2021 Fall Equinox Newsletter

fall Equinox

Fall Equinox: Treasure the Change,


The Fall Equinox is the second of the three major harvest festivals. The Celtic name is Mabon: the season of storing food and preserving nature’s bounty for the coming winter months. This year it will be on September 22nd at 3:21 pm Pacific as the sun enters Libra, the sign of the balancing scales. The term Equinox refers to balance, with day and night roughly equal at the equator.  


It is difficult to imagine balance during these turbulent times where inequities abound as we uncover the deep roots of racism, sexism, and severe poverty in a country of great wealth, most of which is in the hands of a small percentage at the top of the pyramid. 


The second meaning of this Equinox is transition, which feels in alignment with not only the yearly cycle of the change of seasons but also a much greater transition we are experiencing which will likely result in a whole new paradigm for us all. The term Sea Change truly applies to this unique time, one we’ve never experienced before. 


Sometimes I imagine what stories will be told about this sea change to our future generations. I invite you to begin imagining this future from the most optimistic point of view you can muster, be sure to only imagine the future when you are in a state of Love rather than Fear. This is critical since the stories we tell will not only influence our own reality, but also will likely effect reality for all of us. A key component is observing and listening to Nature as she is our most important teacher.


Sharon Blackie wrote a manifesto for an enchanted life in her book, The Enchanted Life, There are 13 principles and I’ll quote the last one:


“Treasure change: it’s the stuff from which lives are forged. Stop looking for the eternal and immutable, and enter the daily dance with the transitory.”  Sharon Blackie


I hope you will create daily rituals that sustain you in this time of immense changes, seek time in nature and with your community.


Much Love, Linda

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