Sami Merlyn, DD

Sami Merlyn, DD-- president of ESP LAB, and Spiritual Science Church since May of 2006, Sami took over the organization after the time of Al's passing, as per Al's request. Spring of 1978 Sami met Al and became a member of ESP LAB. Al ordained Sami as a minister in his church on Al's birthday June 19th, 1998. Sami became a LIFE MEMBER June 2, 1999. As an active member Sami worked with Al from Spring of 1978 until his passing April 8th, 2006. Al is still working with ESP LAB and Sami, from the other side. When Al was asked (after his passing) if he would continue helping with spiritual treatments Al responded, "Before they call I will answer!"

Sami started his spiritual quest at age five when his mother told him he had a spiritual father, God, who could answer prayers... Sami was thrilled and promptly asked God and his mother for a puppy. Mother said no but three days later in the culvert outside the church Sami got his puppy. This started a life long love of prayer, and a pursuit of the spiritual.

Sami, raised in a Christian home, started practicing yoga and studying all the religions of the world at 15. Sami wondered why prayer works and what are different methods around the world. At 16 he attended all the local Christian churches and started a devotional club in his high school which still is operational. Sami started laying on hands and praying for folks healing at the same time.

Sami, who considers himself eclectic, likes the words of Sai Baba who said, "All religions are facets of one Truth, all are tributes to Its Glory." Sami continues the work of spiritual quest with treatments for the success of every positive request received, through his work as a minister and president of Spiritual Science and ESP LAB. He encourages everyone to find the Divine Light within and a positive path towards spiritual evolution.

Michael Manning, DD

My mission is to empower others to find their own answers and to create the life of their dreams, full of love, joy, peace and freedom.

My values are love, peace, spirituality, truth, self-knowledge, authenticity, integrity, peace of mind, health, relationships, freedom, success, joy, support, wealth, mastery, humor, excellence, kindness, helping others, open mindedness, non-judgment, generosity, and wisdom, not necessarily in that order.

My credentials include being an ordained minister of Spiritual Science, a certified dynamism practitioner, a certified spiritual counselor, and I have been on the Board of Directors for ESP Lab since 1970.

I envision our Mother Earth in her Highest Light, where all the waters, everywhere, are pure and clean; where all the plants and animals are living their lives happily, healthfully, and joyfully; where everyone is grateful for the abundance they enjoy; where the skies are true blue and clear; where all manmade clouds are a thing of the past; and where every breath we breathe is sweet, vibrant, and life supporting; where the land is pristine and pulsating with life; where the trees are radiant and beautiful, the farms and gardens flourishing with fruits and foods of all kinds in all places; where the animals, both wild and domestic, are respected and guaranteed to live their days in peace and safety; where the people are honoring and caring for one another in every land, in every home, in every way; and where Mother Earth, herself, is tended to like a garden; where her beauty is celebrated always; where her beaches, her deserts, her pastures and prairies, her meadows and mountaintops are sacred to all who walk there; and where her Highest Good is considered and honored.

I see a world where the competitiveness in business is gone and has been replaced by a caring for one another; where no one profits at the expense of another; and where all exchanges of energy and resources are WIN-WIN, equally beneficent to all parties involved.

I see a trust formed among all peoples because conducting business is now a safe, honorable, and loving experience where everyone helps each other and wants only for all parties to be happy. I see employers, everywhere, treating their employees with courtesy, equality, and respect; and I see employees loving the work that they do and working with ethics and integrity. I see a business climate that takes the Highest Good of everyone concerned into consideration; where the Highest Good is the standard for all transactions and business relationships; and where the Highest Good and welfare of the Earth and her people is the number one priority in every business decision made.

I see a world where we are all uplifted above our normal life vibrations. We realize that we are no longer required to be drawn back to those lower vibrations of past hurts and abuses. We see all humans becoming aware of their potential to lift themselves up and to lift the vibrations of Mother Earth up with them. We see a realization coming to all of humanity that we are all part of a bigger whole and that we can be more than we ever have realized before. Our hearts are open, our higher selves are engaged and our link to the Divine is made available to us. We realize that each smaller vibration can become part of the larger vibration and that we have the power to choose this for ourselves for our highest good and the highest good of all humanity.


Linda E. Savage, Ph.D. DD

linda savageLinda E. Savage, Ph.D. DD is a minister of Spiritual Science and a member of the ESP Lab for nearly 40 years and a member of the board. She is a Licensed Psychologist, Marriage and Family Therapist and AASECT certified sex educator who brings the wisdom of her 35 years of experience treating couples and individuals. As the author of Reclaiming Goddess Sexuality, she blends current clinical knowledge and ancient wisdom and has created a companion CD of guided meditations: Maiden, Mother, Wise Woman: Reclaiming Our Sexuality. Dr. Savage is recognized as a leading seminar leader and speaker. She wrote for the Huffington Post as an expert blogger on Spiritual Sex.

Tamira Silverdisc

Tamira is a Professional Astrologer, Teacher (Astrology & Meditation / Sound Healing) and a Mediator

Tamira is dedicated to connecting ancient wisdom to the modern world through speaking engagements, workshops, one-on-one consultations, and local meditation classes. She also produces a monthly Astro Cliff Notes column to help you navigate the stars.

As a life- long learner and teacher, she opens up new perspectives for herself and others through her work with a variety of Energy techniques.

Currently residing in Halifax/Dartmouth Nova Scotia.

Tamira’s current talents encompass a wide variety of self-development and collective toolsto assist you as you navigate and engage on a Soul Level …

-Holds a BA in East West Traditions (Astrological Studies) – Kepler College
-NCGR Certified Level III
-RYT Certified Yoga Teacher 200 hours (Yoga Branch – Loving taught by Lisette Hart … Vista California) which compliments her Meditation Coaching – using Sound and Music as a remedial measure via Tibetan and Singing crystal bowls & Tuning Forks.
-A practicing Usui Reiki Master (1996) and a Registered Karuna Reiki® Master through the International Center for Reiki Training
-QHHT Practitioner (Certified level II)
-Professional Astrologer … Specializing in Natal and Local Space Astrology
-Teacher (Foundational Certificate) with Kepler College;
-Kepler Board member and Admin Team
-Past President of the local San Diego chapter of the National Council of Geocosmic Research (NCGR)
-Writes a monthly Astro Cliff Notes Column


Al G. Manning

Al G. Manning (June 19, 1927 – April 8, 2006) was an American author, occultist, certified public accountant, and the founder of Spiritual Science Church #88 and the ESP Lab of Texas (formerly ESP Laboratory in Los Angeles, California). Al authored 23 self-help books and 11 correspondence courses, as well as many tapes and videos, with 40 years of monthly ESP LAB newsletters-- towards the quest of exploring spirituality with with positive personal development, as well as the development and use of psychic powers for personal and planetary benefit These studies into ESP included intuition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, spirit contact, astral projection, divination, white magick and others. His work is carried on by the ESP Lab, now located in Colorado.


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