Mercury Retrograde March 22, 2018

Mercury goes Retrograde three times in 2018…

•March 22 to April 15
•July 25 to August 18
•November 16 to December 6

What does this mean, you may ask… it appears, when you look at the night sky that Mercury is moving backwards.

General influences are confusion, mental and communication challenges. However Mercury Retro can be good for cleaning out closets, and planning.

Intuition can be high, as the mind is not as dominant.

The planet Mercury rules the mind and communication and so when Mercury is “on vacation” it is a time for concentration, patience in communication… and pruning unecessary activity as travel, contracts, social engagements can be challenged.

Mercury is Retro some 20% of the time… but that leaves 80% of the time for directed motion! Mercury Retro is not a good time to start new projects, make new friends, change jobs, or move to a new location. It can be challenging to all sorts of communications and is a poor time to buy a car or a computer, or to travel. It is a good time to say less, plod thru it, plan, and organize!

Don’t panic, say less not more, and plod through it… and know Mercury Retro does have a beginning middle and an end…

This does affect all of us, but each in a different way:

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