THANKS for your Friendship, through the Years!




In the ESP LAB we say, “Thanks for your Love, Friendship, and Help.”  Today, I am adding, “through the years.”  Personally, I start a new year with Winter Solstice, as it is the beginning of a new solar year, as the LIGHT RETURNS.  Then much of the world celebrates the Roman Calendar, and we whoop and holler as we turn the page on ye olde year.  Soon thereafter, China celebrates its New Year, beginning on the new moon in February on the 10th— this one in the year of the auspicious Dragon.  Historically, Dragon years are said to represent good luck, justice, prosperity, and strength. Let us claim our share as we turn the pages of the past into the new.


Cosmic Awareness indicated that the Universe is reborn every micro-second.  Al Manning indicated that he was always “new and exciting.”  The cycle of the seasons and the solar and lunar cycles remind us that life is always changing, unfolding into the new.  So let us embrace the change, leave behind the past we no longer desire, and accept a fresh new start.


Let us stay on our spiral of growth as we meditate, pray, affirm and keep our auras and chakras bright with light!  Let’s tune in to the LIGHT within and be re-freshed. Let’s hold positive constructive thoughts to transcend any pain or suffering we have experienced—as we accept Good Fortune as our law of life!  Here is Al Manning’s gnostic magick chant for transforming the negative into the positive. 

                                                                         INVOCATION OF SHIVA

Lovely powerful Shiva, God of sweeping change
Sweep away the lesser, shut it out of range.
Leave the beauty and the light, Bright complete and fair,
Remove all vibrations of misery and despair.

Leave this place and these fine things, fresh and bright and pure
Holy as your own fine self, bright, complete & sure.
Lovely powerful Shiva our thanks to you we give,
That from your sweeping power in beauty may we live.


      As one cycle moves to the next, let us keep that which is useful and good, and leave behind or eliminate that which no longer serves us.  As Al Manning would say “”Illigitimi non carborundum” Al’s pet phony Latin phrase which means, “don’t let the bastards grind you down.” Let’s stay positive, as we move through our changes.  Let’s turn the page on the past we want to leave behind, make upbeat changes as we Have FUN!  Smile and win, as we persevere.  Keep your aura bright with light—charged and bold with the creative BLUE LIGHT of peace, protection and good health! Let’s invoke SPIRIT POWER to help us–


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