By Sami MERLYN Rose


The sky is blue here today at ESP LAB HQ… (with a hint of smoke) and in beautiful Colorado we get 280 to 300 days of sunshine per year. Fabulous. Unfortunately you may have seen Durango in the national news—as a 40,000 acre wild fire started in view of our Lab HQ. Smoke was terrible. Rain spirits came in a gollywasher and took care of most of the smoke… and so we persevere in spite of all challenges.


As the approaching summer sun seeks to warm things up a notch, let’s take a moment and feel the transformative power of the BLUE LIGHT of creativity, peace and protection. Let it purify our auras, bringing peace, protection and prosperity! The blue light is always there for us– we just have to choose to tune into its healing magickal powers. And with the variety of negative energy in the world today, it is good to remember to cleanse our auras, brighten them and SHINE THE LIGHT! BE BRIGHT; SHINE THE LIGHT!!


Soon, as we experience the high point of the solar year– it is good to remember that thoughts are real, and to keep our auras charged with positive energies. Creative chanting– or praying in a rhythm– is one way to boost the positive energy in your spirit body that surrounds your physical self. The idea is to take Al’s positive powerful incantations and submit them to your subconscious where they are stored and available any time that you need them. As you keep the chant fresh and alive in your memory it will tend to keep the power of the chant fresh in your aura. Try it, have FUN with it—one of may favorite Al chants– and win big and often:


Acceptance Chant
By Al G ManningAcceptance is the keynote here,
My word is spoken loud and clear.
All Spirits of the Light be told
To charge my aura, make it bold.
Let it open the hearts of all
Who come near me, both great and small.
With Light and friendship magnetize
My being that all hearts shall rise
To welcome me with friendship dear
And want to feel my presence near.
My words to all who hear a charm,
My smile dispelling all alarm,
All doors shall open wide to me,
And as my will so mote it be.
The first time I tried the chant was in the late seventies. I was on the freeway to Hollywood to meet with a music producer. I did the chant repeatedly on the way to his home office. When I got there the front door was open, and by the way, people in LA just do not leave the front door open! I was convinced of the chant’s effectiveness ever since… and any time I have an important meeting I tend to bring the chant to mind and use it a few times. I also remember to smile as it unlocks the effectiveness of the chant. Let us hear of your success with this as YOUR ESP LAB is all about RESULTS!!! Thanks for sharing the light. Wishing you laughter, LOVE, acceptance and success!


In the Lab, we keep on keeping on with more and better. We are enjoying learning and memorizing this Jupiter Prosperity Chant also found in Al’s White Witchcraft book. We suggest you join with me and other Lab members in committing this chant to memory. As always, feel free to modify the chant to your comfort zone!—then with FUN and JOY declare:


SELF HELP EXERCISE: TURN to the Universal SPIRIT CONTACT Of your POWER STAR in your newsletter opening paragraph. Thousands of years ago ancient people used an 8 pointed power star as an invocation of Universal Energies… centered in the power of the LOVE PLANET, VENUS, with the SUN & MOON all in the infinite center, surrounded by the celestial bodies of Mars, the Sun, Venus, the Earth, Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn, and the Moon. These power points represent the chakras from the red root chakra, the orange sun chakra, yellow for Venus, green for earth, blue for Jupiter, indigo for Mercury, violet for Saturn, and white for the Moon. Put your receiving hand on your opening paragraph power star, meditate with JOY & feel the energies of the Cosmos pour into you as you say “BRING US SILVER; BRING US GOLD. BRING THE LUSH GREEN STUFF THAT FOLDS.”

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