Rejoice with Nature on May Day

May Day, or Beltane in Celtic traditions, is a time when nature has truly come alive. The whole period invites us to joyfully embrace the fertility of Mother Earth. There is growth and pollination everywhere, providing us with abundant harvests in the fall. The Maypole, symbolizing the phallic energy of the season, was festooned with ribbons; dancing around it celebrated the sacred power of sexuality and its essential role in the abundance of all life.

Our culture presents a view of sexuality that is almost entirely physical. The pleasures of the body are amazing, yet very little is said about the spiritual dimensions of sex. Sexuality is energy. It is our life force energy and it connects us to spirit. It allows us to have a deep connection to self, to a partner and to Source. So often we are cut off from this, and it diminishes the physical as well as the spiritual blessings that could be available to us.

What is needed is a deep healing and it includes the trauma in our lineage as well; we need to heal our own wounding around sex, but also the deep trauma that has been passed down to us. Both men and women carry that wounding and the signs are often alcoholism, other addictions and rage, and it goes from generation to generation. Indigenous peoples have practiced powerful rituals for healing trauma and they are teaching these practices that help us heal our selves and our ancestors. You can access some of these teachings at

Honor the Beltane celebration by knowing you can choose new meaning for yourself that is more in harmony with your inner being, healing the trauma and letting go of the myths and judgments that hamper our connection to this incredible, sacred life force energy.

Happy Beltane, Linda

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