Navigating the Stars February 2019

Navigate the stars and ride the planetary waves

The following information describes the general movement of our planets, for some of you – this monthly planetary movement will have a direct hit on your personal or birth planetary configurations – and in doing so you the energy will be amplified for you. For others it will manifest through the environment and not necessarily hook into your day to day experiences. Everyone can take advantage of the activities listed below & corresponding days.

Double Whammy and challenging days are … 1, 2, 13, 14, 16, 17, 20, 21 & 22, take short meditative breaks throughout the day – remember to breathe.

Meditation or relaxed days – take advantage of smooth flowing energy and make them the best days ever … 4, 5, 6, 11, 15, 25, 28

This year is not necessarily going to be easy but it can be fruitful. This month brings opportunity to align with your authentic self. Every opening or chance that you are exposed to needs effort, focus, hard work and most of all action … in order to create growth.

  • Take advantage of Communication – talk it out 5

Change your hair colour, create a new style, or put a new coat of paint on that drab or boring wall. Opportunity to attract and evoke harmony in your life.

  • Create something beautiful… Know what you want …6, 11, 25 … before you can action a goal you need to connect passionately, you need to want it.
  • Take the Opportunity and connect Action with Passion … 4, 15, 28
  • Set healthy boundaries and face your fears move forward with confidence on the… 12, 24,
  • Unleash your genius on the 15, 28
  • Let go of the need to control and simply BE a powerful advocate for change.
  • 12, 25

Solar/Lunar cycles

The dance between the Sun, the giver of life and light and the Moon, who projects the light into patterns and habits that can be experienced individually.

New Moon – New Beginnings – Setting New Goals, choosing New paths creating new time lines. February’s New Moon is on the 4th at 15 degrees Aquarius and will be exact at 1:04 pm Pacific / 5:04 pm Atlantic

Theme: Whatever you do … Don’t Give Up.

Take this time to re-adjust any goals that have not worked out as planned, think of it as setting a new path toward the same goal, with some required adjustments and re-organization. Watch for opportunities to arise, but remember an opportunity is nothing if you don’t step up and take action. Writing and talking about your goals will help you stay on track.

This month we may need to unexpectedly step up and help others out. Be the change you want to see. No one is going to create it for you … now is the time to step up and get back to co-creating your own future.


Full Moon – Wrapping up projects, competition of Goals. February’s Full Moon is on the 19th at 0 degrees Virgo and will be exact at 7:54 am Pacific / 11:54 am Atlantic

Theme: Meditation and contemplation is the greatest tool.

Evaluate old goals that have been on your list too long. We have a boost of ‘stick to it-ness’ during this full moon, focus on goals or jobs that have not quite completed to get a much-needed boost of determination. That being said, it is also useful to determine whether or not you are beating yourself up trying to accomplish something that is no longer relevant and perhaps it is time to let go of the goal.

Although this is a Full Moon there is a level of newness about it, and it is directly connected to action and your higher mind, or that which is greater. You can tap into the light as it reaches into even the darkest corners.

The Astrology of it All

Sun is in Aquarius until February 18th when the Great Light moves into Pisces.

Moon cycles through each sign approx. every 2 days.

Mercury (Communication) is in Aquarius and moves to Pisces on February 9th where he gets all dreamy, create … create … create!

Venus (Harmony & Love) starts out in Sagittarius where she has been visiting her great friend Jupiter the planet of luck and opportunity. By the 3rd of February she moves into Capricorn and get all serious.

Mars (Action) starts out all powerful in Aries and then moves into Taurus on the 13th where he becomes a peaceful warrior

Jupiter (Opportunity) is gliding through Sagittarius all month where he is only interested in gaining wisdom through experience, including travel.

Saturn (Boundaries) is hunkering down in Capricorn, a place of power for him.

Uranus (Higher Mind / the Unexpected) is traveling through the last degrees of Aries – where he has been re-inventing and creating changes in our lives.

Neptune (Dreams / Art / Removing Boundaries) is slowly moving through Pisces, where we are learning to let go of our physical reality and learn to expand our reality.

Pluto (Change / Transformation) is traveling through Capricorn, creating change to the status quo.


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