2021 Spring Equinox


Joyous Spring Equinox my friends,


This year in the Northern Hemisphere, the Vernal Equinox is March 20th, at 5:37 am Pacific Time, as the Sun enters Aries. Millennia ago this was considered the beginning of the New Year; hence the sign of Aries is at the beginning of the Zodiac.  The Persian New Year is still celebrated on the Spring Equinox, following these very ancient traditions


Equinox means that day and night will be balanced at the equator.  Also known as Ostara or Eostre (the origin of the name Easter), the hours of light and dark will be equal. In ancient traditions this is known as the time of Green Fire, which refers to the sap rising in trees and to the electrical energy pulsing through the rapidly growing plants. This is not a metaphor; green fire is literally electrical, same as our nervous systems: in fact, humans and plants have the same oscillation frequency


When I first read the anonymous quote below I instantly felt its truth.


”Remember, child, that plants have been here since Mother Earth became Mother. And we are her daughters [and sons]. We came later. They contain the sacred memory of our roots.”


Just as many of us have bonded more with nature during this Pandemic so have I, especially with the plants. Plant energy soothes and nurtures us emotionally as well as providing strong medicines that heal.  It is extraordinary that the trees have the capacity to pull toxins from the air down through their root systems and deposit them into the earth where they can be safely neutralized and redistributed. 


The wisdom of the trees has been explained in a TED talk entitled “How Trees Talk to Each Other”, given by a Canadian researcher and tree expert. Not only do trees share phytochemical nutrients with each other, they do so with any other tree species as well. Basically, what ever is needed they share, and mushrooms have been proven to do the same within the permaculture.


This is such an important model for our times when hording supplies and fear filled exclusionary actions toward others deemed ‘not our kind” is endemic. We will thrive once we realize the ‘fittest” refers to those who value and promote connection, compassion, inclusion and collaboration.


Meditate with your back against a favorite tree and as we move into healthier times, remember this lesson.


Much love for a happy spring, Linda

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