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A Deeper Look at Discernment and Judgment
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The word “meditation” is typically used to designate broadly similar practices, or sets of practices, that are found across many cultures and traditions. A general consensus is that meditation is a mental technique that the meditator practices repetitively in order to attain a subjective experience that is usually described as silent, very restful and of heightened awareness, and is often accompanied by a state of bliss. What is considered to be meditation can include almost any practice that trains the attention, which seems to be the only invariant of all the usual definitions.

Meditation has been practiced since antiquity in many varied religious and secular traditions and beliefs. Since the nineteenth century, it has spread from its origins to other cultures where it is now commonly practiced in private and business life.

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A Deeper Look at Discernment and Judgment

One of the primary takeaways I hope you got from my article “Levels of Energy” is that Level One energy has 100% catabolic energy, 100% fear, and total judgment, while Level Seven energy has 100% anabolic energy and no fear or judgment. Catabolic energy is energy that tears down, and Anabolic energy is energy that builds up.

In my article “Discernment and Judgment” I wrote the following eight paragraphs (which are so important they are worth repeating):

What Is Judgment?

Judgment is an opinion or criticism misusing the power of comparing. It is a form of projection and feeds the ego’s deception of being better (or worse) than someone or something else. The person judging makes the assumption that s/he has the power and the right to determine what is good or bad in general.

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