Navigating the Stars December 2019

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Navigate the stars and ride the planetary waves

The following information describes the general movement of our planets, for some of you – this monthly planetary movement will have a direct hit on your personal or birth planetary configurations – and in doing so you the energy will be amplified for you. For others it will manifest through the environment and not necessarily hook into your day to day experiences. Everyone can take advantage of the activities listed below & corresponding days.

All is clear for the purchase of electronic equipment, vehicles and major purchases.

Don’t let your day run amuck on the 29th, stay centered and use this time to contemplate how you are going to ‘Step into the future you have always dreamed of.’

Uranus will be Retrograde (inward spiral) as we move into the new year. A regular Meditation practice is essential as you release the old and step into the new.

Pluto (the planet of collective Control and Power) is moving into place (the degree) where he will meet with Saturn (the planet of Structure and Manifestation) for an executive meeting, in early January (more on that in the New Year Special addition). That said … keep your ego out of it by creating positive-skilled thoughts and actions, do not fall into the trap of fearing the unknown (False Evidence Appearing Real). Be a powerful advocate for change.

Double Whammy and challenging days are … 5, 7, 14, 20, 27 & 29 take short meditative breaks throughout the day – remember to breathe.

Meditation or relaxed days – take advantage of smooth flowing energy and make them the best days ever … 13, 17, 23, 25& 26, BEST DAY to utilize meditative practices = December 2nd

  • Take advantage of Communication – talk it out … 25th & 26thuse your words wisely on the 2nd & 10th
  • Opportunity to attract and evoke harmony in your life & create something beautiful… Know what you want … 3rd, 23rd, 25th & 26th

  • before you can action a goal you need to connect passionately, you need to want it go for it on the 3rd & 13th

Solar/Lunar cycles

The dance between the Sun, the giver of Life and Light & the Moon, who projects this Light into Patterns and Habits to be experienced individually. The Lunar Cycle solidifies time here on earth, and allows us to experience gifts and growth month after month. These are cycles we can depend on, providing a sense of comfort, gently guiding our human journey.

Full Moon – Wrapping up projects and Review Goals.moon on water

December Full Moon

19 Gemini 52 on December 11th

At 9:12 pm Pacific

& December 12th

At 1:12 am Atlantic

Theme: Lets BE optimistic

There is a possibility that the night sky (Full Moon) is about to shed some light on an old collective story. We need to be open and receptive but not over react, because at first the information may not line up or quite make sense. There may be a great deal of adjustment that you will need to make in order to find or bring harmony, love and peace. Whether or not you will feel the impact personally will depend on how and where this Full Moon is lighting up in your life (look to your Natal astrology chart for details).

On this final Full Moon of the year, take the time to acknowledge just how far you have come, the goals you completed this year and the goals that you will be moving to finish up next year.

We are in Eclipse season again.

The next two Eclipses (Solar/New Moon December & Lunar/Full Moon January) straddle between the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020.

eclipseNew Moon/Solar Eclipses are an experience where the energy appears to becoming to you from an external source. It is a feeling of ‘being in the dark, yet having anticipation of … setting new goals, stepping onto paths and creating new time lines … the difference is that the effect lasts over a time period of six months or more. You may want to check to see if you have any planets within a few degrees of the Eclipse, and if you have your Natal Chart you can also see what area of life will be affected by looking at the house in which the eclipse will occur.

The Solar Eclipse is at 4 degrees Capricorn 07 on the 25th at 9:13pm Pacific and on the 26th at 1:13 am Atlantic.

Theme: Time to evaluate what your life will look like as you move into the New Year

A Solar Eclipse is like a New Moon amped up, so you may feel a little more tension or anxiety in the air, this new moon/solar eclipse falls right in the midst of many international holidays, such as the Winter Solstice on the 21st, Pancha Ganapati, Hanukkah on the 22nd, Saturnalia, Paganism, Christmas Day on the 25th, Boxing Day and Kwanzaa on the 26th and Hogmanay (just to name a few) all leading up to the New Year. It is a time to celebrate with friends and family no matter what celebration you connect to, all leading up to year end. Keep to a lighter skillful side, do not engage in topics that are heated (even if others try to provoke) and watch the words you choose by keeping your ego out of the conversation. Make small adjustments in order to create a harmonious experience, even if that means leaving some people out of the group activities if they mean harm or are unable to act in a skilled fashion. Keep social media to a minimum and take the time to engage eye to eye and heart to heart, (yep even with strangers) … let them know you ‘see’ them.

This Solar Eclipse reflects and provides an overview toward the next 6 months around new projects, goals and paths you decide to take. Don’t forget there is an external component, so other people’s desire for control in your affairs may present itself. It is in your response to the external stimuli that will impact your movement forward. The best action is to think things through, pause and evaluate before acting, and most of all don’t fall into the trap of external fear influencing the way you see your life.

The Astrology of it All

Sun is in Sagittarius until the 21st when he moves to Capricorn symbol chart

Happy Solar Return (Birthday)

and Happy Winter Solstice!

Mercury (Communication) starts out in Scorpio – moves to Sagittarius on the 8th and then to Capricorn on the 28th. A whirl wind of Communication signatures and types of scripts, hold onto your hat and ride the wave.

Venus (Harmony & Love) is in Capricorn and moves to Aquarius on the 19th (make sure you don’t make any beauty changes at the end of the year without some deep thought … LOL)

Mars (Action) steadily moves through Scorpio, which is one of his power positions. If you need to win the battle… now is the time to strategize.

Jupiter (Opportunity) moves to Capricorn on the 2nd December, where opportunity can truly become manifest. Get organized!

Saturn (Boundaries) continues to move through Capricorn for the month. Bring structure to Chaos!

Uranus (Higher Mind / the Unexpected) is between 3 and 2 degrees in Taurus (Uranus continues to retrograde on an inner-spiral) for the duration of the month.

Neptune (Dreams / Art / Removing Boundaries) is slowly moving through Pisces.

Pluto (Change / Transformation) is moving full steam ahead in Capricorn at around 21 to 22 degrees, getting ready for his ‘executive meeting’ with Saturn in January.

Happy Holidays & Love Your Way! Tamira AKA Silverdisc

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