I’m so grateful for all of your love, friendship & help. THANKS FOR ALL THE INTENSIVE HEALING TREATMENT & PRAYERS– I’m wishing unlimited Blessings to you All. Dam the torpedoes– full speed ahead. In Light & love,” – CN, Mt. Vernon, New York
“Dear Spiritual Science… you renewed my faith, thanks. Just after my note to you about my oils… I found a letter written in the 90’s. In Al’s writing the ps said “Your oils are on the way.” – BK, Tucson, Arizona
“Thank you for all your help, for my healing and for the cat, BW.” – JM, Chula Vista, California
“Thank you for some extremely effective work you did for me recently.” – NQ, Brick, New Jersey
“Keep up the good work! God bless you and staff and our ESP Lab and all members! Love and Lights,” WM, Weirton, W. VA
“My last request went wonderfully well. Thanks! Blessed be!” – ER, San Francisco, California
“Annie (our cat) said that she would like to be a REAL ESP Lab member, so she asked me to enclose $12 for her yearly membership. I read to her from the Newsletters. Always,” – SM, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
“Sami, thanks you for sending the Lab Spirits and the Orange Light. I could feel the clarity and mental energy. I used to use the Lab a lot. I am going to use the Lab a lot again– “Turn it over to Spirit and Expect Success!” I am glad you are keeping the Lab going. Good work.” Love, -LC, Aikens, South Carolina
From our newest member:
“You asked what brought me to the ESP Lab. I want to better my life in all aspects–materially, emotionally, and spiritually. I have known of Al’s work for some time but just never turned to it, going through other routes. Now, I feel that Al’s works contains what I need to know and do to achieve my goals. I also want to share what I have and find with others so that their lives may be made better. Thanks so much.” – RG, Phoenix, Arizona
“This month’s tribute to Al and the pink Light both brought happy smiles 🙂 Bravo! Thank you in Blessings & Light.” – DG, Toronto, Canada
“Thanks for the wonderful monthly newsletters. They are such a blessing to so many of us! Keep it up! I was part of an Ostara Ritual to celebrate Spring Equinox. It was very empowering and hopeful. May an abundance of joy and goodness flow freely into your life Sami, and for your staff, and all off us members. So mote it be! Blessed be! Peace! Love!” – MC, St. Francis, Wisconsin
“The LIGHT is shining through. Read with interest about burning candles which I have done for years. Michael Manning’s Soverign Beings article is very thought provoking. Thanks for the information about Arch-Angels Raphael and Michael. Loving best wishes to you, Spirit and all ESP LAB associates and members from us with MEOWS from Annie. She is taking her afternoon nap as she says it is so exhausting being so beautiful.” – SM, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
I’m listening to your radio show with Mona on Ishtar magic, and you just relayed the story of Al’s first encounter with Ishtar. Hey, I think I know that guy!!! Many years ago, I awoke at night to see a VERY LARGE spirit — 7 or 8 feet tall at least, dressed in the garb of an ancient gladiator (armor and sword), and glowing blue. I was terrified but the spirit said “Don’t be afraid” and the fear instantly vanished. The spirit said he was a physician and had come to do some healing work on me, and that he was done and ready to leave. I asked him how I could believe he was real. He told me “For tomorrow only, you can play the third movement of the Hindenburg Sonata.” This was far above my ability level and I agreed that such a feat would indicate something. So, I followed through with the test — the next day, I got the sheet music and YES I was able to play that brutal third movement very nicely throughout the day. This ability lasted one day only, just as promised. How cool is that?? – AB, New York
“Thank you so much. I want to tell you that not only did my son V—– get a job with health benefits, but he was offered a second position. He had to make a choice. He is doing well in this position and is getting back on his feet. You and the spirit band do fantastic work. But I already knew that. That’s why I brought in the “big guns” for this project. Thanks again Sami.” In love and light,- RC, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Comments re: my Mona Magick’s UK International radio show. Sami —
“thank you for your time! Let me know what shows you would like to do in the future. I have seen NOT a single book other than Al’s mention Ishtar magic and that’s great. It’s worked great for me too! Unexpected blessings in abundance! Best with Love,” – MM, UK MonaMagick.com
“thank you my friend you always come thru no matter what! love yah” – LU, Olympia, Washington
“Hey Sami! Nice hearing your voice. I was chanting and singing right along with you… especially the part about “I affirm and claim smooth running drains”! I had been thinking about that story just a couple of weeks ago, and then I hear it on the radio! Blessings brother! And I just wanted to let you know what I saw today: the car in front of me — an Infinity — had license plates that said STAROSE. Guess who I thought of?” – ML, San Diego California
Thank you Sami so much for this incredible informative session. It makes so much sense when you talked about the male/female side of Ishtar. It needs both for the completion of LOVE. We cannot pay our bills with corn. Therefore, I believe we are allowed to ask for money as part of evolution. Just because our bodies are not in use anymore after we have made the transition doesn’t mean that our soul continues to work in a similar, but much bigger way and therefore it is in my opinion perfectly OK to contact them. They have more wisdom and access than most of us have during our earthly incarnation. I appreciate your work tremendously as well as your willingness to share your knowledge. This is one of my biggest missions to pass on wisdom. A special appreciation for your wonderful chanting. Blessed be,” – VS, Kentucky
“enjoying the newsletter with a cup of coffee and felt like sending you a cyberhello. I’m going to give Karen a call with some feedback on Monday if time permits. Her last reading was astoundingly accurate and I wanted to let her know everything shook out exactly as she foretold. Have a good one!” – AB, New York
“Sami & ESP Lab: Thank you for making a big difference in the life of L and the family. We want you to know that she is getting stronger and stronger each day. Our prayers & thanks to you!” – BW, San Francisco
“Thanks Sami. You are a true leader. A leader who takes immediate action to remedy any situation at the cry of a follower is a true leader. Keep up the good work and Blessed be.” – EM, New Jersey
“Thank you for your healing, help, and loving thoughts. Am making great progress in recovering. Can already do so many more movements than last week… getting there. Grateful for the Lab Spirits’ help. In Love and Light,” – MF, Half Moon Bay, California
“I want to thank you for the prosperity powder. I really believe this time IT WORKED WONDERS! When I was in the casino I rubbed my hands with it. When playing Thunder Warrior (I call THOR) I won $213. Then I was playing Cleopatra Keno at a maximum bet of 80 cents… I hit 6 out of 7 for $76. BUT it also entered into the bonus round where I hit 6 out of 7 AGAIN! The bonus round pays DOUBLE, $152 to $228 total. It was a night to be long remembered. I also have the Ishtar Permanent Thoughtform for continuing financial windfalls set up. I’ll get back to you on how that is working– which I suspect it already is. Remember, Al says “EXPECT AND THANK BEFORE receiving, BECAUSE WE WILL SAMI! MY Heartfelt love to the entire staff especially Virginia & Michael.” – RC Wisconsin
“Happy New Year to you and the Lab staff and we trust that this will be a very prosperous year for the Lab. Thanks for being there for us over the years!” – HO, Ontario, Canada
“Thank you for your untiring work to keep all of us, the ESP members taken care of.” – PS, San Antonio, Texas
“Karen just returned my call and I have made a gift to the lab of $100 in gratitude for all the focus that I get from the lab for my spiritual life and for your very special guidance, Mr. Rose. Onward and upward!!! BE BLESSED!!” Love to you… – JM, Los Angeles, California
“Bright Blessings. Hope all is well in Durango. You and Lab Family are always in my prayers–heart. Hugs, Love, Peace, Miracles, Aum, Blessed Be.” – RS, Dallas, TX
“Thank you for the green night light… it sure was a goodie! And thanks to you Sami and Lab Spirits and helpers for the push in the right direction and the energy to do it all.” Light and Love, – WM, West Virginia
“Karen and Sami! I just wanted to give you all some feedback on my recent one week super-intensive (the purpose of which I fine tuned with Karen’s help) asking for all communications with my doctor and employer of last week to be for my highest good. Anyway, everything worked out beautifully with my doctor. Also, much to my surprise, my employer, who has been holding my job for me (have been on unpaid leave for months) told me that he will hold my job because he very much likes my work. I would love to get another super-intensive treatment, but will call Karen on Monday for that. Hope you both are doing very, very well.” Love, – AS, Novato, Northern California
“Dear Sami, I am pleased and grateful to report that the candle rituals were miraculously effective in resolving problems of long standing. I am indeed grateful for the progress that has been made.” – DU, Stafford Springs, Connecticut
“I love your newsletters – you have a great sense of humour – and I smile upon reading each page. It is Excellent.” Love, – TM, Vista, California
“Hi guys ! How have you been? Did you have a great New Year beginning? I’m sure you did. It must have been fantastic, the ceremonies in the ESP Lab, with all the spirits and all the energies floating around, right? Well, i hope we will achieve greater heights this New Year, with the help of Magick and LUCK (Laboring Under Correct Knowledge).” Best Regards, – MT, email
“Happy New Year, greetings from New York… I wrote to Al, about 10 years ago after I read one of his books, and had a few questions. I stayed in touch with AL over the years and he helped me through many areas of my life. Lately I have been asking again if Al is around that the signs should definitely let me know that it is Al. And now a massage school I attended has the alley behind it officially named- Orange AL. (he kept telling me to work on my orange). I felt that he would want you to know this. Also that there is no time space or death to the soul. I feel this is an answer for you, that this is something you two may have discussed. Another for you Sami is trust, trust, trust that everything in your life is going as it should, even if not as you planned.” Love and light, – Jennifer, New York
“I have been listening to most of your Spiritual Healing. It has been so interesting you talking about the color blue. Spiritual Healing is for me something “normal” and I use it successfully for people and horses. Thank you so much for letting me be part of your show. I am expressing my deepest gratitude towards you and the ESP Lab with all the members for the support I experienced the last several weeks. Peace and harmony to all blessed be we.” – VS, via e-mail
“I caught your healing show on Mona’s broadcast.It was great.” – DE, Houston, Texas
“What a fantastic interview. The healing work was wonderful. Thank you Sami.” – TM, Vista, California
“I listened to it just now. I’m sure Al would say he is proud of you and Onward & Upward together!” – L&L, RnW, Terry WV, Toronto, Canada
“You’re truly wonderful! Thank you so much for lending your light! Everyone just loves when you come on the show. I’m very happy to know you! Blessings going into 2010!” – MM, United Kingdom
“Yes Sami , i have received your letter and read it too and i like it i find it inspiring . I did have my set backs and bouts of fear and negativity too. I try not to dwell on them. Blessed Be!” – DH, Barbados, W I
“Thank you Sami … I am staying positive … I can really feel the ESP Lab Power coming in and am grateful that you guys are there for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and Highest Blessings to you and all ESP Lab Members and beyond.” – KB, Toronto, Canada
“I decided to make my first contact with spirit. I had just read Al’s book on “Helping Yourself with ESP” and was all excited about the venture. “Al’s suggestions for asking directly for help without the need for all the ‘formality’ and keeping a relaxed aware attitude really helped demystify the process. What a terrific sense of humor the Spirits possess! I have been assisted in many concrete and subtle ways. Thanks Al, and thanks to all at ESP Lab for your knowledge, information, and dedication. Rainbows & Wheelbarrows full of good things being sent your way.” – TL, Illinois
“I feel light as a feather – wow! Thanks for sending the positive energy my way – it’s a good feel! I feel positive – like I’m finally moving forward. In Blessings & Light!” – DG, Toronto, Canada
“Thanks to you. This means so much. Your support thru the years is invaluable. Blessings for the holiday…” – RR via e-mail
“I have been searching for a good book about witchcraft for years on and off. I read so many books about spells and witchcraft BUT the only book that I touched my heart and soul was “Helping Yourself with White Witchcraft.” This book is phenomenal!! The more I read it, the more I have respect for Mr. Al. His book is literally changing my life and the life of my family! He is giving me power and new understanding to Life in general. The words in it are magical. I hardly remember myself reading a book from start to end, but this book is UNIQUE. I am so happy that I finally found a reliable resource. I started my research about the author which lead me to this website, www.ESPLAB.com. It is in my favorite now. Al, I love you.” – LH, via e-mail
“And a wonderful, prosperous and warmth-filled season to you my friend! Thanks for protecting the flame through the darkness… May there be rivers and streams, buckets and wheelbarrows full of money, good feedback, creativity, and positive publicity just pouring right into you and all you hold dear! And many blessings to our friend Gary, to whom we send love, light and mystical music on the other side of the veil.” Much love, – ML, San Diego, California
“You are so wonderful. I did sometimes three times per day the Full Moon Spell including the burning of the list, I did in addition the Blue light, and I do your chant that you did with Mona. You attached my favorite spell (the RAMA AGNI chants) which I use so often by addressing it to Mama Isis, with whom I connected while being twice in Egypt– an amazing experience. Thanks so much for your support and I am a firm believer of those spells. They have started to bring me more clients. Thanks to you and the Lab for your support– a check will be in the mail soon. Your encouragement and support is extraordinary powerful. Your help is very much appreciated. Blessed be you and your incredible work.” – VS, Kentucky
I have been with Al since the early 70’s and what a time! Money came NSEW. Raised 7 kids and now the best is yet to come. Thanks for all you do– Love to all! – MM. Schenectady, New York
I AM the winner. I just got caught up in life and people around me, allowing others to detour me. You’ve opened my eyes. I am grateful. – NM via e-mail
Hello Sami, I just listen to your prosperity programme it was fantastic. i enjoyed did the affirmations east west north and south with ya etc. i will listen to it again. Congratulation. – DH, Barbados, West Indies
There has been so much positive feedback from the prosperity shows, It will be a year 2nd November since I had my first show with you on it Sami!!! It is definitely time for Spiritual Healing Nov. 29th.” – Love, MM, UK
“Blue Light is very helpful. Thanks,” FS, Iowa
“Dear Sam and ESP Lab staff, I would like to share my happiness with you. I just received my Exam results and it is a pass. Thanks for all your help and support. Regards” AF, Abu Dhabi, UAE
“Things are smoothing out and I have to say thank you? Blessed be with love and laughter!Thank you soooo much :-)) Cheers!” DG, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“In your July newsletter: about purifying with water, salt, lemon and sage– every member of ESP LAB should try doing this frequently! It is well worth the effort. Peace.” AW, Athens, Georgia
“Thanks for the newsletters man; I appreciate the lighthearted layout and informality of it. Spirituality shouldn?t be so friggin? serious which is why I like the way you guys presented things.” JB, Knoxville, Tennessee
“It worked for me even if I do not put in more effort. The horoscope is wonderful. Thanks!” OS, Accra, North Ghana, West Africa
“I look forward to the newsletter each month. It keeps me going. Thanks” IK, Ontario, Canada
“Hope that your lives are going according to your Highest Good 🙂 *hugs*” EM, San Diego, California
“I love you! Keep the good work going. Love,” MM, Portland, Oregon
Many thanks to you and your Spirit Band for the relief I am experiencing. My daughter is also working now at a bank. Many thanks! You’ve seen that special angel is accompanying me 24/7. What a powerful gift you have! What a privilege we have to be administered to by you & Al & Spirit Band & all those who help. – KB, South Africa
I enjoy the newsletters & the comments about the beauty of Durango and the pleasure you have in your dog (people) friends. Thank you Sami you add much joy to my life. – EF, Colorado
I always look forward for the ESP Lab news! – DB, Illinois
I know I was behind on my dues– but I haven’t had a job since 07! I thank you for keeping me current. – SK, Illinois
I felt the love from the spirits in my reply letter from you– also this time a lot of warm energy from the heart area up to the top of my head. It was so warm I got hot flashes and had to start undressing to cool off! (For real) SMILE! You pushed every spirit of the Lab into my letter. (smile) Thank you! And I hope this month will be the best one yet! God bless you and the Lab always. – WM, West Virginia
I am thankful to have some good work on my plate and opportunities in my future … my health is improving … I continue the journey … staying positive is the best armour of all … I don’t know what you do to those letters but Light flows out of them when I receive them! … I would hate to miss my monthly ray of sunshine from the ESP lab family. God Bless you all! – KB, Toronto, Canada
Thanks for encouraging me with all of the good feedback! I loved seeing Al on the unicorn– it’s nice having you both in the newsletter. It’s a perfect partnership. WM, – West Virginia
Sami, it just keeps getting better and better.Love, SR, – Missouri
Thank you’ll for the white mountain sage and prosperity powder. This really came at the perfect time. I really did appreciate this? it was a nice miracle? and I appreciate you’ll prayers and help more than I can say. SG, – Louisiana
Greetings to you and all the Lab workers and I trust the Lab will continue to grow and prosper. Thanks for all the help and encouragement which you gave my family during the critical illness of my husband. Keep up the good work. HO, – Canada
Way to go on the astrology column. AJ, – Alabama
You are awesome! Keep up the good works. I’m a member since the early 70’s through thick and thin. Love and Hugs, NW, – California
I was a life member with Al. THANKS for honoring Al’s Life Memberships. BDS, – Georgia
“Hey Sami, My wife’s moms heart surgery went great. Thanks, Blessed be.” – MP, Texas
“Hi, Sami, Blessings to you! From my heart I say thank you for the show you did with me! I have had many people say to me that they have reaped the blessings from the Prosperity show!” – MM, United Kingdom
“Love the monthly reading of the planets. It is so right on, especially Mercury in Retrograde.” – CB, Georgia
“ESP LAB newsletter is uplifting as well as inspirational. I look forward every month for its arrival. Keep up the good works. Yes, I feel and appreciate all of the things you do, Love,” – BDS, Life Member, Missouri
“Thank you for answering my letter– a nice flow of energy hit my face when opening the envelope and whipped the tears from my eyes (happy tears)! You packed a lot of spirit energy in my reply letter (smile). It is nice to know that you are honoring Al’s life memberships. May God bless you & Lab plus staff. Love You,” – WMM, West Virginia
Hi! Very Happy to tell you that indeed my daughter found a new job!!!! I am deeply thankful for this success. I have to once again tell you how grateful I am for all that you help me on. I pray that you are doing great and things are wonderful at the Lab. I send lots of hugs and my deepest appreciation and love.” – MB e-mail
“Thank you for your March Musings. It is very inspiring.” – JJM, Toronto, Canada
I am excited to see the picture of Lovely Powerful Shiva. I call on Him a lot for help. I also liked the article by Al Manning on ESP and Zen (March issue). With my Reiki classes I find Reiki, Wicca, and Zen Buddhism work wonderfully together. Keep up the good work. Lots of good wishes are being sent your way and to your staff and all the members.” Blessed be, – MC, Wisconsin
“I thank you dearly for everything you have done for me and mine. We are looking forward to better days that are getting better and better all the time. Thank GOD and all for all their help. We love you all dearly.” – LM, Kansas City, Kansas
“Thank you for all your prayers for me and my family. Thanks for the water blessing to the Sun King! I am so glad you send Powerful Lovely Shiva Light.” EA, – NY, NY
” I am pleased to report that Harold is doing much better. There has been great progress thanks in part to you, Dr. Manning and all of our Spirit Friends. Thank you for taking the time to send your encouragement, hope and love.” – SM, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
“Things have greatly improved. My leg has almost fully healed! Another wonderful development is that I am nearly pain free. With gratefulness,” – MF, California
“I have used and seen the effects of the prosperity powder firsthand, but with Valentines and a weekend trip coming up, I was wondering how I was going to pay for these events. I rubbed a little on my palms and not thirty minutes later I received a phone call for computer work and I made over two hundred dollars in a matter of three hours unexpectedly.” – BR, Colorado
“Enjoyed your story about being a godfather? you made the right choice as did they!!! The Master is unconditional LOVE– and He’s for everyone who LOVES– pagans, Lutherans, Catholics, Buddhist, Hindus, etc, Blessed be! I enjoyed your note it made my day. Prayers, Love, & Light to all my ESP LAB family” – RSJ, Fort Worth, Texas
“Thanks for sending the editorial (Move Beyond Your Fear) as it was quite meaningful and timely. I can appreciate knowing that others had shared the same sort of feelings. I much look forward to reading another article like it. Peace & Wellness.” – AW, Athens, Georgia
“I hope you are very well. I do like the personal stories that you tell of your own magical experiences in the newsletter. They are inspiring, let in new light for me, and kind of make me understand more of the way magic works. Thank you. Blessings.” – JM, United Kingdom
“Thank you for all you have done for me. I appreciate your newsletters very much.” – CS, Seychelles
“My father is improving!! Slowly his personality and intellect are returning. He has even returned to playing his mandolin. Within a day of when I wrote you about the situation, my spirits were quite lifted and I was reminded there are great folks to shore you up with light and encouragement. Thanks for everything and warmest wishes.” – AB, New York
“Just received the ‘Return of the Invincible Sun’ sheet. I want to thank you for your well written insights. We appreciate all you do.” – RS, North Carolina
“Stayed after the tour and came home with $495.30. Here is my tithe. The prosperity powder works wonders, the pyramid exercise helped, and Yes! You are Pan’s emissary! Thanks.” – RC, Wisconsin
Dear Sami, Karen and? and?. All the best to you! You “bridge” between “them” and us.” – M & M, California
“I was blessed with a total of $762! The money came in the nick of time. Of course I tithed.”Let ESP LAB live long and prosper!” I would like to say “thank you, thank you, and again truly thank you to Al (Astral Al), Virginia Manning and the entire Manning family, without which there would be no ESP LAB. You are truly a blessing to us all. And thank you so much Sami for keeping our ESP LAB going!” – MW, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
“I Love you Guys!” MTM, Portland, Oregon
“I’m so very grateful for our Lab!” SR, Kansas City, MO
“I appreciate the ESP LAB and the folks who are part of it.” JJ, Marietta, Georgia
“SPIRIT– Please Let My ESP LAB Live Long and Prosper!” MW, Atlanta, Georgia
“The man you all prayed for is doing fine. He is very grateful for your help!” RR, Los Angeles, CA
“Yes, with the economy in bad shape and the terrorist attacks going on in the world, we do need a lot of positive energy to keep away the negative. I have always felt that each one of us shapes our destinies by the choices we make. Thank you again and fond wishes from me, Harold and our kitty, Annie. May the LIGHT shine brighter for us all. ” SM, Pittsburg, PA
“Dear Sami, Thank you for all you have done for me. I appreciate dear Karen. She has been wonderful. Please continue to help.” Sincerely w/ Love, AU, New Jersey
I just got your letter today Sami and your letter broke up all the negative mess around me. Thank you! Just in time!- PM, Glendale, California
Many good wishes are sent your way. You and your staff are a great blessing. Luv, hugs, peace, – MC, Wisconsin
Thanks, Sami, I am going to send in a lifetime membership! … YAY! … I really love the ESP lab … I feel so positive just touching the paper when I get your mail! The orders are 5 times more than what I expected!!!! I have to say I am completely dumbfounded! To add to that! … they are sending in another order tomorrow … and its HUGE! … I have made my sales target for 2009 already! I don’t know what more proof anyone could ask for that there is a God up there and Angels and Guides and Helpers that are making miracles a daily occurrence? God Bless you All!!- KB, Toronto, Canada
Thanks to Mona Magick for inviting me to speak on her radio show on spell casting. The podcast is available: Sami’s Interview. – Sami, ESP LAB
Hello Sami, You made this shine! I’ve so far had 101 requests for the show so it’s now on my site so I don’t have to follow up with so many emails 🙂 Blessings, Mona, United Kingdom
Hello Sam, it was such a joy to listen to your broadcast. Your information is more than helpful – thanks so much for being part of my life. I adore you for the incredible work and never ending effort you put into the ESP LAB. – Fondly with Peace and Harmony, VS (via e-mail)
I love the ESP LAB newsletter– look forward to its coming each month. You’re doing a great job! – Best wishes always, DC, Seldon, New York
“Lots of good thing are happening– I got a contract as a Faculty Member with a $200 raise per class and a 10 class per year contract” LOVE, – JS, San Diego, California
“I just wanted to let you know what happened with my night light from August. I won $100 in books and I got a nice pair of earrings with a coupon and a bit of small change. Thank you! P.S. I like the PDF for the newsletter. It is easy to use.” – KC, Eminence, Missouri
“I’m so grateful to the ESP LAB. I hope to visit over there sometime? let’s keep the wonderful work at the LAB going!” – RR, Whittier, California
“I appreciate your putting “Dicksie”on the Night Light Prayer List. It’s been many moons since I’ve seen a companion animal on the prayer list. I remember a car named “Teddy Bear”. God Bless her, who was on the prayer list for some time.” God Bless! – DU, Connecticut, USA
“We were especially glad to hear from Virginia Manning.She writes: “I see much progress in your newsletters. I look forward to your newsletters every month. Thanks!”
“Sami, your article about your Mother was wonderful & full of great inspiration!! Congratulations on the success with the organization!! Continued success!! Much love & laughter to you & yours!!” – ME, California
“Enjoy your monthly newsletters! Lola is happy in Heaven, and one day you will see her. Like my friend and I will see Magnolia, our sweet lovable pigeon. Love, Peace, Happiness, Success, Prosperity, & Protection!” – MC Wisconsin
“Your dogs are fabulous. I love animals– they are so honest. My two cats are so very understanding!” – FS, Pacifica, California
“Thank you for helping to heal M___.” Love, – MF, CA
“Greetings all. I made it safe and sound, my friends came and picked me up perfect timing after I brought my bags and then we took a scenic route home, they threw me a beautiful welcome home barbeque and I am settling back in. Thanks for the help!!” – RR, New York
“Sami, keep up your Great Work. Blessed be.” Warmly, – JKC, Arizona
“Thanks for the LIFT! OM!” – AR, New York
“I AM so thankful to be alive! I thank God/Goddess Mother/Father/ABRAXAS for LIFE, the Blue sky, the green valley, the sparkling river, the geese flying, and for so many things, for another day!” – Sami, Colorado
Sami, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate everything you’ve done for me! It is such a relief! The new job is going great! I used up the last of my supply of prosperity powder this week, but I have to tell you IT”S REALLY WORKING!! AS, Honolulu, Hawaii
Just received your words of encouragement and the prosperity powder. Very much appreciated. SM, PA
I can’t thank you enough for helping me sooo much with my transition. A lot of really positive things have been happening. Business is flourishing again. KB, Toronto
Lolita weighed 92 lbs when she entered the hospital. Now she weighs 110 lbs & looks good! She is smiling as her cancer is in remission. Please communicate to Al & spirit bands, to Karen & staffs that we are grateful for all the prayers & helps given, & to continue your ESP WOW magic. We are counting our blessings! BW, SF, CA
Thanks Sami and lab spirits for the ritual for my dad, he seems to be making much progress. RR, Seattle
Thank you so very much for the helpful emails – much material there for me to work with – and thank you equally much, if not more, for everything else that you and the “gang” are doing for me. MF, Half Moon Bay, CA
My daughter Stephanie took some prosperity powder to work and had 2 record sales days and won a raffle. Thanks, JS, San Diego, California
“I was reading the June Maverick Magician Miracle Worker section of the ESP Lab Newsletter and I am happy Dr. Manning contacted Betty Martin. I have been praying for ‘ESP LAB TO LIVE LONG AND PROSPER.’ I definitely accept the challenge of the one time gift of $250. I would really like to see the Lab back operating at ‘Full Speed’ again. I am very proud to be a member of ESP LAB and I want to do my part to make sure it is around for years and years to come. Joining ESP LAB has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. The knowledge guidance and help I have gained is immeasurable.” – MW, Atlanta, GA
“When you told your friend to count 365 blessing to call you back? Well, I started mine, and I am contacting you because I counted my blessings today, and I got over 300+ flowers all in one piece looking beautiful, giving lots of Light and Love. I am working on the previous advice you gave me… of ‘Turn things over to Spirit, change your mental pattern. Do this every day and expect your life to be changed…’ I am working on it, dearest Sami…. it is working… I do not have the words to express the immensity of your help and my appreciation.” Thanks a million, – MB via e-mail
“Dear Sami,Thanks a lot for sending your note on the snail mail! Reading it, I am going to be quiet, but I will report on this, of what took place during the 7-days time you adviced me on.You are a wonderful friend Sami! I do not have any friend, you are a whole bunch of them put together. I am eternally thankful for your caring,for your wonderful advice, and I am putting my mind on it. I respect, trust and am deeply touch in my soul for your spirit is immense Sami!Thanks a million for sharing all of your goodness with me.I do not have the words to express the immensity of your help and my appreciation.””
“Sami & Lab Family Staff– all my love, prayers, hugs, happy fall-out of joy and loving overflow to All Lab members- ministries,” – RSJ, Fort Worth, Texas
“Thank you Sami Rose, ESP lab helpers & Spirit bands for helping my wife. We are grateful.” – BW San Francisco
“Hi Everyone, I think I am thinking a great deal better and it is because of you and your help. I can never thank you enough.” – FS, Pacifica, California
“I am an eclectic now. I embrace the saints, Buddhism, Wicca, but all these things do not measure up to Spiritualism.” – MC, St Francis, Wisconsin
“I got your prosperity powder. I thank you. I think it may be working. Last night in the casino I won a pay out of over $350. I’ve got other plans to bolster our income.”Love ya, – RC, Portage, Wisconsin
I appreciate your work and look forward to my monthly re-assurance.” God Bless you all, – ST, Coraopolis, PA
“Dear, dear Sami, Yes, we must continue to believe our financial and all situations will improve. Those of us on ‘fixed incomes’ just have to believe harder? you know what I mean? I know that our animals live in the spirit world, as two of my cats who died, have given me the opportunity to feel their presence after they were gone. I have enclosed a small donation to the cause. Thanks again for caring. Loving best wishes to you all,” Fondly, – SM, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. USA
Thanks so much for the pdf version of the mail letter. I am so pleased to have it. It is a great link to the ESP Lab. And many thanks to you personally for putting so much wonderful energy into the doings of the Lab and its members – I, for one, appreciate it very much. On my son’s success story– He wrote major exams and thought he had not passed. Right after? the short chant to ‘Pan and Puck, the wondrous spirits of great good luck ?’ every night before going to bed with green candles. I had a clear message that ‘There was no need for fear, all will be well’ which was wonderful & generous of the spirits. did the chant every night for strength, too. We were all so pleased he has passed – it’s a huge relief. JM of the UK
“ThankS for the mail. Still trying and doing my best. I pray that God guides you with more strength and wisdom in the good work you are doing. Thanks and God bless.” – PC, Enugu, Nigeria
“Thanks for the ESP LAB newsletter sharing my success! Also, Thanks for the blessing yesterday on the phone. I believe that the positive energy we created was irresistible!” – Love PG, N. Hollywood, California
“I finally got a job. I am sure the Lab Pyramid program was a help.” – Blessed be, HK, Riverside, California
“Hello. It has been super hectic. I have been working 2 jobs when I thought I had no work. So the spell did good. Thank you so much for putting my name in the daily blessings chants for the last 2 months. I wouldn’t have got by without it and I feel like a celebrity… Blessings to all. Hope everyone is doing great. And thanks again?” – RR, Kingston, New York
“I and my family are well – Many Many Many thanks for the wonderful blue light….. Love and peace forever and ever……” – SA, New York, New York
“Dearest Sami, I thank you dearly for the Acceptance Chant! I tell myself that from now on, this works like a charm. You are a darling person. You know I got to tell you, you are such a caring, dear, pure magic! Thanks so very much. I mean it. I am deeply thankful and grateful for your helping with passing the bar test. That is a tremendous plus, I believe. You deserve all the honey, the blessings and all the good and wonder that comes your way. Because you are a super wonderful angel on earth. May you always be in great health, mentally emotionally and spiritually. May Al’s spirits be with you close by to help all of us. You are a precious gift! With all my deepest appreciation and thanks!” Love – MB email
“Thank you for your kind thoughts and wishes. May all good karma return to you tenfold.” Kindest Regards, – MS, Australia
“Sami, you’ve done such a great job getting the Lab relocated and organized. I’m extremely grateful that this important resource has stayed available to the membership through all these years. And I know there is still a lot of work ahead. Please let me know if there are some ways I can help, given that I have a “full-time plus” job and live so far away. Maybe I could sponsor a special mailing? Maybe with my desktop publishing skills and software I could help assemble the new product catalog? Just let me know if you could use a hand with a special project sometime.” – AB, Liverpool, New York
“Just wanted to check in to say hello and express my sincere appreciation for your work (and Karen’s also, she is such a NICE person) on the MPRE. I took it yesterday in Union City in the Bay Area. Don’t know if I passed….hope to heck i did though. my pendulum says I did…. anyway, thanks again!” – AS, Novato, CA
“Thanks for Good spiritual work and enlightenment you have brought to me. Your practical approach is just marvelous. This is what man needs in a tumultuous world. Thanks immensely for the Special Message Of Light you sent to me.” – PSM, UYO, NIGERIA
“i am praying that you get all the help you need to run the lab. love and lights and pretty rainbows .” – Betty (via e-mail)
“Thank you Sami and Staff: The monthly newsletters have been a tremendous blessing to me! Keep up the wonderful, blessed, healing work. Let’s all keep winning and growing in 2008! Blessed be we! Love, Light, Peace, Protection, Prosperity, Success to you and all Lab members,” – Blessings, MC, Wisconsin
“Karen is great in her psychic abilities. I am of the earth spirituality?Karen is a great booster, she helped me when I was overwhelmed. A good friend of mine was dying with prostate illness. I got him on a program? with the Angel Raphael, blessed candles, chants, ESP Lab pyramid prayers, called Karen for intensive prayer work, asked Spirit for help in all working together? my friend did not need an operation; the doctors were amazed. It’s been a year and he is doing wonderful, he’s healthy happy, believes in spirit, ESP Lab. Also, remember I told you about the neighbors, well the snoopy woman got up and left and moved. She is gone! Thank you for all the prayers,” – RR, Whittier, California
“Thank you very much for the real magick, real results and kind words? the very best to you. Your power worked. Gall bladder is normal now.” – Sincerely, AU, New Jersey
“Thank you for all the wonderful help you ‘ve given us.” – Love, GR & LS, Vista, California
Just wanted to wish you and the ESP Lab a Very Happy New Year! Life is much better these days, I am actually happy and enjoying my work again! I really have fallen back in love with my work and my life again which is so thrilling! Thank you for helping me to get there … Still very busy and have to keep at it but the Light is here again and I feel so good in my heart! What a Christmas Gift huh? God Bless to you and all for 2008 Sam and from the bottom of my heart, once again, BIG HUGS AND TTTHHHAANK YOUUUU!- Karen B, Toronto, Canada
As always, I thank all of you for your wonderful good in my life and the lives of all others. – WW, Cambridge, Maryland
Thank you so much for your help and would you please continue. There is noticeable improvement, but quite a ways to go yet. Your letter was especially welcome because of the wonderful chants. Gratefully yours, – MF, Half Moon Bay, CA
The Prosperity Partynership has (no pun intended) PANed out. My last night at the casino I ended up with close to $750. Lady Luck watches over all us ESP Lab members, Love ya, – RC,
Dear, dear, Sami, Received my January newsletter a few days ago. Thank you so much. I look forward to receiving it each month. Fond good wishes to you, the ESP Lab Staff and members. We do have much for which to be thankful but, at times, we tend to forget our blessings. Sincerely, – Sally M., Pittsburg, PA, USA
From our Maverick Magician of the Month?When my grandmother and mother first joined The Lab in 1976, the arrival of the newsletter each month was unmistakable. The bright paper oozed green-ness, even through the envelope. It was manually typewritten and mimeographed in those days. Little cartoon spirits carried signs in the corner of each page, with irreverent (but true!) sayings. And it had a distinct ?vibe,? for lack of a better word ? a certain feel, a certain smell?Years before I was old enough to ?get it,? my mother used The Lab and Al?s teachings to improve her finances, look for a mate, meet her spirit guides, drive off enemies, lose weight? Real issues in real life.
I think that?s where the ?practical? in ?practical magic? came from. I got interested in The Lab in 2003, when my mother bought me a life membership ? her last gift to me before passing on. Al and The Lab helped me understand clairvoyance, clairaudience, and out-of-body travels I suddenly started experiencing after she passed. And, like my grandmother and mother before me, I started using them to find a mate, earn more money, heal from heartbreaks… Real issues, real life. I kept a chart of the percentage of candle ritual requests that came true?and the success rate was nearly 90%!
Then in late 2005, I had one of my funny dreams. Al (whom I?d never met) appeared to me and said, ?Don?t worry. Nothing is going to change.? Amidst the bustle of my job and such back then, sometimes a few greenish envelopes piled up before I got around to reading them. After my dream, the next time I opened a greenish envelope, I read of Al?s passing. I was afraid that my support was gone, but it wasn?t! Since then, I?ve continued to go to The Lab for help with all the practical matters of life, just like my family has for three generations and over thirty years. When I anticipate a problem or opportunity, we just put a short candle ritual on it, and watch it go to town.
Here?s what happened just this year: In a tough real estate market, during the back-to-back retrogrades last summer, I sold my townhouse in one day for full asking price with the home inspection waived! (There were several identical homes on the street which were not selling, probably due to the retrogrades.) I reduced my need for sleep medications by 30%. My husband rather unexpectedly got a job paying 20% more. I scored very high on a standardized test, well above my normal ability levels (again, during a retrograde). Nowadays, the arrival of the newsletter is still unmistakable. It?s still green. Very green. Feels and smells the same as it did in 1976. I still read the cartoons first.
Al was right; nothing changed. – Alexis, Liverpool, New York, USA
Listen I cannot Thank You Enough For All Your Help. It went great My boss forgave me. God Bless You; Love you, Mike from TexasYou are all doing such a wonderful job! Your newsletter, and additional correspondence are both inspiring and helpful? thanks again to you Sami and all your helpers. – JM Chula Vista, California, USA
As always thanks for sending lots of blessings my way! With a smile, WV, Bronx, New York, USA
The e-version of the November newsletter is great – very clear and easy to read. Blessings – JM, United Kingdom
The prosperity powder that you sent me in the summer was just amazing Sami – is there a possiblity that you could send me some more? – RT, Chicago, IL
Thanx so much for your continued help and support. It means so much. Blessings, – ML, Canal Fulton, Ohio
Aloha Sami! t is always a pleasure to hear from you.By the way, I just got the letter from the Hawaii State Bar Examiner’s Office — I passed the Hawaii Bar!! I am so thrilled. Although I tried to do my part by studying hard, I know that you and the Lab have a MAJOR part in my being able to make this good report. I am EXTREMELY appreciative of your wonderful help, prayers good energy, and that of the whole Lab as well. Cheers, – AS, California & Hawaii
Hello Sam, Thanks so much for your wonderful information. You are fantastic in passing on knowledge. God is and will bless you forever. Love – VS, Texas & International
The party’s on in Syracuse with food, friends, wine, and much e-mail from well-wishers. The computer- graded portions of the test went very, very well. AND here’s the check for the recent 7-dayer for my husband’s job interview. Guess what? He was offered the job! Love and blessings to all, – AB, Syracuse, New York
Dear Friends, thanks for the letter, info and especially the VIBES! I have never felt such a blast. I had not realized the power of the ORANGE LIGHT! – FS, California
“So far the future is looking much brighter … doors are opening … I am feeling stronger and staying positive.” – KB, Toronto, Canada
“Hope you are doing well. The last pc (Pan Cloth) to close the property at ________ worked great. I trust you got my check. Thanks so much to the Pan-Sami duo for my pc!” – PJ, Dallas, Texas, USA
“A few months back I was concerned about a dental condition and asked that my request for a positive resolution be placed in the ESP Lab pyramid. Dental examination revealed the condition to be less severe than imagined and treatment has been successful.” – BC, New Jersey, USA
“Thanks for all your help and to your staff and Astral Al.” – JM, Chula Vista, California
“Thanks for your note back today. It is always uplifting to hear from you. All the best to yas,” – AB, Cicero, NY
“The cloth seems to be working beautifully, I have been getting bits of money not large sums? Happy Birthday to you Sami on the 6th, do enjoy yourself. Say hello to Andy for me! Greetings to him. Karen thank you very much for all the help.” – DH, St. Michael, Barbados
“To Henondasuh, keeper of the hills, protector of the Earth, Swami Sami, El President– ‘who loves ya, baby?'(as Kojak said) We all do! – RC, Portage, Wisconsin
Thanks for all the good stuff you’re sending my way! Love and blessings! – WV from Bronx, New York
Thanks for keeping the newsletters coming. Blessings to all!- RR, Kingston, New York
Greetings, Thanks for such great newsletters each month. I can’t wait for them. Just reading the newsletters puts me on cloud nine! I carry the newsletter in my pocket until the new one comes!- Life member, FT, Camden, New Jersey
Thanks for your counsel and “head’s up” re: Venus Retrograde– Makes everything going on now much more understandable. Blessed be, – JC, Vernon, Arizona
The newsletters are great. Thanks. Talk to you soon. – JS, Palm Desert, California
Hey Hurricane Dean passed here yesterday and we were to get some effects of it here , but we somehow didn’t get that much, just rain. i must tell you and though this may seem like a tall tale i don’t think it is. when i heard of the Storm – before it came to hurricane- i asked Ishtar to help my country and i believe he did. this hurricane miraculously didn’t do what it was supposed to do. Our Caribbean neighbors are experiencing that hurricane Now. i cant wait for the new catalog, and i look forward to making a contribution to the Lab in a more real way.- Malcolm, Barbados, West Indies
“Keep up your wonderful, enlightening work! Fabulous job! Blessed be!” – J&K, Vernon, Arizona, USA
“I want you to know that the Intensive Treatment you did for Lolita’s back pain helps! Her pain has lessened! Praise be to your spirit helpers.” – Bill, San Francisco, California, USA
“Thank you so much for your prayers. My brother Laurence is getting stronger everyday. Thank you so much for my Venus retrograde letter and thank you so much for being in my life, Sami, encouraging us to go onward and upward. Lots of LOVE!” – Edna from NY, NY, USA
“I got your latest newsletter, I really do like the new ones. I like the fresh clean design with that old school Astral Al still in the mix. Things are looking real good now. The Lab looks great so far and the best is yet to come! Always in her service.” – Willie from Rosharon, Texas, USA
“Thank you for taking over the Lab, Sami, and keeping it going! I appreciate the newsletters and I look for them each month. May the Lab keep growing Worldwide! I miss Al and believe he is still with us. The Spirit Band has helped me and others. Take care!” In Light & Love, – John from Novato, California, USA
“Loving Greetings! I wanted to let you know that your Prosperity & Love Pink Powder is wonderful and smells awesome! I sprinkled some in my husband’s shoes. He found $20. I found $10. I love the positive feeling that comes from others when I use it! So I am enclosing 10% in the donation.” – Leticia from San Jose, California, USA
“Good morning dear Sam, Thanks a great deal for the the beautiful piece on Venus retro. I’ll try to make the best use of it. God bless.” – Peter, Enugu, Nigeria, Africa
Dear Sami & Friends, Thank you for everything. My selling programme is doing quite well. The Prosperity Powder is working well. My Luck is improving; my winnings are increasing. Light & Love, Ida from London
Hi, Sami! Are you ready for this? The townhouse sold in one day for full asking price, with a huge down payment, and the buyer waived the home inspection. A.B., Liverpool, NY
Hi Sami / Karen, I arrived home safely, and thanks again for all your help. Simone, Barbados
Hi Sam, thank your for the inspiring messages, Ireally needed it. I had forgotten of the retrograde but now I’m aware so I can get through it knowing. I’ll write again. Take care, Moroni via e-mail
Dear Sami, Thank you, thank you and thank you. Spirit is great. I so much want to do what I can for the lab and for the members. You and Al have helped me so much in many tribulations that I have had. Thank you also for being you. Blessings, Karen, Clearwater, Florida
Hi Sami & all. You are doing a great job. My knees got completely healed. I can walk now no pain in my legs at all. Thanks. This is in memory of Al. God Bless Him! Evelyn from Phoenix, AZ
The Venus retrograde letter is fabulous! Blessings, Linda, Vista, California
“It finally clicked: the newsletter is not just something to read, it’s something to do. Your newsletter keeps the positive charge alive.” Peter, Los Angeles, California
“Thank you so much for the wonderful May and June newsletters, prosperity powder and general good energy– all of which I received on my birthday! I am very excited about the direction the Lab is going in. You are doing a great job and are much appreciated by us members. ” Cheers! & Warmest Regards, Amberlee, Novato, CA
“Good news! I was sitting down to write you a $10 donation for the prosperity powder but thought I should go check my mail first to see what bills I had to pay and there was check from my insurance company. I soooo needed some extra money! Then I opened another envelope and it is a dividend check from my car insurance saying I had over paid them. So Sami instead of a $10 check I am sending a $50 donation, which is nothing compared to all the good energy you have sent my way!” Blessings to you Sami, Roxanne, Hanover Park, Illinois
“Dearest Bro Sami, thanks for prayers regarding getting my job back. Much thanx to you and our Spirit Friends and our loving Al in Heaven smiling down and blessing us.” Namaste and Blessed be, Richard, Dallas, Texas
“Yes, I know the LIGHT is always with us. I choose to think of the LIGHT as God with our Spirit Band there too. I believe in Spirits & have been touched by them.” Loving Best Wishes, Sally, Pittsburgh, PA
“Oh and thanks for the succinct, inspiring, reminder of the GOLDEN KEY method!” All Best Wishes & Blessings, Bruce, Hoboken, NJ
“Thanks Sam for this wonderful message – I always enjoy your fabulous insights. Have a great summer!” Verena (via e-mail) International traveler
“Thank you for the prosperity powder! I put some in my boyfriend’s wallet, my sister, and a good friend of the family, and they all have seen positive activity concerning finances!Thank you for being there!” Sincerely, Paula, New York, NY
“Thank you so much! I love receiving the newsletter and doing the exercises. You don’t know how much relief and nurturing I feel when I go through the newsletter. Just like my pal Al, you have invested so much of yourself into it that the energy is palpable.” Marisa, Ontario, Canada
“Heyyy there Sami, I’m great wow my wife and i just came from the slots machine place, we had a good time, at a point it was looking like we would’ve returned home with just good laughs, but Hoorrayyyy Prosperity powder to the rescue, i applied some to my hands and as soon as i went at the machine again, in less that 5 minutes won 153 quarters , then another 100. Wow I felt great, I KNOW we will WIN MORE SOON, thanks!! Blessing to you, yours and OUR ESP Lab, your brother” Malcolm, Barbados, West Indies
“Sami, Barbara, I’m doing much better, I’d say 90 to 95% better. I still have some slight nerve pinch, but it’s nothing like before. Thanks again for all the work you all are doing to keep The ESP Lab going, believe we all (the lab members) need it. P.S., My request that I have in the ESP Lab Pyramid Exercise is working!!!! This is so great, My Spirit Friends are really helping me.” Sincerely, Michael, Atlanta, Georgia
“Thank you for sharing your remembers of Al and the anniversary of his transition. He did a lot for me, helped me in so many ways, I miss him. I had the honour of meeting Al in 1976, around that time.” Blessed be, Marina from Vancouver, BC Canada
“The April newsletter looked fabulous– plus 10’s for this– it’s TOPS! Thank you, thank you, thank you again for everything you have done for me and mine. You are all fabulous! Lela from Kansas City, Kansas
“Thanks to you for my newsletter each month. I will try and help ESP Lab as much as I can, donations and prayers too.” Love, Gerald, Mahe, Seychelles
“Can you believe it? I am a third-generation life member! This is a belated note of introduction, welcome, and encouragement for you as you carry the Lab forward. On the rare occasion that I enjoy a few moments alone, I get so much renewal of energy from touching and reading the Lab newsletters. Through dreams and countless “coincidences,” Spirit is calling me to make positive changes in my life and that is exactly the kind of thing the Lab helps me to accomplish! ” All the best to you, Alexis from Liverpool, New York
“It was all fun and joy when I received your letter expressing our experiences with our ‘Divine Creative Wills’ so LET THERE BE LIGHT! The seed prayers so explicit, which help to keep mental and spiritual balance as you said, happy fun affirmations that work real good. You are fantastic Sami. To re-affirm these spontaneous ‘Seed Prayers’ which factually change the channels from the broken record of a negative emotion?Ahhh to the Power of the LIGHT. ESP Lab has been helpful to me, and to so many people because we ‘See the LIGHT.’ The ‘Electric Blue LIGHT of FREEDOM, Peace, Health, and Creativity. The Green LIGHT of Love, Abundance, Freedom, and Prosperity.’ Like you stated, ‘Shimmer Green.’In Light and Love and Joyous Friendship, – Seth from Tamale, Ghana, West Africa
“Wonderful! Thanks for the News Letter online, I did enjoy reading it.” – Angie, from Barbados, West Indies
Gabrielle is showing great signs of improvement, it also looks like things around the home and work for my wife and myself are stable. Since we used the prosperity powder I managed to get a part time job that I do on my days off, even though it takes my time away from the family but it is helping with the financial side of things. I would like if you could send me more because I used it for burning around the house.Once again thanks for all your help and support.” – Regards, Alexander from England
“Hey Swami Salami, Thanks for all the good ESP lab vibes and spring cheer via mail and email. Glad to be getting your positive vibrations loud and clear, mercury retro non withstanding!!!! Good Job. It’s great that you are taking forward what Al was up to. I respect the commitment you are expressing in the hard work you surely are putting in to it, and I know from my experience THAT is where the Gold really is, in reaching out to others. Glad you are drawing too. I think I recognized your hand in the cartoons in the newletter I got in the mail,..right> I think you have a talent there that I’d like to see more of! Thank you for your love friendship and support.” – MUCH LOVE, Peter from Hollywood, California
“I cannot tell how much better I feel. I was just in a lot of pain I still am in pain in my leftside from the healing. Here is something for your news letter ok. Listen when ever you need healing who do you call ? None other then ESP Lab. God bless You. Blessed Be.Thanks.” – In Light And In Love, Mike, New Braunfels, Texas
“You know I have all my faith in you. I wanted to let you know that the piece you wrote on Mercury Retrograde was one of the best explanations of it I have ever seen. Well done! And Gary is doing great and loves becoming a new life member!” – Blessings, Linda from Vista, California
“I thank the whole team for the great healing work that was done. Thanks ever so much! You will have my support and prayers.” Blessed be, – Hagar from Live Oak, Texas
“Thank you Sami for stepping up to take over the organization. My sisters and I are life members. Thanks for all you do! – Love and Light, Jennifer from Jamesville, NY
“Sami with all the changes going down you must be very busy. I wanted to drop by and let you know that I received the LIGHT COURSE and I wanted to thank you very much for your blessing. This course is very valuable. I have a lot of faith in the direction that the Lab is going and your newsletters are looking great! Always in HER Service,” WG from Texas
“Dear Sam and all the team at the Lab, Have a wonderful and successful year 2007. I wish you all Health, Happiness, Wealth, and all good to come to you. God bless you all. Peace be with you for ever.” BD received via e-mail
“While walking home at night, I looked on the ground next to an area I pass often and I found money. I thought it was going to be $ 2 , but it turned out to be $100. I gave 10 % to animal charity, and I wanted to let you know this. Lets Win. Blessings,” MS, Christ Church Barbados (prosperity partyner)
“Alana won a painting the same day she was a nightlight, we were very excited. Also I am very happy to say that Jennifer got a fantatic reading today; she enjoyed every bit of it. That was wonderful. ” DH, Barbados (prosperity partyner)
“You won’t believe this! Well maybe you will. My office mgr. told me I will be getting a raise. Plus I have been working more hours. Praise the Lord, Oh Happy Day!” MC, Wisconsin”
Gary actually felt the Spirit Band around him. He described it as a Party, when I asked. He’s joining us as a life member and as they say, “the check is in the mail. Thanks so much for everything. Blessings” LS, Vista, CA
“Sami Sami, Whoa, that was so much fun and the energy felt positive and good. I did the diamond on the sky chant, the Jupiter prosperity chant, the gnomes and troll prosperity fun chant, and then I sang the thank you Pan, Abraxas, Bast etc. I know this is working for me. You are my inspiration thank you so very much Sami. This is the first time I have done anything like this. Lets win wonderfully”. DH, Barbados
“To dear Al’s brotherhood? Dear Sami, my wonderful helper. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. God Bless you and have a wonderful year.” LM, Kansas City, Kansas
“I would like to commend you all on the wonderful job you all have done to keep the lab going since the passing of Astral Al. I am a life member and have always valued the lab for its help. I want to make sure that the Lab stays and remains solvent. I look up to the Lab and Spirit as my ray of hope! Thank you kindly and I will be praying and wishing the best for our Lab. In Light and Love, JR Woodhaven, NY
“I am so grateful for the ESP Lab and staff. I eagerly anticipate my monthly newsletter, and read every line. I refer to it everyday, and send out the light daily. I also consider the Spiritual Science Church my church now. Let’s keep winning and growing. Peace, protection, happiness, MC, Wisconsin
“You sure know how to make a guy feel better, Sami! That was a WONDERFUL letter you sent me. Now I know why I wanted you to be President. RC, Portage, Wisconsin
“Thanks so much for adding me to the Prosperity Partyners List for 2007 and for the pyramid execise. Yes, I KNOW that my financial condition is going to improve. I am working on it everyday in one form or another (psychically, through prayer, practically through more effective budgeting, bringing in new sources of income, etc” AS, Waianae, HI
Thank you so much!! Officially I have graduated on stage from AIU. With honors Magna Cum Laude today!!! Al supported me every inch of the way, from my 1st job interview at this university, through being an admissions advisor, to getting my promotion to Training Manager, then the decision to go to school here as well. He always had faith in me even when life would get in the way he would always be there to lend a helping hand. I know without Al the journey would not have been as much fun, nor would I have felt supported. In fact without his support the journey may have never been completed. This is a personal thanks to Al as well, who never gave up on me and encouraged me to keep on keeping on, yes Al I hear you I will stay out of the politics. And Sami this is a personal thanks to you, my new found friend who feels like I have known you my whole life. So mote it be!! Blessings to all!! Roxanne from Chicago, IL
Sami, Thanks to you and your staff for the monthly newsletter. Believe me, I look forward to your beautiful upliftments in the newsletter with anticipation and joy! In LIGHT, HARMONY, and PEACE, Patsy, San Antonio, TX
Dear Margie, Thanks for the uplifting message, letter. I’m glad that Al shared my cartoons, letters. I miss Al, but he’s stronger in Spirit and he’s with his Spirit Band, personally, overlooking us all. I send LIGHT, Chant for all in the Lab, especially staff and members. The Lab has really helped me grow, learn and use magic in my life. Keep the good fight!Bless you all there, JP from Novato, CA
Great job, guys! Much Love,and some $. Light and Love to you and the Lab! Monalee
Dear Margie & ESP Lab staff: Keep up the good work! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I feel much better. Depression has lifted and I have some closure. Things are looking better. I’m more positive and at peace. I will keep sending you all good thoughts. May we all prosper, materially, spiritually, and mentally. Blessings, Peace, Prayers from Marilyn in WI
“Hi Margie, I appreciate you very much and LOVE YOU!!” – BL, Las Vegas, NV
“Thank you for writing to me. I must admit it. Although I have not found another job, my boss has given me more work to do on the computer. So Spirit is working in my life. I do believe in my Lab, the staff, and the Spiritual Masters and Teachers. Blessings to you and all. – MC, St. Francis, WI
“As always, I am writing to say a big THANK YOU! To you and the ESP Lab staff for your newsletters, support, and all the work you all do. Enclosed is $100 representing my “good luck” during a recent trip to Las Vegas. Not my luckiest trip ever, but I had fun and won a little.” DL – LA, CA
“Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything you have done to help me and mine. Here is $20 for you and for our blessed Al’s fabulous works. Thank God! Thank you and I love you all dearly. LM from Kansas City, Kansas”
“Would like to say that Gabrielle is back to school and she has been pain free for a week. Margie, Carol, and Sami, thanks for all your healing and help. Regards, – AF England”
“My energy level is back and I am seeing positive solutions instead of just crisis or stress situations. I do readings from my home and business has picked up. I am even thinking about going on a vacation. Thank you again. It just really emphasizes to me that we all need help from time to time no matter how good we are at helping others, sometimes we need help helping ourselves. Love and Blessings, – KF Florida”
“The energy felt too good to wait until later in the day to write, it was magnificent and the vibrations were wonderful, I just love it, I could feel a beautiful feeling entering my body. It was fun and if not for you I would have never done this ritual even if I had the book, so thanks a million Sami. Love, – DH Barbados, West Indies”
“Against all odds, the Heavens were moved, due to your intercessions of “the First Love.” Thank you Margie for being this great and blessed help for us Lab members. – KJ South Africa”
“For all the hard work you do there at the Lab– I really appreciate it Margie, and SHIIMMER GREEN, I HIT THE TRIPLE UNICORNS for over $400. When I counted out my winnings I discovered I had $677. My tithe is enclosed, and now I sincerely believe that Sami, our president, has the Midas touch. – RC from Portage, Wisconsin”
“Hey there, wow the Prosperity chant to the Gnomes and Trolls worked for me about two weeks ago. Thanks so much for everything. I saw myself dancing holding hands with the gnomes and trolls and it just had me laughing! – MS via e-mail”
“Our business is booming, thanks to you and your prosperity powder! Can we have another packet please. – J & K C, Vernon, AZ”
“Hope all is well with all of you. Work is going well. After the employee education I got a raise for the first time in three years. – EV”
“The abundance is flowing. Blessings, – LS via e-mail”
“I had a little talk with Leppy my pet Leprechaun and right before the bus was ready to leave I hit for $1,258.50. Nice talking with you MERLYN. Let’s you and I and everybody else pull together and make the Lab even better for Al. Remember he said better and better and better and better? I like the Cozmic Conference Call and Congratulations: I know Al is proud of you Sami.” – RC, Portage, WI
Sami: “Al used to say that he was proud of me when he wanted to make me feel good!~) Thanks RC!”
“I started going to the Hollywood ESP Lab in the early 70’s. We had many good times!! And the pyramid was awesome. Do you recall the old computer printers as big as a sink– or worse? Al always had problems with the computers? his favorite comment was, ‘Garbage in; Garbage out.’ He applied that to everything. Love & light!” – CR, Los Angeles, CA
“Sami, I am delighted to see you at the helm of ESP Lab and wish you great ‘buckets & rainbows.’ Thank you, I am sending you many blessings.” – Love, LS, Vista, CA
“The pyramid exercise is a great idea! I used to participate every month when the Lab was in California.” – WMM, W. Va
“The Lab means a lot to me, Sami, and I want to do what I can to help make sure it’s around for years to come. I used to tell Dr. Manning that joining ESP Lab is the “best thing” that I could every have ever done and I really believe that. Anyway, congratulations again on becoming “President of The ESP Lab of Texas” and I truly thank you for being there for all us Texlab members. As I said before, “Dr. Manning has left us in very capable hands.” – MW, Atlanta, GA
“Thankyou very much for such a clear and quick response.”
– MM via G-mail
“Glad you decided to resurrect the Pyramid? it was always a good idea but the newer members are probably unaware of it. I just sent $240 to Texas as our “share” of the moving bill. Funny little story here. On June 28th I received three small checks from our insurance company that totaled $52.53 and were identified as some sort of rebate. Then your newsletter from July came in asking for $10 per month per member and I thought, “Oh, I see? the $52.53 is some sort of down payment with more to come.” I was holding $600 against an estimated bill? it came in at $462.66? so that was an additional $137.34 Then on August 1st, my dentist gave me a “discount” of $50 on a dental bill (he never does that). So? WHO KNOWS where this could end up! May get MORE in the next couple weeks. All the little nature spirits seem to be rushing around kicking everyone into life. I think I had better nudge 3 or 4 members that I know here in Philadelphia to READ their newsletter and get some money into the mail.” – RL, Philadelphia, PA
(I know this one is a lil long, but I just love the way this lady thinks!! Her fresh prosperity powder is on the way. We could devote a whole newsletter to Testimonials this time? send us your success stories. Thanks, Sami)
“The Super Intensive Treatment was amazing– you’re better than ever. I contacted our sister company where I began at. I talked to my old boss about being demoted. To make a long story short, 2 days after being demoted, The manager said I was more talented and more qualified for the Training Manager position that recently opened in her dept. than anyone she had interviewed. She spoke to the president of the company and I would be reinstated as a Training mgr. at my old salary. They welcomed me with open arms excited that I was now apart of their team.” – R.T. Hanover Park, IL
“It is with pleasure that with your help, we sold our home. It was listed last June (2005). Thank you!” – S.H. Westfield, IN
“I can proudly tell you that the light going to meet light and the acceptance chant are working for me wonderfully thank you very, very much. I love it. We got lots more work to do on the money thing, but I am not complaining. I read these chants every day. Thanks Sami lets keep the good work up, please say hello to Margie for me. Continue the prosperity lights for me.” – D.H. Barbados
“Margie, a quick note to let you know that my boyfriend R. has slowed down w/ his using. He is now for the 2 weeks you’ve been working, only used once?. That’s a big improvement. Do you think we should wait to begin again or start right away. Let me know?or I can call you.” – F.R. Bettendorf, I
“Well, my school let me know that I have the extension. Yeah! Now to bust my butt and get that paper written. First draft of one of the chapters needs to be off and running by the end of next month. If I do things right I will graduate next year. Thanks to you and the Lab folks, I’m going in the right direction. Other news: I dreamed some numbers the other night and played them the next day. It was the pic 3, they come out in the afternoon and evening. Well, while I was playing them for the evening, I happened to look at the afternoon winners and don’t you know one of them had came out STRAIGHT. I was more shocked than disappointed. That was the first time I have ever seen one of my dreams come out exactly how I saw it. The losing didn’t bother me. I was more excited about my dreams merging with my day time life. That was cool! Anyway just wanted to tell you about school and thank you and the team for all your help.” – T.A. Schenectedy, NY
“I want to thank all of you, not just for what you did, which was wonderful, but for the warmth and the caring you put into it. You’re all very special people. And those not in physical bodies too. Thank you!” – S.K. Kingston, PA
“A few weeks ago I requested a 7 day candle ritual to help me focus on my studies during the final weeks of my school semester. Great News! Not only did I receive A’s in all my classes, but I was awarded a scholarship for the upcoming school year. Many thanks to all the spirit friends who helped me concentrate during the hectic period of final exams and term papers! I truly needed your help and you definitely came thru for me!” – C.W. Orlando FL
?I requested a ritual for my son, Emmett to pass his boards for LPN nurse. He passed his boards and received his license on Feb.22. He also has a job that he really likes and is suited for. I also requested a CR for my son Keith regarding employment. He is attending a job training program that is paying him part time salary for 20 hr. weekly. This is ongoing and promises a full time employment. Thanks again!!!? – B.S. Kansas City, MO
?The C.R. done last summer for more money has been successful & I?m very grateful. Several weeks afterward, the value of my 401K plan proved started to increase very significantly and continued through the end of the year. In fact, the 401K plan is still doing very well!? – B.C. Hoboken, NJ
?Great News!!! O.N., the guy I requested the 2 weeks Intensive Treatment for is out of the hospital and doing well as I am told. He didn?t lose his sight either, there is some swelling but other than that he is doing well, And, as I am told, he even visited the shop to see how the other guys were doing. He said, ?as soon as he gets better, he?s going to visiting our store too. You all are the Greatest, Thanks for being there!!!? – M.W. Atlanta, GA
?Thanks to your Super Intensive Treatment my niece is out of the hospital and doing much better. Also my daughter got some unexpected money in a strange way.? – H.B. New York, NY
?You guys did such a fabulously fantastic job on the June newsletter. It?s packed full of inspiring, uplifting material. It has provided for me an ?adrenaline rush? fo encouragement that ALL is well with the Lab. I always believed in my life that ?God? will provide the answer. Lets all Laugh, Play, Party & Dance with Abraxas, Astral Al, & All our Spirit Band.? – H.B. Portage, WI
?I wanted to share that the Service requested for my auto work was a great success. We were charged about ½ of what it would have been for the complete tune up job for the car. Thank you very much. I love E.S.P. Lab. It fixed everything and stopped the head games.? – L.E. San Jose, CA
?Concerning my recent treatment for glaucoma and cataracts, that was started on the 9th May 06?, A diffused brightness indoors and outside was evident when using inside lights and sunlight which makes things hazy. But I can see my facial hair in the mirror for the first time in months. Nothing else noticed. $25.00 enclosed for further treatment. Let me know if psychic surgery should be tried.? – J.S. Houston, TX
“Sam, While I was working on finishing the paste-ups for the June newsletter, I had tossed the binder that holds all the old newsletters on the table behind me to make room to work. When I finished I was going to go thru the old letters to find some cartoons to finish the newsletter. When I retrieved the binder this is where it feel open to, I think this was from Al to me, what do you think?? ?Balance your stress so that it enriches rather than devastates your life.? ( August 1984 ) Blessings and Light, -Margie, Grand Saline, Tx
?I wish to extend my deep thanks to our friend Sir Al Manning for his special help and love over the years. His contributions have greatly enriched my life. He was an absolute one-of-a-kind and one of the truly great teachers we?ve had. My feeling is that he is continuing his growth and joy in whatever realm he now resides in. Much love to both Virginia and Margie during this time. BTW, just wanted you to know that the recent health treatments I?ve received have greatly helped me and I am able to do my regular activities without pain.? – P.C. Kirkland, WA
?I received the note yesterday that Al had died on April 8, my older brother died on the 6th in AL. Two men I loved dearly. I am 85 yr. old, my husband and I joined ESP Lab when Al was starting out about 38 yrs ago. Then my husband died 31 yrs ago and I became a life member. Al was a good person. One who gave you hope you could accomplish great things for yourself. I will surely miss him. Al was my great spiritual teacher. My prayers are with you all, God Bless.? – E.G. Phoenix, AZ
?I send my deepest sympathy to you the staff and Al?s wife. Al did visit and as I wrote before even knowing he was gone, in fact I thought it meant he was doing better. The energy came on the third day after his death. I am looking forward to doing business with the lab as usual, just let me know how soon you will be ready. God Bless.? – D.H., – ( parts unknown )
?A short note to tell you how sad I am that Al has left.. I know he is happy in his new life. I myself, had a stroke in August, and it?s been quite a while trying to get over it. Al did a lot of wonderful work. He was very gifted and he brought a lot of joy to humanity. I know the Spirit is taking good care of him and that he is looking out for all of us. He was truly a joy, and spread lots of smiles on the face of this earth. No one can really fill his shoes, but he will be transmitting his wishes and desires across time and space to ensure that the message keeps on getting through. I will always be grateful that I met him so many years ago. I have sent many letters and correspondence, along with the e-mails and requests as well. He was always wending back a cheerful note which inspired and made a difference in my life. He truly was a magnificent spirit, and he still is. Sending tons of love.? – M.M. Portland, OR
“Al, thank you very much, C.K., my son, finally has a job, he went for the interview yesterday, the company phoned him today and he starts Monday morning. Thank you again.” – M.K., Canada
“I want to say “thank you” for the candle ritual for R’s loan. It came through, she is now a small home owner. I don’t know what you do, but I do know it works.” – M.R., Tennessee
“Finally I have credit (mortgage) approved and thank you very very much for your help. Now please send me a Pan/Ishtar Power Cloth for a fast and easy closing.” – R.C., New York
“Al, the ritual you did for my neighbor worked great! Her so called “boyfriend” was not able to get his hands on her money this time. Thanks again.” – P.J., Texas
“It’s a wonderful life with Spirit. My transfer came through right after I mailed my last letter to E.S.P. Lab. It was a great success and happened easily because I had my Pan/Ishtar Power Cloth. The blessings are many and I feel loved. My heart overflows with love to all my friends from the Lab. And we will keep winning.” – L.E., California
“I have purchased several of your books and occasionally get the urge to review one. Each time I do I discover some new and exciting revelations. I have discovered that if each member of the E.S.P. Lab of Texas was to relax and become receptive they will understand the mystery that you are sharing and revealing to us. I am becoming much more relaxed and receptive and little by little I am understanding and discovering the mysteries that you are sharing and revealing to me.” – L.S., New York
“I am so happy I have to get these few lines to you. Once again the intensive treatment has come through for me. I have found a new place to live and reasonable rent. Thank you and God Bless you.” – H.B., Ohio
“Here is my tithe for the Lab. And I want to thank you for the wonderful healing for my conditions. My legs are healing beautifully and my health and mind have greatly improved. Again I want to thank you and all the ESP Lab helpers for your wonderful help.” – T.N., New York
“Seasons Greetings to you and our Spirit friends. I write to inform you of our acheivement from the list of important goals; we bought a car, we paid off a loan, we opened a clothing store which is doing good, but still needs improvement, we did some refurbishing of the house. I travelled to Miami and did some shopping. We know we are on our way to success. Thanks to you and all the good spirits out there.” – M.L., St. Ann
“Your seven day candle ritual surely worked. No doubt about that. Instead of my son being laid off, he was transferred to the mechanical training program. Thanks – oh many thanks!” – D.D., Belize
“The green light for L.G. had fantastic results! She obtained a job ( over many applicants) within a couple of weeks. She had been trying so hard for almost 8 months.” – R.F., Montana
“Dear Al, Results keep getting better, everyday my meditation improves. I no longer ask if it is a curse or blessing, I know it’s a blessing. I used to only visualize the cone of power, but now I also feel it all around me and see it’s tangible results in my everyday life. A little leprechaun has came to me and sits on my left shoulder and always wants me to buy GOLD he was pretty smart because I took his advise and the price has gained quite a bit. So I really have to admit when you keep focused and open to their help anything is possible. But we still have some interesting thought forms out there working on other projects, but with work and faith they will grow into MIRACLES also! Even if they didn’t I still would have to say that my life experiences have make me FEEL like I’m the luckiest man in the world and my memories of FEELINGS of happiness have filled my heart to feel rich in the only place it matter in my SOUL! And I have to thank you and ESP lab for all you have taught me, THANK YOU! EVERYDAY BETTER! And RESULTS and I am making everyday BETTER! Till next time, I look forward to every night with my spirit band and what will come next.” – J.M. Iowa
“Thank you! During the 7 day Candle Ritual I was without pain for the first time in two years. T.D. was unable to do any harm to me during that time. His voodoo spells were neutralized! It was great! I hope to be prosperious enough soon to have everyday be that joyful. I was great! Thanks – M.M Georgia
“I felt your work being done while I was in Miami, Thank you so much. Things went as well as could be expected between my mother and my uncle. Thank you for the miracle.” – D.L. California
“Your books have not only changed our lives for the good, but last year your Helping Yourself with White Witchcraft book saved my life twice and possibly three times, Thank You.” – R. A. Idaho
“We returned from our business and pleasure trip to Morelia, everything was wonderful, we enjoyed our 4 days of relaxation. My husband says thank you because the people was very nice with him, we expect a very good and new relations in the months to come. It was a perfect trip, and a lot of joy and fun. Thank you and your ESP lab people.” – Veronica
“Thanking you and everyone. Pedro my little dog is doing great. My husband and I are doing good, and my business is set up. What else would you suggest I do for my business for customers?” – G.I. Massachusetts
“Recently I sent a request for a 7 day candle ritual concerning my husbands health. I would like to take time out and let you know he’s doing much better. His weight has been picking up, plus his hands and feet have stopped hurting. He really looks a whole lot better.” – E.J., Louisiana
“The intensive treatment is working very well – more and more harmony between Trustees, and less anxiety on all sides. Please continue the treatment.” – B.A., Pennsylvania
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“I want to thank you very much for the quick help the 7 Day Candle Ritual did for my blood pressure with the help of my doctor. Blood pressure down from 200 over 120 to 160 over 100, then down to normal 120 over 80, all this miracle happened over 13 days. Again my thanks for the help recieved.” H.T., – New York
“I have good news from the intensive treatment. My grandson got a position in a Chemical Lab in Cincinnati, all expenses paid. This was 2 days after the treatment started. Then 3 more offers at various places. Last night he won $500.00 in the lottery!” B.G., – Indiana
“Excellent News: the 7 day candle prayer has worked for me in a timely fashion. I now have another job and am ready for a very happy future. Thanks to Spirit Friends.” G.I., Washington
“The 7 day Candle Ritual worked wonders! My boss no longer bothers me at all. Not only that I was transferred from Mantainance Man to Photocopier Man where I’m my own boss and I do not have anyone giving me orders or constantly looking over my shoulder. Thank you.” E.J., – New York
“WE WON! The lawsuit. There were 9 others besides me in the law suit. So your intensive treatment for me helped all. Believe me we needed help. Our lawyer said our judge was very prejudiced against us. I don’t understand all the legal rulings, but in his instructions to the jury, the judge told them that if they awarded us too much money, he could and would reduce the amounts. Our lawyers say they will never try another renter’s case in court. Also there is a board that monitors judges, and they are going to report him and his handling of the case. The judge is a landlord. Thank you for the great service you’re rendering. I am very grateful. I enclosed a donation to help in your work.” W.J., California
“Last month I put my 84 year old sisters’ name on your prayer list for healing of constant pain. For the first time in months she wrote how much better she feels! Thanks a bunch.” E.M., – Mississipi
“The tapes I ordered have been very helpful. I can feel strong vibrations while going through the excercises. It gives me great joy to know I am finally throwing off the shackles that have bound me for so long.” I.G., – Illinois
“I am extremely happy with the results of my medical tests. Thank you very, very much for the intensive treatment. Can’t thank you enough!” C.M., – California
Thanks so much for the intensive treatments done last month. I have certainly experienced positive changes. As a result, I?ve released much of the fear I?ve had surrounding health issues and especially my kidney transplant. I would like to go for the super intensive treatment now. May as well start afresh, I certainly don?t want to spend the rest of my life holding on to the past for fear of the future. – A.O. South Africa
?I want to thank you all for everything you all have done for me all these years. The Pan/Ishtar Power Cloth worked very well getting all these evil away from me. Thank you Al for the Meditation stone, helps me to remove tension and pressure from my body. I sure did need it. Have a blessed day. – N.N. Louisiana
?I?m writting you to thank you for what you did for my old daughter B.R.. She just got her Permanent Residence Card in less than a month since the last time I wrote you. Thank you so much and all your Tex-Lab too. – Z.R. Florida
?I wanted to tell you that your candles for C and I to keep or find office space were a big help. We are moving across the street and subleasing for now one room in a three room office suite. I am so thrilled we get to stay in our historic shopping center. We may take over all three rooms if the current occupants move. Thanks Al. – P.J. Texas
?Last month you did a great uncrossing ritual for me. I feel a lot better. I am growing spiritually and will be able to do my own uncrossing work in a few months. – G.M. California
?Al just want you to know the last few Pan/Ishtar Power Cloths I have gotten to help with prosperity have been great at the gaming tables. Thanks so much. – M.D. Texas
?I bought one of the Atlantean Generators umpteen years ago, It looked pretty expensive for what I got. That said it has worked for me pretty darn well. I recently put in for a friend to get a full time job close to home. She was hired for 1 to2 days a week 3 days later I got an email saying she was now full time. I have used this thing for an assortment of problems with good results. Poor or unclear wording doesn?t get results.? – K.C., Missouri
?I just wanted to again thank you for your influence in my life and the glorious enlightenment I have found possible following the Spirit Party. Every day is getting better and better. I have incorporated all your teachings into my meditation with a combination of all your time honored truths given by Spirit. It has been many years now and I have to admit I can?t put into words the satisfaction or enlightenment state I have been reaching in my meditation. But you do say it is feelings that are important, and you are right, you can?t describe the ecstasy or insight you get from the spirit band over time. FEELING THE INFINITE IS WONDERFUL!? – J.M, Indiana
?I want t thank you for the intensive treatment for my granddaughter for getting her own apt. She had been staying in a hotel for several weeks in dire need of her own apt. It was hard to get back into another apt from the low credit report But praise God and thank you Al, for your personal signature telling me you would start immediately. I got the good news that she will be moving into her apt this week. Thank You.? – V.C., Oklahoma
?I certainly get a lot of mileage out of the Lab?s super intensive treatment rituals?.. The drumming got louder, the flutes picked up tempo and the leader stood holding the drawstrings of the pouch And staring Intently at it as though he were sending energy or willing something to happen. Abruptly the leader yanked the drawstrings tight and tossed the pouch over the edge of the mesa. Everything stopped. The leader looked at me and said,? You may go in peace? it is finished? It?s been 5 weeks since the surgery. It takes a full 3 months to see the full outcome of knee surgery but I feel confident it is going to be a big improvement.? – J.L., Pennsylvania
?I am writing this time as a ?wound already healed up? and telling you how grateful I am for having you and Spirit to offer such wonderful help in time of need. I am now home again from my hospital stay and surgery to once again enjoy life as one should be able to enjoy it. Thank You Again.? – C.C. Colorado
“The protection and help T received from you?all while she was in Columbia was amazing. I cannot explain all but will try to explain some. For instance on the bus for 8 hours, bandits will stop the bus, police too and take away your stuff, when they searched her bag she had her camera in it and they just left her with her stuff. Coming home she was very overload plus she had 2 carry on bags (you are only allowed one) and on all flights she was able to take the 2 plus they did or said nothing about the overload, plus coming through customs was a breeze. Columbia is a very dangerous country to live in. Once again the help was magnificent. Thanks a lot.” – D.H, St Michael, Barbados
“How can one thank anyone for all the prayers you?all Sent up for me and for J. I truly thank you from my heart and I?m doing OK with the cancer ? after this week I can start to heal since I?ll be finished with the chemo & radiation and hopefully get back an appetite so food will taste at least like food. Again I?d like to say thanks for all the prayers you send up for us. I appreciate it more than there are words to say and I truly mean this!” – P.W., Texas
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“THANKS a million! What I tell about you is never enough! You are a BIG ANGEL on earth! My daughter whom you sent me a Pan/Ishtar power cloth to get that position she wanted at the MIT pharmacy GOT IT! She told me that yesterday “I got the job at MIT!” Little by little over the years I have been communicating you my big challenges, you are getting better and better on the real results! You are a wonderful gift THANKS!”- M.B, Illinois
“Please accept the enclosed check as a tithe from some money I recently came into. Use it wherever needed in it your ministry. Keep up the great work! Did I tell you that since I became a Life Member I have been so HAPPY! Is this common? I feel like Ebenezer Scrouge, when after being visited by these Spirits, remarked, ?I am so happy! I don?t deserve to be this happy, but I am! I don?t remember if this is from the book or one of the numerous movies based on this story. Blessed be.”- M.S., California
“Someone has been using laugh therapy on me for some time now ? fun fun fun! I finally managed to open recent letters & found the mention of laugh therapy & I wasn?t surprised. It seems most of the good fun ?stuff? in my life comes through ESP & you & your helpers! It?s wonderful ?thank you! AND 3 or 4 months ago I realized that I had a lot of ?stuff? to give as blessings etc. I began using RAINBOWS dancing on the heads of the people I sent them to. Each colored strip had a game plan (or gift) on it that would turn into whatever you wanted it to become. Later I found out that you wrote a book ?Rainbows Falling on my Head? It was another beautiful idea from ESP. It has been incredible! Thank you dearly. You have truly beautifuled my life.” – L..M., Kansas
“Got my White Witchcraft book out which has been collecting dust since 1976. After bowing the dust off I asked myself a few questions. What was the most prosperous time in my life? And the first thing that popped into my head was when I was using Al?s techniques. An almost instant business that brought in more than 30 men could earn in a year. As I drifted away from using your techniques so did my income. Happy to say I?m back on track again and watching the little victories becoming bigger every day. Little things keep going my way when before seldom did anything go in my favor. Just want to say thanks and enclosing a little something for the effort you have made in enriching other people?s by helping them discover the tremendous power we for the most part that we carry around with us that lie dormant. Thanks Al! – J.B., Ohio
“You did it again and I thank you very much. When I realized how well the family gathering was going I just knew you had received my letter in time and had performed the candle ritual. Thank you for helping me to enjoy a peaceful holiday. I am so grateful.” – D.L., California
“Your intensive treatment did very nicely! And I personally attribute it to your work. Personally I could not read a lot of emails about need for this or that. So I do not want to you to have to spend a lot of time.” – K.B., North Carolina
“I thought I would give you some feedback which I feel quite happy about. My friend for whom I enlisted your help has advised me that she is feeling much better now and that she has had no further symptoms. I was not certain if she would be comfortable about my actions on her part and remain cautious about my query, but I feel that she has benefited tremendously and attribute that to your intervention. I will continue to monitor and request further treatment later to reinforce the benefits already gained.” – P.W., New York
“I wrote you some time ago about my daughter & her husband who owed me money and wouldn?t pay. Me. You did a ritual and they paid me. Thanks for the ritual for my grandkids. We see each other all the time. Also I wrote about R leaving my son and taking the kids away. Well she is coming back to Gainsville to stay! Thank you.” – W.M., Florida
“Thanks for last month?s healing. I can feel the good results.” – L. C., South Carolina
“Thanks to Al Manning and his philosophy, fun, fun, fun. So hard to follow it, Al. All our big golf tournaments are a remarkable ?show of? human immaturity, greed and tension. Bushes after tournaments are loaded with balls. Golf is a game that should not be full of tension. I?ve been on golf courses since 1978 and I know the overwhelming desire for the fun of winning. I am first of thankful:” – J.H., Califoria
“I forgot to tell you about my meditation stone. I?ve used it off & on since I got it and it works well. Before I received my Power Cloth this time it worked before I received it. I was worried that I had to go to work last Thursday without it. Spirit helped me. I had a a very good night at work even with the usual employees that give me and other employees trouble. It all backfired. It didn?t work no negativity to me at all. $15 is very cheap for help. Thank you Al & all Spirits” – J.P., California
“With all my heart I thank you & Spirit for your Pan/Ishtar power cloth. I had trouble sleeping for a long time. I?m now sleeping like a baby. You would not believe how the walls crack when I think about you?.. It is like you are responding saying ?I know I know.? The blessing that you are?. Do you know it? I send you & Virginia a big hug ? and Spirit also.” – M.B., Illinois
“I would like you to please continue with an additional two weeks intensive treatment.. Last Tuesday I had to go to the hospital for my 3 months checkup. The norm with me is that 3 days before the checkup I start to get really worked up so that by the time I see the doctor I am really ill & my blood pressure is really sky high. Well this time was different. On Sunday evening I had already developed a nauseating sick feeling in my stomach and I knew it was going to get worse. All of a sudden I just calmed down and thought I must face this fear. The sick feeling and anxiousness dissipated almost immediately and did not re-occur. On Tuesday when I saw the doctor I was calm & my blood pressure was perfectly normal. For me this is a tremendous breakthrough. Thank you so much for the letter which I received yesterday, it is so special because the message was to do with ?enthusiastic serenity? To quote you, you wrote ?be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.? That is exactly what happened! Fountains of Light. – A.O. South Africa
“Thank you for the recent 7 day candle ritual. So far it did kick in some full days of overtime at work which will be helpful. I am ordering another one for reinforcement to keep the money rolling in until my debts are paid in full. The sooner the better” – S.Q., Missouri
“Thank you for all you?ve done for my life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. You?ve done more for me than my parents. When I wrote you from Prague that I must live here in the USA, you with supreme confidence replied: ?See you Jerry here in the USA. At that time I just couldn?t believe that we will succeed. Yet miracles happen thanks to you.” – J.H., California
Thanks for the recent candle ritual. It helped immensely, and I started to feel better the very first day. If fact it was so good that I wanted to continue it for another week to get an even healthier feeing. Enclosed is a little extra in appreciation for your help over the years. Keep up the marvelous work at the Lab!- A.L., New York
“A few days back I asked you for a 2 week treatment for a pain I had in my left side below the ribs. It worked well, no pain. I had been having this for 20 years from a bad case of flu. Thanks to you, Spirits and Jesus”- N.N., Louisiana
“You?re doing a great job with my dad & me ? my stress level is gradually decreasing, and I?m finally able to sleep better. Dad seems to be in a relatively good mood ? the Super Intensive Treatment is a life saver, and when this month is out it is imperative that I send in for another month for my dad and myself – that?s how great you & the Spirits do!!”- E.J. , New Jersey
“Yesterday evening I felt myself getting better and last night for the first time in a long time I got up to pass water once, on Saturday especially, Sunday too. The TexLab Spirits were all around me. I feel the cool breezes on my cheeks and the touches all around my neck. Thank you very much for your fast response. I am still a wee shaky but I will get over that. Point is what could have and would have escalated into grave illness through my constant contact with you was averted. God bless you!- D.H., St Michael, Barbados
“Just a short note to tell you that you are loved greatly!! Miracles happen on a daily basis if we are open, loving, positive and focused. Spirit makes the difference ? When we ask for help, and can receive without guilt- things happen. Thank you for being the sweet little honey that you are. I feel like we?re family- sending love as always.”- M.M., Oregon
“The oneness & protection ritual is magical. The protection bit was like a giant inner tube around my body. I could actually feel it. The oneness part had trees looking at me, mice coming out to play just a couple of feet away, a warm flood of affinity for people, animals, insects, and the sight of a bunch of fairies, all about 2 ½” tall whizzing at a great rate around one of my altar candles. Thank you very much for the Ishtar Star & multi-star. So thank you Al, thank you to all the magnificent energy transformer personalities. I?m sure that my friend Archangel Michael is amongst these.”- P.G., Johannesburg, South Africa
“I just got home and got a letter from the CIS (Citizenship and Immigration Service) the replacement for the INS. Get this ? I wrote them a letter on Monday inquiring about my wife?s application status. We hadn?t heard from them in 3 months and we?re planning a cruise to Mexico. We already paid a deposit and were concerned that we couldn?t leave the country without the proper approval. We?d have the approval if we had her paperwork completed. Al, you know the government, nothing moves fast. I got a definitive response today with an explanation of the holdup. – H.S., New Jersey
?Thank you for last month?s treatment, your work is powerful and awesome, your psychic surgery revealed to me how I got myself into this negative situation here in New Mexico. I was working from fear, also holding on to the past. Divine Mind told me that there was greater good in the here and now than that which I thought I had lost..? – E,S., New Mexico
?Wowee! Spirit?s lent a hand in a very big way right up to and including today! I think I should write a special piece for the ESP Lab. I?ve learned so much about Spirit and the amazing way they work as well as the forces all around us. Recent miracles: A paper seemingly ?fell out of the sky? and I found it on Friday night on one of my work tables in my store. It didn?t belong there, it never should have been there and I cannot fathom how it got there. But it did and it helps me. Thanks Spirit! Several insights have come to mind that I never could have imagined before. Now I kinda know how you feel when you write some of your books. I just let my fingers do the tapping as Spirit unfolds the layers of mysteries to reveal the truth underneath ? the truth that set me free and the truth that dissolves all opposition???? – H.S., New Jersey
?Thank you for the Power Spot water and the meditation stone you sent me. Both items helped me a lot. The meditation stone helped me to remove tension and pressure from my body. The Power Spot water was a different thing. I was renting a house that seemed quite expensive. Before having communion or drinking the power spot water everyday I asked the Lab Spirits to help me obtain a cheaper house. They did. I got a house nearly the same size for half the monthly rent.? – B.E., Mahe?, Seychells
?About 3 months ago you performed a spell for my oldest daughter to call me and my wife. Since then little things have happened. First it was a letter then another and now things are back to where they were 3 years ago. Now she calls just about every day and we call her just as much. It?s so great to have her back in the family again. Thank you so very very much.? – T.D., Kansas
?I asked for a candle ritual for my trip to my brother?s in Alabama to be safe & enjoyable. My visit was great. I got there and my brother was sick. I called ESP Lab for super intensive treatment. He is much better. Thanks to all of you & Spirit?s help.? – E.G., Arizona
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?Last semester during college I wrote to your Lab requesting a candle ritual to help me trough my chemistry class. Everything turned out great. I received an ?A? final grade for the Lab & Lecture.? – M.P., California
?I just wanted to check in with you to let you know how things went for the PSA that I was shooting with P. Remember the mother of his little boy would not let the child come to see P unless she was there. I was supposed to pretend that we weren?t dating. As you recall I was not very happy about it. You helped me out by doing the 7 day candle ritual which kicked in on the day of the event. The lady never showed up or called. Everything went very well! So THANK YOU!!!? – A.T., California
?Thanks so much for letters and for all your good works! J now has 2 job offers thanks to you and the Lab?s good works. She accepted the best offer.? – S.H., Indiana
?Greetings to you and Lab Staff. Just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for the rituals for me, H, M & L. They have worked marvelously as usual. H got her flat rented and her tenant seems to be a good one. Both M & I got jobs on our first and only interviews. L seems to be doing much better. Hopefully she is on the road to full recovery. Best regards to all.? – S,C., Ontario, Canada
?W started his job as a second dishwasher at a restaurant which is in a large busy hotel banquet and convention center. He wont have to worry about getting his hours cut for lack of business. Besides we get pool sauna and fitness room privileges and a discount at the restaurant. He?ll start getting bennies in another couple of months and a 401K starting next year. Pretty sweet so far, huh? But wait there?s more. W had been on the job for 10 days when the new Chef decided that his intelligence and attention to detail was wasted as second dishwasher. He offered W a promotion and not even to just 1st dishwasher. After a trial week to see how he did and if he liked the job W was permanently placed in his new position as Steward with $1.00 an hour raise!? ? M.G., Iowa
?Target called this morning and I?m starting Tuesday. I have an interview today and another on Monday. I?ve asked the state to look into why I did not get the job of dispatcher for AAA. It?s the right hours for me (graveyard because my school aged child?s school does not have bus service) It starts at $12.00 per hour. In the mean time, or rather kind time, I will work for Target. I?ve always wanted to see a letter from me in the ESP Lab news. Print this and feel free to edit it: Thank you ESP Lab for taking the time to get me out of a jam. I was offered a job within a week, the trailer sold the day after you started and I am able to keep my apartment and put food on the table. Fast work. I will start doing the Light attunements so I don?t end up in a jam again. The energy around me was so dark and your work was clean and very fast.? ? G.M., California
?Writing this few lines to let you know I am doing all right. Thanks to your help 29 years ago when I almost lost my job with the school district here in my home town. In October of ?04 I have been with ESP Lab and the gang a whole 29 years. What do you think of al this!! ? ? J.P., Texas
?I recently sent to a prayer cloth. I had to take a colon test. I would like to tell you that the colon test came out all right. The Dr just found polyps. It was not cancerous. Thank you for your prayer.? ? E.J., Louisiana
?I?m at work. Spirit prompted me to write you to praise you as I once would change jobs when I would run into negative people or having fellow workers trying to do some back stabbing. I didn?t know what to do about it until I joining the ESP Lab and found the Prayer Cloths, 7 day candle rituals and other ways to take care of problems. I used to pray being a Roman Catholic. Other Catholics say just pray and accept it. Then Spirit and Al says to do or have Al and the Spirit Band to something like a ritual and sure enough it would work. And I?m at work now almost 12 years at the same job. Thanks Al and your Staff and your Spirit Band and hello to your wife, Virginia. In Light & Love? ? J.P., California
?Dear Rev Manning, I am so thankful to you and your Lab for your prayers and other stuff you have done for me and my family members. I just recently became a member and I would say that in the first 25 days I experienced the following: The Super Intensive treatment for my daughter in USA has been successful in 11 days time. You also did a candle ritual for her to find someone to sign all the papers for her – only waiting for result from the immigration department. The candle ritual you did for my son has been good, He does a lot better in school. You also did a candle ritual for my daughter on the 29th and on the 30th she won the contest. Enclosed is $20 she is sending for donation for the Lab to continue the good works. And for myself it helps me to pay off some bills and make a next order from you. I believe you and your Lab Staff has been helping people world wide. Thanks again and may God bless you and your Lab Staff with the strength to continue the good works. Let?s keep the Spirit together for success.? ? G.W., Sr., Punta Gorda, Belize
?It is been a while but I keep our Spirit contact open. I want to inform you and to thank you and our Spirit friends for their help. I have got my father?s business back and everything is picking up fine for me and my family. Thanks a great deal for your encouragement and prayers. I am very grateful. Please continue to pray for us.? ? D.J., Uom State, Nigeria.
?A week ago today while in the kitchen I was attracted to something near the ceiling in the living room (across breakfast bar). I saw mostly mentally an angelic being in gold and white. I mentally asked its name and to my surprise a masculine voice said ?Adrien? That was enough for then but later I wanted to know what he was to do. He said he was to help me with the extras I was to do. Sorta to correlate things for all guides. Today I received the words I have been waiting for. ?The time has come for you to go.? I was happy – to my surprise I feel that things will work out – not too slow not too fast – I don?t intend to burn rubber to the Cal-Nev line. I have to get the car serviced but the rebuilt engine doesn?t complain. It looks bad (the car) but that may be an asset for a little old lady & 2 cats. Thanks to you all.? ? F.S., California
?I got it, starting salary at $47K (which is $2K more than I hoped for and my highest salary at any single job ever). I get 3 weeks vacation and after a year it goes up to 4 weeks, though technically the policy is it goes up to 4 weeks only after 5 years on the job. My benefits start on the 1st not 3 months from now! Wow! Wow! Wow!? ? D.G., Ontario, Canada
?Thank you and the entire Spirit Band. My car was found and two -guys were arrested. I am so happy to have my car back.? ? P.S., New York
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?The last 2 rituals have been interesting. I?m getting quite a collection of thoughtforms. Following one ritual I had a little ball of white Light whizzing around me as I was trying to go to sleep. It was no bigger than a marble. I told it ?Seeeeee you? For the love ritual I had a spirit leaning over my shoulder watching. And I think I told you I live in a haunted house. I?m not afraid of them any more…well, not much..but I still don?t like them creeping up on me. So I think you will enjoy my adventure in blunderland last night. I was taking a shower. I bent over to wash between my toes and some spirit poked me in the ass. Not the way you think. Like someone will tap tap tap you on the shoulder to get your attention except it wasn?t my shoulder, it was on my ass. So out I come from the shower with water in my eyes & ears yelling ?Shannon! Shannon! Who?s in the house?? ?No one but me? she says. ?No no what spirit?.. I can?t see nothing but water! I was bent over in the shower and someone came up and poked me in the ass!? And she said. ?Wow! It must have been a FRIENDLY spirit!? As a post script, I had been hating my job, I had a thoughtform request for a raise, less stress & more respect. Essentially I got everything I asked for. I said ?thank you.? And now I say thank you to you. Wow. I?m happier now.?
?I just want to thank you and all the Spirit Band for the wonderful results of the candles which you did for me. My goal was to move from a neighborhood which was fast deteriorating. I did not think I would ever be able to buy a home or most of all to sell the old house. Thanks to you and the Spirits also St Joseph statue, ?mission impossible? was accomplished. I found a beautiful home in a nice neighborhood. I had no trouble getting a mortgage. The old house went on the market and I got an offer the next day. It sold in three days. Many thanks and many blessings to you for all you do for others.? ? R.C., Pennsylvania
?A very big thank you to Al and ESP Lab Spirits for my healing. No more pain, no more swelling (no more worry!) Angels bless you. Love.? ? M.F., California.
?I volunteered for a nutrition study at our University. The routine blood screening revealed an unexpectedly high serum cholesterol count. Thanks to the nudge fro Spirit I?m now controlling it with red yeast rice. On the last week of the waxing moon William and I started doing the complete wealth attracting ritual for 3 days plus I did the Jupiter chant for a week up to the full moon. Shortly thereafter my husband got a job offer out of the blue from a restaurant he?d interviewed with for a completely different position and never heard from. Someone there recognized him from the job two jobs ago called him for a second dishwasher position which has full time regular hours plus benefits after 30 days – the best he has gotten so far.? ? M.G., Iowa
?I wanted to let you know that the two most recent services I ordered were very successful. After so much hassle, my computer was repaired & I have been using it happily thanks to the candle service, they returned my call and came out. Also my daughter did move on for a week & then moved out and there were no problems because of your candle services. I am very grateful I owed ESP Lab this feedback. Thank you so much your services always clear out all the negatives & clear the path that is powerful and positive. Lovingly, Life Member? ? L.E., California
?I am writing this brief note first to thank you for the intensive treatment that you performed on my behalf. .I had written requesting your help with obtaining a job. Well, Al I began working today and even though it will only last between 6 to 8 months I am confident that has that time approaches something else will materialize. Once again I thank you and all the Spirit friends from the Lab.? ? E.M., New York
“I realize that many have needs and requests but wonder how many actually let you know when the results they’re desiring happen as a result of your work. I’m thrilled to advise you that with your help my dear friend G’s home SOLD. B’s husband has returned to work! Thank you!” – S.H., Indiana
“Al. We’re living through tough financial times as related to jobs and high prices. So to help myself I started working with Ishtar. Since I love to gamble horse racing and lottery games I chose the Ishtar Permanent Thoughtform for Continuing Financial Windfalls. It’s the first time using The Ishtar Permanent Thoughtform and it works. Received an unexpected check for $112.54 after 2 weeks then I bought a lottery scratchoff ticket and won $80.00 bought another lottery scratchoff ticket and won $15.00 and bought another lottery scratchoff ticket and won $14.00. So far my total money received is $247.00. Enclosed is 10% to Ishtar and friends. I thank Ishtar every day. Hope to write more positive feedback soon.” – M.H., Texas
“First I like to thank you for the intensive treatment I asked you to do to sell my house. Well we have a buyer who even was happy with the asking price. Thanks sooo much for all your help!” – M.C., Texas
“Thank you, Al, things are improving. Another weird thing. I set up a permanent windfall thoughtform on the Atlantean Generator. I keep it in the thoughtform sandwich, hold the thing between my hands and cram power through it … Now no matter how much I spend, there is always more money in my purse than I started out with. And it’s not chump change. It’s wads of $20 bills. And although it’s a far cry from a million dollars or even thirty thousand, it’s a good start, and maybe it’s as much as one would ever need. Thanks!” – P.K., Illinois
“2004 goals are going well. All is rolling along. The house should finally close this week! Thanks for all your support. Blessings to you all.” – R.R., New York
?Thanks for the wonderful work. S?s back is coming along nicely. E seems to be responding as well. My uncle A is finally able to go back to work with some energy. It is all because of what you do. Thanks a million.? ? K.K. Pennsylvania
?Thanks for the wonderful work. S?s back is coming along nicely. E seems to be responding as well. My uncle A is finally able to go back to work with some energy. It is all because of what you do. Thanks a million.? ? K.K. Pennsylvania
?Hope I?m not bugging you. I just have to let you know how good things have been with me & P. He surprised me this morning with a visit (he has been out of town and not scheduled to return for another 2 weeks.) He was so happy and telling me how his oldest son took first place in the X-Games here in Los Angeles (he is the proud papa). It was just so nice to get to see him like that, and really just have a good time sharing things. Anyway thank you for your continued help and bundles of energy. I?m excited for all the continued good and plans.? ? A.T., California
?Dear Al: You were totally RIGHT! My boss and I had a talk and it was very friendly and he backed down. He offered me the salary cut back but I told him I could hold off and took a loan instead. I?m doing one of my aesthetic training this weekend. I believe I can make some money doing this and also have a good time doing it. Please use the remaining time of the 2 week intensive treatment to ask Spirit for success in my new aesthetic adventure. Al. I don?t know what I would do without you to guide me.? ? G.D., California
?Well wanted to let you know that the candle ritual worked wonderfully and my power cloth is still in effect. They had stopped my son?s survivor benefit that he had been receiving since his father?s death and today I was checking my account on line and to my surprise the social security administration made a payment into his account. Still a long way to go but I paid some of my WAY past due bills. Thanks for your immediate attention and a special thanks to all the Spirit friends who lend a helping hand.? ? W.V., New York
?Thank you for the candle ritual for us to find a house. We found one which has most of the features we were looking for. Settlement is in 30 days.? ? R.C., Pennsylvania
?Your 7 day candle treatment is working. Things are great at work! In the past week I?ve experienced all sorts of encouraging signs that things are getting better. The increased warmth and camaraderie has been very tangible. I?m enjoying my job more than I have in a while,? ? P.C., Washington
?Hi Al, I did the protection ritual for 7 days and I am amazed at the results. 1) I got 2 hours overtime at work, when usually I?m lucky to get 30 minutes. 2) I already told you about my conversation with N. 3) I found people generally friendlier. 4) I am more at peace and feel more in control of my life and focused. I did it every morning before work, and it really helped me get through with my day as well. Thanks so much! ? ? D.G., Ontario, Canada
?You recently did a 2 week intensive treatment for my son JH to get a job. I am so happy to report that he found a job just days after the treatment started (and probably while it was still going on). He got a job at 7-11. Some people may say that that?s not that great a job – just cashier, stocking shelves etc at not that much money. But it?s good honest work and what is more important J is now focused. Before he had dropped out of college and was going nowhere – just drifting aimlessly from one thing to another. But now he is making plans to get his degree, and his hours at 7-11 will enable him to earn good money and go to school at the same time. He has turned back into that go-getter he used to be. And this happened during the treatment you were giving.(I was working from my end, too). Whatever, it worked, Thanks so much!? ? M.S., California
?Thanks for everything that you have done for me through the Lab. I have tried almost all of your services and love them, they work. I recently ordered Pan/Ishtar power cloth to win enough to pay off some obligations from the IRS. I haven?t won big yet, but each time I go to the casino and win more than I take I put aside a little something in an envelope for Pan/Ishtar. I was going to wait until I receive my last order but Spirit has urged me to send what I have. So here is $300 toward Pan/Ishtar and the Lab?s work. I will report on progress in the other areas when I have more time.Thanks again & best wishes to the Lab.? ? L.D., Illinois
?The healing treatments helped miraculously. I am no longer hindered by the pain in my left leg.? ? D.U., Connecticut
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?What a wonderful work you & Spirit did for Kathy, She got admitted to John Marshall Law School in Chicago Illinois! You & Spirit could not have done it better! I do not have the words to write you how I feel for what you did! BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL. While she was a bit concerned, I was trustful and you did it! A million thanks!? ? M.B., Illinois
?Your rituals have worked well. I called in today to request one for my chemistry 101 exam. I just want to focus on my test and do my best.? ? M.P. California
“Thank you Al, you have helped me so much. I really appreciate what you are doing for the Universe and mankind. God gave you such a wonderful talent” – M.R., Tennessee
“Hi Al Once again I used your love spell out of HYWWhite Witchcraft. This time on the 2nd day of chanting over the bottle of wine I got results. Didn’t even have to do the full ritual. You and your teachings are amazing! I started rereading the Magic of Universal Psychic Power this evening. Bathed my aura with a visualization of white Light like you suggested after going to bed. Anyway. When it comes right down to the wire, if people really need sound metaphysical teachings and sound advice I recommend your books.” – B.D., Kansas
“I’m taking the NEW LIGHT OF HELP FOR YOU course and I’m up to the Blue Light now. As I first did the Yellow Light, it felt as if I had eaten green chili. Yes, it burned but only the first time. Now I’m past the Green Light and on the Blue, I feel better. Still getting the shakes but only a little. I like the way you worded your courses. Very encouraging. Looking ahead on a few of the lessons I found them inspiring instead of perspiring.” – J.Y., Oklahoma
“The problem with the rapid heartbeat seems to be slowly fading away. The episodes I have had were fewer shorter and less intense. I had a physical checkup and the medico couldn’t find anything wrong. All tests came back negative. Thanks for your help.” – H.S., California
“I won the number in the lottery on Thursday. It was a box bet 246-41-50 cents. I won again this Friday morning my number 689 came out 968 but I boxed it for a dollar hit for $83. Thanks. – G.B., Ohio
“Much love to you and the Lab Spirits. I requested a candle ritual for my daughter A so that her exboyfriend would let her get her things out of storage. He called a few days after you began the treatment and said he would arrange for her to get her things back!! I am grateful that you have put your gift to work for all of us. Also I requested a candle ritual for my daughter L to improve her mood and find joy in life. She has now met a new friend who lives right down the street and they really get along great. – I came home from work the other day and she had fixed dinner and she was cleaning the house – what a wonderful wonderful gift that was! You and the Lab Spirits are a Light in the wilderness for all of us – it is so inspiring to read the testimonies from the other ESP Lab group. It makes me happy to hear how you have helped so many other people at the party this time around.!!” – P.J., North Carolina
“Your tape for regaining perfect eyesight really works. When I started using it my eyesight was so bad that I barely passed my drivers license. I can now read without glasses. Thank you.” – R.A., Idaho
“Wow, I am amazed at the speed of the ritual, the 7 days isn’t even up yet and I’m getting results. The closing departments finally sent us some options and so it appears that the deal on the house will finally be closing soon. We have been waiting over 6 months and have only been getting the run around which includes the bank wanting us to install a new septic system before we can close. This is insane. Now they are finally dropping the issue on the septic and all the ridiculous tests and seem to be allowing us to finally move forward. Some would say “just a coincidence” but I know and am a believer. You have helped me a lot over the years.” – R.R., New York
“I received your newsletter today. Thank you as always. The mini editorial by Al was jolting. You could not have been speaking more directly to me if I had been sitting across the table from you. It’s not the first time but this is jolting. I tell myself the newsletters are designed to be general and all inclusive of everyone. Then a word or sentence jumps out at me. I tell myself that I’m just tired or imagining … but I believe in magick.” – L.W., Colorado
“Thank you Al for many things you do for us members, encouragement, guidance, for helping us to help ourselves. I can really feel the difference after receiving the items I ordered. I can’t wait to order more lessons. My background made it more difficult to let go of the past uneffected practices. To let go to embrace new ides with old real magic and help from Spirit with a great Spirit Band. So my thanks again Al and your great Spirit Band.” – F.P., California
“I’m having some difficulty getting this letter together because the results of your work are so incredible. What a saintly heart you have for all the good that you do for so many people. I requested a psychic surgery for R re a developing lung disease. At the time he was on oxygen most all day and was very tired. Now he is quite rejuvenated and seems better every day. I have my secret life because if I say things like Spirit surgery, Spirit did this or that or I belong to ESP Lab – people look at me like I have 4 heads. I’m sure you understand.” – N.Q. New Jersey
“Al have you ever made a book of chants? Whenever I’m in a bind or I just need help I chant and sing the Eyes of Ishtar are upon me all day long, etc. Guess what It helps. I use it all the time. Thanks it was in one of your newsletters one time. It really lifts me out & up and I have also learned what whenever my Spirits friend tell me I do. You will never know how much they have helped and blessed me & I just love them. I am never lonesome with them.” – F.T., New Jersey
“Thank you for the Light Night for me & my daughter. She bought a house in a nice neighborhood right around the corner from the school which is a very nice place, The children like their new school and are very happy in their new home. They have made friends in the new neighborhood. Thank you because you did candles for her to help her make the move and find a nice home. Now I am enclosing a Candle Ritual request for me.” – R.C., Pennsylvania
“I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate all that you do for me. It’s like having an angel at my elbow. You are my only friend and protector. – I.Z., Oregon
“I returned home from Anguilla and am supposed to go to St. Kitts for a couple days. I am very contented & happy with all that you and my Spirit Friends have done for me. I want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. Things are very good for me in general, work and home. Thanks a million for all your protection and your help. I could not have done it without your help.” – S.A., St Michael, Barbados
“I wish to tell you how much I thank you & what you did for my brother. I asked for 2 intensives. He had a heart attack last year and they thought he might not make it. He is 85 now. I knew he would make it with your help. He called me the other day & was feeling so much better & is able to do work around the house. God bless. You are the greatest and I’m so grateful. Me and my husband (now deceased) joined 34 years ago. You have helped my family over the years and I’m so grateful.” – E.G., Arizona
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“It is here again when your powers work wonders for me. When I sent in on one of my important goals for the year I wrote that I want to get married. I met a good friend of mine that I have known since 1980. In December of 2003 we started a relationship amd he proposed to me and we got married on the 26th of February 2004. My husband is a very nice person of my kind and I know that these powers are coming from your Lab and the whole Spirit Team. I send a big thank you.” – M.B.L., St Ann, Jamaica
“My wife’s back is much better. Now I want two weeks of healing energy for her legs so she will not have to use a walker.” – J.L., Rhode Island
“What you have done for me has been so wonderful. My situation is much better now. God bless you and all who help you forever!” – R.D., Texas
“I have one suggestion. Your work and products are so good that I think your rates are too low. You might want to think of slight increases to some of them. I have been a member for a few years and have been blessed and helped by you in so many ways. I always feel comfortable working and asking for help. Will definitely buy your products and services and support the Lab.” – L.J., Illinois
“This is good news coming through. My wife and two kids have been invited for the interview in Lagos so now everything will depend in your hand with the Lab Spirits.” – Y.B., Florida
“Good news! L’s ‘wound’ is all gone! He woke up this morning and as he was dressing he noticed the small remaining scab had apparently fallen off and there was just this little red spot (like a mosquito bite) no blood no hole ALL GONE! It took 8 weeks instead of the family doctors predicted ‘4 – 5 months’ This pseudo graft was put on Jan 30th and you started super intensive treatment on Feb 2 and the rest is history. It doesn’t even have a noticeable scar – there’s just all this pink, smooth skin that filled in that awful puncture hole. The Spirit Band along with some Lab members who sent lots of Light really did a terrific job on this one.” – R.L., Pennsylvania
“We did an intensive treatment for my granddaughter for her drug problem. I’d say she is 90% better but I’m sending for a follow up treatment and maybe this time she will be completely cured. I know she is trying very hard in order to get her sons back but still needs more of your help. I know you are helping her because she is doing what she had never done before. She actually got a decent job and is WORKING.” – I.D., Texas
“Al, I want to tell you again that you’re the best ghost buster I know of. I contacted you with that pesky ghost problem and the very next day after we talked, the atmosphere had lifted. Whatever ghostly presences had been unwilling to leave my home before left my home with breakneck speed as soon as you got on it. Thank you so much. It was truly no fun to share my home with unwanted ghosts that on several occasions frightened me and made it almost impossible for me to relax, especially at night, because my fear became so great.” – A.B., Indiana
“Thanks Al and all my Spirit friends. You have truly really blessed me. This Spirit Band is something else (smile), you are all just great.” – F.T. New Jersey
“Well, Al, the super intensive treatment for K must have worked – he called me today! He wants to get together soon – thanks Al and Spirits. Your psychic work is the greatest as usual.” – E.J., New Jersey
“Last month I requested a 2 week intensive treatment with the dual purpose of my making some progress on the property’s repair before anyone in authority lowered the boom on me, and also the protection of the same property from intrusion. I’ve made progress on the first part – repair and a positive contact with a village official. But I’m requesting another 2 week intensive treatment for the purpose of protecting the property. While it seems the unlawful entries into our house have stopped, I’m still having problems with our neighbors to the south. My request is that their negativity be neutralized and they do no harm to our property. Thanks for all your help.” – N.R., Wisconsin
“Good news! Our daughter was accepted at U.C. Berkely for the fall semester. Thanks to you and your wonderful Lab helpers for making this possible. It is her dream (3 years of hard study) and the family’s. She will be the first in our family to attend a University.” -B.W., California
“I Requested intensive treatment to help me loose weight. So my appetite would only desire nutritious foods in amounts that my body would need to loose weight. That was great for 3 days. I was eating the right foods, no desire for sweets or high calorie foods. Then it went away. Please re-do whatever you did so that I can start losing weight again.” – L.C., South Carolina
“I would like to thank you for putting me on your prayer list. My test results came out OK & also my stocks have been going up.” – E.J. Louisiana
“Thank you very much for the ritual. The ‘fog’ around me has cleared and I can see how and I can see how to do things.” – F.S., California
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“I received your letter re: treatment for K my 16 year old granddaughter. When I wrote you she was not cooperative. The day I received your letter she changed, was discharged from the clinic. She agreed to home schooling, therapy and set a goal to go back to school in September. She is doing pretty good, she is working at a retirement community a couple of days a week, passed her driver’s test, works out at a gym, doing well in her schooling.” – R.D., Pennsylvania
“Just wanted to let you know how wonderfully things are going at the moment. Since your help with the candle ritual a while back things have moved along rapidly (with the help of the Spell for Impatient Lovers) and as of today I am flying out to my soulmate tomorrow to help him move back to my town where he has secured an excellent position and we can begin life together. The ‘roadblocks’ that appeared to be in the way at the beginning have all disappeared one at a time like melting snowflakes. I am still amazed and full of gratitude to you and the TexLab Spirits as well as my own Spirit Guides and of course the God & Goddess. I look forward to continuing to develop spiritually with all of you. Words just fail me when I consider my blessings and how my life has changed for the better.” – D.I., Georgia
“To start the year of the monkey in the first month I earned over $1,400 in bonuses, put an extra $14,000 in my bank accounts, paid off my automobile ($19,000 check going into the mail), paid off $25,000 in credit card debt, started exercising and am down a solid 8 pounds to start the year, have a dynamic new interaction with my altar.” – S.R., Colorado
“Please continue the intensive treatment for M’s same program for 2 more months. Thank you so much for everything you have done to help me and mine. You are absolutely FABULOUS.” – L.M., Kansas
“Being an angel to everyone where do you put your wings? I can’t begin to tell you how much you have helped me, more than you realize because I talk to you, ask you and send my love and appreciation quite often. Life here is better we have a new manager and I do receive my bank information now which I didn’t before. Also books don’t disappear. For all that has happened I am so grateful to you and Ishtar – I send you a thousand thanks – & for your letters.” – I.Z., Oregon
“I started using the Prosperity Chant about a week to 10 days ago. Yesterday I received a $14,000 per year raise. Thank you Gnomes & Trolls!” – K.M., Oklahoma
“Thanks for the candle ritual that was done for a money blessing. Soon afterward I found a $20 bill on the main street here and in New York City I was given a free “Metro Card” value of $4 (= 2 subway rides)as part of a sidewalk promotion for a bank that was opening a new branch. And 2 of the investment choices in my 401K started to return better results, one of them showing a profit for the first time in weeks. Most grateful for your help and attention to my requests; and for the humor in the monthly newsletter captions!” – B.C., New Jersey
“When I gave notice of my resignation my boss took it badly and thought I was trying to undermine him. You see, two other senior journalists had left in the 2 month period before me. He told the administrative department to cut my salary and cancel the annual leave owing to me. I appealed to the Minister in charge of my department, but I guess he sided with my boss and didn’t ever bother to reply to my missive. I then scheduled a meeting with a higher authority in the Seychelles public service (I was a public servant).In the meantime while my wife and daughter were in church for the midnight mass, I started a mass of my own with Ishtar & co. After touching the relative points on the Ishtar power symbol, I meditated and called on all the 8 energy transformers and my Spirit guides and teachers. They were all in a circle around me, with Abraxas above me and Puck running around in the circle as they sent their energies to me who was in the center. I then send Marduk’s blue Light to my boss, blasting him away in my mind, and again the same thing to the Minister. I also sent the blue Light from my throat to the higher authority who I was about to meet. I had a nice time partying with Spirit while trying to remove all the obstacles in my path. When the meeting came with the higher authority I had a surprisingly easy time, as the higher authority agreed entirely with my points of discussion. He phoned up my boss, and afer the conversation, told me that my boss was, simply said, an asshole who was just concerned about the salary and commissions being paid to me. He told me that my salary would not be cut, and my annual leave pay will be re-instated. What’s more as a happy fallout from my Spirit Party the 11 month rental allowance which was owed to me for about a year now, which I thought I will never get, finally came through. Well I’ll be blessed be! I did another party to thank my good friends in the astral and now here I am thanking you, Al, the ESP Lab for first introducing me to these super friends.” – K.E., Seychelles
“I sent in for a candle ritual before I went in for a capsascoy test because my pap smear test had been coming out abnormal. Well I took the test, my Gynecolgist did the procedure. When he checked me he saw the problem right off hand. He said that I had polyps on my cervix & the test for the polyps came out fine. Thanks for your prayers and may God continually bless you.” – E.J., Louisiana
“I just want to let you know that I pass my examine for radiologic technologist. My test went great, most of the things I’ve study were on there. You don’t know how much I appreciated your treatment. Thank you. I am full of joy and happiness, it’s a whole new life for me.” – C.B., Arizona
“Just a quick note to say Thank You for your response to my previous letter. You indicated that I was trying too hard, so I took your advice – I cut my daily routine way back, aiming for quality instead of quantity. Guess I was trying to do everything at the same time in an attempt to speed myself along my spiritual path, as I feel I have some catching up to do. I suppose I’m just too impatient. But, as you advised I made a concerted effort to let go & let Pan. The result? Enclosed is $400 which is your share of my winnings from a recent trip to Las Vegas. And that’s only one of several “interesting” things which have happened to me lately (I won’t go into it here) I still work on my daily Spirit contact, my rituals and affirmations and I don’t say it’s easy for me but I’m concentrating on making slow, deliberate progress. By trying to do everything at once, I must have been setting myself up for failure. And with regard to my friend in the drug abuse situation – there’s been a vast improvement in his ability to control things. There’s been quite a noticeable change in his behavior. Thanks once again for your help, for all the work you do, and for the help you give to others.” – D.L., California
“THANK YOU ONE MILLION TIMES FOR THE HELP. Everything went beautifully today, the interst has been reduced to $105.00 I did not even have to present a job letter. Thanks for the advice to borrow from the bank” – D.H., St Michael, Barbados
“I would like to send a BIG THANK YOU to all of your guys!! We;; my girlfriend is getting NO jail time at all. They are just giving her probation. I love you guys!! Thanks so much.” – D.C., New Jersey
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“The prayer cloth for my wife worked out real great. Her worker called about a half hour after we called you for the prayer cloth. She had tried for a week or two to contact her social worker and there was a cutoff period to stop the SSI. Thank you. I’m almost through reading your book “Eye of Newt in my Martini” I’m at page 146 – I couldn’t put it down once I started reading it. There were similarities in my life as yours. Prayer cloths are working as well. Thank you and Spirit working real well for me (us) wife & I. I awaken one night I saw the color blue around me so I know it was from you and Spirit helping me. Thank You.” – J.P., California
“Am I ever happy! It seems like the TexLab Spirits are really watching over me lately. Right off the bat I put a quarter in the slot machine, then turned to help a fellow patron and when I looked back there were flashing lights and I won 1,000 quarters. That’s $250! Then only 15 minutes before the tour bus was scheduled to leave I hit for 150 credits on one quarter. That’s $37.50 so all together I won $287.50. Enclosed you will find my tithe and a small extra. I feel a lot better these last few days, Al, and if Spirit sees fit for me to find female companionship now so much the better! But I try to be thankful and persevere and keep on keeping on. I really understand the significance of that metaphysical terminology. There is indeed something to it. – In gratitude.” – R.C., Wisconsin
“I just wanted to say thank you so much! Thank you, your friends, the TexLab Spirits and all who helped. My friend was in a dangerous situation in Durham, NC, I managed to get him from there to Asheville, NC, to Knoxville TN and finally all the way back to a safe place in Hawaii. I can’t tell you how much I truly appreciate all the effort and energy you put out there for him! He is now here in Hawaii, safe, warm and out of danger. There were some close calls out there, he has some damage to his feet from the cold, but overall it was a safe return. So he is back and we are going to both start to look for jobs. Again I work for a Temp agency, so the job that I had for the last 10 months just ended. Once again, thank you so much, Al, and friends. Your help and hope in my life makes all the difference.” – C.C., Hawaii
“Just like you said, S got the job from the last interview, yousure are good, Al! I feel so happy for her. Keep it up.” – D.H., St Michael, Barbados
“Please continue my intensive treatment for another month. I realize that these treatments are used for specific purposes but (in my case) they bring about a lot of positive changes in other areas, too.” – B.V., California
“Thank you once again for the treatments focusing on my getting help with the right doctor, the protection rites and the lawsuit settlement that’s still in litigation (by the way we’re hoping to get a large sum – with your help of course). The results with the doctor turned out WAY better than expected. As a result I’m going to a VERY special therapist to boot!!! She’s also a Reiki healer! Unbelievably she incorporated that into her therapy. She really focuses on using magnets (PT magnetics). Al, she’s just like us! So I guess it’s true, miracles really do happen. Please give me a little guidance since you know me so well. I really could use your support – I’ve been suffering for quite some time now and hopefully it will pay off in the end.” – B.J., Michigan
“I wish to give you some feedback – after the last candle ritual ended you had me on the Special Light for the month. It worked out real well for me especially at work because there seem to be some real negative people working there. Some of the residents were also negative and did try to give some problems to me and to other guards that have worked with me. That’s why I do so many candle rituals when they start up again. They try something than stop for a while than act up after some time later. I stay there because it pays better than other places to work.” – J.P., California
“This summer our avocado tree produced an abundant crop of large delicious fruit. I used your Nature Spirits of the Air jingle, then bathed the tree with a lot of Green Light & love from my heart center. “Nature Spirits of the air – bring us avocados and to spare – we use them well as you do see – so this request is right for thee.” The tree had never produced any avocados to mention since we moved here in 1967. Neighbors and family were amazed. It was a lot of fun and I didn’t say anything. There is a moral to this story. I learned about partnership. My end of the deal. The harvest and distribution part. From here on when I’m working for something, I’ll remember to think about what I’m going to do with it. I know Spirit was laughing. Thanks for the jingle – thought you might enjoy the story. Love,” – C.R., California
“Great news. Thank you so much for the very successful 7 day candle ritual for my aunt. I believe they say she was rushed to the hospital because she was bleeding internally (a condition brought on by the medication she was taking. Makes you wonder about synthetic medicine????) Anyway it was looking pretty grim for a minute, she was in ICU and we didn’t think she was going to make it because they put her on a life support system but miraculously ( thanks to your help, the TexLab Spirits and the ESP Lab Staff and God of course) she started to stabilize then a few days later she was opening her eyes and trying to talk but they still had the tubes in her lungs, etc….. my mom was shocked but I knew if anyone could help (and if it was meant to be) you and the TexLab Spirits and Staff could help tremendously They (the hospital staff) were even worried when they were having problems removing the tubes from her throat and lungs because of severe swelling (fearing she would not be able to breathe at all because her throat passage would close up completely once they removed the tubes from her throat.) But I told my mom not to worry and she would be all right. A few days later my mom called me at work ?completely amazed’ that they were able to remove the tubes without any complications and she was breathing normally and talking (whispering of course). My mom was wondering why I had so much “faith” that she would make it again. It was because if anyone could help her, the ESP Lab of Texas could. She’s still in ICU but she’s doing good.. I tell you joining the ESP Lab of Texas is the best thing I’ve ever done. I told her (my aunt) she’s got to come on up out of that hospital ?cause we’ve got a lottery to win, she’s my lottery partner. I’m still hoping for the best that she’ll be getting out of there soon. Again thank you so much for your very valuable help.” – M.W., Georgia
“I recently received the tapes I ordered from you. I got more that I expected and then some! I immediately felt uplifted. #24 Mantra Chanting & #25 Psychic Development. I don’t feel the depression that was with me for the longest time! They are worth much more than the modest price your charge. I have a more positive attitude about the present and the future. I even feel physically stronger.” – J.V., California
“Thanks a lot – your quick response and spiritual work really saved the day for T. The manager refused to sign the paper that said the missing money was T’s fault, instead he proceeded to help her look for the money. The money was found in the treasury where W & the other lady work. The matter is now resolved. They can’t talk about it anymore at the office. Thanks for all you have done and please continue to protect T.” – D.H., Barbados
“Thank you for the Super Intensive Treatment for L & P. I have seen wonderful results – now this one is for me.” – H.B., Texas
“I thank you for praying for my son to pass to the next grade. Well I would like you to know how he made it with flying colors. Once again thank you for your prayers.” – E.J., Louisiana
“My husband was home (laid off) for over a week. I asked for a candle ritual to help. Within 3 or 4 days he was asked to pick up again in his job (painting). Thank you for the wonderful success.” – L.E., California
“Thanks for helping me in my charmed life. I think that using your techniques has helped me find a lovely wife. We have been together for over 14 years & contact with the other side plus financially I do OK. You are a good quarter of a century ahead of most authors of self help books, you are a map maker. I’ve also had experiences where your books have fallen out of a bookshelf and opened at a relevant page, plus I’ve opened your books at random and received relevant information. Your books are great, my favorites are my first one which I bought in 1985 Universal Psychic Power, Magic of New Ishtar Power, Miracle Spiritology, White Witchcraft, Mighty Maverick. Wonderful stuff! It works. PS. I’ve just got a computer and I’m on the internet. I liked reading your autobiography ?Eye of Newt’ to see where you were coming from. I though the photo of you on the Unicorn was memorable. It’s easy to remember/visualize.” – E.F., Western Australia
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“Thank you so much for doing your “stuff”for the 2 most recent projects. I can already feel a huge boost in my own aura and that of my entire family. Those astral contortions that you guys do down there are almost palpable. A few months ago you gave my situation with my neighbors a zap and it worked beautifully. Al, your psychic and astral work is absolutely the most potent. If anybody can help me with my problems after all these years of nonsense, it’s you and your entourage of non- corporeal helpers! Thanks for everything that you’re doing!” – E.J, New Jersey
“M’s health has been quite good the past few months thanks to your Intensive Treatment. Thank you very much.” – J/M., Pennsylvania
“This is to let you know that in almost 35 years since I first wrote you at ESP Lab in Los Angeles I have never doubted you and I have always had faith in your work. I just wanted you to know that.” – H.S., Texas
“I must say that the Super Intensive Treatment w/Psychic Surgery certainly generates a lot of Spirit activity. You responded to my request on the 7th and said you were getting started. I received your letter on the 10th. Just as I was settling down to sleep on the 12th I became aware of an entity standing on the other side of my bedroom with hands folded in front of him as though he had been waiting patiently for my arrival. He reached into the folds of his caftan and withdrew this odd looking item. It looked like a glass tube or vial about the size of a piece of new blackboard chalk He held it between his thumb and middle finger I noted that it glowed with a bright purple Light. The figure seemed to glide toward me and the purple Light got brighter and brighter… and the next thing I knew I opened my eyes and it was almost 5:30 AM. The next night I had a different visitor. He was using a charcoal brazier with white hot coals and sprinkled an ice blue powder on them. I realized he had identified the inflamation agent present in my blood. The next night a young monk appeared on one wall and a Spirit called Silver Wolf on the other. They were working on the healing. And I woke up with a complete pre- operation menu. Slept soundly, woke up on time and went to the hospital. All went exceedingly well. Operation took only 1 1/4 hours instead of the estimated 2. I was released by noon and given a prescription for a moderate pain pill. Used about half of it then switched to an occasional tylenol. In 10 days I used and was able to discard my pain medicine, my cane, my stitches and it was decided NOT to send me for Physical Therapy at that time because I was doing so well without it. It has now been a month since the surgery. The 2 small incisions are almost invisible and aside from a little stiffness when I first stand up I am walking normally without assistance. Next visit with the surgeon is the 10th I’m sure he is going to be amazed at how skillfully HE did this ‘repair job’ on a knee that should have been replaced. My sincere thanks to you and your Spirit Band for a job well done.” – R.L., Pennsylvania
“We stayed 8 days in hospital and then at home. I wondered whether he would make water naturally and so it was. He regained his power of miccism and also his virility and the Dr told me he looked OK and added that this was not a common thing to everybody. The cardiologist made the same comment – looking at me as if wondering there was some hidden power…. All this has a sole explanation – YOUR HELP for what we feel immensely thanked.” – A.F., Buenos Aires Argentina
“Recently you did a candle ritual for my stocks to go up and I had a pain in my right side that wouldn’t go away. Well I would like to tell you that my stocks have been going up and the pain in my right side is not there.” – E.J., Louisiana
“To send praise and gratitude for last request = 7 day candle ritual for hearing problem. I can say WOW! I could feel a Spirit tinkering with my ears and the hearing problem is relieved or gone or much much better! So beyond gratitude is wonder. You have brought me new desire to learn and study. Again WOW! (See book order form)” – N.Q., New Jersey
“Thanks to you and your wonderful Lab workers our visit to my mom & other family members went off well – no insulting remarks from G. It was such a relief. I have been retired for a few years and want to have a couple of co-workers over for dinner. Please light a candle for the little event to be successful. I feel better already with you in my corner. God bless your work as always.” – D.L., California
“Last year I ordered your correspondence course A NEW LIGHT OF HELP FOR YOU. I started working my way through the lessons while I still lived in Texas. I had immediately powerful results with the Light attunement exercise. I have never experienced anything that in this life before. However when I got to the chapter on the Shiva principle I received a shock. I performed the Green Light attunement for unattachment towards all of my possessions. And my relationship with my father promptly disintegrated. I was staying in his house at the time, and the very same day I performed the attunement we got into a nearly violent conflict over money. My money at that. I gave it a day or two to work out and it did not. So I moved out. He was the last person in my old life that I was sentimentally attached to. I thought that losing my relationship with him was a total disaster. It really scared me. But I knew I couldn’t go back again either. It’s taken me pretty much all year to realize that this was a good thing that happened. I had to move on from all the people I used to know to be able to live the way I always knew I was supposed to live. The way I’ve always wanted to live. My life is 100 times better now. That’s not an overstatement, either. I really want to thank you for the help that came from your lesson in that correspondence course. The chapter on the Shiva principle in particular. (And for the help and support that I strongly suspect came from you yourself and the TexLab Spirits.) Again thanks a lot.” – J.K., Louisiana
“I must tell you – I asked you to do a treatment for my husband to stop the terrible headaches he was getting that we couldn’t stop. Well 2 days after I requested the treatment they stopped. Went away and he hasn’t been bothered since. Thank you so much & thanks to all and to all the TexLab Spirits too. Bless you all.” – A.K., Utah
“Thanks for your help. Because of you and our Spirit Friends I had no trouble at my meeting. One of the trouble makers was late. The other trouble maker was sleep and did not feel well (smile). Thanks again.” – F.T., New Jersey
“Spirit prompted me to send a praise report that the 2 Prayer Cloths are working really great. I can see the difference with and without them. The people who give trouble are quiet, cause no trouble. The back stabings are stopped. I don’t have to work more than 5 days a week, and I get sick days. I got my first part of my vacation and I will get the other part at Christmas week and one week after Christmas. My favorite time of the year and my best time to get together with family and grandchildren. Thank you.” – J.P., California
“Would you please do another Intensive Treatment for M. We appreciate your help so much & don’t know what we would do without your help. You are fabulous.” – L.M., Kansas
“Just to tell you O was operated on yesterday. He will remain in hospital 2 days more and me too. I’m doing some nursing works. Today he feels much better and very enthusiastic. Thanks, Al from the bottom of my heart.” – A.F., Argentina
“Last month you did a healing on my hand & legs. The swelling and most of the pain has decreased. Now I want more to get rid of varicose veins and spider veins.” – L.C., North Carolina
“Thanks for all your previous help. During the last intensive treatment, not only were we not harassed at home, but a $1400 small claims court case (baseless) that had gone against my father by default because he had no prior notice of the hearing was reopened and dismissed. I felt as though we were surrounded by good angels and you sent them to us! Many thanks and God bless you.” – N.R., Wisconsin
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“First I want to thank you for everything you have done for me and my family in the past and now in the present. Well the big news today was that my granddaughter S. got a marriage proposal in the newspaper. We were shocked. Then she got a big bouquet of roses from J when he picked her up and took her to church. The priest called her & J to the altar and J went on his knees and told her, here in the altar of God I’m asking you if you please be my wife, he was shaking real bad, S said yes. He put the ring on her finger. J had the ring blessed by 3 priests. (This is what I asked you for to happen and it did. You’re the best).” – H.S., Texas
“It is said and written that regardless of appearances, we want to look for the good. At this time the good for me is getting another opportunity to see your penned words on paper. Since way back from the first time to now when I see your penned words, your voice comes through. It’s warm, friendly, so very comforting and emanates an enveloping sense of ?safe & secure’ for me. Sometimes such as now – since last October really when the company sold out and laid off over 400 of us – when things feel alone, cold and unfriendly – as in Missouri – I play one of your tapes – I listen to your voice and the essence behind the words enfolds me in peace and love. I cherish a gentle, loving thought for you on the shrine of my heart. Spirit can take over. Light & love.” – H.C., Missouri
“I received your reading yesterday. Thank you for the Green Light, it’s so on now. On all levels the love career. I listened to the tape again and again I am so flattered that you can get a kick out of my wild side and I appreciate the fact that you and the ESP Lab and ESP Lab Spirits are in my corner. I will never forget it. So here we go more Red Light and I’ll be sure to add the Yellow solar plexus. Thanks” – D.W., Pennsylvania
“Thanks for the treatment for McC. He extended my contract for 7 months so at least I have a roof over my head while I put together the big project.” – S.M., Texas
“Your letter of response to me suggested a thank you thoughtform of the old ESP Lab in Los Angeles. Decided to make it real, and while sitting in a green chair in my bedroom formed a nice circle of chairs on Tuesday evenings. Read your newsletter editorial and meditation – Gave me the opportunity to welcome many loved ones in Spirit as well as others. The room gets pretty full at times. This last Tuesday I read your mini editorial for October and confusedly invited the Nature Spirits along with everyone else to our meditation. At first I didn’t realize what I’d done, except things weren’t going according to plan. It was like walking into church in the middle of a sermon with an entourage of tango dancers – trying to pretend nothing was strange. I kept my composure until this cute little gnome started teasing me by trying to peek under my skirt. I kept saying no no this is not acceptable behavior (smile) Then he hopped up on my right shoulder and began sending me the sweetest love and kisses. Finally I started laughing and this was about the most fun Party I’d been to in a while. Although quite unexpected.” – C.R., California
“Let’s take a very deep breath and while exhaling enjoy the reality of winning a jackpot of over $10,000.00. Yes, that’s a reality. We have won that jackpot at the town center casino. I want to thank all who have made it possible. The feeling is marvelous! It is as if all the expenses I incurred over my vacation have been recouped in full. I want to wrap it up into a happy party renewal. Thank you.” – J.L,, Seychelles
“I have some good news. As soon as I ordered your intensive treatment regarding F’s pension checks being delayed, a check arrived in the mail with a letter. The check was for 2 months pension payments and in the future they will be deposited directly as he requested. F & I are very happy…” – L.E., California
“I just wanted to drop you a note on my intestinal (gas) problem. Within minutes of receiving your fax the pain lessened and after I took the ‘gas x” you suggested the pain just left and hasn’t returned. Thanks for the quick response & diagnosis. It was sure good to know & not have to be at the mercy of the AMA & emergency room in hospital care.” – R.S., New Jersey
“The Intensive Treatment I had for a lying neighbor causing me trouble is starting to work. She ran her mouth at a judge WAY too far, and he caught on to her B.S. I’m ordering another month of intensive treatment to clear up the rest of the mess she has caused (lies and rumors to neighbors, my employer, city officials, etc.). Thanks for the help.” – A.M., Ohio
“I heard from N yesterday. He sounded well and says he has been extremely busy with the catering truck business he runs with his dad. It appears that during his LONG absence from work he was not on drugs, rather he had been forced to complete some unfinished business. His past history of drug use had everyone – especially his family – believing that was the problem. Medical tests confirmed that he was telling the truth. Medical tests also revealed that he has a chemical imbalance causing a panic disorder for which he is now taking medication, He had been under extreme stress, became quite ill, but is recovering nicely and now able to put in a full day’s work. Thank you for all your help.” – M.B., Florida
“I had to chuckle when you say that you are looking for the letter with how people are treating me cause in trying to keep it short I left out the most important part. Al. People are treating me better even in my home, people that I didn’t (some for years) are contacting me now. I get work from people I never work for. I can’t complain cause the bills are paid and I have groceries. Sorry about not explaining all that.” – A.H., Barbados
“I’m really pleased about my Pan/Ishtar power cloth. This time I managed not to lose it (he he). I asked for a power cloth for prosperity and growth of my new part time Jewelry business. I sold $1,000.00 worth of jewelry in less than 6 weeks. Thanks for your help. I also used Ishtar’s point of contact page from the Magic of new Ishtar Power book. That is a great book. I’d like another one of your books of course…..” – D.B., New Jersey
“This evening when I made my contact and sent Light & love to my Spirit Friends They responded by bringing me such a wonderful outpouring of love. If you can imagine feelings so strong that you just want to wallow in it all the time. It was awesome. When I asked Nergal to charge my aura and beingness with personal magnetism and attraction Al. He responded and it felt so very powerful. I don’t want to bore you, but it is good and most of all I am enjoying it.” – D.H., Barbados
“I could kick myself for not requesting the refinance from the mortgage company sooner. But we are winning big! I should save about $30,000 on the mortgage. Thanks for your miracle work. Having the mortgage paid off at age 69 instead of age 82 is just great.” – H.K.. California
“I called in for a candle ritual for a relative who had a heart attack. She’s out of the hospital and doing better. Also I asked for help for my brother who lost his balance and fell backward. He is doing much better. You are always there to help me. Thanks Al and Spirit Friends.” – E.G., Arizona
“The candle ritual you did for me last year did very good. The people who are buying our place in Anchorage have started paying us monthly. Thank you & Spirit Friends so very much.” – J.R., Alaska
“I shouldn’t put this on paper, my late husband was a severe diabetic and my life revolved around him. Do not regret it, however there are a few things I have to say. I have been tied down for 20 years and this new freedom is something I must try and experiment with. No devious agenda intended. This period is very crucial for me and my freedom, and should not be at the expense of broken hearts or hatred of people toward me. Because I am free these words are so precious to me. I will keep in touch with you and the Lab as I did for many years. You will never know how much help, love and prosperity I received. Thank you Al for being there for us all this time.” – D.O., Florida
“Please find enclosed for monthly dues & Pan/Ishtar Power Cloth for Sex, Love & friendship. I got good results with the last one. Keep up the positive results! Thanks.” – R.B., California
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“Many months ago I was in distress regarding my finances. I came to you with no money and no hope. Nevertheless you still helped me out. I got out of the bad scenario that I once was in with my bank thanks to your work! I’ve been so busy with work but I wanted to formally thank you very much for helping me a thousand times over! May the kind Spirits always be with you.!” – C.C., Illinois
“I wrote requesting 1 week candle ritual for healing of my lower back pain. Shortly thereafter the pain and discomfort dissipated, then disappeared and didn’t come back! I must say thank you.” – B.C., New Jersey
“Hi my friend, my buddy, my ministering angel! Your book, “Let Spirit Shift You Into the Winning Dimension NOW!’ is wonderful! I honestly feel I’ve got a new grip on life or the old R is back! My mind is just plain racing at the present with at least a thousand words to describe the joy I feel. I read the book earlier in the month (and re-reading it) and actually put into implementation the principles contained therein. Remember I was de-moralized after the affair I had with S and my spiritual life had become sluggish. But when I took and embraced you and the TexLab Spirits and had that first cuddle….Wow! Zounds! Zappo! I felt the goosebumps from cuddling. I created my Taunting Doubt Zapper thoughtform system and it’s been working great. On page 20 you stated “let’s hear that you have hit the big win column big time!” Well I have……” – R.C., Wisconsin
“Just wanted to give you an update on tangible results from my work with the Spirit Band. When I was younger I was a professional singer. I gave it up for about 15 years, then recently got back into it. (As an aside I’m very interested in the metaphysics of sound, healing with sound, etc) When I first started to perform again I found I was very nervous. I didn’t have this fear when I was younger, and it really got in the way. At my last recital I took time to say hello to my Spirit Band, really get a sense of them being there with me and ask for their help in singing. I wanted not only to perform comfortably but to reach a new level of communication with the audience. It was very successful! I felt more at peace than I had before and was really able to have my attention on the meaning of the music & what it communicated. Everyone who heard me was very complimentary afterwards. Thanks to you and the Sirits! (They got a big thank you at my altar afterwards, too.)” – B.V., California
“A couple of weeks ago I asked you to assist me with sending some Lights to a friend of mine who had an interview, but was a pack of nerves. I am thankful that you did join me in sending the Lights to her. She did not get the job she applied for but a higher position. I am sooooo happy for her and I want to say thank you one hundred time for those Lights. This will assist her in getting her own home.” – J.D., St Michael, Barbados
“Your power cloth for fighting my property tax appraisal was a big help. Instead of raising the value 11% they agreed to only raise it 3%.” – P.J., Texas
“I just wanted to tell you that I’ve gotten really good results from your Gnostic Magic book I bought. I’ve cleared away lots of confusion and am a much happier person now. I think all of your work is fascinating and I’m eager to explore it. I would like to meet your pet leprechaun someday. I think it would be cool if I had one, too.” – J.B., Oregon
“Your dimension shift deal for my neighbors was the best! I talked to both the brother and sister within 2 hours of each other! That was better than I could have hoped for! Thank you so much for your help with that! Your psychic work is the absolute GREATEST! – E.J., New Jersey
“I don’t know how the heck you do it! You were right – success! I had to sweeten the deal a little but nothing major. The sellers accepted and I have a VERY nice new home, a BIG trade up from where I live now. (Mom will enjoy visiting there.)” – A.L, New York
“Hi! The candle service I requested was very successful! Our auto insurance company agreed to reverse the auto rate increase where they had doubled our premium payments due to a mistake. Thank you we are very grateful.” – L.E., California
“Last month I requested a Pan/Ishtar Power Cloth for winning some money – I went to the Bahamas & won & won & won. Thank you and the Lab Staff. It worked. Keep up the good work. Here’s the Lab’s share.” – L.J., Illinois
“On the 4th of the month I asked for help via the 7 day candle ritual and two week intensive for a major turn around in my commodities business. Things happened immediately. I felt a calming force and saw my commodities growing the first few hours after faxing my request to you and your Staff. On the 4th my account was at approximately $6,300 and went up to $20,500. I call this a miracle right on as the $20,000 is the investment capital I work with and to see it come back plus profit was just what I had asked for. I also through my continuing work found the reference points I seemed to have temporarily lost coming back. A definite lesson from Spirit teaching me to reach out when I need help. That I truly have a gift to do the work I get to do, and have the opportunity to experience the Spirit help. Al, you live the books and principles you write about and I thank you.” – J.M., Georgia
“I’d like to try the super intensive treatment 1 month for my lumbar spine area. Also hands & wrists. Previous intensive treatment for my back has made life and activities so much better.” – C.R., California
“Would you please continue the intensive treatment for another 2 months for M & his job & drug problem – that he keeps his job and has a good attitude & makes good decisions and whatever was on the last request. Thank you dearly, these last 2 months have been super! Thank you, thank you for everything you have done to help me and my family! Thank God for you!” – L.M., Kansas
“Wanted to let you know the great news. Last week I had asked you to start a 7-day candle because I submitted an application for an apartment and was worried about my credit report. Well guess what??? I am going today to sign my lease for that apartment TODAY! Thanks a million.” – W.V., New York
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“My work with Universal Psychic Power continues in an interesting way. I’ve made the 3 permanent thoughtforms and my monitor control box plus a couple of aura thoughtforms. Everything is hooked up on automatic. I’m getting pretty good at seeing the whitish part of my ‘surround’ and even can make out the cone of power in back. I can feel it and my husband says he can start feeling it from about 4 feet away.” M.G., Iowa
“The formal purchase is complete. PP is mine. Yeeehaaaa! Happy, less stressful money drenched fun times ahead! The champagne here flows freely! We’re all partying, too! Spirit and Astral Al included of course! My dad is doing much better, too. Out of the hospital and no need for surgery at all! The 7 day candle ritual worked wonders! We celebrated his birthday on Saturday and had a wonderful time with dinner and cake. Thanks ever so much as always Al! Cheers!” H.S., New Jersey
“This is to inform you that the Pan/Ishtar Power Cloth has been magnificent!!! During retrograde period the weird stuff resolved itself. There are no words to explain the love and joy of seeing the negative slings at work just dissolving into nothing. So it is with great L.E., California
“Many thanks for all your help over the years. The last time you performed a ritual for me I requested that the building inspector at our present location would ease up. He hasn’t been here in 5 months, even after I tried to set up an appointment with him. (Knock wood, hope it’s all over) Additionally the building inspector in the other town hasn’t shown up since either – even though I hadn’t even mentioned him in my request to you!” M.R., Wisconsin
“On the 6th you did a candle ritual for me for family happiness. On the 9th my wife got an OK for a job at the medical center. On the 10th I got an OK for a job at a supermarket. On the 12th my wife started work at the medical center. On the 14th I started work at the supermarket. I know I’m late in thanking you. So thanks!” T.D., Missouri
“Thank you very much for the super intensive treatment. The financial problem I referred to is settled! And has saved me money which will be much better spent elsewhere. I’m working on my spiritual practices and certainly find your guidance very helpful. Best wishes.” J.N., New Mexico
“The last time I contacted you I was having trouble with the builder for my home. It’s finally done Yippee! And thank you. I just found your book, ‘the Miracle of Universal Psychic Power’ And I must say Bravo! It is enlightening, empowering and just all around great. The biggest thing I have a problem with us envisioning one thing at a time. I have also been tracing my family background and have come upon one side of my family that allegedly studied Gnostic Magic and am having a difficult time finding information. I have found that you have written a book on Gnostic Magic but I cannot remember the name and is it still in print? Once again thank you for all that you do for so many of us. You are superb!” L.D., Pennsylvania
“I want to let you know that I asked you to do a special intensive treatment for my husband to find a job since he has been out of work for almost a year. Last week he got two offers and will be going to work this week. Thank you so much. This stuff does work.” L.J., Illinois
“Thanks ever so much to you and all at the Lab. My mother and A arrived safely in Barbados and their luggage was not searched. Al, truly you and all in Spirit are indeed a wonderful help to me and my family.” A.H., St. John. Barbados
“Thank you so very much for the Candle Ritual for my daughter to heal the obstruction. She is doing great. Thanks again. I appreciate all you do. May God continue to bless you.” – M.R., Tennessee
“Incredible news about my dad – they discovered he had total kidney failure as a reaction to his recent mishaps and moved him to the critical care unit yesterday for close monitoring and intensive treatment. Just one day later they are now moving him back to a regular room; the kidney failure is behind him…elapsed time 24 hours! What’s more amazing still is the he underwent pretty major surgery earlier in the day to replace his defibulator. Your candle treatment is unquestionably having a wonderful effect on his recovery. Yeeeeha! Full speed ahead!” – H.S., New Jersey
“Listen I can walk today did you send me a Spirit Chiropractor? Because I woke up today which is Friday and I can walk again. In fact I finally went to the bathroom a little bit and woke up with a lot of energy. And so went over to the doctor’s office and got my note to return to work. It was a very nice surprise to wake up and be able to walk again.” – M.P., Texas
“First I’d like to say THANK YOU for the “Super Intensive Treatment” for my father to get social security and disability. HE GOT HIS SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS. $858 per month. Man your results were SUPER FAST. I guess that’s why you call it the “Super Intensive Treatment.” And also I requested that he use the money wisely … guess what I sent the request to you on the 18th and on the 31st he came into the kitchen while I was on the computer and started talking about he was real eager to start paying off bills, he’s even been doing odds & ends jobs to help out around the house and he gave my mom $100. A big plus in her social security situation is the social security administration said that my mom will be receiving an increase in her current social security benefits as well. THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I’m so, so glad I joined the ESP Lab of Texas. It’s sure good to know you can get REAL HELP when you need it.” – M.B., Georgiia
“I had requested a couple of candle rituals for ’emotional sufficiency’ following my mother’s death. That may sound like a vague request, but whatever you did was very effective. Found myself more than able to weather the additional stressors of legal jockeying w/ the estate at a time when my mainstay of emotional support had passed away. It was also important that I not be vulnerable during that time to the disappointments of B or to the pressures of work. People ask me ‘How do you do it?’ and I can only answer ‘I don’t know, but I’m just fine and it’s a lovely day besides.'” – A.L., New York
” I did get a job at the $10 rate with an increase when I go permanent. I did notice that when the intensive treatment was on I got a good number of interviews which culminated in a job offer. Well, I knew your intensive treatment would work, it was just a matter of time like you said. Well done Big Al – J.P., California
“I want to let you know the power cloth to increase my witch power worked well and the numbers are fine. The 286 you gave me came out, but I missed it. Anyway I am grateful for your input and help. Let’s win Big Al!!! ” – R.H., Ohio
“Just wanted to thank you for the Super Magneto/Psyonic Treatment. O has toned down considerably since then and as of today I officially qualified for early retirement. Because I’m still a little less than 4 years from full benefits, I won’t retire just yet, but it’s nice to have cleared that hurdle.” – G.C., Oklahoma
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“That friend of mine you helped is completely better and she is out of the hospital and went back to San Francisco. Thanks a million.” – N.W., Oregon
“You will be pleased as I am to hear that I finished my stuck paper. The energy came and I decided to ride on it and finish the work late into the morning. Thank you.” – R.C., Connecticut
“I have some fun and humorous feedback on the results of the Super Intensive Treatment I requested for a marriage proposal from B. This delights me and I hope you enjoy it too. The treatment had a powerful effect. I’ll be honest – what I was hoping for was ,er, a marriage proposal. Instead B had an uncharacteristic flurry of domestic energy and began coming to my house and shoveling snow, cleaning, painting and repairing things while I was at work! It’s like he knew he wanted to do SOMETHING this month but wasn’t exactly sure WHAT. The nesting instinct was perfect. Fine tuning it can be one of our next projects. I think we’re on the right track, and you know the house is looking pretty darned good.” – A.L., New York
“I am giving you thanks for all that you have done for me in my mini mart. I have high praise to you and my wonderful Spirit Friends for all things that have worked wonders for me. There was a man who was a member of the Citizens Association was asked by the teachers and the sponsoring body of the association to step down from his position and I was elected for his position as treasurer on the board of directors. Thanks for you all I know you are the best.” – M.B., St Ann, Jamaica
“I’ve never shared this one with you. It happened a while back but it’s a goody. I’d been doing the Pan Party ritual for a few days from “Rainbows Falling on My Head.” I was still a bit unsure as to whether things were progressing or not. I remember I contacted you for a treatment to give things a boost. Then on the second day I think something happened. It wasn’t like a biblical miracle or anything but it was damn cool. I was walking down the sidewalk in the main section of a small town several miles east of me when I heard a plop on the sidewalk. About four to five feet in front of me and to my right was a wad full of money! I looked and it was just a roll of cash with no identification or anything else with it. The strange part is I heard it hit the ground right before I looked and noticed it. Yet there was not a person anywhere remotely near the area who could have dropped it. On that particular day the town was as desolate as I’ve ever seen it. No cars parked nearby the curb where it dropped. No nearby roofs, windows or anything overhead it could have fallen from. There was nobody on the sidewalk and no cars driving by. And I was too far away for it to have fallen out of MY pocket. (And I’m certain it wasn’t there to begin with) It literally appeared to have dropped out of nowhere – like manna from the heavens! To this day I have yet to come up with a rational explanation for that one. Moneywise it was no major windfall but to me it was symbolic and timely.” – P.C. Washington
“We went to the hospital last Sat. And Dr M saw O and was greatly surprised to see him so well. The ‘nut’ almost jumped like a goat thinking he had cured him. Really he didn’t do anything. You were in charge of this case but I pretended to ‘flatter’ him and he was so proud he had an Xray plate taken and a new electrocardiogram. The result was a felicitation (for You) that the water in his lungs disappeared completely. A lot of thanks Al! O is in your hands.” – A.F., Argentina
“Thanks to you and your Lab workers my girls are quite decent to each other now. And I have to tell you about my special Light night. I was experiencing so much fussing with my husband and that night he snapped out of it. Thank you so much.” – D.L., California
“On the second day of Chinese New Year I won in the lottery. Here is Spirit’s share of my 4D winnings $72 Thank you.” – HYC, Singapore
“Thank you so much for your positive vibes. Wonderful things have been happening – my career is blossoming and I feel like I’ve been reborn. Things are going much better on the job and I am starting a new business. In addition to this my personal writing projects are going so much better. I feel almost as if I’ve won the lottery. When you pray, Rev Al, the Universe listens.” – V.B., New York
“I bought a 50 cent pick three ticket on 777 and won $250! Thanks to all who helped.” – R.C. Wisconsin
“Some feedback from the candles you did for us. My daughter, R, has got a full time job at the super market. It is night work but it pleases her. She loves working at night. As to M & his wife, he was able to go visit with his little boy. They may or may not get back together. We’ll leave that to Spirit.” – R.C., Pennsylvania
“The Pan/Ishtar power cloth was wonderful!!! I began the greeting training and was relaxed and confident. Even with a couple of people trying to block my progress. I have been cleared by the supervisor to greet school groups. Being new to this and with the paperwork involved I am requesting a new power cloth for continued good luck and success in this work.” – L.E., California
“This is an update on the candle rituals for my sons, K & E. K is now working more hours at the fast food restaurant. E had court hearing for his traffic violations – non functioning headlight and expired auto insurance. When he went for his court date those things had been corrected. Therefore he was fined $500 plus court costs. The judge withheld $100 because of his compliance. Last Monday he began work at a fast food restaurant as trainee manager. He is happy and so am I – Whew! – B.S., Missouri
“Wanted to thank you for the last minute Intensive Treatment I requested. Everything went really well – always knew I had a father out there, but we never met until Sunday. Wasn’t even exactly sure where he was – so when my mom was in the ICU I wrote him and sent it to his old family home here care of his brother there. Signed it “Your Daughter” C. Give him time to get used to the idea, which I knew would be a shock, but less in written form. Afterwards he phoned me and set up a meeting. Just when we got to the cottage things went wonderful, about as good as it could. You see I lost both my parents, mother in law, & favorite uncle all this year – only weeks apart, which is why I wrote now. Anyhow he wanted me to fill him in on why they broke up so fast and mom quickly married another – was pregnant! He was young – no money -all excited about music school in New York, etc. He claims he didn’t know I was his daughter. Phoned last Sunday for our anniversary he said. Sounds positive! Asked if I could phone him and he gave me his number. That tells me he wants contact. Thanks again.” – C.A., Pennsylvania
“The super intensive treatment for winning the favor of managers at work was a stunning success! Layoff averted, obstacles removed, responsibilities enhanced. I could go on but you get the idea.” – A.L., New York
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“I want you to know of the great debt of gratitude I owe you. Almost 10 years ago I stumbled upon ‘Help Yourself with Psycho Cosmic Power’ at a public library. I am now a Buddhist priest who’s deity is Avalokiteshvara: he who is invoked with Om Mani Padme Hum. You, sir, put me on the path, thank you. May your happiness, health and productivity know no bounds. Om Mani Padme Hum.” – O.L., California
“Loving hello to you. I want to share with you that the two Pan/Ishtar power cloths worked wonderfully. The first one I wore a month ago was great. We had the annual meeting at work. There were games and I won a race with a co-worker, It was so much fun. I felt protected from some mischievous tricks a couple of people were up to. The second one I am still wearing and feel luckier having it on.” – L.E., California
“Just to give you an update on my daughter, R: She got a full time position with Pathmark Supermarket. She was able to quit the one part time job and can now focus on ONE job. She makes more money with the full time job than she was making with two part time jobs. She also gets time and a half for Sunday. I thought she would get another totally different job with this candle. But I must remember that what we think people should do is not always what is best for them. My daughter is happy with her position. Thanks for all you and the Spirit Band did for her.” – R.C., Pennsylvania
“I was tapped out on my credit cards. Did the White Unicorn ritual this morning – had money available on my cards. Thanks.” – F.G., New York
“Back in the ’70’s in some of the classes at ESP Lab you discussed how things we think and experience gather around our bodies in layers. There was a ritual in one of your books where I unpeeled an onion, layer by layer, into an urn of burning charcoal ending by untwisting a piece of string and burning that also. In March of ’72 I underwent a serious surgery. During the surgery I left my body and traveled to the other side. As I traveled at a high rate of speed through a tunnel all my life experiences peeled away just as I had unpeeled the onion during the ritual. Upon reaching the end of the tunnel I was completely free of any thought or experience. Just dancing and twirling around happily and joyfully. At the end of the surgery I was drawn back through the same tunnel, picking up each layer that had been unpeeled. Awakening with all my faculties and a bit of pain. Evidently that was one of your lessons that I really took to heart. In your recent editorials, between the lines, I sense a similar message.” C.R., California
“Hi! I am enjoying ‘A New Light of Help for You’ thanks for the course and the response to my ESP test. Thank you also for the prayers of Light. Here comes the positive feedback. First week was White Light. Amazing! I achieved cosmic consciousness on the third day (and the fourth & fifth). Also I had no idea how REAL the Light is. It took 3 days to get my head out of the clouds. I also achieved consciousness with the Blue Light (just for fun) the White Light chant helped, too. Week 2 was Red Light. Red Light is really cool but watch out! I was kind of scared to achieve consciousness with the Red, so I didn’t do it yet. However I did the exercise with the Red Light for the whole week. I had so much energy by the end of the week that I stayed awake (and active) for 2 days. I had to balance my Red Light exercise with extra White Light. I am currently working on week three Orange Light. I am certainthat it will go well and I will keep sending feedback.” J.K., Texas
“Your talking about the Light is a revelation to me. I was aware of how the Light helps but I had no idea how it cleans. Wonderful things, Al! I am interacting with Spirit (fun, jokes, talk) all the time and I really feel a difference. The full beauty of what is happening is slowly dawning on me. Incredible, powerful magick is at work and we’re turning the corner to majestic, awesome and wonderful things even now. Please continue all the great work you do. So many other people can benefit from it.” H.S., New Jersey
“It appears that after I requested the Intensive Treatment another serious matter has occurred. First I want to say that the Intensive Treatment worked very well. As a result the supervisor who was trying to get my job taken away from me was fired during the time of the 2 week ritual….” R.G., Arkansas
“Last month I placed my name for the White Light prayer Light. Since that time people I am barely acquainted with have come to me an offered information that I was vitally concerned with. This has happened every week this month” J,S., Texas
“A few months ago I requested some of your services for myself and my uncle. Just letting you know that his recovery was nothing short of a miracle. Thank you and friends at the Lab.” N.J., New York
“This is a feedback on the recent intensive treatment you did for my son. The judge dropped one of the charges and sentenced him to a $500 fine plus court costs. We won that one! It was a toughie, too.” B.S., Missouri
“Thanks for the candle ritual that you have done. My house is now SOLD. It is great miracles!!!” N.N., Seychelles
“Just want you to know that Billy is better than ever now and I am sending you much love and a world full of thanks and gratitude for the 7 day candle I requested for him. In the N.L.H.Y course I distinctly heard ‘God and man are one,’ during one of the Light meditations. WoW! Also I kept seeing a huge ‘beetle’ and couldn’t figure that out until I got your follow up course. Thanks, now I know thoughtforms. I believe mine are gaining power and momentum.” K.H., Florida
“I’m coming to Texas for the class! Wonderful things have been happening….. small yet lovely improvements to every aspect of life. My learning and evolving is continuous. Wow! This is great stuff! I’m very much looking forward to meeting you on Friday. I’ve got a few metaphysical questions that I am sure you can answer. They’ll fill in some blanks for me and make the fuzzy a bit more clear based on my accumulated experiences and observations over the years. Ps. I got all 3 Life Membership Certificates. I got a nice charge when I got your email confirming arrival of my membership check and a nice jolt when the certificates came. There’s something might fine imbued in the paper!” H.S., New Jersey
“Thanks for the 7 day candle rituals from last month! I really felt the energy shift! These 7 day blasts really work wonders! Here we go again – 5 more candle rituals” E.J., New Jersey
“Hallelujah! The doctor found O. OK – no operation, no by pass only cholesterol and uric acid which have to be controlled – severe diet – he continues working. The doctor was greatly surprised! Thanks Al from the bottom of our heart!” A.F., Argentina
“The healing work you performed for my friend’s daughter who had severe Staph infection that the doctors couldn’t cure was very successful. She is out of the hospital, walking and has resumed her normal activities. She is completely healed. Thanks again Al for your wonderful work.” N.W., Oregon
“Hurray and thank you very much. I am starting the new job you advised me on recently on Thursday this week. I was surprised to find out I had been chosen out of 26 candidates. Thank you. Thank you.” M.S. Florida
“I got final approval for my start-up capital! You are amazing! I was sure I wouldn’t be approved – and that didn’t need to use our collateral either!” J.C., Ohio
“You’ll be glad to know that the candle ritual was a SUCCESS! Before you started the candle ritual J had been having really bad luck finding the internships he needed so that he could stay in this country. (He’s not a citizen) A few days after you started the candle ritual he got a much better position than we could have imagined! The hours are very flexible & the experience will be invaluable. Best of all since he’s gotten the internships his visa is secure for now. Thanks very much for your help!” B.V., California
“Since I bought this condo that washroom has been a pain in my but! Tonight it flooded so I had to clean it up quickly so there was no leaking downstairs and the estimate to have it tonight is $200. This is one of those things you just can’t put off. The funny thing is a few weeks ago I had a dream of something similar happening but in the dream it was much worse. So that helps. But here’s the good part. I got it cleaned up so quickly and got in a plumber quickly who was fast AND seemingly good. By the time my condo corp got up to ask if there was a problem I had even already showered. Nope there was not a problem in sight! A big thank you to Spirit for saving me about $500 tonight!” D.G., Ontario, Canada
“Al, thank you for assuring me about the knot on my breast where I was hurt in an auto accident and on my right knee. Still bruises I am feeling a little better. The candle ritual my son called in the day after the auto wreck is helping. This means a lot to us to have help from the Lab. I am 81 but still have a lot of energy. The nurses in the hospital where I was couldn’t believe that I did not take medicine. I only take vitamins and herbs. Al, you really did help me get rid of my fears. God bless.” E.G., Life Member 33 years, Arizona
“Thanks for everything. I love your books and your organization. Now that I’ve joined, I couldn’t be without ESP Lab! With love, blessings & gratitude.” E.J., Life Member, New Jersey
“How can I begin? The seven day Ritual you did for me and my music went just perfect. I can see certain things lay out before me have been placed there by my Spirits. I feel strong wind whispering into my ear to follow the feathers that I’ve seen on my path. I took some time and I did some talking to my songs they tell me they want to try the next step Intensive Treatment for a month. So let’s see my songs and me self can do to put more smiles about.” M.S., Virginia
“Hello Al! Truly your services are the greatest!!! My daughter who recently requested your intensive treatment just tole me that her employer removed a negative report regarding L having been late in the past & they do not want to lose her as a great employee because they realized many times others called in sick or couldn’t show, L was available. She is very happy regarding this great outcome. I wanted to send you this feedback on your service success.” L.E., California
“It was so nice to get the test results and know beyond a shadow of a doubt I’M NOT CRAZY! As my family constantly told me. I’m wearing the biggest smile and determined to excavate all the old abilities I had as a child. I trust this is the beginning of a wonderful journey in finding myself with the help of my ESP Lab. By the way Mr Manning I have to tell you this. I was listening to the psychic development exercise and doing what it said when I couldn’t seem to concentrate on what I was supposed to be doing. All of a sudden I got this hand on my shoulder and in my mind it said to pay attention and get focused., very gently of course. Well it startled me because I was having a hot bath at the time. I certainly paid attention after that happened. Spirit certainly has a humorous side. Thank you in advance for everything. My love Light and my big smile go out to you.” E.D., Ontario, Canada
I’ve got some feedback for you on one of the newsletters I passed on to a friend. This fellow who will be 22 at the end of this month just started working/playing with ‘Pagan Stuff’ as he calls it about a year ago. He sorta looks at me as his teacher. He asked me how I got started in all of these things so I told him about the ESP Lab newsletter. I told him I worked with it around 20 years ago. To make a long story shorter … he hardly even used the newsletter … and here are some of his results: TRIPLE OR MORE HOURS AT HIS JOB (he’s a dishwasher) OLD FRIENDS HE WAS SURE DIDN’T CARE ABOUT HIM JUST STARTED SHOWING UP, BETTER ENERGY/HEALTH IN GENERAL, HIM AND HIS DAD ARE GETTING ALONG MUCH BETTER, HIS DREAMS ARE BECOMING CLEARER AND LONGER, HE IS ALREADY THINKING OF BECOMING A LIFE MEMBER OF THE LAB. All this in less than one month!!!!! Needless to say Al, he thinks you and the Lab are way/very COOOOOL! R.R., Pennsylvania
“The power cloth for finding my grandmother’s earring worked great!” P.J., Texas
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“The check arrived today – $772,471.80. It took exactly one month from the day I submitted the invoice to get it. While checks usually take 10-12 days to arrive I imagine this one took longer because it’s much larger than average. Yeeeeeha! After all costs are factored in I still made a chunk of cash which can be dubbed nothing less than ?life changing.’! I have a list of ?thank yous’ to make. 1) Thanks for pumping the energy on! 2) Thanks to the TexLab Spirit Band for lending a hand! 3) Thanks for assisting me with the major breakthroughs I’ve made over the past several weeks! 3a) I can’t stress enough how much cleaner, healthier, nicer & happier my environment is since we cleaned up! What I have gained cannot be measured in money. I am still ?processing’ all that I have learned – it spans 15 years! 4) Thank you for mailing me TexLab newsletters every few months and persisting! What if I didn’t get that May 2002 mailing…? Many more thanks of a general and warm nature from me to you and your entire band ofmerry makers! Let’s take a brief rest, celebrate a bit then move on to Mission Two. When we bring that home it’s time for you & me to sit together and co author a book! Or something! More people have to hear about this stuff!!! – H.S., New Jersey
“It is a pleasure to write to you and your Lab Staff about the wonderful works that have been done to me through your powers. I have opened my grocery shop and pastry and they are doing good! The first week I started I make two thousand a day the second week I make four thousand a day, the third week I make eight thousand a day, sometimes 9 thousand. Things are getting better and better.” – M.B., St Ann, Jamaica
“Thank you so much for your help for B, us and our rental house. Your help with the 7 day candle ritual do wonders to the rental house. The tenants seem to be nice people, signed the contract and moved in last Tuesday. Thank you Al.” – R & L. S., Virginia
“The entire group had a wonderful time in Trinidad and we all came back through customs like a breeze. Thanks a million for all the help.” – S.A., Barbados
“Thanks for the healing for my immune system problems and the lymph gland treatment. It ran a lot of foul material out of my system and through my skin “. – J.S., Texas
“I asked for 3 candle rituals for my daughter to be healed. She had tests for cancer & they all came back OK. Thank you and Spirit Friends for your help. Al, I have been a member for 33 years. You and Spirit Friends have helped me and my family greatly. I thank you. In Light & love.” – E.G., Arizona
“Both prayer cloths worked real well. The people who try to make trouble for me at work are always busy with their own problems until the prayer cloths run out. On that day one or two persons start up again. Anyway I just want to say I appreciate all your help. I feel Spirit more than usual and I felt Spirit leading me to write and let you know.” – J.P., California
“This is a letter or appreciation, and to let you know that I am very grateful for all that you have done to help me with my progress in life. I’ve read about 6 or 8 of your books and pamphlets, including the monthly newsletters and I found them to be very informative and very beneficial to me in many ways. I’ve read and used the books so many times that some of them have become like ?packs of cards’ – but they are still usable. Many things – wonderful things have happened in my life. Too many to mention. Thank you. You are doing a wonderful job. I also want to thank you for the many messages you have sent me in your written reply. They were well appreciated. I often wonder how you find the time to reply to everyone so promptly. God bless you.” – M.W., Ontario, Canada
“A couple of months ago I wrote you a letter regarding my tax situation as well as my employment situation. I requested a candle ritual and a power cloth. Well I am happy to report that my tax issues are about 80% resolved, which is fantastic, and I am employed. Your Spirit Friends are incredible. Thank you for your letters that usually accompany the confirmation of the order. I keep them in my purse and read them over and over whenever I feel that I have lost my train of thought. Sometimes they make sense and other times they don’t. But something will happen and my mind will immediately flash your letter in my head and them I understand. Spirits have a funny way of working.” – W.V., New York
“Won $500.00!” – M.B., New York
“Here’s Spirit’s share of my 4D winning.” – H.C., Singapore
“Thank you for the candle ritual exorcism for my sister. She is doing better. A stranger pulled up to her house and offered her $500 cash for the old junk car they had in their driveway. Her husband is better, too. You always come through. Thanks again.” – D.B., New Jersey
“Thank Yoooooo for helping my son in law get his job back. Today he was hired with a higher pay. I don’t know how to thank you best. God bless you always.” – E.B., California
“You are the best. We requested a candle ritual for our perfect home on a Friday. 4 weeks later we signed a contract for a beautiful place that I believe will be a pleasant place for me and my family! I am so grateful for your support and most of all for helping us to feel and know that all things are possible with God. Thank you and all the Lab Spirits for all your effective prayers.” – P.J., Florida
“Do you remember about two weeks ago I asked you to do a healing on my little index finger? That has worked magickally. That prove again that nothing whatsoever is impossible to Spirits and I’m a Spirit! My Spirit Guides/Teachers join me in thanking you again for every unfolding magick you and yours are bringing to pass in my life making me a living reality.” – J.L., Seychelles
“I’ve been a member of ESP Lab – on and off – since abut 1981. I usually take an active role only during times when my life is in crisis, and your teachings have always helped me to get back on track. Once I begin prospering again, I tend to become lazy and stop the daily ritual work. I guess it’s a common story that you’ve heard a thousand times. Well, my life is pretty good right now. I have a great job, and very special friendships. But I am still feeling empty, like something important is missing. I long to reconnect with Spirit and reclaim the power to control my life. Hence the other night I picked up old, worn copy of ‘The Magic of New Ishtar Power’ dusted it off and reread the first couple of chapters. That same night I drew an altar copy of the Ishtar Star and performed the power hookup. The experience felt a little flat but it seemed like a good first step to opening myself up to Spirit contact and guidance. After the ritual I apologized to the Energy Transformer Personalities/friends and asked what I could do for them to show my appreciation that they are always there for me. I sat for a few minutes, but nothing popped into my mind. Then later that night while I was watching TV it occurred to me that I was probably in arrears on my monthly dues to the Lab and made a mental note to renew my membership as I do yearly. Then out of nowhere – well seemingly out of nowhere – the thought popped into my head that it was high time that I applied for life membership. I honestly believe this was Spirit’s nudge to me in response to my asking how I could serve. And true to the mysterious ways of Spirit the act will not only serve the higher good of the Lab but will also serve my own personal highest good. So please accept the enclosed check as payment for my lifetime membership in the Lab. It is way overdue. A special thanks to you for 35 years of loving service. Your books have been an inspiration to me. I have a collection of hundreds of books dealing with various branches of metaphysics and the occult, and yours alone have the distinction of containing practical knowledge that really works! In applying for lifetime membership, I am renewing my pledge to the Lab, to my Spirit friends, and most importantly to myself.” – J.A., Florida
“I have some wonderful feedback for you. E & D finally paid my husband the entire amount owed for the dog. They even paid him in cash. I could not believe my eyes but then I realized you can do anything! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” – K.K., Pennsylvania
“Thought you’d like to know that a few days after I contacted you about being harassed by a bully at the Cardio-Rehab center, he took down his family pictures from the bulletin board and hasn’t been seen in the vicinity since. It turns out that not only is he a bully, but a fraud; he’s never paid for his visits of Cardio-Rehab, so he’s apparently personal non grata at the hospital now that he’s been found out. Thanks for your help.” – R.H. Washington
“I’ve received the Practical Modern Occultism course and I’m today starting Lesson III. Very many thanks. I’m happy to say that I could at least have a very clear understanding of the concepts and principles of the Universe and my exact position in it. Some very heartfelt experiences have come to pass after only two lessons. I’m just eager to see what will happen next in my life – of course with ‘disciplines & perseverance.’ Also want to thank you for the last treatment I called upon your assistance to improve my present situation here. Everything is running smoothly again. Proud to say that there shouldn’t come another moment in my life that I’ll need another treatment if all the home works are done accordingly with super confidence and light hearted approach and poise. So let’s just pronounce it as a happy law of the Universe NOW with you as apprentice Ministering Angel.” – J.L., Seychelles
“Just a quick note to say thank you so much for your help. The second hearing was so much easier. I didn’t have to say a word. Both sides presented documents for evidence, and that was it. The case was awarded to my friend who is getting a large settlement. Thank you, Al, for all your help, and thank the ESPLAB Spirits and members for all the great energy and assistance. Thanks again Al, you’re the greatest!!” – C.C., Hawaii
“Today I got my letter from SS. We won!!! My regular payments start on the 14th, and I got a back check for $9,943.00 wowee! Now I can take my husband on that trip. Thank you so much.”- B.L., Ohio
“Everything went easy down to my cancer treatments in Mexico. 3 X a day for 3 weeks. I think we got everything. I need to go back for one week treatments in about 3 more weeks. Then we also take biopsy. Meanwhile I and others are networking to get rid of chemotherapy and opening up FDA (paid off by big chemical companies) so alternative treatments can be recognized here. Big project for Spirit! And lots of human lives & suffering needlessly are at stake. I’m going to be using politicians and the Hollywood film industry to help us. CSPAN is also running a series.” – J.U., California
“Greetings Master Al Manning. I just let you know my packages arrived today. As soon as I received my Moon Magick squares, I went to the local pony keg to play my numbers and pick up some scratch offs. Sure thing I won $25 & $2!!! The Spirits never fail. Best wishes and thank you.” – R.H., Ohio
“I got 4 numbers in the pick 5 – won $750! Never had that big a win before. Here’s your 10% plus a little bonus. Thanks & let’s keep winning.” – L.M., Kansas
“I am living better sleeping better and I hope more in control – with your help. Please keep my mind straight. There are many influences in an apartment complex. With great appreciation to you & ESP – much MORE than I can ever express.” – I.Z., Oregon
“Since getting the previous reading from you I have indulged myself in many ways to get acquaintances with my Spirit Band. This has brought me a lot of adventurous searching and finding from which I am proud to say that everything must get better and better. I’m getting to recognize the different ways of Their contact, which tingle me as I write this email. The little touch on the nose also is awesome. They have recently guide me to a philosophical input toward the bumps along the way which when looking at it I just rejoice and give thanks. Actually I’m studying/mastering your “Golden Key to Success” book. Hey!! Lots of goodies in it. I feel like ordering all of them as it seem to be linking in some aspect together.” – J.L., Seychelles
“The car has been running beautifully since I requested the intensive treatment. S received two awards at his graduation. The first was for his academic work and the second was his professional notebook. Thank you so much for all your help. You make the impossible very much possible.” — K.K., Pensylvania
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“Got great results from the last Pan/Ishtar Power Cloth and need another one. Also revisited the book on plasma and the ring around the rosy game. Got really positive results from including it with all my rituals. ” – M.J., New Jersey
“I want to take this time to let you know I truly believe in you and what you are doing. Exactly what you said could be done has been done just days after I spoke to you and your wonderful partner. My loved one and me are also Geminis & Libras. Please whatever you’re doing please don’t stop.”- B.L., Nevada
“The Candle Ritual worked wonderfully & quickly. I heard from my friend within a week. Thank You.- H.U., New Hampshire
“Since the second day after I started using your methods, things have been happening almost daily. If I go outside to my car, someone shows up and offers me something in the category of what I need. Sometimes the exact thing I need. It always catches me by surprise.” – J.S. Texas
An update. My Pan/Ishtar Power Cloths (two) both worked great. For job protection and against negativity. A couple of negative nurses quit. From my company a Lt. was fired. He was practicing grey and Black magic towards me and others (He was fired) He also get other people fired before he was fired. When someone tried something against me at my job site it backfires to them. Thank you Al and your Spirit Band.” – J.P., California
“Thank you for your prayers for me and my son. You sent me a prayer cloth for 30 days to wear when I went & took my checkup. Everything came out OK. Also when putting my son on your prayer list for 7 days to do good in his studies. Well he has brought his grades up.” – E.J., Louisiana
“Everything went fine at the dentist. My granddaughter was kind of scare, but with first intensive treatment and candle ritual called in last week everything went fine. Thank you Al. All she needs now is her braces.” – H.S., Texas
“Here is my E.S. P. Lab Christmas thoughtform list just 5 months late. There has been a lot of financial problems plus another job change. However I several trips to foxwood and did hit the jackpot once. Hope Prof Reinhardt isn’t too mad at me. Blessed be.” – R.S., Massachusetts
“My son was sick. But to you it was as if he was not sick. I believe the day you had baptist my son spiritually you had baptist him with faith and confidence because my son is a chile full of confidence in himself. I have worried too much with all the rubbish from the doctors instead of listening to you and my son. He once said to me ‘Mummy don’t worry I am going to be cured and you will be happy’ I could never believe a child of 4 years old had that much confidence in himself. It’s true. We went overseas for medical treatment and the doctor was scared that my son would bleed a lot after the surgery and which we sill need to donate blood. You assured me the night before the surgery that he would not bleed at all and that you will be there with him during the surgery. I could not believe my eyes and ears when my son came out of surgery, he had not bleed at all and secondly the doctor managed to see the cause of the sickness – a small counting bead stuck in his nose which was making him sick all the time. YOU RE WONDERFUL AND UNBELIEVABLE. THIS IS REAL MIRACLES.” – N.N., Seychelles
“Thank you for the Candle Ritual. Right after I wrote for help good things began to happen. V’s daughter found a great drug program in her area. Then she decided to further turn her life around, and is now living in a rehab facility in another part of the state. Words cannot express the joy in seeing a person rescued from a terrible drug addiction, and the positive effect on others in the family. Thank you and all at ESP Lab.” – C.R., California
“I won a $5.000 jackpot at the Casino – had only been there for 20 minutes. Here’s my donation and thanks for your help.” – M.B., New York
“Enclosed check for the 7 day Candle Ritual you did for my daughter for kidney stone attack. She passed the stone the day after I requested it by email. Thanks for your help and promptness.” – E.M., Mississippi
“I have been reading and practicing the rituals from you book ‘The Magic of New Ishtar Power’ My practice was briefly interrupted for about a year and a half. I have now been consistently practicing for about 15 months. During this time I have gone from being bedridden to completely on my feet. Ishtar has also led me to a new profession.” – D.G., Texas
“Since my last intensive treatment I won $1,000 and was able to help my daughter with her medical bills. Thanks everyone!!!” – E.V., Illinois
“I want to thank you very much for the intensive treatment for 2 weeks. It took a couple of days for me to turn my neck to the right. My neck is feeling better now” – T.C., California
“I don’t know if I told you but when my Siberian Husky was sick with valley fever the intensive treatment you did for him worked wonders, but you should see how he looks stronger and healthier than before. He is eleven years old and should live to the maximum 15 – 18 years for his breed. He looks like he is about 6 or 7 now and people are blown away when I tell them how old he is. He wouldn’t have made it without your help.” – T.A., Arizona
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“Since our new moon prosperity tune I have 1)had a successful re-finance of my property, dropping my interest rate and saving about $600 per month in payments 2) had 3 paying tenants where before I had 3 vacancies 3)bought a brand new state of the art PA at a savings of $800 off the book price 4) was paid $ owed on a loan 5) had a great sales week at work, turning in contracts for $6910 of online services a beginning for ever increasing prosperity, good fortune and fun. THANKS TO ALL WHO HELP.” – S.S., Colorado
“Ordering Intensive treatment and a Power Cloth. Al: I want to tell you that you are super. I’ve been with you over 30 years you are the best besides God – you no (God is #1) (smile) Have a blessed day and keep up the good work.” – W.M.M., Florida
“At this time, I think that an update is appropriate about my employment situation. I had been on leave for about 6 months because of an abusive boss. Human resources mailed a letter stating that I was required to return to work today. I did so reluctantly, asking Spirit to show me grace. After being at work for a couple of hours, the head supervisor called my boss and told her that I was being transferred to another office. This boss has a reputation for being one of the best in the entire department. This seems like a long standing negative pattern has been resolved. Thank you so much. I could never have done it without you.” – B.V., California
“Things are going so well I’d like to keep the pressure on at least another month. Some of the things I’ve requested do take a little time to appear but the currents are moving in the right direction and I’m pleased. I’m planning to send you a check for a second month of Intensive Treatment this week. At any rate, life is looking up. Many changes are happening and I’m profoundly pleased with the progress. All the best to you and yours.” – V.B., New York
“You can believe this. I was praying and partying one morning about 1AM and I touched the star and I felt a super power run up through my right hand and I felt it was a healing hookup. Thanks to you and the TexLab Spirits for working for me so wonderfully. The Thursday that I emailed for that special prayer, the loan was approved. And when I called the bank on Friday they told me to come now. And I started to party with Ishtar, Pan, Puck & Bast then smile with Abraxas. Thanks to Spiritual Science church I will be getting my house next month. Thank you and the Spirits for working for me so well.” – D.Y., St Michael, Barbados
“My husband has asked me to let you know the great news. You started a service for him since the company he works for was out of jobs. Well he is now working at another company with the same union plan he was hoping for. Now he is so happy to be working & if he is meant to continue there permanently or if his old company calls him when things pick up as you saw both outcomes were successful because your services have great results. Thank you.” – L.E., California
“All of you have helped me to become a very happy man. I give you wonderful thanks. I requested a 7 day candle ritual for more money and full health benefits on my old job, and received both. I received a good wage increase and full health insurance benefits. 5 months later I received confirmation for a new job that pays $3,500 more a year with full health benefits and some very wonderful fringe benefits.” – W.W., Maryland
“A few months ago I wrote to you as I had somehow hurt my right hip and lower back and had pain in both for nearly a month, till I wrote to you for healing – 2 days after you started the intensive treatment the pain stopped, – I was pleasantly surprised! And grateful! – E.M., Mississippi
“Here is what happened last Thursday night my pickthree number came in and then Friday night my other pickthree number hit. So here is something for the newsletter. I used Thank you Pan, Abraxas, Bast, Thanks Ishtar, Puck, Thoth & Isis. Thanks Marduk, Nergal, Ra, all good things are coming my way since the first of last month until now. So here is what I want you to write OK. When ever you are in doubt you need to call on the ESP Lab Spirits because they will always be there for you.” – M. P., Texas
“My finger is healed and for the first time in years I slept the whole night without getting up every minute to pass water. You cannot imagine what that meant to me. I had a loving great day yesterday with P as usual he said he was not staying and ended up staying for 4 hours, that was grand. Keep the healing and attraction vibes coming to me to help me keep things getting better and better between P and me. THANK YOU!” – D.H.,
St. Michael, Barbados
“Things are going very well here. In the “A New Light of Help for You” course I’m up to the Green Light, and this Monday I start a new job! It’s a temporary position but the pay is good and may lead to a permanent job. So hopefully I’ll be ordering more books in the near future. I’ve found that my whole outlook on life has been undergoing a change for the better since I started the course. I do the Light activations every morning and evening and I’m very happy with it all.” – D.C., New York
“Enclosed is 10% of my casino winnings. Thank you, keep me in that casino winning Light.” – M.B., New York
“Your ESP Lab and it’s magick really does work. About three years ago I was writing to you about this young man that I met. I asked for your help right down to the wedding aisle and guess what we are married. It’s good to keep it legal, Al :0) :0) Now that I have experienced that almost one year of (agony) I need a break. He and I are from two different cultures and the sexual practices aren’t what I want. So-o-o-o Al I need for J to stay busy at work and stay at his own apartment at least three days a week. I should have just lived with him before I needed to be married but it was a good experience for me and a lesson ….BE CAREFUL ABOUT YOUR WISHES, THEY COULD COME TRUE. But Al you can deliver all that you say. I would like for him to gradually depart in peace, hurting no one on the way. I’m sending for Intensive Treatment. Please start on it right away.” – R.M., Virginia
“I had to email you and tell you that business was slow and decided that I would try the prosperity chant and the business improvement chant and the money drawing power chant. At first I didn’t think anything would happen. Much to my surprise I made a whole lot of money in fact I do it every day to bring me money and it’s working. God bless ya” – J.C., New Jersey
“Feedback from the 2 power cloths you sent me. It has worked well for me. I feel good and the negative people in my life, few family members and at work fellow workers. All have treated me better. One lady who has relieved me late (10 Minutes 7 minutes) usually. Now recently she has relieved on time. One person that I relieve has had a negative reaction is now positive towards me at this time. My neighbors seemed more friendly during this time – both sides usually don’t talk, now do. I feel more positive. This may seem like small things but big (good) to me. Thank you Al, your Spirit Band & staff.” – J.P., California
“Hi Al, You performed a super intensive treatment for me for my PRN ext and financial prosperity. I want to thank you. Me and my family had a wonderful Christmas everyone got what they wanted and more…. what’s impressive is my supervisor on PRN psychic line just paid me today after a not so friendly email I wrote to her and despite her not paying me before Christmas, my holiday couldn’t have been any better – such love joy and prosperity was felt in this household. I thank you and the Lab Spirits for that, and I might have been tripping but I could hear you singing in my ear … You’re extraordinary and it worked because that’s just how I felt. Thank you and the Lab Spirits I also got another job with prn but I will be paid by the company directly so I don’t have to worry about an unethical manager. I thank you from the deepest part of my heart … Al you are the man:)” – D.W. Pennsylvania
“Wanted to drop a note to thank you and your Spirit Friends for the wonderful ‘Ishtar Cloth.’ I had requested I had requested the cloth for assistance in obtaining a temp assignment during these difficult times with the holiday fast approaching – I was getting very nervous. Well when I received it I put it to work. I also read over your uplifting letter that gave me tremendous hope as well as silly insight. It helped me keep a light attitude with a hint of humor. A couple of days later my rep called me up with a long term assignment that took me right through the holidays. AMAZING!!! I was able to buy my son and my sister’s kids Christmas presents and meet my bills. Thank you and your Spirit Friends. Have a blessed New Year!!!!” – W.V., New York
“Just a note to say thanks a million for the 7 day that you did for me. It worked like a charm. The opposer did not show up in court, so the judge dismissed.” – S.C., Ontario, Canada
“It was March that I wrote you about S at that time things had looked hopeless and I was resentful about her attitude. Your reply to me was you will send lots of Orange Light to clear up her thinking and make things better between us. My point being they are so good you be surprise. It is a MIRACLE. Also I requested a candle ritual to boost me up so I could get all the work done. The help was great I did well and the people paid up, too. Thanks again!” – D.H., Barbados
“Just dropping you a line to tell you how pleased I am over your perfume oils! Not only do they work, but they smell just dreamy! I use your love oils they make my mate stick close & very affectionate! And their effect on me – they put me on a splendid and very happy mood!” – J.V., California
“Just to add thank you. I have tried many things but your intensive treatment worked. You have helped my life tremendously. My life has completely turned around. All I have to look forward to are better days. I am so happy these things came through, not just came through. They came through with the best choices and is changing my future choices because once I get my degree I will be able to get the better career choices and be picky about where I really want to work.” – D.M., New York
“Just wanted to thank you again for all your wonderful work you do for me. The Personal Meditation Gemstone Necklace you all sent me sure do some wonderful work, I feel more relaxed. God bless you all.” – N.N., Louisiana
“Blessings to you! The breast biopsy showed ?no cancer’. Thank you. I love you guys! A weight has been lifted from my mind. I feel wonderful and very blessed. Now I can go back to my normal life. I want to go forward with a greater spirituality and greater love and understanding for all. I will try to live my life at a higher level of awareness of God and of all.” – M.S., Florida
“Just a thank you note for a wonderful job done. About a month ago I asked you to get my son a full time job with … Well it happened. He has a full time job driving and is so happy and so is his family. Now his son and daughter can hold their heads up when they go to school and can tell their friends that their father is working and not on welfare. Thank you” – M.K., BC, Canada
“I requested Intensive Treatment for two weeks for my son-in-law who lost his job after 25 years. I also requested a Pan/Ishtar Power Cloth. I received the Power Cloth and 3 or 4 days later he received what appeared to be something along his line of work, the third offer was exactly what he had been doing and at approximately the salary he had. He started to work on Monday and seems to be pleased with the situation. Thank you.” – R.D., Pennsylvania
“It seems like a year ago that you worked a request of intensive treatment for visual floaters that ran rampant in my right eye. What an array of dots circles and claptrap but your work cleared it out in a day or two. Heartfelt thanks.” – A.D., New York
“You should see how people that were not so nice to me before being nice and showing interest, plus when I ask Nergal to charge my body and aura and send that Red Light first to everyone and then direct it from my root center to my friend recently that energy has so much fun and laughter and makes me feel so happy and excited it amazes me and I love it.” – D.H., Barbados (West Indies)
“I just found a bottle of your Pan Oil that must be at least 15 years old. It only has about 2 drops left in it but it still smells wonderful! How’s that for a testimonial?!” – R.R., Pennsylvania
“I went to meet with the personal account manager today and he approved me! I got a line of credit for $5,000! THANK YOU AND SPIRIT so much! It is now 12:35 AM and I am officially 30 years old. I look at all I have accomplished, especially since joining your Lab: I have my home, my car, my Visa, my companies, my job and now my line of credit. My life has improved so much! Thanks for everything, Al (and Spirit). – D.G., Ontario, Canada
“I need another Pan/Ishtar Power Cloth for more financial help. The first one I got from Pan & Ishtar did help me a lot with my financial trouble. You all are the best for any trouble. God bless you all my dear friends.” – N.N. Lousiana
“I won a $3,000 jackpot at the casino. Thank you! This is really a blessing for me. I need to pay rent and stuff. The E.S.P. Lab came through for me. Let’s keep winning BIG!” – M.B., New York
“It’s time I sent you an update of results. We really did get results and it was grand. I visited New Hampshire for a month and nearly got moved up there. Sept 11th changed that plan and listening to my sisters. I had all the help I needed and saw those guys change their attitude, too. So far so good. We are moving in on a new set of problems so I request several rituals to get things done. Oh I really enjoyed the ritual of joy & connected with all the energy transformers. When I talked with Bast a cat came and got outside the door & stared at me. Of course Bast is sometimes portrayed as a cat. Here goes my new list of requests of the great ESP Lab:………..” – N.Q., New Jersey
“Your Candle Ritual did it again. Thank you and your Lab workers, my sister and mom are getting along better now. Praise be!” – D.L., California
“I think you remember C, a friend of mine who was pregnant and which the doctor declared that the baby will not live after birth due to fatal disease. And you had saved her. The little girl is now 4 years healthy and fit.” – N.N., Sechelles, Indian Ocean
“S. Has sold quite a lot of books on half.com since I called in the ritual. My uncle J seems to be doing better since the Intensive Treatment was called in. He almost sounded like his old self. That was a great surprise! My aunt M’s leg was also better since I called in the ritual. Thanks for all your wonderful work again.” – K.K., Pennsylvania
“Thanks for all the help I’ve been getting from the Blue Light of Healing. Today I am one pound shy of having lost 60 pounds on my mystical diet. And of course I intend to lose much more, too! I’m sure some sort of psychic energy must be working on my aura, because the change is so dramatic, and yet a long time ago I didn’t even know where to start. My goal was to lose 70 pounds in a year. My thanks to all of the directly helpful Spirit Guides.” – A.W., Georgia
“Please do a two week intensive treatment to heal M’s eyes and a two week intensive treatment to improve her physical health. Thanks to your prayers she no longer has to wear glasses for distance vision. – J.M., Pennsylvania
“A verdict was given to me yesterday…. I WON..GET TO KEEP MY JOB….. I REALLY MEAN TO SAY THAT “WE ALL WON”…. Thank you over and over and more than 100,000 times for all the prayer and ritual work you’ve all done for me… Once again I want to leave my silly message with this: I WON MY CASE! He he! – N.W., California

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