ESP and Islam

By Al G Manning

Generally one’s first thought about Islam is the Crusades where the Muslims thoroughly clobbered the Christians and the English had to take up a collection to ransom their King “Richard the Lion Hearted” out of a German prison. The prophet Mohammed was an interesting fellow who could not read or write when he got the Koran from an angel in a cave. He was smart enough to say that the Koran was not to be translated into any other languages. Wow! Was he right, it was bad enough to get the Christian Bible in Latin, but when King James brought it into English it was very badly distorted and has lead many people astray.

I had an atheist friend who said if he ever did adopt a religion it would be Islam because he liked their idea of heaven with the dancing girls. Indeed the idea of an after life is quite strong in the Islamic traditions. Misused it has led young boys to become suicide bombers with the promise of 77 virgins in the after life. But the true tradition is like unto the Vedantic exchange between Krishna & Arjuna where Arjuna asks what happens to a valorous soldier who is killed in battle – the answer, he goes first to the heaven or hell of his own belief, then after a time he reincarnates.

All religions are awash in Spirit contact (generally calling them angels) and many other forms of ESP. Islam is a very strong faith requiring daily devotions and often Spirit contact. We do the same thing at ESP Lab with our 3 times a day touching base with Spirit and the Infinite. It fulfills our basic tenant that all religions are compatible – because they are.

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