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Turn towards the light of self-compassion, my friends,


Imbolc is the time of hope for new life and the return of the light.

In the US, most people think of February 2nd as Groundhog Day, the portent of how many more weeks of winter are in store. However, for thousands of years, Imbolc, meaning “in the belly” was a sign of hope as there would be lambs born in the spring. In addition they saw the noticeable signs that the days were lengthening. 


The abundance of 2’s (2/2/2022) portends the possibility of harmony, balance and co-operation, according to numerology. In addition 2 is also associated with adaptability, consideration, coexistence and valuing relationships. This feels hopeful, even with COVID still with us. It is imperative to give yourself compassion, especially when you feel burnt out with jobs or lack thereof, kids having to stay home, the media’s fear mongering, and many other life dilemmas.


In the last year, the value of Self Compassion has become a key component for helping many when burdened with guilt (I haven’t done enough), frustration (I can’t get any traction for what I want to have or do or offer) and shame (I am a bad person, or unwanted, or unlovable). We all have these thoughts occasionally or even consistently and they are a main factor causing depression, anxiety, PTSD and more. With practice, you open up loving kindness towards yourself, including compassion for all the feelings you are experiencing


We have MRI research that shows the brain’s ability to soothe us, producing oxytocin and calming us down using the “care system” that is part of our neurobiology. YouTube has many wonderful guided meditations with self-compassion as the focus that assists you with the practice of feeling that compassion for yourself on a regular basis.


We all deserve love, just as we are, and the deepest, richest love is that which we give ourselves.


May you practice self-compassion and gratitude every day.


Love and Light, Linda

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