ESP and Christmas

By Al G Manning

The whole of the Bible contains much Spirit Contact and many other forms of ESP. We might start with John the Baptist who was predicted by an angel of the Lord who struck his father dumb until the actual birth and the name John was given to him. John went about the land preaching of the coming and baptizing people before Jesus appeared. And of course the 3 “wise men” were Zoroastrian Astrologers who had predicted the birth of a new Avatar. Then there was the birth in 4 BC (the Romans always messed with the calendar, but that’s another story), with all sorts of angelic appearances. Angel is just another name for a good Spirit. Lots of us modern people commune with Spirits every day. In my book, “Helping Yourself With ESP” we go into happy detail about all of this – it’s a good place to start or get back into the scheme of things.

The psychic ability or mediumship of Jesus is lots of fun – like when he met the lady at the well and told her you have had 5 husbands and the man you are living with now is not married to you. This is all fresh and alive right now, Not like the story of when the Missionaries were in Hawaii and telling of the miracles of old. When asked about the here and now they said all this was while Jesus and his disciples were alive, not now. A Kahuna replied our miracles still happen – and so should yours. We experience miracles just about every day here at ESP Lab. We believe in the words of Jesus: “These works that I do shall ye do also and greater works shall ye do.”

I always like to say IT WORKS if you’re “dumb” enough to try it. In a greater sense it’s Christmas every day and we should enjoy keeping it that way. As he said, let the dead bury the dead, come and follow me. There is only the here and now – let’s resolve to live it to the fullest.

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