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Navigating the Stars 2020 Snap-Shot

Navigating the Stars 2020 Snap-Shot

Navigate the stars and ride the planetary waves

symbol chartThe following information describes the general movement of our planets. A natal chart is a snap shot of a moment in time .. a birth / event. When astrologers give you a snap shot of the up coming year they are using a predictive technique that looks at upcoming planetary configurations (the night sky) and they make a ‘best guess’ on how that planetary combination is going to play out (this is usually based on historical data).

For some of you – this planetary movement will have a direct hit on your personal or birth planetary configurations – and in doing so you the energy will be amplified for you. For others it will manifest through the environment (from others around you) and you experience it indirectly through partners, economic conditions, conditions set by the country to live in.

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