Navigating By the Stars, Astro Cliff Notes; July 2017

Snap shot for July
Neptune, Saturn & Pluto are on an inward spiral, facilitating the introspective energy flow of these big giants. Mercury will be retrograding on August 13th – so if you need to buy a new car or computer equipment do it this month rather than wait until it breaks down in August when the retrograde puts pressure on you.
Aries & Libra … You may find opportunities are abundant but the time of re-inventing yourself is soon to be over – get ready to bring results in a tangible form.Taurus & Scorpio … This is another month of relaxation, fun and frivolity … ok well at the least relaxation. Get outside and warm up.Gemini & Sagittarius … Peace, Harmony and a good book is all you need, time to get your library organized.

Cancer & Capricorn … Watch for drama … slow and steady wins the race … Happy Solar Return Cancers – continue to soak up the Sun and revitalize your energy for another year.

Leo & Aquarius … End of month brings Solar Returns for all of you Leos – it is your turn to soak up the sun and revitalize your energy. Aquarians my feel like they need some quiet time… Rest Relax Repose.

Virgo & Pisces … Both need to break down illusions (or disillusions) that have been created over the past number of years. If you feel cramped … walk it off.

Sun moves into Leo on the 23rd … Happy Solar Return (Birthday) to all you Leos out there. You may notice your energy levels begin to increase and by the end of the month you will start to revitalize your energy by soaking in the Solar rays that infuse you with health and vitality. Get active and moving – hugs all around.

Double Whammy and challenging days for everyone are … 1, 9, 16, 2 … use short meditative breaks throughout the day – remember to breathe.

Meditation or relaxed days – make them the best days ever 3, 11, 20, 25, 276… Experiment with different types of meditation such as deep breathing – moving chi gong, walking, music, meditation – silence or guided, gentle yoga or soft stretching .

Mercury , – Communication in all forms from old fashioned verbal & written to that which travels on sound waves. Mercury moves to Leo on the 5th and then to Virgo on the 26th . If you can hold off to by the electronic equipment the best time is between the 26th of July and the 12th of August. Purchasing a flashy set of wheels … try between the 6th and the 25th ..
Take advantage of Communication – talk it out … 7, 20, 25
Be Skilled with your Communication – Think before you speak, CHOOSE YOUR WORDS WISELY! … 1, 10, 18

Venus – Evokes Love, Beauty and Security. Surrounding ourselves with beautiful things (art, earthy greenery such as organic gardening, flowers, food, music, colour, gems, sparkly things, money, people) … Venus moves Gemini on the 3rd where she gets all book smart and social. By the end of the month (the 31st) she moves into Cancer, this is a very dreamy, nurturing and beautiful place for her – think of Botticelli’s Venus rising from the ocean.
Evoke harmony … Create something beautiful … 10, 15, 18, 20, 29
Know what you want and why … Heartache/domestic and security challenges. LOVE and EMBRACE LIFE anyway! … 4,13, 26

Mars – Action, Passion and Anger, our ability to do something. It is important for you to connect to and work with your Martian energy – utilizing healthy expressions of action. Mars moves from Cancer to Leo on the 21st, keep a steady pace until the end of the month where you may feel a little more passionate and aggressively start moving forward.
Connect to Action with Passion … 4, 14, 23, 27,
Use Caution! Be careful of temper tantrums and accidents! … 1, 9, 30

Jupiter – Growth, Wisdom, Opportunities and Expansion. Very slow moving which allows us to settle in and grasp what opportunities are presenting themselves in your life. Jupiter is travelling through Libra until the fall of 2017. This will provide an opportunity to see both sides before we expand on our ideas and desires. We started our yearly pilgrimage to finding wisdom and growth opportunities start coming to fruition … Good Luck ??
Opportunity is knocking … are you ready? 6, 11, 20, 24, 28
Don’t overcommit by giving more than you can really afford … (time & money) … 1, 8, 15, 22,

Saturn – Boundaries, Restrictions, Limitations and possibly fear, Saturn supports your ability to get organized. Saturn is moving through Sagittarius, picking up speed and working with a wild-fiery optimistic energy. Saturn in Sagittarius will help you infuse flexibility and passion and bounce back into what you are manifesting, focus on healthy boundaries! Saturn is currently on an inner spiral which will last until the end of August. This is his last retrograde in Sagittarius have fun and focus on ways that will get you engaged in manifesting your dreams … test the edges of your boundaries..
Go ahead, set some boundaries and get organized – 24, 29
Don’t forget to create healthy boundaries – You may feel that life is hard work. STEP UP and MEET THE CHALLENGE! 6, 14, 26.

Uranus … The Bridge between that which we can see and what we cannot see. Unleash your Genius, this is our planet of sudden ideas and change. Uranus is slowly moving through Aries – creating impulsive moments that focus on new and innovative ideas. Expect ideas to inspire, new energy sources are available. Be a Rebel with a cause. unleash your genius on the world …

Neptune… Our planet that dissolves boundaries and limitations, the window supporting understanding and wisdom of what is beyond the physical world and our solar system. Neptune continues through Pisces so take care with experimentation of drugs and alcohol and Be MindFul of collective or clan/pack mentality, tune into Love not Hate. Explore ways that you can expand your boundaries.

The Dwarf Planets…, Take care not to get caught up in the harsher side of these dwarfs – they may not have cleared their orbit of debris but they still pack a lot into their symbolic language. We have just begun the exploration of some of the newly discovered.

Pluto, Our planet of change, control (ego) and power. Pluto slowly plods along moving through Capricorn. Pluto continues to push for change in our old and outworn structures of dictatorship and inflexible leadership. Let go of the need to control and simply BE a powerful advocate for change. Pluto is utilizing an inner spiral through to September. The only control we truly have is to open and allow the de-composition of the old ways that will re-assemble into something much more spectacular … a re-Birth, moving to the next level of Be-ing.

Makemake… who brings quantum experiences and unexpected genius; As you explore the quantum world you can utilize this time to create greater balance on a deeper quantum level that will bring your microcosm into balance. As above So below. Traveling through Libra

Eris… only desires equality! This is a strong feminine archetype who will use our ego against us. Evoke balance and awaken the warrior within. She fearlessly and slowly moves through Aries. Eris is in a tight relationship with Uranus, creating a dramatic build of energy – you may find that things that are creating discourse in your life suddenly change. Try not to hold on to the old ways too hard … embrace the new – in the long run they will work much better.

Haumea… Facilitator for transformation as the mother of humanitarian efforts … Haumea brings a balance back to the world with a strong goddess signature as she takes back her power on earth. Step up to the plate take on the global issues by choosing to stand up for the underdog. Take the attitude that while we will give others what they need today and we can teach them to stand tall and learn how to provide for themselves in the future. She is also supporting all the other aspects of your psyche with a deep inner spiral in Libra.

Ceres… loves the work or activity of the harvest – a mother figure in our lives, moves to Gemini gathering more data and information on how to nurture the seeds she planted in the Spring.

Solar/Lunar cycles … Just before you go to sleep for the evening step outdoors and connect to your early evening sky as you consciously move into dream sleep. Do it again in the early morning just as the Sun peaks out from the horizon, consciously move to your waking dream world. The lunar cycle is a monthly marker giving us a time line in which to complete old tasks, then birth the new. Connect to the genetic/collective habits and patterns of our multi-dimensional bodies.

As above So below.

Full Moon July 8th/9th at 17 degrees Capricorn/Cancer 9:07 pm Pacific / 1:07 am Atlantic When the Moon is full – the sky is lit up and you can see the details of where you are headed. This is the second of three full moons connected to stepping up our service and collective work..

Snap-shot: Adjustments need to be made otherwise a potentially dramatic emotional moment may occur. Connect authenticity to find inspiration that is needed as you learn to make adjustments to the boundaries you have placed on your belief systems. This Full Moon will ask you to let go of your fears and re-active ways, feel deeply and allow yourself to emerge from your crystallise. Above all keep the little ego out of it :-0

New Moon July 23rd at 0 degrees Leo 2:36 am Pacific / 6:46 am Atlantic. The New Moon is when the moon is dark and does not hinder our view as we peer deeply into our universe, and look beyond our patterns and habits by connecting to something greater than ourselves. The dynamic build toward something new, exciting & unknown.

Snap Shot: Get ready to rumble … Set some fitness goals – take it up a notch, find new ways of getting active. The key to success for this months new goal is to only pick one activity – don’t undermine yourself by having too many things on the go. Purchasing an inspirational journal to track your progress will help to keep you motivated..

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