MERCURY TURNS RETROGRADE—again: this time from July 7th to July 31st!! 2019


With Al and Sami

Howdy, wow that crazy Mercury turned Retro again… so for July, if you feel confused, lose your job, or quit your relationships–  you could blame “the stars.” At ESP LAB we suggest that you insist upon patience in communications, while turning to the LIGHT (especially the ORANGE LIGHT which promotes mental clarity) and plodding thru the challenges.  Just for fun we asked in ESP how do we get through this Mercury Retrograde.  The answer that came in was Al’s chant, based upon the song 76 trombones.  Al used to sing this song every morning as part of his JOY in LIVING strategy, in his truck on the way to the post office:


“76 Neat Gnomes lead the big parade

With 110 droll Trolls right behind

There is Pan and Puck and even Lady Luck

Nature Spirits of every shape and kind.”

“76 slim Sylphs greet the morning sun

With 110 Undines marching tall

Salamanders, Gnu, and Gronkydoddles too

Join the fun that gaily fills the hall.”

“76  neat Gnomes bring prosperity

With 110 undines bringing love

I happily take my spot of the human of the lot

And I know I am blessed from above.”

“76 cute nymphs do the old Can Can

With 110 bright Elves twirling too

There is joy and LIGHT as we dance

throughout the night

Making magick that works for me and you!”

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