•June 21st Sun entered Cancer
•New Moon in Cancer Solar Eclipse 7/12
•FULL MOON v/c in Capricorn 7/27
•New Moon v/c in LEO 8/11
•FULL MOON in Pisces 8/26
•New Moon in VIRGO 09/09

Mercury goes Retrograde once this summer– July 25 to August 18—forewarned is forearmed! Use caution in communications, and this is not a time for major purchases or major changes. Just plod thru it. Actually it was a Mercury Retro in fall of ‘77, when I developed a taste for astrology. I noticed a friend’s prognostications re: some were correct. Soon after I started reading Al’s books and in Spring of ‘78 started reading Al’s Maverick Astrology column. I noticed it corresponded to Jim Maynard’s Celestial Guide. Al gave emphasis to what the sun does, what the moon does, and then the planets closest to us—Mercury, Venus, and Mars. The Moon is the engine of the emotions and goes thru the 12 astro signs… so what the Moon is doing helps determine how we feel.

When the Moon is full we are energized since She rules water and we are mostly water. As MM (Maverick Magickians) we watch the rise of energy from new moon to full moon to new moon, and chart our lives accordingly. We set in motion our new works as the Moon is new and build upon the increasing energies. As the Moon is full we give thanks for the fulfillment of our true wishes. As the Moon wanes we “keep on keeping on” as we sustain our positive thoughts and prepare for the new moon and another lunar cycle. The summer Sun cycle brings us the most light and the greatest opportunity for spiritual growth.

LAMMAS is next on AUG 1st, our first harvest festival of the year and a time of the Great Wheel turning once again. Make the most of it. If you want to follow along with the daily aspects I recommend JIM MAYNARD’s self study guide, CELESTIAL INFLUENCES. I read mine daily and adjust my schedule to the cozmic weather.

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