ESP Lab Editorials 2001

January 2001
Hi! Instant Miracles v.s. metaphysical perseverance is our theme of the month. It’s good to start every ritual or metaphysical treatment with the expectation of miraculously instant success, but back it up with the perseverance it takes to win and the understanding that the game isn’t over ’till it’s over. Our editorial and self help program expand on this theme especially on the healing and health level. Do give them a good looking over then dive in, enjoy, laugh with us, accept your highest good & WIN often.
The opening of our August Self Help Program seems to have stirred up some serious interest. For instance P.G. of Charlotte, NC quickly wrote: “When the Lady back in the late sixties ‘simply got out of her physical body, removed the scars from her astral body and manifested the same beautiful skin when back in the flesh, it appears that it only took one treatment. She must have had some very powerful magick at her disposal. Please enlighten those of us who go into such practices with exactly the right formula or frame of mind. I have found over the years of practicing meditation and magick that it usually takes more than one sitting to achieve the results one is programming for. It is extremely disappointing to the average adept when no ‘miracle’ is forthcoming, and many will give up assuming it’s nothing but ‘hogwash.’ Please address this in your first available newsletter.”
Interesting question. In my past I’ve had many of ’em fall out of my healing chair and get up completely healed from just the one sitting – or operations canceled the morning after a healing session because the doctor couldn’t find the fibroid tumors he was planning to remove. I do dearly love that spectacular stuff and still get my share of it, but most things take a little longer. I start every ritual or treatment with the happy expectation of instant results but also with the determination to keep at it as long as is necessary to win. By the way our psychic surgery is carefully presented without suggesting instant results. It is intended as a slow process that improves from day to day until we win in 30 days or so – sometimes longer but we do win better than 90% of ’em!
Let’s see what Ishtar, Pan, Puck & Bast may want to add in our self help program:” ( continued in the Member’s Newsletter )

February 2001
“Hi! My slightly tongue in cheek explanation of the miracle of the loaves and fishes from 1965 is still very much in point for good magick & metaphysics. That’s why we’re calling this our “Nothing Splitter” issue. Our editorial and self help program expand on this theme especially on the prosperity and success levels. Do give them a good looking over then dive in, enjoy, laugh with us, accept your highest good & WIN often.
(A mini editorial by Al)
Sometimes my email brings quite challenging discussions like a recent one where the fellow was deeply into gadgetry for measuring new particles and vibrations, hoping for mechanized Spirit contact, etc. Of course I abandoned the physical gadget approach more than 10 years ago – transferred all my gadgets to the astral where they work much better, but of course the idea of the gadget had to come first – like my physical altar had to come first before it could be transferred to the astral. All this reminded me of a halfway tongue in cheek explanation of the Miracle of the Loaves & Fishes that I got past my editor way back in 1965 for inclusion in the first edition of Helping yourself with ESP. It was based on the matter anti-matter theories that were so newly popular at the time. I said Let’s call it matter and unmatter. So Jesus had nothing with which to feed the multitudes, just one little fish and loaf of bread. He was resourceful enough to take his nothing and divide it into fish and unfish. Not needing the unfish, he threw them away and fed the people with the fish. Similarly with the bread. This now prompts me to ask: I know they make pill splitters, where can we find a nothing splitter? Still a little bit tongue in cheek, but there’s some good common sense in there somewhere as well.
Let’s start our happy nothing splitter search with a thank you thoughtform. The picture is of a pleasant alcove at your Spirit Party. It’s all decorated with pointed hats, crystal balls, pyramids and all manner of gadgetry. We’re all seated around a big picnic table with Ishtar running the fun session. Ishtar is saying: “Another good way to multiply your good is to use it for a pattern – divide your nothing into good and ungood, then quickly throw the ungood away as you play miracle of the loaves and fishes.” It can work for money, health, career advancement and whatever you can conceive to do with your nothing. Now let’s all dance around our nothing splitter and enjoy watching it work. Try it with us – your mental/emotional body is the nothing splitter if you tell it it is. What do you want? Let’s divide our nothing into that and unthat, throw away the unthat as we dance around the maypole and let the good “that” manifest NOW!
It’s gonna be fun to see what Ishtar, Pan, Puck and Bast bring us for this month’s self help program:”
Let’s see what Ishtar, Pan, Puck & Bast may want to add in our self help program:” ( continued in the Member’s Newsletter )

March 2001
A little over 40 years ago I was charging down a Los Angeles freeway in a state of near panic when suddenly my car radio came on “all by itself” and blasted out my favorite Johnny Mercer song: “you gotta accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, latch on to the affirmative, and don’t mess with mister in between…..” That was almost as good an attention getter as the proverbial 4X4 between the mule’s eyes. I got the message, thanked Spirit for the inspiration, relaxed and completed my mission with total success. I’m still constantly amazed at the positive power of Spirit to enter into and fix a sitiuation – it goes clear back to the 91st Psalm and “He will give His Angels charge over you to gaurd you in all ways. They will bear you up in their hands lest you strike even your foot upon a stone…..”
(A mini editorial by Al)
There’s another song from about the accentuate the positive era that goes: “The obect of my affection can change my complexion from light to rosy red anytime she holds my hand and tells me that she’s mine…” It’s positive but it’s still giving power over your emotions to somebody else. As in what if she told him to go to hell the next day ? As good metaphysicians we know we have the power to control ourselves as the actor and not bounce around on the emotional sea of life like a hunk of drywood as a reactor. The real trick is to remember to exercise that power under stress.
There was that time in LA when I was in the makeup room getting ready to go on camera with Stan Borman who had a reputation of being the meanest interviewer in the city. He stuck his head in the room and asked who was his next guest. I reponded “here I am” or something like that and he said: “Boy am I gonna get your goat out there !” Spirit responded through me: “I doubt that, Stan, I traded my goat for a Cadillac two years ago.” From my standpoint it ruined the show because Stan was all sweetness and light out there so we didn’t get to go head to head – he wasn’t about to take me on that way. But it was probably a lot better PR than if we’d had a wild debate.
Let’s see what Ishtar, Pan, Puck & Bast may want to add in our self help program:” ( continued in the Member’s Newsletter )

April 2001
One hundred years ago psychologists believed in two “prime states of conciousness”; wakefulness and sleep. If you weren’t awake, you must be asleep, and vice-versa; there was no in between.
(A guest editorial by Mike Manning)
When we’re sleeping, we normally don’t know it at that moment. Yet we believe we know when we’re awake. How ? We apply the usual test — we pinch ourselves to see if we are dreaming. If we say “ouch !” we’re awake. Simple.
But what if the paon itself is an illusion ? What if none of this is real at all, but is merely a combination of people, places, and things that in turn are only symbolic of something MORE real ? In the minds of philosophers, there remain questions as to the foundations of our perceptions of reality. Where is the line between perception and reality ? Are the five senses alone enough to assimilate reality? Is it as simple as wakefulness vs. sleep ?
Simply entertaining the idea that reality nly exists in our minds , and not in any truly objective sense can be downright frightening.How do we know what we think we know ? Most of us have grown up in an enviornment in which it is completely to place our trust in science’s acid tests, andwe depend upon these tests to sort out reality and illusion. Illusion is, to some misguided scientists, merely debris to be cleared away from the gleaming truths and facts lying buried beneath. Instead of sifting out illusion, the seeker must accept and explore it to learn the truth. This process enables him/her to contrast his/her understanding of illusion to detect the reality beneath it, even if that means altering our accepted realities about who we are.
Let’s see what Ishtar, Pan, Puck & Bast may want to add in our self help program:” ( continued in the Member’s Newsletter )

May 2001
Keeping Our Spirit Contact Freshly Applied for Super Results
( a mini editorial by Al )
We tend to get complacent at times and think our long time Spirit Contacts as old hat. But something always seems to come along and wake us back up. We recently encountered a pretty stubborn exorcism/uncrossing problem. When I was brainstorming for fresh ways to lick it, I thought what we needed was a strong “Spirit Bouncer.” Then the penny dropped – My 4 American Indian guides, Thunderbird, Wise Owl, Cunning Fox & Wild Eagle have always manned our watchtowers ever so faithfully, even though I have often neglected them. Sure enough I called on them to play bouncers and they helped us win a very long running battle. Using what you already know is a big key to success in any undertaking. Knowledge is useless until it is applied! I’ve banged on this theme persistently over the years, especially to keep me on my toes and applying. It always works one way or another.
How about an application reminder thank you thoughtform. It’s a clear mental picture of my telephone with a lady calling to complain that she never won anything in the lottery. When I asked her “When do you buy your tickets?” I got a startled response: “Oh do I have to buy a ticket?” That has been my classic example of lack of application for the last 30 years. Before that it was a high school friend who scored 10 points higher than me on the IQ test. He flunked out of high school and I graduated as valedictorian. Application has been the name of the game since the beginning of time. Any time you’re feeling bogged down this pet picture will present itself to your mind’s eye along with the startled: “Oh do I have to by a ticket?” Let it keep you motivated to try as a good metaphysician and keep on keeping on all the way to total victory. Let’s see what our whole bunch of Spirit Folk have to add in our self help program:
Let’s see what Ishtar, Pan, Puck & Bast may want to add in our self help program:” ( continued in the Member’s Newsletter )

July 2001
( a mini editorial by Al )

When I was about 12 my almost sainted grandmother (if she hadn’t been so pushy she might have made it) took me for a walk and showed me two lawns. One was very neatly manicured, the other was pretty scraggly. She asked: ” Which do you like best order or disorder?”
My immediate response was the disorder looked a lot easier to keep, but she knew that was just preteen age rebellion. So she taught me a little poem: “We are building every day in a good or evil way, and the structure as it grows will our inmost self disclose. Build it well what ere you do. Build high, build wide, build broad. Build for the eyes of God.”

Amazing! That was 62 years ago and I still remember it. Today my pet version is: “It’s not the best organized life that succeeds, but the least disorganized.” And there really is an important distinction to be made here. As I’ve often said, to organize an idea is to kill it or at least pervert it, particularly in religion. Seems to me that the key word remains BALANCE.

We need a little warning bell to ring in our heads when we’re heading way out of balance. Let’s do it with a thank you thoughtform. The picture is of a brainstorming session at your Spirit Party. All manner of wild ideas are being bandied about then a bell rings that signals a return to common sense and you make the new idea(s)practical. Any time you’re heading off in the direction of the ridiculous, or getting too stodgy, this little bell will go off in your head. You’ll know instinctively whether it means rein it in or loosen up. I call this my bell of balance and share it with you happily. Let it keep you from straying too far off the middle path. But remember my interpretation of the middle path: “Moderation in all things, including the practice of moderation.”

Let’s see what Ishtar, Pan, Puck & Bast may want to add in our self help program:” ( continued in the Member’s Newsletter )

August 2001

( a mini editorial by Al )
For years I’ve asserted a truism: We can heal any physical or psychological malady with a little metaphysical treatment while the patient remains in a completely stress free environment for 30 days. That of course is the rub – how do we get a stress free environment?Many college medical departments have a sensory deprivation chamber, but it’s not stress free because the patient brings the stress in with him. The key to healing and a strong immune system remains anxiety/stress reduction.

Metaphysical Antidotes for worry: traditionally it’s that old song: “Take it to the Lord in prayer,” but I prefer the metaphysical approach: “I place myself and all my affairs lovingly in the hands of the Father and His Ministering Angels (my wonderful Spirit Friends) with a childlike trust. That which is for my highest good shall come to me. That which IS my highest good comes to me NOW!”

Let’s work on it together with a thank you thoughtform. The picture is of a mock New Orleans style funeral. We’re all in white robes singing: “When the Saints go Marching In” and in the casket we see your most pressing worry. Enjoy watching it be lowered into a hole in the ground, symbolic of turning it over to Spirit. Feel a wonderful release as you honestly and happily do give it to Spirit as in our Gnostic sacrifice rituals.

We sacrifice the problem in order to receive its solution. Any time you’re getting a bit too uptight this picture will present itself to your mind’s eye along with the music and challenge to release. Sing with us, turn loose and let’s get our divine solution now. It will work as often as you LET it.

Let’s see what Ishtar, Pan, Puck & Bast may want to add in our self help program:” ( continued in the Member’s Newsletter )

September 2001

( a mini editorial by Al )
“A tingling Red from Nergal, a thunderbolt from Thor, a Moonbeam from dear Isis, while Puck plays by the door, now Pan & Bast are dancing & we all fill the floor. We’re making super magick at TexLab ever more. – Ishtar leads the chanting while Marduk helps us say: we’re making better magick every single day. With Light & Love & Laughter & Spirit fun galore, we’re making Super Magick at TexLab evermore!”

This one is to the tune of the Wabash Canon Ball and it came from Spirit as a reminder that we all need to keep focused on the positive songs in our hearts. I use happy singing inside my head as a very easy way to get out on the astral for instance – it’s also a super good way to relieve tension or stop it before it starts.

This or our little Silver Bells chorus (Thank you Pan, Abraxas, Bast. Thanks Ishtar, Puck, Thoth & Isis. Thanks Marduk, Nergal, Ra – all good things are coming my (our) way and only good things are coming my way.) is very helpful in maintaining a super upbeat approach to life, but remember we have many more…

Let me remind you also of our 76 Trombones celebration song: “76 neat Gnomes lead the big parade with 110 droll Trolls right behind. There’s Pan & Puck & even Lady Luck, Nature Spirits of every shape and kind. 76 slim Sylphs greet the morning sun with 110 Undines marching tall. Salamanders, Gnu & Gronkydoddles, too join the fun that gaily fills the hall. 76 neat Gnomes bring prosperity with 110 Undines bringing love. I happily take my spot as the human of the lot and I know I’m blessed from above. 76 Cute Nymphs do the old CanCan with 110 bright Elves dancing, too. There is joy and Light as we dance throughout the night making magick that works for me & you.” Do remember a few of your pet fun songs, too and use them OFTEN.

Let’s see what Ishtar, Pan, Puck & Bast may want to add in our self help program:” ( continued in the Member’s Newsletter )

October 2001

( A mini editorial by Al )

Got a reminder from Spirt about our party renewals – We used to do it this way, but it kinda got lost in the shuffle. Here’s how it oughta go: “Come one come all to my party. Come join in the joy and the fun. We’ll eat, drink & play very hearty. Our battles are already won.”

Then it’s HAPPY PARTY RENEWAL! Somehow this ties in with our clean room idea of a vestibule for Astral Lab. The vestibule is where you ask for and accept the cleansing – “No caring, no doubts, fears or discouragement, no impatience, frustration or resentments. No seriousness. Just fun, love Joy, ectoplasm and enthusiastic serenity ever more delightfully shared. And it shares so nicely in the dance.” Then “yes, we’re dancing ’round the Maypole, our beautiful our wonderful Maypole, dancing with all our friends around the Maypole, it brings us fertility, abundance and delightfully enhanced wonderfully loving camaraderie.”

Let’s reactivate and enhance it all with a special thank you thoughtform. We’ll let it set the positive tone for your whole day at each morning meditation. It starts with the song “Come one come all to my party…” Hear it humming in your ear at mediation time. And it will unfold a beautiful picture of your ongoing Spirit Party with the festivities in full swing. Play in the vestibule for the special cleansing, enjoy the Maypole dancing, then extend it to your Thoughtform poles – the ones for your special intentions. Dance around them, too and feel the many sweet victories – they will manifest for you on the material plane as well. And we give thanks for the joy of it all and for the fun. Love, success, prosperity, achievement and fulfillment it brings and we know it will keep getting ever better and better ever more wonderfully and with no upper limit.
Let’s see what Ishtar, Pan, Puck & Bast may want to add in our self help program:” ( continued in the Member’s Newsletter )

November 2001
( A Guest editorial by Mike Manning )

Have you noticed that meditation on the heart chakra causes can opening of the heart, and an increase in the ability to love and to attract love into one’s life? There is no instruction booklet for loving. It is not something you “learn” how to do, nor is it a habit you can develop if you try hard enough. Love is much more fundamental than any kind of thinking or believing.

Love, rather, is the root and basis of who you are, at the most fundamental level. This means that anything other than love as an expression of your being is artificial and unnatural and is a result of not knowing who you are. So why is the world filled with so much that is not loving? Very simply it is because many (most?) experience life and the world around them as an experience of separation, of being in opposition to outside forces that seem hostile in some way and from which one must protect oneself.

Stress (and all the behaviors that go with it) is one way these feelings of separation manifest. Stress is only possible when the world is viewed as hostile, when we want “what is” to be different than it is. As long as we are letting “what is” be whatever it is and are not attached to it being something different, we cannot be stressed. For most people this is much easier said than done.

One of the first things that people experience during their early weeks of meditation on the heart chakra is that things which bothered them and triggered anger, fear, depression or some other suffering state don’t seem to bother them as much or even at all. This doesn’t mean we can’t act to change things to relieve suffering but it does mean we become less & less attached to our outline, we don’t have to suffer if the outcome is different from what we thought we wanted it to be. Outcomes we were addicted to become simple preferences. This not only saves us a lot of pain but because we are acting to create change from a centered and calm place, we become more effective in actually making something happen instead of just venting and spinning our wheels.

Remarkably, the more we meditate the more we see the world in terms of the oneness and connectedness of all things and the less we see it as a place of tension, opposition & danger. When this happens our true nature as loving and compassionate beings naturally shines forth without any change in beliefs or any kind of intellectual changes.

So don’t be surprised if you become less reactive, less stressed and more loving to yourself and to others as you meditate and use the Lab programs. They really do little more than uncover who you really are from under the various layers of illusions or separation you may have “learned.’ The Lab helps take the dust off the mirror of your soul, one day at a time so you can more readily reflect the Light of the Love that makes up everything that exists. And if you have that, what more could you possibly need.

Focus on your heart chakra until you feel it responding. Then send the Green Light and love to one of your adversaries. Do this for only one adversary per meditation. This will be great Practice” for the times you really need it. Whenever you are in conflict with someone, immediately focus on your heart chakra and send Green Light & Love to them. You will be amazed at the great results. And it works to improve your family’s loving relationships, too.

December 2001

( A mini editorial by Al )

It’s fun to Spoof people with sayings from the “good book” (The I Ching or Chinese Book of the Changes) like “Perseverance furthers” Or “Never run after a horse, if he’s yours he’ll come home.” A good 45 years ago some friends and I were introducing a new mutual friend to the I Ching. He asked it a rather innocuous question about his future and got a line: “If one walks down the road alone he gains a companion. If three walk together, one must leave.” He blurted out: “How the hell did that thing know about my mistress!” I’m still very skitterish about the fortune telling side of anything, but the I Ching does present a very good philosophy sort of sugar coated with the idea of peeking into the future. Still have mine handy although I seldom use it now because it’s much more convenient to just sit down and chat with my Spirit Guides/Friends, but it’s still good for self psychoanalysis as in “Never run after a horse.”

Insight is probably the key word here although perspective fits well, too. Seems to me they call it Rhapsodomancy… but I tend to call it simply “book tumbling.” I use my I Ching for this But a Bible, a dictionary or even the works of Shakespeare or Emerson is just as good. When you’re perplexed or confused, the idea is to clearly formulate a question, then pick up your chosen book, close your eyes and rotate it any way you feel like, then drop it or just open it at random and read ‘till you get your insight. It seldom takes more than a couple of sentences. It’s fun reminding you of this simple tool – beats hell out of medium hopping or Miss Cleo and is surely just as accurate. It will serve you well while you’re learning to just sit down and talk it over with Spirit.

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