The Magick of the Love and Healing Power of OSTARA, Goddess of Spring

ostara goddess

Spring has come to the mountains of Colorado, where I live and where we host the ESP LAB HQ.  Snow and ice are melting, green grass is starting to grow as other green plants poke their heads above their dark wintry earth homes, seeking the new sun.  I am reminded of the Goddess Ostara.  Also known as Eostre… the name provides roots for words like Easter and Estrogen.  She is associated with the Spring Equinox and some call this celebration by Her name.

I had the amazing rare experience of meeting Ostara, Spring of 1980.  I was a newer ESP Lab member at the time, and living in Hollywood and attending classes in the ESP LAB of Hollywood.  THE MAGICK of NEW ISHTAR POWER was Al’s latest book and I was really enjoying the read with the emphasis on personal spirit contact.  It is truly an amazing spirit filled book—if you have not read it, do put it on your must do list.


At that time, I had the disturbing experience of losing my father to pneumonia.  Two days later my mother started hemorrhaging as the doctor found a tumor the size of a football in her uterus.  Of course I was extremely upset.  I said to spirit that I could NOT lose my mother and father the same week.  The doctors did schedule my mom for emergency surgery.  They said she had maybe a 50/50 chance of making it.


My plan was to pray and meditate during the operation.  However, my friend asked me to go with him to the bank.  I told him I had plans to pray for my mother.  He told me I could pray in the lobby of a Beverly Hills Bank, while he transacted business, and that way he could have some company.


So I agreed and sat in the lobby and began to pray, reminding spirit I could not handle the death of both parents the same week.  Amazingly I had a vision, as a white telephone with diamond letters appeared on the table next to me, spelling the word ISHTAR.  Suddenly cloud material filled the floor where I was sitting.  Then a white cloud appeared above me and the ceiling opened to a blue sky with puffy white clouds. Next a white cord came out of the phone and went up, up into the sky.  This was before cell phones.  I saw a castle in the clouds as the phone line went in through a castle window and connected with a white telephone with diamond letters.  Sitting next to the phone was an amazingly beautiful goddess dressed in a shimmering green gown and wearing a diamond tiara.  She answered the phone with a smile and told me, “Don’t worry about your mother, Sami. She will be fine.  She will survive the surgery. This is a gift to you from Spirit!!”  I wept in relief as I felt the truth and sincerity of the transcendent goddess.  My mother did survive the surgery and lived several more years!!!


Twenty years passed and I was watching the clouds go by in the blue sky in the valley in front of my Colorado home.  Al and I had been sending each other messages in the clouds as well as sharing rainfall back and forth between Texas and Colorado.  Suddenly I noticed a castle in the clouds like I had seen from the bank lobby.  The goddess with the lovely green light dress was waving from the window, as she beckoned my consciousness.  She gave me a the gift of a cloud realm.  Al has moved most of his lab activities to “the astral,” meaning into the world of spirit.  The goddess now told me that this “cloud realm” was made part of the “astral lab” with the intent it could be modified instantly by thought.  It was a gift to Al and I and the ministers and members of the ESP LAB—from OSTARA– to create a new community within this alternate dimensional reality.  Feel free to visit today!  Enjoy!

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