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Practical Techniques for Meditation


Very often people ask me, “What does meditation mean?” Rather than be dogmatic and give you a pat answer, we’ll spend the next 11 weeks working on various techniques of meditation. As always we’ll have a set of “homework” exercises for each week which may or may not seem to have anything to do with the immediate subject matter. But if you’ll work with It regularly you’ll soon find that you have built something special of your own.


The dictionary defines meditation as: To plan in the mind: intend. To fix the mind upon; think about continuously: contemplate. Or to engage in continuous and contemplative thought; study; any subject or idea; cogitate.

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ESP and Hinduism

They probably prefer to call it Vedanta after their scriptures because Hindus is just the name of the river, but it’s an interesting and most ancient religion. As I remember they recognize a good 35 avatars (including Jesus and Mohammad) most all born of a virgin in a cave surrounded by animals and died on a cross. That’s the traditional astrological allegory.

The Hindu Holy Trinity

Quite like Christianity they deny woman a place in the holy trinity – Brahma, Atman & the GodHead are all depicted as male, as are the principle gods, Vishnu (the preserver) & Shiva (the destroyer but the destruction always makes way for something better – a new baby is from Shiva). Long time ago I asked Lord Shiva to manifest to me as a woman so I could make love to her and get used to change.

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PEACE PROTECTION NOW— Persevere in the blue light

By Sami & AL

Our daily lives provide regular challenges—even for those of us living a charmed life. Tell me about it you may say! We have to RAise the price of our aggravation, RAise above the pain and negative thoughts and know the situation is “just water off a duck’s back”– as we choose to turn to the LIGHT, AGAIN– with positive magickal phrases to help change our mental channel to a higher vibration.

USE your ESP Lab Magick to help you get through it all!


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ESP and Paganism

By Al G Manning

According to the dictionary, Pagan is a term bestowed on non members of the Christian, Hebrew, or Muslim faith (by uptight, bigoted hard liners.) Many Polytheists, Wiccans, agnostics and atheists wear the title Pagan proudly. As an eclectic I guess I fit in there somewhere – at least because one of my best sellers is “Helping Yourself With White Witchcraft.’ The Muslims call anybody not of their faith an infidel, but in this country the Southern Baptists disagree with the Northen Baptists to the point of considering them amateur Pagans.

One World – One God

It’s fun to tease my Rosicrucian friends that Egypt ruled the world until Amenhotep IV decided to become Aknanton and throw out all the old Gods in favor of the one God theory and the Egyptian civilization went right down the tubes.

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ESP LAB Spirit Friends


Nergal ( rhymes with gurgle ) focuses the bright red energy associated with the Martian influences into your aura through you root chakra, the psychic center located at the base of your spine. Yes, this is the seat of the sex drive, but it also brings us our physical vitality and that special attractiveness to other beings most often called animal magnetism. This is your most potent power for manifestations of a purely physical nature and must be present in useful form to attract the opportunity and wherewithall of any material accomplishment. As you learn to bring in larger portions of this energy, you will notice that all people and animals tend to treat you with greater interest and respect than before.

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ESP and Christmas

The whole of the Bible contains much Spirit Contact and many other forms of ESP. We might start with John the Baptist who was predicted by an angel of the Lord who struck his father dumb until the actual birth and the name John was given to him. John went about the land preaching of the coming and baptizing people before Jesus appeared. And of course the 3 “wise men” were Zoroastrian Astrologers who had predicted the birth of a new Avatar. Then there was the birth in 4 BC (the Romans always messed with the calendar, but that’s another story), with all sorts of angelic appearances. Angel is just another name for a good Spirit. Lots of us modern people commune with Spirits every day.

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This summer we are enjoying playing with our nature spirit friends and comrades. Doing so will make for a FUN and successful day! We have brought back this editorial from Al from 2002. Let’s tune into Al’s encouragement, renew our friendships and play with our ESP as we grow together.

( A mini editorial by Al )

When your whole world seems to be slipping into the doldrums or something worse, it’s a time to focus on JOY and making all your meditation and ritual times extra fun for you and for your Spirit Friends. Seems to me it’s the 100th Psalm that starts out: “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord….” Sounds like especially good advice for any occasion.

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How to Tune in to Our Special Light Exercise

The Mystic Light is REAL and will help You. No need to worry about over-exposure or taking more than your share. There is abundance for all. We suggest you tune in on this powerful spiritual energy at least upon arising and at bedtime. Just sit quietly and picture yourself basking in a beam of bright white LIGHT, as if a searchlight were beaming down on you from the ceiling above your head. Let the wonderful energy bathe you for a few minutes, then affirm “I accept the loving help of the Living Light. It flows into all areas of my life expression, making my path easy, healthy, prosperous, loving and meaningful. I promise myself and the Infinite to devote a significant part of the results of this help to promote my own spiritual growth and contribute to all the progress of mankind.

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A Blessing for your Prosperity!

Set your attitude as one of good-natured friendship towards the little people. This chant will get you on the path of “good luck” that the nature spirits can easily bring you.

– excerpted from Helping Yourself With White Witchcraft by Al Manning

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Editorial Archive 2011 – 2016

December 2016
ESP by AL G Manning, DD
You were born with ESP… everybody was, but the material focus of modern society tries to educate it out of us. ESP is a general term including intuition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, Spirit Contact, astral travel and the like. It will pay you well to at least partially focus back on the wonderful ESP powers you were born with.
The three “wise men” who brought gifts to baby Jesus were Zoroastrian Astrologers who had predicted his birth. It’s a long way from Persia to Bethlehem and navigational instruments were not all that advanced. There must have been some excellent ESP to guide the “wise men” to their destination. And that works for us all today like it did for them on that first “Christmas.”
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