“Illigitimi non carborundum” Don’t let the bastards wear you down

by Sami Rose
LIFE IS CHANGE– and as we experience one cycle after the other, let us take forward that which is useful and leave behind the rest. Cosmic Awareness (as revealed through its channel at the Aquarian Church) has indicated that the Universe is re-born every micro-second. What will you choose to take with you and what will you choose to lose as we move forward into the new moment?
I am glad to leave behind these recent Venus Retrograde & Mercury Retrograde periods– with their heart break dis-satisfactions and confusion, communication challenges, with extra frustrations. I still managed to have a fun time. We have to do what we have to do–when it must be done– no matter what the influence or distraction of the day
Our good buddy Al Manning used to quote the I-CHING, especially “perseverance furthers.” I got exposed to the ICHING, also-known-as “the Book of Changes” in 1977 which is the same year I read my first Al Manning book. I adopted that phrase, “perseverance furthers” then and have kept it in mind ever since. The phrase reminds me of Al’s pet phony Latin motto, “Illigitimi non carborundum”– which stands for “don’t let the bastards wear you down.” This is just one more way of saying… “keep on keeping on!” No matter the challenge, Perseverance furthers is a reminder to just plod through it and know about the frustrating challenges, “these too shall pass.” Let’s leave all pain, poverty, dis-ease, anger, frustrations, and negative emotions behind us– as we use today’s FULL moon transformation energy as an opportunity tolet go, move beyond, harvest, push forward and begin again.
Let’s also take a fresh look at another of Al’s pet phrases, “enthusiastic serenity.” To quote Al, “At first it sounds like an oxymoron (mutually conflicting terms) but a bit of careful consideration will convince you otherwise. Remember the root of enthusiasm is “entheos” meaning full of God. And when you’re really full of God it brings its own serenity with it. The psalmist said “The Lord (personal connection to the Divine) is my refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” Real enthusiasm means a very present help all the time.
Let’s continue our process with a FULL Moon tradition observed by the Ancient Ones. Burn away the past that holds you back. It is a simple process of writing down a list of conditions you wish to dissolve… things like fears and problems and lacks and issues– and then burning them up in a prayer bowl at your altar and declaring your success. Al Manning’s Gnostic Magick is based upon this concept, enhanced with the invocation of transforming energies to help the process along. I like to use this simple Gnostic Magick— written on a paper and then chanted over at least three times and then burned ahead of the flames:
Let’s make the most of NOW! Perseverance, with Enthusiastic Serenity, and the awareness of the beginning and ending of cycles will help bring spiritual renewal. Let’s access plenty of LIGHT and KNOW that things are all right, and will get better! Let’s use the negative to push the positive! Thanks for this opportunity to share the LIGHT with you, and here’s wishing you LOVE, GOOD ENERGY, and SUCCESS on your trail–so mote it be! Blessed be we!:
SELF HELP EXERCISE:TURN to the Universal SPIRIT CONTACT Of your POWER STAR in your newsletter opening paragraph. Thousands of years ago ancient people used an 8 pointed power star as an invocation of Universal Energies… centered in the power of the LOVE PLANET, VENUS, with the SUN & MOON all in the infinite center– surrounded by the celestial bodies of Mars, the Sun, Venus, the Earth, Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn, and the Moon. These power points represent the chakras from the Martian red root chakra, the orange sun chakra, yellow for Venus, green for earth, blue for Jupiter, indigo for Mercury, violet for Saturn, and white for the Moon. Put your receiving hand on your opening paragraph power star, meditate upon it & feel the energies of the Cosmos pour into you as you brighten your chakras and aura!!

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