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A Deeper Look at Discernment and Judgment

A Deeper Look at Discernment and Judgment

One of the primary takeaways I hope you got from my article “Levels of Energy” is that Level One energy has 100% catabolic energy, 100% fear, and total judgment, while Level Seven energy has 100% anabolic energy and no fear or judgment. Catabolic energy is energy that tears down, and Anabolic energy is energy that builds up.

In my article “Discernment and Judgment” I wrote the following eight paragraphs (which are so important they are worth repeating):

What Is Judgment?

Judgment is an opinion or criticism misusing the power of comparing. It is a form of projection and feeds the ego’s deception of being better (or worse) than someone or something else. The person judging makes the assumption that s/he has the power and the right to determine what is good or bad in general.

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