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“Illigitimi non carborundum” Don’t let the bastards wear you down
Mercury Retrograde March 22, 2018

“Illigitimi non carborundum” Don’t let the bastards wear you down

by Sami Rose
LIFE IS CHANGE– and as we experience one cycle after the other, let us take forward that which is useful and leave behind the rest. Cosmic Awareness (as revealed through its channel at the Aquarian Church) has indicated that the Universe is re-born every micro-second. What will you choose to take with you and what will you choose to lose as we move forward into the new moment?
I am glad to leave behind these recent Venus Retrograde & Mercury Retrograde periods– with their heart break dis-satisfactions and confusion, communication challenges, with extra frustrations. I still managed to have a fun time. We have to do what we have to do–when it must be done– no matter what the influence or distraction of the day
Our good buddy Al Manning used to quote the I-CHING, especially “perseverance furthers.”
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Mercury Retrograde March 22, 2018

Mercury goes Retrograde three times in 2018…

•March 22 to April 15
•July 25 to August 18
•November 16 to December 6

What does this mean, you may ask… it appears, when you look at the night sky that Mercury is moving backwards.

General influences are confusion, mental and communication challenges. However Mercury Retro can be good for cleaning out closets, and planning.

Intuition can be high, as the mind is not as dominant.

The planet Mercury rules the mind and communication and so when Mercury is “on vacation” it is a time for concentration, patience in communication… and pruning unecessary activity as travel, contracts, social engagements can be challenged.

Mercury is Retro some 20% of the time… but that leaves 80% of the time for directed motion!

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