By Sami MERLYN Rose


Maverick Magickians are aware that our words have power. Words– whether written or spoken—are a magickal operation, either conscious or unconscious. We take our thoughts and make them physical which is an act of magick. When we are aware of the magick and perform it with intention and conviction– it becomes more potent.


Let’s use the ENERGY OF SPRING with some LUSH GREEN Prosperity Magicks as we celebrate RENEWAL.


My first exposure to Al’s writings came when a friend gave me Al’s WW book, in the late 70’s. I had some business reversals and needed some help… and turned to the chapter on prosperity magick. I was intrigued by Al’s metaphysical understanding of herbs and decided to try a batch of prosperity powder. The thought was to make a powder of herbs known for opulence and money drawing… and chant with fun and joy in co-operation with the Nature Spirits. The fun “co-operation with nature spirits” chant was declared over the sandalwood and cinnamon powders which turned it into prosperity powder.


My words have power as of old,
So hear me now good Gnomes and Trolls.
Bring me silver, bring me gold,
Bring the lush green stuff that folds.
Come quickly now have fun with me,
And treasure bring most happily.
I speak to you with joy and glee,
And as my will so mote it .
I then became amazed at how well it worked and determined to meet Al in person– and become a member of ESP LAB ®. That happened in Spring of 1978 some 37 years ago. A theme of your Lab for SPRING is all about good fortune manifesting through fun, friendship and co-operation with the Nature Spirits! This was the magick that worked so well so many years ago and still works well.


In the Lab, we keep on keeping on with more and better. We are enjoying learning and memorizing this Jupiter Prosperity Chant also found in Al’s White Witchcraft book. We suggest you join with me and other Lab members in committing this chant to memory. As always, feel free to modify the chant to your comfort zone!—then with FUN and JOY declare:


Your friendship I do seek. Your emissaries send to me,
Spirits rich and sleek. Good Nature Spirits sent by JOVE,
Your comradeship I love! For bounty and good fellowship my thanks are sent above.
Spirits great your riches share with fun and friendship true.
PROSPERITY descends on me, my thanks to lovely you.
And now my light is shining bright, rich green for all to see!
GOOD FORTUNE is my law of life with thanks so mote it be.
My suggestion is that you join with me and see how much fun you can have getting into the spirit of this magick—DANCE, JUMP, SING, FEEL JOY!! This is all about what Al referred to as: “How to build you love affair with the Nature Spirits of Prosperity– the real secret of Magickal Power lies in the running love affair with the forces of nature. When you are sharing love with the Nature Spirits, good luck follows you everywhere!” So let us lovingly celebrate with Nature and Win! GOOD FORTUNE IS OUR LAW OF LIFE WITH THANKS SO MOTE IT BE!


SELF HELP EXERCISE: TURN to the Universal SPIRIT CONTACT Of your POWER STAR in your newsletter opening paragraph. Thousands of years ago ancient people used an 8 pointed power star as an invocation of Universal Energies… centered in the power of the LOVE PLANET, VENUS, with the SUN & MOON all in the infinite center, surrounded by the celestial bodies of Mars, the Sun, Venus, the Earth, Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn, and the Moon. These power points represent the chakras from the red root chakra, the orange sun chakra, yellow for Venus, green for earth, blue for Jupiter, indigo for Mercury, violet for Saturn, and white for the Moon. Put your receiving hand on your opening paragraph power star, meditate with JOY & feel the energies of the Cosmos pour into you as you say “BRING US SILVER; BRING US GOLD. BRING THE LUSH GREEN STUFF THAT FOLDS.”

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