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Navigate the stars and ride the planetary waves

symbol chartThe following information describes the general movement of our planets. A natal chart is a snap shot of a moment in time .. a birth / event. When astrologers give you a snap shot of the up coming year they are using a predictive technique that looks at upcoming planetary configurations (the night sky) and they make a ‘best guess’ on how that planetary combination is going to play out (this is usually based on historical data).

For some of you – this planetary movement will have a direct hit on your personal or birth planetary configurations – and in doing so you the energy will be amplified for you. For others it will manifest through the environment (from others around you) and you experience it indirectly through partners, economic conditions, conditions set by the country to live in.

2020 is the beginning of a new Decade. Turning a new page … I think we look forward to the symbolic turning of a new page … The New Year’s Eve … embarking on an opportunity to ‘right the ship’ and when it comes to a new decade – we feel like we can let go of a heavy weight we have been carrying for the last 10 years. You symbolically let go of the old process … sweep away the old … so the new has a place to settle into.

Before we look at the upcoming trends, one thing I want you to remember is that everything is cyclic – weather, stock market, our paycheck, even life and death. The trick is to tap into those cycles – at a skilled level of being/understanding, it is about your reaction – what you do internally with the information you receive. And always remember – if you mess up – it is OK … when you wake up tomorrow morning you get to have another kick at it, so embrace that… plan for it!

If you are seeing clients – it is especially important to keep these cycles in mind as you guide your clients forward. Help them to navigate through their fears with practical applications.

The Great Pluto/Saturn conjunction (days after the Eclipse on January 12th)

January 2020 – November 1982 – August 1947 – November 1914 (33 year Cycle)

Pluto (collective Control and Power and the Act of Change) is moving into a conjunction where he will meet with Saturn (Structure and Manifestation, Judgement, Law, Organization, Fear, Restriction/suppression) in Capricorn (Leadership, Authority, Tradition, Grounded or practical applications of Energy) for an executive meeting. Keep your ego in check create positive-skilled thoughts and actions, do not fall into the trap of fearing the unknown (False Evidence Appearing Real). Be a powerful advocate for change – where you lead by example.

Get control of false money, such as credit cards, loans and other debt. Where ever this is in your chart – you will have opportunity to create change-organize-manifest. Streamline and sweep out the dark corners. We may seem extremes especially related to the Collective Ego (on either side of the coin).

This year we have an intense dance in the sky between Pluto (see above), Saturn (see above) and Jupiter (growth, opportunity, wisdom) – there may be times when things feel out of control, larger than life, and our ability to create growth or step into opportunity feels like it is out of reach… when our good friend and protector Jupiter struggles to express its essential nature. Special Dates: April 9th (Pluto/Jupiter); December 21st (Jupiter/Saturn)


What is a Retrograde? An inner spiral of energy, re—-

Re-do; re-think; re-investigate, re-evaluate. Before moving forward with something new during a retrograde … be sure to check the fine print. Buy something used! Wait for clarity.

Mercury Retrogrades … we have 3 Mercury Retrogrades every year.

February 16 to March 9 … June 17 to July 12 … October 13 to November 3

Mercury is about our thinking process- analysis, communication and commerce, short trips – transportation. #1 backup all computers and phone and data – Schedule some computer and email downtime, take a break from facebook or Instagram … clean up your computer files, go through old emails, facebook, Instagram, messages, texts, newsletters – what do you really look at and what can you let go of. Are there apps you are paying for but not using?

Venus Retrograde … May 13 to June 25th (in Gemini)

Venus is about how you create – attract – value harmony; ie Love, voice, beauty, art, what you like to purchase in order to surround yourself with harmony/beauty. Unskilled behaviour might be to get what you want or desire without thinking about consequences, make changes (to beauty ie tatoo, cut your hair) without thinking about the long term effects. Skilled behaviour might be to connect to gather information and write down a plan where you work on creating harmony within – and then share with others.

Mars Retrograde … Sept 9th to Nov 13th (in Aries)

Action, courage, motivation – to go out and get what you desire, reaction, surgery, what drives you. The Retro-grade is a time when you need to think before jumping in with both feet. Unskilled behaviour could be anger, resentment, gut re-action … Skilled behaviour could be re-viewing the situation before acting, finding re-solution that you can act on, planning your actions.

We are in Eclipse season again.

The dance between the Sun, the giver of Life and Light & the Moon, who projects this Light into Patterns and Habits to be experienced individually. The Lunar Cycle solidifies time here on earth, and allows us to experience gifts and growth month after month. These are cycles we can depend on, providing a sense of comfort, gently guiding our human journey.

The next two Eclipses (Solar/New Moon December & Lunar/Full Moon January) straddle between the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020.

eclipseNew Moon/Solar Eclipses are an experience where the energy appears to becoming to you from an external source. It is a feeling of ‘being in the dark, yet having anticipation of … setting new goals, stepping onto paths and creating new time lines … the difference is that the effect lasts over a time period of six months or more. You may want to check to see if you have any planets within a few degrees of the Eclipse, and if you have your Natal Chart you can also see what area of life will be affected by looking at the house in which the eclipse will occur.

December 25th The Solar Eclipse is in Capricorn A Solar Eclipse is like a New Moon amped up, so you may feel a little more tension or anxiety in the air, this new moon/solar eclipse falls right in the midst of many international holidays, such as the Winter Solstice on the 21st, Pancha Ganapati, Hanukkah on the 22nd, Saturnalia, Paganism, Christmas Day on the 25th, Boxing Day and Kwanzaa on the 26th and Hogmanay (just to name a few) all leading up to the New Year. It is a time to celebrate with friends and family no matter what celebration you connect to, all leading up to year end. Keep to a lighter skillful side, do not engage in topics that are heated (even if others try to provoke) and watch the words you choose by keeping your ego out of the conversation. Make small adjustments in order to create a harmonious experience, even if that means leaving some people out of the group activities if they mean harm or are unable to act in a skilled fashion. Keep social media to a minimum and take the time to engage eye to eye and heart to heart, (yep even with strangers) … let them know you ‘see’ them.

This Solar Eclipse reflects and provides an overview toward the next 6 months around new projects, goals and paths you decide to take. Don’t forget there is an external component, so other people’s desire for control in your affairs may present itself. It is in your response to the external stimuli that will impact your movement forward. The best action is to think things through, pause and evaluate before acting, and most of all don’t fall into the trap of external fear influencing the way you see your life.

January 10th The first eclipse of the year is a Capricorn Lunar eclipse – A full Moon Eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon that aligns the Sun/Moon/Earth. It provides an overview of approx. 6 months and is more collective in nature – astrologers like to use these when they are looking at mundane events for a country. On a personal/practical level it provides insight into larger more long term goals. Were you can look at an overview of what you have accomplished and what you have left on the TO-DO List. This is an inner process a time of reflection, to review goals and ideas that have come to fruition (gratitude) and take a hard look at what has not been accomplished and why. We need to keep an emotional balance, and don’t let fear (false evidence appearing real) and other obstacles get in the way of manifesting your goals.

Uranus will be moving direct during the upcoming Lunar Eclipse. I would recommend starting a regular meditation practice taking note of events or symbolic messages that come forward during this time. You will want let go of old outworn goals or troubleshoot innovative ways to reinvigorate goals that seemed to have passed you by. Revisit your notes in 90 days – April 5th.

Upcoming Eclipses

June 5th & July 5th & Nov 30th are Lunar Eclipses

June 21st & December 14th (Total Eclipse) are Solar Eclipses (New Moon energy – where we see activation externally)

Special Dates: March 24th (90 days after Solar Eclipse of Dec); April 5th (90 days after Lunar Eclipse of Jan); September 2nd (90 after Lunar Eclipse of June); Sept 17th (90 days after Solar Eclipse of June 21)

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