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Nergal ( rhymes with gurgle ) focuses the bright red energy associated with the Martian influences into your aura through you root chakra, the psychic center located at the base of your spine. Yes, this is the seat of the sex drive, but it also brings us our physical vitality and that special attractiveness to other beings most often called animal magnetism. This is your most potent power for manifestations of a purely physical nature and must be present in useful form to attract the opportunity and wherewithall of any material accomplishment. As you learn to bring in larger portions of this energy, you will notice that all people and animals tend to treat you with greater interest and respect than before. A blockage of the normal flow through this center will manifest in your life as lethargy, that run-down feeling, or an “unexplainable lack of ability to influence other people positively.”


Ra ( as in the college yelll – rah, rah, rah ) focuses the brilliant orange energy associated with the Sun’s influences into your aura through the spleen chakra ( this is a slight misnomer since the chakra is not located in area of the physical spleen, but is along the spine about halfway between the root chakra and your solar plexus – I use the term because it is an old convention with much inner meaning we will seek to unfold later). This is the energy that brings you sharp thinking with well developed purpose, a strong will, clarity of mind and thought, and the ability to study well and make clear mental pictures. A blockage of this normal energy will show up as fuzzy thinking, confusion, or lack of resolve that lets people “walk all over you”.


Ishtar focuses the bright yellow energy associated with the Venusian influences in your aura through your solar plexus chakra, the psychic center located just behind your physical solar plexus. This is the energy that brings your intuitional faculties to effectiveness, and provides your sense of timing and poise, and instills your sense of aspiration to something better which lends richness and meaning to life. A clear flowing solar plexus center will open the doors of material and financial progress to you in ways beyond your fondest hopes , and give you effective, loving contact with all the other energy transformer personalitiies. A blockage of this energy flow manifests as feelings of being cut-off or left out of life, depression, or lack of personal meaning and purpose.


Pan ( also referred to as Osiris in earlier works ) focuses the gorgeous green energy of the earth into your aura through your heart chakra, the psychic center located along the spine just behind your physical heart. This is the energy that promotes growth, love, givingness, enthusiasm and prosperity. The energy partakes of the rich productiveness of the earth itself and can best be understood in that manner. In combination with the Ishtar energy the clear flowing heart center will assure you a life of loving luxury. A blockage in this energy manifests as loneliness, lack of money and the frustration of “not getting anywhere.”


Marduk ( accent on mar which rhymes with car, and duk which sounds like duke as in royalty ), focuses the electric blue energy associated with Jupertarian influences into your aura through your throat chakra, the psychic center located just behind the the thyroid gland, slightly below the voice box. This is the energy of directed and controlled change, creativity, and the breaking up of thoughtform causes of physical or mental ills. We will learn to use the Marduk energy in healing work, but it is important right now to be sure that you provide outlets for your natural creative drives. A clear flowing throat center will inevitably bring you the most creative solutions to your old problems and innovative approaches to your new ones. A blockage of this energy flow will make you feel stifled and / or may cause a flare-up in any chronic ailment.


Thoth ( rhymes with broth ) focuses the indigo ( very deep blue ) energy associated with the Mercurial influences into your aura through your brow chakra, the psychic center located just behind the center of your forehead. This is the energy of communication whether by psychic or physical means. It is a vital factor in maintaining the cooperation of all the other energy transformer personalities, as well as one’s normal contact with one’s own spirit “band”. A blockage of this energy flow manifests as a general lack of ability to communicate as well as an inability to get help from your spirit band and the energy transformer personalities.


Bast ( rhymes with last ) focuses the violet energy associated with the great teacher associated with Saturn into your aura through your crown chakra, the psychic center just below the “soft spot” area of your head when you were a baby. The keynote of this energy is purification and the learning and digestion of the spiritual lesson(s) of any situation. Bast is the great teacher and bill collector, who always sees to it that you get what you deserve. Make peace with yourself and join me in saying “I love to see Bast at work because she brings me what I deserve, and I deserve only the Best.” A blockage of the normal flow of this energy will cause “everything” to go wromg for you – the feeling of being kicked by your own child and bitten by your own dog, but clearing the block brings the spiritual power to succeed.


Isis is associated with the white light of the Moon or the red-violet of the union of the crown and root chakras. This is the synthesizing energy transformer personality, able to bring you the energy to clear blocks in any chakra, plus extra power from “outside” the spectrum of your bodily functions. There are no blocks to this energy, but it takes a well balanced cooperation with Ishtar to bring it fully into your life.


ABRAXAS is the ninth chakra/energy transformer personality. All the old abracadabra stuff from stage magic and ancient cults comes from this root. We can compare Him to the older concepts of the Planetary Logos, etc. This is the highest, strongest and most spiritual energy on our planet.

Astral Al

ASTRAL AL is almost an enigma to me. I created him as part of developing the ability to manifest in many places at the same time. Dimension Shift got in there somewhere, too. Anyhow he took on a life of his own primarily dedicated to guiding and helping our ESP Lab members and our Astral Lab members in particular. I have to remind people that just because they told Astral Al something doesn’t necessarily mean he relayed it to me.


PUCK has been around for many thousands of years but he was made famous by Shakespeare in “Midsummer Night’s Dream.” He is a fun loving happy Spirit, especially good at livening up your Spirit Party and such. Ask him nicely and he’ll send you a pet Leprachaun to perch on your shoulder and whisper wisecracks all day. Just be careful not to use ’em all out loud – thus stay out of trouble.

Nature Spirits

NATURE SPIRITS & ELEMENTAL SPIRITS come under the domain of Pan. They are implementers of the bounty of nature and concerned with reproduction of all kinds. After all fertility is the source of all wealth. Be sure to regularly invite them to your ongoing Spirit Party.

Spirit Teacher(s)

In the more orthodox world they are generally called Guandian Angels. They are wonderful for companionship, guidance and tangible help. Making that good contact may be the most uplifting and rewarding experience of your life. And it’s ongoing, too!

Spirit Lover

Close to you now is a Spirit who has loved you since before the day you were born. Indeed you have shared a meaningful relationship in past life experiences. Rekindle your awareness of this Loving Presence and bring a fresh new level of Spirit Contact to your everyday life. Put on your Koala Bear ears thoughtform and reach out for a big hug NOW !!!

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