Imbolc is the Time of Hope for New Life

imbloc sunrise

Celebrate the Return of the Light, My Friends

In the US, most people think of February 2nd as Groundhog Day, the portent of how many more weeks of winter are in store. However, for thousands of years, Imbolc, meaning “in the belly” was a sign of hope for other very specific reasons. There would be lambs born in the spring because the ewes had milk coming in. There are also noticeable signs that little by little the days are lengthening. Imbolc is the time of hope for new life and the return of the light.

Just before Imbolc this time is the Chinese New Year on January 25th. Let us welcome in the year of the White Metal Rat. The rat is the Chinese zodiac sign known for being inquisitive, shrewd, and resourceful. And since the rat is also the first in the rotation of their 12 zodiac signs, the meaning of a rat year is renewal.

The abundance of 2’s (2/2/2020) has created much discussion and those of you who are numerology enthusiasts will know that number 2 is associated with harmony, balance and co-operation. It is also a symbol of adaptability, consideration, coexistence and relationships. Many also associate the number with the moon and the divine feminine.

This information gives me hope, as it’s time to promote harmony, which means ‘everybody belongs’ in indigenous wisdom, and to emphasize those qualities that lead us to The Good for everyone. We are in a year of political elections, more filled with strife than ever. It is time that the divine feminine helps us eschew the greed, violence and hate-filled rhetoric.

We can all use signs of hope. So much fear has been evoked, causing trauma to many people. For Imbolc I invite you to create your own gatherings for hope; include friends that will brings others, or join with a community that is dear to you. Promoting love increases health and wellbeing and raises our consciousness.

May you renew your feeling of hope with the power of love,


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