ESP and Paganism

By Al G Manning

According to the dictionary, Pagan is a term bestowed on non members of the Christian, Hebrew, or Muslim faith (by uptight, bigoted hard liners.) Many Polytheists, Wiccans, agnostics and atheists wear the title Pagan proudly. As an eclectic I guess I fit in there somewhere – at least because one of my best sellers is “Helping Yourself With White Witchcraft.’ The Muslims call anybody not of their faith an infidel, but in this country the Southern Baptists disagree with the Northen Baptists to the point of considering them amateur Pagans.

One World – One God

It’s fun to tease my Rosicrucian friends that Egypt ruled the world until Amenhotep IV decided to become Aknanton and throw out all the old Gods in favor of the one God theory and the Egyptian civilization went right down the tubes. It’s easy to see that the one God is completely impersonal (causing the sun to shine and the rain to fall upon the just and the unjust – or as my papa said it rains on both sides of the line of scrimmage) and sexless. So it ministers to Its creation by a series of lesser Gods, Angels, Avatars and whatever else they might be called.

I call the powerful Spirits who work through ESP Lab “God’s Ministering Angels and my good friends” Like who says you can’t make friends with the high Spirits?? So the affirmation that goes with that is: “I place myself and all my affairs lovingly in the hands of God and you It’s wonderful ministering angels and my good friends with a childlike trust.

That which is for my highest good shall come to me. That which is my highest good comes to me NOW.” I call it delegating my anxieties to Spirit.

ESP including Spirit contact is prevalent throughout the Pagan/Occult/Psychic world. In some bigots eyes we’re all Pagans, but that’s their problem. Let’s enjoy being exactly what we are and move onward and upward together!

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