How to Tune in to Our Special Light Exercise

The Mystic Light is REAL and will help You. No need to worry about over-exposure or taking more than your share. There is abundance for all. We suggest you tune in on this powerful spiritual energy at least upon arising and at bedtime. Just sit quietly and picture yourself basking in a beam of bright white LIGHT, as if a searchlight were beaming down on you from the ceiling above your head. Let the wonderful energy bathe you for a few minutes, then affirm “I accept the loving help of the Living Light. It flows into all areas of my life expression, making my path easy, healthy, prosperous, loving and meaningful. I promise myself and the Infinite to devote a significant part of the results of this help to promote my own spiritual growth and contribute to all the progress of mankind. I thank the INFINITE SOURCE OF ALL for this magnificent help.”

( For more details on the Light, see Al’s course “A NEW LIGHT OF HELP FOR YOU” – use it to help yourself and loved ones. )

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