The Library

We have begun assembling freely available publications here in the Library.  This are influential books in the subjects of metaphysics and esotericism.

Get stared here!

The Divine Pymander – Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus
The Kybalion – The Three Initiates

The Order of Christian Mystics

Coming World Changes
For Young Souls
Gems of Mysticism
Hints for FourFold Health
Letters from the Teacher Vol I
Letters from the Teacher Vol II
OCM Hymnal
Mary Towards the Light
Personal Survival
Potent Prayers
Priestess of the Flame
Realms of the Living Dead
The Divine Mother
The Inner Radiance
The Key of Destiny
The Key to the Universe
The Love of Rabiacca
The Message of Aquaria
The Mystic Life
The Pattern Life
The Philosophy of War 1st Ed.
The Philosophy of War 3rd Ed.
The Seventh Seal
The Soundless Sound
The Temple of Silence
The Truth About Evolution and the Bible
The Voice of Isis
Why We Are Here


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