Mercury is now Direct. Moon is new on January 21st

2023 Rabbit Horoscope


Winter is here!   Mercury turned Direct  January 18th 2023                                    New Moon is on Jan 21, 2023

Mercury is now Direct.  Moon is new on January 21st.  Chinese New Year is pending… Spring is on the way… It is Time to begin again!!


Al Manning, founder of the ESP LAB, used to say, “What’s new?  Me!  I am always new and exciting.”  This dovetails with an affirmation from Dr. Al Fann, the actor who ran the Institute for Higher Mind—which was down the street from the ESP Lab in Hollywood when I lived there in the late 1970’s.  Al Fann would say, “I am unique, wonderful and extremely exciting!” Point is, that these positive attitudes can lead you to a better day and a more successful life.  


Al Manning’s point was to be forever new (and forever young).  He almost always had a PMA, positive mental attitude, and would crack corny metaphysical jokes throughout the day, some of them too racy for me to print.  I liked his “I always thought I would live forever… so far, so good!”  At the same time, Al liked redundancy so he added “if anything should happen to me, Sami please take over the Lab.”  At the time Al said this, I felt honored and challenged and hoped he would live another 30+ years as projected.  I did feel Al was offering me a “mixed blessing.” Al did make his transition a couple of years later and I was obligated to take charge of the Lab as requested.


I was concerned that I would live up to the needs of the ESP LAB, as I worked full time for the local newspaper, was a Great Dane breeder, and had tenants, an acre of garden and a life.  I was also “shy” of sharing some of my metaphysical interests, as I had moved to a more conservative Colorado Mountain town, after living in Southern California for years.  I had no choice but to dive in.  I was 55 years old at the time, and am now 72, so I have been the Lab president for 17 years now. Wow! In those first few months, as I fretted about the future of the Lab I was visited by ABRAXAS (Al used to call him SUPER SPOOK).  ABRAXAS told me, “Don’t worry about the Lab Sam, the Lab is in my hands.”  I started to spout my worries and concerns but ABRAXAS overrode me in a very loud voice reiterated, “DON’T WORRY ABOUT THE LAB, SAM, THE LAB IS IN MY HANDS!!”  So I decided to be comforted rather than worried.  I don’t like worry, anyway as I regard it as a non-productive negative emotion that harms you and it attracts what you fear!!


Despite whatever challenges, the ESP LAB and you and I made it through the past year(s)–  the solar year, the calendar year, the Chinese New Year.  Our new Chinese New Year starts Saturday January 22nd.  Let’s join in the celebration of the softer bunny year after the vicious tiger year, and make today and everyday a new and blessed day!!!  Blessed be!

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