Let’s turn to the sparkling BLUE LIGHT of PEACE, PROTECTION, POWER and PROSPERITY– Turn to oneness with the BLUE LIGHT– the positive healing creative BLUE LIGHT–  as we open ourselves to SPIRIT, STRENGTH, HEALTH, POWER & PEACE with INFINITE CREATIVITY– Let’s make this our 3rd or “extra” LIGHT attunement period for each day. Know that YOU will be uplifted and helped by participating whether or not your name appears on this month’s special list.  To play with us, just find a relatively peaceful place in which to relax and focus your complete attention on THE INFINITE SOURCE OF ALL… or simply God if the term is OK with you.  Let your “imagination” fill in any blanks, but KNOW that there is always a response from the Infinite.  Feel it as a shaft of White Light beaming down on you ever so lovingly.  Bask in the Light and let it do a super cleansing job on your aura.   Then when you feel ready invite the Light to turn to Its SPARKLING BLUE color and continue: “‘I feel the Electric Blue Light flooding my aura and beingness with its super cleansing,  healing, transformative growth, and strength; with spirituality, effectiveness, clarity, prosperity, fun, and enthusiasm, attraction, freedom, relaxation, sensuality, perspective, healing power; psychic, spiritual and material plane growth, with laughter, personal magnetism, creativity, humor, joy, ectoplasm and extra FUN… It burns, loves and laughs away, purifies and/or completely annihilates anything in or near me that is blocking my ability to manifest wonderful progress in all areas of my life, as it brings me wonderful drive and loving inspiration for effectiveness, good health, charisma and success. I am filled to the happy overflowing point now, so I gladly share my good by directing the energy to flow out to today’s Special Night Light Members……….,   and then on through their personal experiences to my ESP Lab USA, International  and to EACH ONE OF US!! I feel a wonderful surge of fresh power as the great circuit is completed & the energy flows back to me– into my personal life– from my ESP Lab.  Thanks for the privilege of sharing the LIGHT! NOW LET THERE BE the SPARKLING  BLUE

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