NEW MOON MAGICK: Persistence, Perseverance, and PLOD Thru it! AGAIN!

shiva lord of dance

Don’t you love life! I hope so! Let’s make it a point to turn in that direction, regardless of Life’s many challenges. As we celebrate the new moon on Earth Day let’s reflect on what Al Manning would always say, “What’s new? Me I am always new and exciting.” Life is all about attitude and the good news is that the Light in increasing on the way toward May Day play and Summer Solstice. With the new moon let us move beyond the old that is no longer useful. Let us celebrate our new beginnings and take the best and leave the rest as we continue on our spiral of growth!!!

One thing that is constant in life is CHANGE! Let’s hope the direction of your change is positive! Life is an ebb and flow with movement from light to dark and back again. In any event, we must persevere, if we want to get somewhere we have to get into plod mode with persistence to accomplish. Every day is a new day and we have the opportunity to begin again. Nature, the great teacher, is always moving through cycles of transformation. Let’s tune in! Let’s hold positive constructive thoughts to raise above the pain and suffering as we accept Good Fortune as a law of life!

Our good friend Al Manning sometimes took a look at the Hindu POV as a way to move beyond traditional Western teachings. He liked the Hindu god Shiva, for His transformative energies, including destruction and creation. Shiva is known to some as “Brahman, the supreme universal consciousness.” A symbol of Shiva was the moon which is always changing. The moon, a way to count TIME. A reason Shiva was considered “the Destroyer” was that He was known as Kala and Maha Kala. This is time and the Great Time… which eventually destroys the entire universe—to make way for the birth of a new universe. Not easy but each old cycle must make way for the new. Here is Al Manning’s chant for transforming the negative into the positive. You might commit it to memory to call upon it to “sweep away the things that harm; let them cause us no alarm.”



Lovely powerful Shiva
God of sweeping change
Sweep away the lesser, shut it out of range.
Leave the beauty and the light
Bright complete and fair,
Remove all vibrations of misery and despair.
Leave this place and these fine things, fresh and bright and pure
Holy as your own fine self, bright, complete & sure.
Lovely powerful Shiva our thanks to you we give,
That from your sweeping power
in beauty may we live.

As one cycle moves to the next, let us keep that which is useful and good, and leave behind or eliminate that which no longer serves us. As Al Manning would say “”Illigitimi non carborundum” Al’s pet phony Latin phrase which means, “don’t let the bastards wear you down.” Let’s stay positive, as we move through our changes. Let’s turn the page on the past we want to leave behind, make upbeat changes as we Have FUN! Smile and win, as we persevere– traveling ever onward on our spiral of growth. Keep your aura bright with light! Be safe and protected. Smile (it is good for you). Have fun & WIN! Blessed be!

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