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The following information describes the general movement of the planets during the upcoming month, for some of you – this monthly planetary movement will have a direct hit on your personal or birth planetary configurations (called a Natal chart) and in doing so you the energy will be amplified for you. For others it will manifest through the environment and not necessarily hook into your day to day experiences, other than through the people you interact with such as family, co-workers and clients. We are trying a new approach and have added information to guide you as you work with others, especially on a client or one-on-one interaction. For more information on your Natal Chart contact

Everyone can take advantage of the activities listed below & corresponding days.

Double Whammy and challenging days are … 3, 6, 7, 11, 15, 23, 30 take short meditative breaks throughout the day – remember to breathe.

Dynamic Days – Keep your cool and ride the wave …5, 7, 11, 12, 18,

Meditation or relaxed days – take advantage of smooth flowing energy and make them the best days ever … 4, 9, 21, 25, 29.

Full Moon – August 15th …. New Moon – August 30th (see below for more information)

This year is not necessarily going to be easy but it can be fruitful. Align with your authentic self and forge ahead fearlessly.

  • Communication and commerce highlights 1st, 4th, 25th, 29th

The projects you have been revitalizing will begin the journey to actualization. By the 15th of August you should be in full swing and back on track with all of your commerce and communication. Clean up any miscommunication that has happened over the last 3 to 4 weeks.

  • Opportunity to attract and evoke harmony in your life & create something beautiful…

Know what you want 9th

  • Before you can action a goal, you need to want it. Go full throttle the 1st, 9th, 21st

As your get closer to the Full Moon, you may feel a little pick-me up … like last month use this to get fired up and finish working on your summer projects.

Take the lost opportunities you have found, revitalize and manifest them into your environment.

  • Continue to set healthy boundaries and face your fears move forward with confidence on the…

Be Fearless 12th

  • Unleash your genius, work on your healing skills or inventions

Create an impact on the collective… 11th, 29th

  • Let go of the need to control and simply BE a powerful advocate for change …

Don’t be afraid to re-invent yourself … 12th, 31st

Solar/Lunar cyclesThe dance between the Sun, the giver of life and light and the Moon, who projects the light into patterns and habits to be experienced individually.

The Full Moon lights up even the darkest corners of our emotional mind. Take this time to see what goals and aspirations are working toward completion, what has finally been completed (congratulations) and what you need to let go of (because it no longer fits).

August’s Full Moon is on the 15th at 22 degrees Aquarius and will be exact at 5:29am / 9:29am Atlantic

Theme: Infusing your Vital Energy with Self-Healing.

During this fiery Full Moon allow much needed light to be shed on your individual goals. If you have been caught up in collective, social or family drama allow it to move into the background and become more detached. This provides opportunity to focus on your individual needs and do some self-healing work before you put your super wo/man suit back on. Use this Full Moon to give yourself the space you need in order to review what goals really fit in to your current value system especially in respect to expressing your individuality.

This will be an important focus for your client work, encouraging clients to concentrate on taking care of themselves. Reminding them that if they approach their circumstances objectively by working on self-healing first, they will then be able to better take care of others. If you have clients that have had illusive problems a Full Moon in Leo may be just what they need to discover the true causality. On the flip side – if you book clients 3 days prior or post Full Moon you may find your clients a bit more demanding than usual.

The New Moon brings new Beginnings – It is time to setting New Goals, choosing the path you wish to take, create new time lines.

August’s New Moon is on the 30th at 3:37 am pacific / 7:37 am Atlantic

Theme: Tangibility and Purpose

This New Moon is very focused on tangible results that have a purpose. Both you & your client are going to be very focused on the results from the consultation. Now is the time to stop talking and start manifesting the changes in order to move to the next level. Clients will not want to be friviolous with their time, stay on point by creating an agenda with the client for the sessions.

This is a very earthy New Moon with just enough access to spiritual waters to create depth in your manifesting. It will be very important to infuse breath work and air movement in your efforts.

If you book clients 3 days prior and post New Moon you may notice that you need to compensate for a lack of air, have a light fan moving the air in your treatment room. Start the session with deep breathing and relaxation techniques, and keep an eye on your clients if they are holding their breath during the treatment, bring them back to focus on breath and releasing tension.

The Astrology of it All

For those that like the Astro-lingo here it is …

Sun is in Leo until August 23rd in the morning when the Sun moves into Virgo Happy solar Return!

Mercury (Communication) is in Cancer and moves Into Leo on the 11th and then slides into Virgo on the 29th. By the 15th you are back in the saddle and ready to communicate clearly.

Venus (Harmony & Love) is in Leo and moves into Virgo on the 21st. You may feel a little more anxious than usual so have tools ready to soften your mind such as meditation, tapping, reiki and energy work. Watch your self-talk and do your best to remain positive.

Mars (Action) moves into Virgo on the 18th and when Venus joins him (see above) you may feel hyper-critical (or feel others are). This energy may hang on the beginning of October, the best way to focus this energy is to create an action plan that will help you put the puzzle together one grain of sand at a time. Going for long walks in nature is a must.

Jupiter (Opportunity) moves direct on the 11th and continues travelling through Sagittarius. All the lost opportunities that have been re-worked or re-discovered during his retrograde between April and August may now start showing up in your environment.

Saturn (Boundaries) is still in Capricorn, and will be retrograde all month. The only thing you have control over is yourself. Use this time to re-evaluate boundaries, fears and what you believe to be your bondage.

Uranus (Higher Mind / the Unexpected) at 6 degrees Taurus for the duration of the month and moves retro grade on the 11th. Expect reversals such as decisions, money or love. On a higher level if you have been off track in your meditation practices, use the next few months to re-establish or deepen that connection.

Neptune (Dreams / Art / Removing Boundaries) is slowly moving through Pisces, where we let go of our dogmatic reality and learn to expand our horizons. Still retrograde for the rest of the month

Pluto (Change / Transformation) is retrograding through Capricorn for the entire month. You are in the cocoon stage – stop fighting and just allow the changes to Be!

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