ESP And The Human Race

By Al G Manning

They call us Homo Sapiens, a species unto ourselves. I’ve never been sure what criteria they use to distinguish us from chimpanzees but we humans do have many special traits in common. One is our psychic ability or ESP.

ESP Transcends All Religions

Religion is man made – as C.G. Jung the great psychiatrist said “If there were no God man would have to invent one” (to blame his tragedies and shortcomings on and try to attune with.) Similarly Spirit contact exists in some form in all religions, agnosticism & atheism. My mother was a devout Methodist – didn’t believe in any occult stuff at all. One day she called and said “Al you know I don’t believe in any of this stuff but what does it mean when the whole room turns purple?”

She also admitted that when her husband left the physical body he often came back to see her. Come to think of it he came back to see me, too. It really has nothing to do with religion as such. Just as we are told that there are no two identical snowflakes there are no two identical people. Even identical twins have differences. Isn’t it wonderful that you are a unique being – enjoy your individuality and express it in your own way – hopefully that will include USING your ESP.

And don’t panic when you see a Spirit being out of the corner of your eye. We often hear “I saw a Spirit out of the corner of my eye but when I turned to see it, it disappeared.” No it didn’t you just changed the part of your eye you were looking at it with. It is the peripheral vision that we use to see Spirit. Head on very seldom works. Just enjoy what comes along to you and enjoy expressing your unique individuality as we play and grow together.

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