Be the HERO of your LIFE– Turn to the LIGHT!

light on mountaintop

Be the Hero of Your Life!

Hi, Greetings of LOVE and Laughter from the mountain top as we wind down the old solar year in preparation for the new fall cycle! Life is like the great ocean… there are sunny days, and stormy days… there are high tides and low tides. Nature is the great teacher and teaches by example. Life is an ebb and a flow!

Autumn is near and then Winter soon follows. Fall a time of Harvest with Fall Equinox and Samhain! These times are for gathering the best as we leave the rest and prepare for a time of colder weather and less light.

Winter is Nature’s time of going within– it is the low end of the life cycle, a time of introspection– good for meditation, planning, and use of that which has been harvested. It’s a good time to be inside by the fire and avoid the snowy icy roadways. In the context that each of us is the captain of a ship– of our personal evolution, physical well-being and spiritual development– how we weather the storms and tides of our life experience is up to each one of us.

It is too easy to turn to the downside, especially during the darkest time within the solar and lunar cycles. And of course anyone of us can have a sad moment or an angry feeling. It turns into a problem when too much of one’s mental and emotional activity is dedicated to the downside. Just remember Al Manning’s comment, “that which you give your attention multiplies.” If we are in a condition of fear, doubt, anger or worry, then our pipeline to the Divine Source becomes constricted. Thus we must learn to turn to the Light through prayer, positive thinking, meditation, white magick, and flooding our Consciousnesses with spiritual affirmation with the acceptance of DIVINE LOVE! When my mind or emotions start to drift toward the negative, I switch gears to “I AM the LIGHT going to meet the LIGHT only goodness shall result.” I might use some other quick and easy positive thought to switch gears to better and better: “Centered in the Peace and LOVE of the DIVINE– I know everything else is illusion.” If you repeat these like a parrot they do not work as well. One must feel the truth of the message and repeat it until you experience and know it is true. “God is LOVE, and he who loves is of God.” “The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want!”

My challenge to you… is that you spend the next period of time– 3 days, 5 days, 7 days– or until the end of your year, seeking to focus on the LIGHT side, rather than the Down side. In doing so, you are choosing the best for you… Let’s make it so, Captain, and blessed be we! Now here is a healing chant for you… so that you can be all you can be! A HEALING CHANT by Al Manning Traditionally you hold your palms down over the water to help direct vital energy as you chant:

Spirits of life and health I ask
Renew my body for its tasks.
Make me strong and full of glee.
My hearty thanks I give to thee.

You can chant over your glass of water in the evening and then again in the morning and drink it down. You can alternate chanting with a powerful Native American Chant over your sacred water: “azay’ha chee’ nee!” which means Healing water! Blessed be we!!

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