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FULL MOON June 2023 In Sag

FULL MOON June 2023 In Sag



Spring is here!   Summer is near!


PERSEVERE as we plod through it!

              By Sami MERLYN, DD   

 Wow—it has been some challenging times for us folks on planet earth with economic, health, and political challenges.  We have all been impacted.  Of course, we want to do our best to limit the negative energy from harming us personally and minimize its influences.  Time to continue putting on “the whole armor of God.”  Transcend it all as we count our blessings and TURN TO THE LIGHT!!

       Let us stay on our spiral of growth as we meditate, pray, affirm and keep our auras and chakras bright with light!  Let’s tune in!  Let’s hold positive constructive thoughts to transcend any pain or suffering we might experience—as we accept Good Fortune as our law of life!

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