With the Fall Equinox: Lets Celebrate Change

Autumn harvest

The Fall Equinox is the second of the three major harvest festivals. The Celtic name is Mabon: the season of storing food and preserving nature’s bounty for the coming winter months. This year it will be on September 22nd at 9:37 am Pacific Time as the sun enters Libra, the sign of the balancing scales. Equinox refers to balance, with day and night roughly equal. The theme of transition is also associated with this time.

The other theme of the Equinox is CHANGE. The Autumnal Equinox is a major transition from summer to fall. It is time to prepare for winter. In current times we are going through a major transition, which will likely result in a whole new paradigm for us all.

Transition is not easy, as you may have experienced. Please practice meditation, yoga, breath work and any other pathways that connect you to your core, knowing that your Spirit Guides are always available. In this new paradigm that we are birthing, let there be greater compassion, diversity, open heartedness and acts of loving kindness to all.

My Shamanic teacher, Armand Bytton has said: “we are in a total change in the way we perceive ourselves because our consciousness is evolving. Sometimes we feel afraid of our evolution.” “The system in not working because it emphasizes fear, isolation and a false sense of autonomy. Owning your life as it is; this is the starting point of real change.”

The cracks in the system are widening, and it is clear that we are so polarized and divisive that we are faced with this choice: to choose LOVE or FEAR. We have that choice in every moment. Let the choice you make come from love rather than fear. When you choose love, you will need to connect with your heart intelligence. Armand defines Heart Intelligence as “the connection to the moment”

To choose love is also to choose connection rather than isolation, acceptance rather than divisivness, care for self and others rather than numbing isolation. I urge all of us to vote in this coming election so that our voices are heard. And with this transition may we know our own wisdom and let go of the influences of the fear-mongering and political ranting.

Blessings to you in this transition, Linda

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