Navigating the Stars January 2019

New Year’s Chart 2019

The theme that starts our New Year off is New Ways of Actioning Old Goals.

The qualities you need to succeed this year are is graciously receive and give support, be filled with empathy, devotion & nurturing.

Setting New Year’s goals are exciting, having the opportunity to turn over a new leaf, pulling out a new journal with an opportunity to re-write your story. It is about creating a version 3.0, putting the right foot forward and moving into a brand-new-year with confidence. It is apropos that our New Year’s goals are done in Capricorn, which helps provide structure and encourages us to take responsibility for our destiny. Just make sure you do not become stuck in old ways.

Hopefully you started working on your goals during the Winter Solstice, taking a review of 2018 to acknowledge what you have successfully achieved (and how) and what needs to be brought forward to 2019. You may feel an urgency when you set your goals this year, simply because some of the goals you have had on your list for quite some time. Look them over and set some priorities, and aspire to greatness.

Once you have clearly defined concepts and principles you will be able to engage on a more playful level. The next step is to connect on a very complex emotional depth which will activate your imagination. This create the magnetic power required in order to actualize or manifest your dreams.

This year we start our year out with access to some very direct and powerful energy, the driving force this year is creating a ‘New Kind of Action’. Look for new solutions or innovative ways to accomplish these goals. You can succeed if you get other people involved in your goals, don’t be afraid to ask for an all or nothing commitment, that way there are no disappointments early in January. Don’t bury your emotions or anxiety regarding security and self-worth and watch your inside voice including self-talk. In the end you ‘gotta have faith’ in divine timing. Do not become overwhelmed, it will be important to set aside some alone time as you move into the New Year.


Sun moves into Aquarius on the 20th Happy Solar Return (Birthday) to all you Aquarian’s out there. Allow the Sun to infuse you with health and vitality, compromise is ok but not when it takes away from your own well-being.

Double Whammy and challenging days for everyone are 13, 17, 19, 20, 21, 24, 27, …….use short meditative breaks throughout the day – remember to breathe.

Meditation or relaxed days – take advantage of smooth flowing emotional energy and make them the best days ever 7, 15, 16, 22, 28, 31

MercuryCommunication in all forms from old fashioned verbal & written to that which travels on sound waves. Mercury moves into Capricorn on January 4th, this is a great time to organize all of your data for the start of your new year.

Take advantage of Communication – talk it out … 4, 10, 25, 30

Venus Evokes Love, Beauty and Security. Surrounding ourselves with beautiful things (art, earthy greenery such as organic gardening, flowers, food, music, colour, gems, sparkly things, money, people) …

Venus moves into Sagittarius on the 7th, get ready to get social. Change your hair colour or create a new style. Opportunity to attract great things

Evoke harmony … Create something beautiful…7, 21, 26, 31

Mars Action, Passion and Anger, our ability to do something. It is important for you to connect to and work with your Martian energy – utilizing healthy expressions of action.

Mars moves into a position of power in Aries where he will remain until the middle of February. He will support your more active goals as you start the new year.

Connect Action with Passion …2, 7. 12, 18

Jupiter… Growth, Wisdom, Opportunities and Expansion. Very slow moving which allows us to settle in and grasp what opportunities are presenting themselves in your life.

Jupiter is travelling through Sagittarius where he becomes the life of the party, now is the time to make travel plans or sign up to a new class. If you have been feeling a little down – this will be a great pick me up to get you into the holiday spirit. The last time he travelled through this area was 12 years ago.

Opportunity is knocking – are you ready? 22

Saturn… Boundaries, Restrictions, Limitations and possibly fear, Saturn supports your ability to get organized.

Saturn is moving along in Capricorn, this is one of his power placements step up and take on a leadership role.

Go ahead, set some boundaries and get organized so you can move forward with confidence on the 15, 28, 31

Uranus … The Bridge between that which we can see and what we cannot see. Unleash your Genius, this is our planet of sudden ideas and change.

Uranus is moving direct on the 6th of January ideas you have been revisiting over the last few months may turn into inspirational projects. Unleash your genius on the world … this is a great time to plan your next move in the New Year.

Neptune Our planet that dissolves boundaries and limitations, the window supporting understanding and wisdom of what is beyond the physical world and our solar system. Neptune continues through Pisces so take care with experimentation of drugs and alcohol and Be MindFul of collective or clan/pack mentality, tune into Love not Hate.

PlutoOur planet of change, control (ego) and power. Pluto slowly plods along moving through Capricorn. Pluto continues to push for change in our old and outworn structures of dictatorship and inflexible leadership. Let go of the need to control and simply BE a powerful advocate for change.

Solar/Lunar cycles

Step outdoors and connect to your early evening sky, do it again in the early morning just as the Sun peaks out from the horizon, consciously wake from one dream and step into another. The lunar cycle is a monthly marker giving us a time line in which to complete old tasks, then birth the new. Connect to our genetic/collective habits and patterns of our multi-dimensional bodies.

Solar Eclipse Season

Eclipses set the stage for approximately six months, like a wave of underlying energy driving us forward.

This years first Solar Eclipse (external or environmental influences) is on January 5th 2019 at 5:28 pm Pacific / 9:28 pm Atlantic

The Theme of the first Eclipse of the year is: You cannot control every situation that happens to you. Let go & Let God!

There is a tremendous amount of energy focused on the old ways, and on the old rules. You may even feel a little bit of suppressed or constrained energy as you attempt to make ground on the goals set for the New Year. Don’t get angry or get wordy with others if you feel external events or circumstances try to knock you off your game. If unexpected curve balls come in you will need to stay the course by making small adjustments in order to accomplish the goals you have set for the 2019. Take care that you don’t let yourself fall into a melancholy state.

This years first Lunar Eclipse (internal changes & influences) is on January 20th at 9:16 pm Pacific / January 21st at 1:16 am Atlantic.

It is also a Supermoon (Moon closest to the earth) this indicates this eclipse will have an incredible pull on all things watery … including our Emotional body/Mind.

This years first Lunar Eclipse Theme is: Lighten Up, Just get on that horse and ride like the wind.

You saw in the Solar Eclipse that there would need to be small adjustments to your original goals – if you have not been able to find new ways to action them, this may turn into full blown conflict and tension. There needs to be a balance between restriction and action. Don’t be afraid to re-evaluate the restrictions and/or structure you have placed into your goals, perhaps you have not allowed yourself enough play on action, and allow the magnetism of the energies to attract unique or unusual ways to manifest the goal. Luckily, in this eclipse you have powerful benefics on your side, and opportunities will come knocking … are you ready and willing to receive divine intervention. The goals are within reach so connect organically to what feels right, utilize the power of your intuition to guide the way.


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