This summer we are enjoying playing with our nature spirit friends and comrades. Doing so will make for a FUN and successful day! We have brought back this editorial from Al from 2002. Let’s tune into Al’s encouragement, renew our friendships and play with our ESP as we grow together.

( A mini editorial by Al )

When your whole world seems to be slipping into the doldrums or something worse, it’s a time to focus on JOY and making all your meditation and ritual times extra fun for you and for your Spirit Friends. Seems to me it’s the 100th Psalm that starts out: “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord….” Sounds like especially good advice for any occasion. All of our magick is based on and powered by a love affair with Spirit and all Life, and it needs to be kept fresh and alive. Repetition of any ritual or procedure without variation becomes boring after a while, so we need planned “spontaneous” variations. Remember my response to the what’s new question: “Me! I’m always new and exciting!” Now that’s where your pet Leprechaun comes in. How long since you’ve teased and played with him? Mine has stayed perched on my right shoulder for a good 30 or so years and together we keep the humor pot boiling. This keeps a solid base for all our magickal “work.”

All Lab Members have personal Leprechauns – assigned when you joined. They introduce themselves when or if they can get your attention. How about an intro renewal right now – relax and pat your right shoulder as you invite him: “Hey Mr Leprechaun hop up here and let’s do renew our friendship and fun.” It’s easy to feel his presence and perhaps hear his wisecracks. I suggest that you try this introduction to start each of your regular meditation periods until the relationship is well established or firmly renewed. And let the spontaneous humor help to keep all of your spiritual/psychic/magickal endeavors fresh, alive and effective. ENJOY & WIN!

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