Enjoy The Spring Equinox My Friends

spring equinox


This year in the Northern Hemisphere, the Vernal Equinox is March 20th , as the Sun enters Aries. Millennia ago this was considered the beginning of the New Year; hence the sign of Aries at the beginning of the Zodiac. The Persian New Year is still celebrated on the Spring Equinox, following these very ancient traditions.

Equinox means that day and night will be balanced at the equator. Also known as Ostara or Eostre (the origin of the name Easter), the hours of light and dark will be equal. In ancient traditions this is known as the time of Green Fire, which refers to the sap rising in trees and to the electrical energy pulsing through the rapidly growing plants. This is not a metaphor; green fire is literally electrical, same as our nervous systems: in fact, humans and plants have the same oscillation frequency.

Plants, including tress are literally our allies. They have provided so much that nourishes and heals our bodies, and along with fungi, were the first citizens of our planet. Trees, plants and fungi are showing us the way to live in community. The new studies are astounding, they prove that these three provide for each other in the complex inter species root systems of the permaculture. When nutrients are needed for a specific tree or plant, there is clear evidence that other plants, trees and fungi share what’s needed with their neighbors.

This significant sharing of resources nature provides is the alternative view that is 180 degrees from the competitive model we were taught. This is how we, as part of nature, survive and thrive. Recently I heard a scientist explaining the value of spending time with trees: when a human walks into a forest and stops for a moment to stand with a group of trees, these trees put out more oxygen for the human. The Japanese have special areas reserved for those who want to walk on paths to experience Forest Bathing, and now we know what makes this so healing and energizing. Not only is it beautiful to be in a natural environment, it also allows us to receive more oxygen.

I invite you to spend time daily in nature and breathe with the trees mindfully. You will feel the green fire energy as well.
Love Linda

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