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Lammas (Aug 2nd) newsletter

Lammas (Aug 2nd) newsletter


Celebrate Abundance my friends,


August 2nd is Lammas, the first of three festivals celebrating Mother Earth’s bounty. For this first harvest festival, baking loaves from the first grains and offering them at a communal meal has always been central to these gatherings, going back to thousands of years before the Common Era. Harvest festivals celebrate the abundance of the Great Mother.


The Celts called this time Lughnasadh (loo-na-sa), Native Americans called it the Green Corn Festival and in Slavic Regions it is called the feast of the Big Glad Woman. Ireland celebrates Lammas as Big Sunday and farming communities gather at hundreds of traditional hilltop sites to set up craft fairs, feast, play games, and dance. A part of every one of these gatherings is a ceremonial meal where the first fruits of the harvest are shared in gratitude.

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