Joyous Spring Equinox My Friends

Spring Equinox

Joyous Spring Equinox my friends,

This year in the Northern Hemisphere, the Vernal Equinox is March 19th, at almost midnight, as the Sun enters Aries. It means that day and night will be balanced at the equator. Also known as Ostara or Eostre (the origin of the name Easter), the hours of light and dark will be equal.

In ancient traditions this is known as the time of Green Fire.

Green Fire refers to the sap rising in trees and to the electrical energy pulsing through the rapidly growing plants. This is not a metaphor; green fire is literally electrical, same as our nervous system: humans and plants have the same oscillation frequency. This mutual receptivity is a survival strategy, certainly plants have offered healing for humans long before modern medicines and humans have exhaled carbon dioxide for the plants. I sincerely hope we can offer more, especially protecting our plants’ survival. We need plants that have not been genetically altered for our continuing health and presence on the planet

I want to talk about one green plant, hemp, which has been recently legalized in all 50 states. Hemp and Cannabis have been vilified for almost one hundred years due to many misconceptions. We now have research as well as testimonials that CBD oil and its derivatives have been helping people with Autism, Alzheimer’s and Anxiety, and that’s just a short list of the A’s.

I urge you to see the documentary, The Sacred Plant. You can email for the most enlightening information and documented recovery stories that give us all hope. In this film, over 25 integrative doctors, allied health practitioners, naturopaths, Chinese and Ayurvedic doctors and more teach us what we need to know.

During the Vernal Equinox, tune into all the plant life surrounding you: breathe with them, thank them and receive their wisdom. “Remember, child, the plants have been here since Mother Earth became Mother. And we are her [sons and] daughters. We came later . . . They contain the sacred memory of our roots.” (Anonymous)

May you feel our ancestors’ love, Linda

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