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“The LIGHT of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of LIGHT.” (Matt. 6-.22)


The unbelievable power of the laser has become an accepted part of modern life. Forms of this special kind of LIGHT are being used for delicate eye operations, to cut or weld metals, to drill holes in diamonds, and even to produce 3-dimensional pictures; and its potential has hardly been tapped yet! Because it is “coherent,” that is, because all the waves are in phase and “working together,” a laser beam is a force infinitely more powerful and effective than ordinary light.

Similarly, the LIVING LIGHT can be infinitely more effective in YOUR life than normal prayer or even “metaphysical treatment.” The purpose of these lessons is to introduce you to the LIVING LIGHT, show you how to contact it, and then teach you to USE IT to transform your life into a magnificent panorama of success, unfoldment, health, and happiness. Just like the laser, THE LIVING LIGHT will work for anyone who uses it according to its own laws!


We all remember the legend of the “pot of gold at the end of the rainbow”. That’s a gross understatement! The secrets of life itself are wrapped up in that rainbow, whether it be produced in Nature, or by passing sunlight through a prism in the laboratory. Let’s start with a simple table relating the human organism to the vibratory energy of both Sound and LIGHT.


Musical Note

Color of LIGHT

Psychic Center

Human area of Manifestation

Physical/material power and magnetism
Intellect – mental capacity
Solar Plexus
Intuition and aspiration
Growth and prosperity
Healing power & cleansing energy
Psychic unfoldment
Spiritual power and fulfillment


Risen Kundalini

Enlightenment or Cosmic Consciousness


It’s interesting to note that the only color not found in the rainbow is red-violet. This one requires man’s effort to help nature — and thus it naturally relates to the risen kundalini fire, which only happens as man strives to take an active part in his own evolution.


The true Sun Worshipers of Ancient Egypt understood the meaning of LIGHT and color. To them, the Sun was a symbol of the givingness of the Life Energy, and its radiations provided all the necessities of balanced growth. The “inner circle” in the temples practiced healing through balancing the LIGHT in the human aura. They practiced “astral travel”, and understood the principles of reincarnation. But terribly materially minded people were in a vast majority and finally prevailed over these wise ones, so the physical remains of this great culture show only the results of taking the esoteric teachings literally – this led to complete disaster.

It’s important that we keep our spiritual perspective if we are to avoid meeting the same fate. (Perhaps Atomically — even yet ??) The Master Jesus told us of this when he said: “Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we, eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed? But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” (Matt. 6.31 & 33)


A little study of our table of correlations will show you the special value of each color. There’s a little time and place when we need extra amounts of one color LIGHT or another, and we tend to wear the colors we need as we chose our daily apparel (outside of the Military, of course). Now you can help the selection process by deliberately and purposely picking the outfit that supplies the vibration you feel you need the most.

I have used simple color this way for years, and find it a much greater help than one might realize. ( Coincidence be damned – even the simple colors work! ) Modern interior decorators are turning to the science of color to create desired moods in the various rooms of your house. Reds and Oranges are the most physically stimulating; Yellow, Green, and Blue tend to be cool and peaceful; while the Indigos and Violets bring a kind of spiritual richness to the surroundings. ( Royal Purple was no accident – someone KNEW! )

If you feel physically depleted, a red blouse, shirt or tie will definitely give you a “pick up.” And blue will bring much extra healing and creative energy. All of the natural colors are useful and should be given careful attention — but in a larger sense, they are merely symbols of the greater energy of the LIVING LIGHT that gives them substance. The real importance of gaining this bit of understanding is to avoid the mistake of asking for extra LIGHT in a special area, and then weakening its effect by wearing colors that might deplete the very thing you seek.


In our basic work for the general membership of E.S.P. Lab, we have to assume that the average member has little understanding of the fine points of the LIGHT. So we have simplified that part of the work by sticking to the forms of LIGHT that are SAFE and most often needed by our members. We avoid the lower three colors of the spectrum carefully because their accidental misuse could result in exaggerating the carnal/material drives at the expense of the deep spiritual values we seek to advance. But we’ll use WHATEVER is necessary to help a member in an extreme situation.

As you progress in this course, you are free to ask us for special help in the form of any color LIGHT you have studied. But we ask you to carefully consider the reasoning behind each request. In other words, please don’t ask us to help you make a big mistake! Particularly the red of personal magnetism and the orange of intellect can be overused, with the result that you transfer your “worship” of God and Spirit to the body, mind, or money and thus get sidetracked and lose valuable opportunities for making this a lifetime of meaningful, balanced accomplishment.

For the general membership, we have concentrated on the White LIGHT because it carries all the energies necessary for balanced growth, the Blue LIGHT for its special healing properties, and the Green LIGHT because it is the point of balance at the heart that brings growth and prosperity through the basic impulses of givingness. And we commend these to YOU as the safest and best means of helping yourself until you’re sure of the proper use of the other colors.


First, let’s understand that beginners will have widely different experiences as they start exercising for attunement with the LIGHT. For a few the whole room will seem to be filled with brilliance — for others, tiny flashing LIGHTS like little stars will twinkle around them — for more, the LIGHT will appear only on the little “television screen” inside your own head — and for most, there may be no immediate sensation of LIGHT as such at all. Perhaps you will feel a sensation of warmth, or perhaps you will experience nothing that makes sense to you at all. BUT TIME AND PRACTICE WILL BRING THE FULL POWER OF THE LIGHT TO ALL.

If at first you see and feel nothing tangible, then let the whole exercise take place in your own private imagination. Don’t be discouraged or embarrassed if you seem to be a slow starter. You’ve spent all your life until now ignoring and blotting out this wonderful LIGHT. That’s a normal part of the “education process” that society foists upon us. Just have a bit of extra patience while we woo it back.


A regular time each day and a habitual special place will help you more easily set the mood for the exercises and meditations when we bring them to you. But think of this as a “best effort” endeavor, not something rigid, stuffy or mandatory. Try to pick a place where you won’t be disturbed by loud noises, automobile headlights, or his like. We want to be sure of our manifestation, and not be mislead by extraneous physical influences. Don’t let lack of regular time or a perfect place discourage you. Just promise yourself that you will give it your best within the limits of your existing facilities and schedule. Then RELAX about this and everything else and don’t let anxieties of any kind siphon off the good energies we will attract and generate together.


Sit comfortably, but reasonably straight, in your chosen special LIGHT exercise chair. Visualize a powerful searchlight or a shaft of bright sunlight shining straight down on you from a point on the ceiling (or directly overhead if you’re in the happy outdoors ). Feel the friendly warmth of the LIGHT as it bathes You with the wonderfully balanced energy of pure white sunlight. Bask in it and feel it washing away all traces of negativity that may be lurking in your mind and/or aura cleansing every cell of your body and section of your aura. When you feel thoroughly cleansed and relaxed (30 seconds to 3 or 4 minutes should do the trick), direct the shaft of LIGHT to focus at the base of your spine — concentrate the LIGHT and all your attention at that point and feel the heat being generated as the sharply focused LIGHT stimulates your root center (or chakra or as you prefer) and tremendously amplifies the bright RED LIGHT shining there. When the power becomes so strong you’re nearly uncomfortable, it’s time to lift up your focused WHITE LIGHT to your spleen center and feel the heat amplify the bright ORANGE LIGHT. Continue to take each center in turn, amplifying the YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, INDIGO, and VIOLET LIGHT. Take as much time for each center as seems comfortably necessary to build it up to “full power.”

When you have the seven centers operating at a peak of efficiency, it’s time to begin the work of producing the RED-VIOLET LIGHT of true spiritual enlightenment. The idea is to bring the RED LIGHT of the root center up through each center in turn until it flows into the crown center and opens the door to true mystic attunement with the INFINITE. We will use sound and the musical scale as the catalyst for this. Mentally connect the musical area with the psychic centers (for you real music buffs, most of you will find the physical body in the key of C), and begin to chant or sing the scale (aloud) while mentally bringing up the RED LIGHT through the centers. As you start with the Do, brighten the RED LIGHT and feel it get ready to rise. Then Re brings it up into the spleen center, Me takes it to the solar plexus, Fa to the heart, So to the throat, La to the brow, Ti to the crown center, and the final Do completes the contact and produces the RED-VIOLET LIGHT which is the doorway to illumination. Practice your LIGHT/musical scales as long as it’s comfortable, knowing that every tiny bit of progress adds to the foundation that leads to success. You will be well advised to practice this exercise for a full week before beginning the work of the next lesson.

It’s important to simply accept your best effort on this without demanding any sort of special response from the Infinite. Get the feel of the exercise this week, and be happy with just that. If something more happens, well that’s all the better.


The exact location of the psychic centers in the physical body will vary from individual to individual. But YOUR centers will locate themselves for you as you simply mentally direct the focused WHITE LIGHT to each one in its turn. Generally, the lower five centers are just in front of the physical spine in the areas of the corresponding physical organs. The upper two centers correspond with the pituitary and pineal glands respectively. For those of you that have my ” HELPING YOURSELF WITH E.S.P.,” my “MIRACLE OF UNIVERSAL PSYCHIC POWER,” or, “THE MAGICK OF NEW ISHTAR POWER,” a review of the discussion of psychic centers in the very early chapters will be helpful. And some of the basic ideas on the use of sound are covered in my “HELPING YOURSELF WITH PSYCHO-COSMIC POWER.” All of these may be obtained from E.S.P. Lab or your local bookstore if you would like to explore their supplemental data.


When you have an unusual or especially interesting experience while working with this course, please write and tell us about it. This course, too, is part of our overall plan of research through service. YOUR experience of the LIGHT and its marvelously useful and effective power is our reason for striving. Get some outstanding results! Then let us hear about it.

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